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Found 2,878 results

  2. He replied and said he's pretty
  3. After filing a declaration in favor of Britney's case, attorney Katerina Perrault was attacked.
  4. mariahcarey

    Mariah and Oprah recreate iconic moment
  5. To make the context into it, DJ Boof is no longer Wendy's DJ for her show. Dj Boof was a DJ for both Wendy Williams & Nicki Minaj, which could have been uncomfortable since the 2 were always beefing. But also he was also hanging out with Wendy for her personal business too. Wendy Williams new DJ is DJ Sussone.
  6. most influential artist of her generation strikes again
  7. Me & My Hits

    Cardi B sings SG Rare

    Cardi sings whispers the title track from the make up seller chanteuse
  8. She appeared on The Talk of love podcast Cliffs: -She reveals there was a season 1 pilot of Flavor of love that she was part of and it had a WHOLE different cast -She says many of the character/persona from season 1 pilot girls were used on the actual season 1 girls on Flavor of love -She says she was the "New York character" on the pilot episode -One of the challenges was pin the tail on the flav -She discovered auditions for flavor of love through Craiglists- She wasn't supposed be a contestant on season 2 flavor of love. She supposed to be there as a spy/mole of the house She has a daughter with intellectual disabilities -She spoke about her time when she jail after coming back from I Love Money 2. She was in the same jail as the Charles Manson girls-She is still friends with Buckwild
  9. suburbannature

    Oprah Interviews Mariah for AppleTV Series

    Clip here:
  10. Mr. Blue_Shirt

    Katharine McPhee exposed as a republican

    I didn't know the 'Over It' songstress and 'Smash' actress is a republican
  11. Phoenixstar

    Lady Gaga in Voce Viva commercial

    Smash from Allah is coming, get ready! P.S. Can we talk about how gorgeous she looks?