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  1. Is this what a timeless discography looks like?
  2. Bethenny Frankel

    Homewrecker Lady Gaga Goes Viral

    Not this
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKLz9inA898/ that person, who wasn't even dragging azealia, has "non-binary" in their bio and azealia was seemingly making fun of them for it but i guess it's fine since she's bisexual right?
  4. I've been waiting so long for her to cover this song again My wig
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKMFoJZooyE/?igshid=1b3oa1k2c0dvw
  6. Life Savers

    Gaga's dad debuts bankruptcy

    The Rain On Me hitmaker's father revealed his restaurant is going through tough times. Thoughts? Should Gaga help?
  7. In the bubble of ATRL which creates its own rules to make itself feel better about things, Haus Labs is a flop. But in the real world, it is a successful and profitable business. Here is a recent article from the Financial Times which talks about it being a profitable brand. “In the world of venture capital, profitability has become a much bigger priority for start-ups, says Nicole Quinn, a general partner at Lightspeed Ventures, whose investments include Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories, both of which became profitable this year. She is keeping an eye
  8. JBJT2786

    Phil Spector Dead at 80

    https://deadline.com/2021/01/phil-spector-dies-wall-of-sound-producer-incarcerated-for-murder-was-80-1234675406/ Rest in Piss your murderous scumbag
  9. "Miss Rosé, I think I just passed her." - Kim Jisoo 3rd most followed K-pop artist 2nd most followed Korean person 1st most followed Korean actress 1. Lisa 45.1M 2. Jennie 38.1M 3. Jisoo 34 552 752 4. Rosé 34 545 761
  10. We love a moment!! let alone TAHS!!
  11. The lawsuit is extensive and includes some of the biggest players in show business, including famous actors, producers, and CEOs. Some of the accused are named as perpetrators… some as enablers… and some as proposed encounters that were not consummated. The plaintiff (male) is someone who was a teenager when the abuse first began. Let’s talk about some of the more famous men mentioned in the lawsuit. PRODUCER: This man is lauded as one of the most successful producers in the movie business. He has previously been named as a serial abuser by dozens of women.
  12. Bethenny Frankel

    RHONY's Jill Zarin Has Built Face-Mask Empire

    Only the best from Jillzus Christ @HausOfGerard @kgeezy310 @slw84 @TheEmancipation
  13. cartierdelrey

    James Charles CLOCKS Asian Doll

    I don’t see anything wrong with what James said. Asian Doll running her mouth because of her two brain cells again.
  14. I am seeing this all over Twitter and Tik Tok Full image in the article : https://www.musicmundial.com/en/2021/01/14/nick-jonas-and-liam-payne-18s-photo-went-viral-for-an-unbelievable-reason/
  15. LOCK HER UP! https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/15/jamie-lynn-spears-blames-teslas-quietness-for-cat-deaths/
  16. J.LO AT 20: CELEBRATING THE ALBUM THAT MADE JENNIFER LOPEZ AN ICON It's a long read with more details about the album in the article, but I took the more significant pieces. An ICON!
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