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Found 3,164 results

  1. HabbGaga

    Old Katy Perry tweet resurfacing

    Love Katy but what is this?
  2. Gaga/Ari shaking in their purple rain boots!
  3. She’s going to be answering questions in the gayest sub on Reddit that’s ironically filled with subs. Go ask a question and maybe she’ll answer one of us.
  4. Legendary

    Walk The Moon Singer Comes Out

    As bisexual A new bicon brb lemme go stream Shut Up & Dance, that was a classic.
  5. Cliffs: She grew up in the entertainment industry Spoke about the chicken incident, she said that was real. She did not know how to cook at the time. and is also grew up vegetarian. Now she does how to cook when she got married Went to 'Flavor of love' for TV and knew it was just a show. Was offered to do I Love Money She cracked up when the producers added the bicycle sound every time she blinked Was pissed when she found out Boots and Buckeey framed her on charm school Her episode of Blind Date aired at the same time she was filming Flavor of Love Talked about her cooking show Poultry princess and started her own channel about documentaries and reality tv next week Lacey is interviewing Kristy Joe from Rock of love 2
  6. Stepfon

    Pusha T Praises Cardi's Grammy Win

    -His album, Daytona, was nominated against Cardi's album that won, Invasion of Privacy. -Nipsey Hussle also praised Cardi's win before he passed away. -Mac Miller's parents also said that they wanted Cardi to win the award if Mac didn't win.
  7. Source: Do you believe this? Would this source lie?
  9. Katamari

    Twitter tries to cancel Hamilton

    articles explaining it all,No%2C%20Twitter%20hasn't%20canceled%20'Hamilton'%20%E2%80%94%20though,it%20up%20to%20larger%20debate.&text=The%20musical%20Hamilton%2C%20which%20premiered,is%20now%20streaming%20on%20Disney%2B. the tweet that started it all: Lin's response to the hashtag thots atrl
  10. tellem

    R9 Postponed indefinitely
  11. Serbian biggest Youtuber admits pedophilia (asking nudes/explicit vids from girls age spam 14-16) and sleeping with one of them. And threatens to sue media for spreading fake news (news that he admited). Ik. he is not a celeb per say. But it would be much appreciated if some of yall could report his channel,because no one over here can do much to stop this scumbag.
  12. what a **** head, I never liked this guy
  13. Get money legend where are my alcoholic bitches
  14. Yaaaaas give that daddy in the background a heart attack
  15. Inverted

    Paula Abdul inspired Hamilton

    Democracy in action has never looked cooler than in “Hamilton,” in which the fighting strength of people who changed the world comes through in the tension and bravado of the choreography. But there’s one relatively unsung hero, and his name is Andy Blankenbuehler. Blankenbuehler won a Tony for his “Hamilton” choreography. Yet the intricacy and impact of his work haven’t received nearly the same critical attention as “Hamilton’s” other elements. There are no dance breaks, no production numbers divorced from the lyrics. And though the musical tells the story of Revolutionary War hero and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, you see no Colonial-era reels, no minuets, not a single status step from the days of dance masters and balls. Blankenbuehler said in an interview that he helped himself generously to the acrobatic eroticism and style manual of legendary choreographer and dancer Paula Abdul. Wow, Paula's impact. First pop girl to make a rap feature a #1 hit (long before Mariah and J.Lo). First pop girl to release Asian/Oriental cultural appropriated pop song (long before Madonna, Beyonce, Birtney or Selena Gomez). First pop girl with a racially ambiguous/transracial image (long before Ariana, J.Lo and Beyonce). And of course, helped usher in the choreography with back up dancers trend, which is still the standard today. Her choreography has stood the test of time. @stephen1108 @Swag