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Found 3,163 results

  1. Her Twitter now private. Update: She's dragging Trump on Tiktok in front of her mom
  2. MissedTheTrain

    Britney stans The Weeknd

  3. EnterTheAttic

    Lucy Hale sobs after show's cancellation

    I feel so bad for her. She deserves better.
  4. Feetree

    Brie Larson Comes OUT a YouTuber. After days of teasing fans, the Academy Award Winning Actress posted a video where she will add youtuber to her impressive resume
  5. HOPPER HQ's list of highest earning celebrities include following pop girls 5. Ariana Grande $853.000 per post (highest musician) 6. Selena Gomez $848.000 7. Beyoncé $770.000 9. Taylor Swift $722.000 12. Jennifer Lopez $663.000 13. Nicki Minaj $625.000 16. Miley Cyrus $593.000 19. Demi Lovato $455.000 20. Rihanna $449.000 22. Billie Eilish $346.000 29. Dua Lipa $252.000 my thoughts: surprised @ Ariana being the biggest, especially cause her feed looks ridiculous with all these ugly pics (of her dogs), borders filters etc and she posts 10 times a day and then deletes, so annoying I'm surprised at Camila not being there.. did they forget her?? cause she's not in the list and it goes until like 3k for post Expected Taylor and Billie (especially) to be higher and Miley to be lower edit: Kylie and Kim are obviously the biggest, with Kim being 5k higher than Ariana and Kylie at 986k source:
  6. The Ascension will be released September 25
  7. Source A saint, the way she knew
  8. Black Is King Is Coming—But Not Without Controversy For Sisa Zekani, an entertainment and culture critic in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, there’s a lot to celebrate about this new project. “My first thought was ‘finally,'” he says of watching the trailer. “I didn’t expect it to be so affirming.” While Zekani says he understands where much of the critiques are coming from—particularly surrounding the idea of Black celebrities monetizing Blackness—in a way, that’s what art does. “I think art is supposed to reflect your experience or at least the experience of those around you,” he says, “[and] her art can’t come from anywhere but the Black experience. And while some online have pointed out the fact that Beyoncé is potentially pulling from a Black experience that’s not entirely rooted in her own, Zekani doesn’t necessarily agree with this take. “I’m someone who believes African Americans should have access to Africa because of ancestral ties; this is something that was taken from them and if they want to learn more, contribute and participate in the cultures they identify with, they should be given the space,” he says. Zekani points to some of the announced collaborators on the album, like Busiswa, Burna Boy and Shatta Wale (who represent South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana), as examples of Beyoncé not trying to speak for or amalgamate the continent as one. “Beyoncé isn’t trying to speak for Africans,” he says. “We know that the voices that are featured on the project will largely be African musicians, African directors, African stylists and African researchers. I trust Busiswa to know more about the Xhosa experience than anyone else, and I think Beyoncé knows that, which is why she’s on the project.” Ultimately, he says, critiquing art that hasn’t been released yet is premature, “and I’m more interested in discussing how this will affect the landscape for African artists going forward.” Because it’s a landscape—like Irakoze noted—that has long been overlooked. “African art has been largely left on the outside of mainstream entertainment. There are representations of us [like The Lion King and Black Panther] that have been unsuccessful in changing the situations and realities of the African artists they’re inspired by,” he says. “Beyoncé is funding a project that showcases and puts at the forefront the culture, art, words and voices of African artists.” “We deserve our K-pop moment. African art has been a reference point for so many generations but we’ve never been at the table, so for this kind of project to be coming out is of value and should be celebrated and deserves to be seen. Africa deserves to eat—why wait?”
  9. NotAvaMax

    Gabbie Hanna Deletes All Social Media

    Youtuber Gabbie Hanna has deleted all of her social media accounts except for her YouTube channel. This comes after she went on several rants about YouTube allegedly blacklisting her channel along with drama channels and Jessie Smiles attacking her.
  10. KeshasFansRose

    Ellie debuts new abs

  11. And many MANY many others...!! BLACK IS KING streams on Disney+ July 31st.
  12. Are you going to support the latest effort of Lady Feline?
  13. She deserves this! You better get in here and stan this incredible album!