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  1. https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7mgy3/the-honest-vocal-coach-interview

    BTS Army vs. Qanon

    In the past few months, Trump supporters have started to understand how those radio producers feel. K-pop stans have regularly hijacked QAnon and MAGA social media hashtags. They’ve led get-out-the-vote efforts against the president. And many were among the online pranksters who boasted about helping derail a Trump rally in Tulsa where he’d said 1 million people planned to show up, and barely 6,000 did. It’s tough to know how many of the 13,000 unused seats were meant for stans who’d asked for tickets with no intention of going, but the emptyish stadium infuriated Trump and came to be seen as
  3. BradySpears

    Paula Abdul STUNS for Vulkan Magazine

    The best she has looked in years.
  4. From new Instagram live, whew he SPILLED https://www.instagram.com/p/CG5nPKDpxIA/
  5. Douglas Booth

    Gaga is why Sam Smith is (OUT) Non Binary

    Sam Smith Revealed That Lady Gaga Is The Reason Why They Came Out As Non-Binary
  6. Ratviolo

    Adele to NOT release in 2020

    Thoughts? Source
  7. Is this why he has so many followers? He acts like such a duche. Is he in need for everyone approval or what? Like literally he is so arrogant in the interviews, I think he needs attention so bad. I kinda feel bad for him. iF i UNDERSTOOD CORRECTLY, he comes for a poor family, now sees the world and what does? Posts shirtless pics. Maybe I am wrong, he has the most followers in comparation to others. But still, it wouldn't hurt to be more... down to earth I guess. I donno. Zabdiel seems the most down to earth from them. Chris seems like a nice guy, but he i
  8. Apparently something scandalous about Hunter Biden leaked (he might have sexually abused an underage), and people find a familiar figure in some pictures I can’t confirm the authenticity of those pics and rumors. I just randomly saw a tweet about this when I was browsing through twitter What do you guys think?
  9. https://footwearnews.com/2020/business/awards/fn-2020-achievement-award-winners-1203070085/
  10. Their response was to this tweet below but the person deleted. #LockHaUp
  11. "I'm gonna open a bar with Tove Lo"
  12. Them talking about Charmed at 17:05, jokingly saying the show only lasted 3 years
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