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Found 2,680 results

  1. Today, Lady Gaga became the first out Italian bisexual woman to sing America’s National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration ceremony.:
  2. USA Today: Katy Perry lit up the night Katy Perry also rocked a memorable live performance. Wearing all white, in a possible nod to 20th-century suffragettes who worked to get women the right to vote, Perry belted out her 2010 hit "Firework" — as real fireworks lit up the night sky around the Washington Monument behind her. Full Article Rolling Stone: In an unannounced appearance at the National Mall, Katy Perry surprise-performed “Firework,” the song reinforcing resilience as fireworks lit the Washington, D.C., sky to close out the celebrations.
  3. Here are some of them: NY Post: Rolling Stones: E Online: USA Today: Independent And with over 300K GP acclaimed tweets on Twitter
  4. New Photo Book with Kenji Wakasugi Outtakes will be released with many Madonna pictures. Here's a preview: She truly was one of the most beautiful popstars ever when she started out back then, seriously
  5. Some other messy Gwyneth headlines:
  6. So disgusting! Christina Ricci says quarantine's been a dangerous time in her household, because her husband's allegedly beaten her multiple times, and now she fears for her life and their son's. The actress filed Wednesday to get a restraining order against James Heerdegen, who she claims started abusing her in December 2019. In her court filing, Christina claims he beat her, spit at her and made pig noises in her face. She says that incident, during which she suffered multiple bruises, convinced her she needed to leave him. Christina says she told
  7. Deuxmoi (a very popular semi-reliable gossip account on IG) posted these on their stories Do you think Ariana is booking this after snatching a role in Don't Look Up and allegedly Meg in the Hercules remake as part of her "change of pace"? Are Gaga/Bradley pulling a Jennifer/Bradley and collaborating once again? Knowing that GUCCI production is set to start in a couple of months? Or maybe it's Beyoncé? But seriously who asked for this though?
  8. Congrats to Nats. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKPs1Kmpp26/
  9. The CEO of Rocnation, Desiree Perez, who was convicted of conspiracy to sell narcotics (cocaine) has received a full pardon from former President Trump on his last day as acting president. The pardon comes after the Beyonce and Jay-Z business partner had turned her life around and took full responsibility for her past actions. She is now advocating for criminal justice reform in her community. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-executive-grants-clemency-012021/
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