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Found 2,879 results

  1. Phoenixstar

    Lady Gaga in Voce Viva commercial

    Smash from Allah is coming, get ready! P.S. Can we talk about how gorgeous she looks?
  2. I don't know why the **** does she keep doing this. So gross
  3. gloamingtheplain

    Media driving Little Mix vs Kylie chart battle.

    The headline not being anything close to what she said I really hope Kylie gets it, that would be an amazing record to hold.
  4. 22:15 This isn’t the first time she has been rude to Suzanne on-air. Do you think Wendy is following in Ellen’s footsteps of being the “evil boss”?
  5. Dula Peep

    Wendy stans Dua Lipa’s Physical

    A true Dula Peep stan
  6. suburbannature

    LA Times raves Mariah's memoir

    It's a long review, but here are some excerpts.
  8. Almost Home

    WandaVision trailer smashes

    Whew, the locals are hungry for MCU content
  9. Fetish for MiMi

    Ellie Goulding Debuts New Face

    Another day another face
  10. I am SCREAMING at JoJo Siwa making the list Trump, Barr, and Bolsonaro
  11. They reunited on Whitney's podcast. They talk about why they haven't talked for so long, one of which Whitney believed was because Lauren got friend with a friend that Whitney got a beef with etc.
  12. Roman Holiday

    Euphoria actress’ real age exposed

    Her IMDb says she was born in 1994, but she graduated in 2008 apparently. im surprised there wasn’t a thread on this already.
  14. Petty Bourgeoisie

    Mariah: HOMO!!!!

  15. Stage 4 It doesn’t seem like a reunion with the OG Power of 3 is in the cards anymore.