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Found 3,162 results

  1. 02:21 Beyonce was really cute Edit : I wish it was longer...
  2. This comes several months after they were blocked by Ana herself with no explanation!
  3. Fender

    Beyoncé drag going Reddit viral

    Currently #10 on the front page
  4. gloamingtheplain

    Miley TikTok goes viral (twice)

    She needs to put out a “I’ve moved on, fresh start” single asap the public is rooting for her, They don’t wanna hear about Liam no more it seems
  5. Don't Start Now impact is clear
  6. In Lovato’s meeting with Braun, he says, “my intention was to be respectful and decline.” He simply didn't feel he could take on another client. “She was nervous,” Braun says. (“I was nervous because I wanted him to manage me so bad, and I was terrified of rejection,” Lovato explains. “Also, having gone through such a public overdose, I didn’t know if anyone would want to manage me after that.”) Then Braun had a revelation. “What I saw is that she needed someone who didn't need her. I knew I could help her. I knew Allison could help her. I knew that we were in a position, in our lives and our careers, that if Demi needed to take three years off, she can do that. And if Demi needs us to go and have an honest conversation and get her out of something, it doesn't affect my reputation.”
  7. Will he reach it? Stay tuned
  8. Deacon Phillippe, son of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon, will release his debut single "Long Run" this friday.
  9. pusha T dissed drake on a dead mans song(pop smokes album just came out). Young thug makes it clear he didn’t know it was about drake. The good sis thuggy don’t wanna burn that drake connection. All kinda reactions on twitter for both sides. Meanwhile... their drama promoting pop smokes album
  10. Chris Martin from Coldplay had a secret meeting at Max Martin's studio today in Stockholm, Sweden.
  11. PALOMA FAITH has said she missed a chance to break the US after being asked to reshoot a video for her song Only Love Can Hurt Like This “because America will not buy a song with a white woman kissing a black man like that”. The singer refused, claiming “if I broke America and made loads of money as a consequence of that, know- ing that I’d reshot a video to make it not a biracial relationship, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, I don’t want that money. It’s dirty.” Faith claimed a “very high-up exec who was African American” told her: “This is the biggest chance we’ve got at breaking the States with your music career”. But when he asked her to reshoot the video, which featured a Ugandan childhood friend of hers as the love interest, Faith said she was “completely shocked and obviously taken aback”.
  12. HabbGaga

    Old Katy Perry tweet resurfacing

    Love Katy but what is this?
  13. Gaga/Ari shaking in their purple rain boots!
  14. She’s going to be answering questions in the gayest sub on Reddit that’s ironically filled with subs. Go ask a question and maybe she’ll answer one of us.