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Found 3,161 results

  1. Sakura Jun™

    Kanye Skulldrags The Democratic Party did he lie?
  2. wait a minute, Miss Tati is coming?! SHE CAME OMG
  3. Love the thought of these two together but Backseat failed to hit the sweet spot for me. Maybe they can give it another shot and deliver the bop we deserve? ICYMI, Rostam also replied with a single cryptic emoji yesterday....
  5. DerpGa

    CL teases something on instagram

    *hope it’s music related tbh*
  6. Among many other interesting things....
  7. She’s a coach on la Vox mexico this is definitely one of her best ever
  8. Iceland

    Dua drags fan, gets clocked !
  9. Oh my
  10. Lady Gaga’s 15 Greatest Music Videos From “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance” to “John Wayne” and “Rain on Me” — we talked to the Gaga collaborators who helped make some of the best videos of the 21st Century Lady Gaga will go down in history as one of pop’s great visual auteurs. With every new era, she has delivered instantly iconic imagery, fashion statements and, of course, videos that have further amplified whatever sound or style she’s experimenting with at the current moment. Inspired by the daring imagery of Michael and Janet Jackson, Madonna and David Bowie, Gaga has taken advantage of every mode of changing technology available to build complex, forward-thinking universes in her music videos. For 15 of her most memorable, thrilling videos, here are the stories behind how they were made as told by her collaborators. Just Dance Gaga stormed onto the scene in 2008 with this raucous house party-themed video, which quickly established the singer as a provocateur for the post-pop tart age. Sporting her then-signature platinum bangs, flat-top shades, and a lightning bolt sticker that paid tribute to one of her idols, David Bowie, Gaga’s visual introduction to the world came in the form of four minutes of frenetic, high-energy fun. Poker Face Shot over the course of a day at a mansion in Malibu, the video for “Poker Face” also introduced Gaga the fashionphile, from the latex catsuit and mirrored mask she wears while emerging from the pool, to that cut out blue one-piece that made shoulder pads and no pants another instant Gaga signature. The flurry of looks were bewilderingly strange and sultry, and as crop tops and cut-off shorts went the way of TRL (which had signed off the air just a month earlier), “Poker Face” positioned Gaga’s free-thinking fashion as the new litmus test for artists moving forward. Eh Eh Directed by Joseph Kahn, “Eh Eh” was shot over the same weekend as “LoveGame,” and together they helped establish two of Gaga’s primary visual characters: the fashion-forward and campy sex robot, and the softer, sweeter party girl. The former may have eventually overshadowed the latter in the greater scheme of things, but “Eh Eh” is pure confectionary art. Paparazzi When Gaga approached acclaimed video director Jonas Akerlund to direct “Paparazzi,” he was about to quit the biz all together. “I was getting bored, and didn’t understand the purpose of music videos anymore,” he tells Rolling Stone. “Then she showed up in my life.” Free of the constraints of MTV’s censorship, the seven-minute murder ball that is “Paparazzi” was one of the first music videos to directly utilize YouTube as a platform for generating online buzz and fandom. Bad Romance Few videos captured the genius of Gaga more than “Bad Romance,” a mind-bending, futuristic set-piece with an elaborate plot matched only by the elaborate outfits designed by Alexander McQueen. The seductive, Blade Runner-esque thriller starts with a spacesuit-clad Gaga emerging from her pod, before stomping through a sci-fi sanatorium in a madcap fashion show that’s still one of the most visually arresting things she’s done (and that’s saying something). Telephone Directed by Jonas Akerlund, Gaga’s “Telephone” video is a cinematic odyssey of epic proportions. Part Kill Bill, part Thelma & Louise, the colorful, nine-and-a-half minute visual features Beyoncé breaking Gaga out of jail only to get revenge in a desert diner against Tyrese Gibson (who selfishly took all of Beyoncé’s honey). The pair poison Gibson and the rest of the diners before dancing amid the carnage and driving off into the abyss. Alejandro Moody, provocative and peculiar, Gaga’s video for “Alejandro” had all the hallmarks of an avant garde art film, with just enough camp to keep it firmly in Gaga’s wheelhouse. Directed by famed fashion photographer Steven Klein and styled by Nicola Formichetti, the eight minute-long clip was like a series of editorial shots come to life, with Gaga in various states of dress (and undress) while surrounded by taut male models sporting bowl cuts and boxer shorts. BTW After the historic, massive run of her debut album The Fame and its expanded reissue, The Fame Monster, Gaga’s sophomore album was heaped with outsized expectations. In true Gaga fashion, she paired an empowering arena pop anthem with an avant-garde, forward-thinking video. Directed by Nick Knight, “Born This Way” is a surrealist adventure. “We shot the video in Brooklyn over two days. We had to hide the location,” choreographer Laurieann Gibson told MTV News soon after the video’s release, adding that it was important for Gaga to film the video in New York City, where she grew up. The video is an ambitious, sci-fi romp that bills itself as a “manifesto of mother monster” before an Alien-esque birthing scene and full choreographed tableau. Judas TEOG You and I Applause You may have heard that Lady Gaga’s work draws heavily from fine art and fashion. Oh, you haven’t? Well, let the video for “Applause” remind you just how much she loves Warhol and Botticelli. Directed by fashion photography duo Inez and Vinoodh, “Applause” is Gaga’s attempt at bringing “iconography in motion” to her work, animating pivotal scenes from art history, film history, and her own career. GUY John Wayne ROM Complete article:
  11. tellem

    Kanye running for president will you be voting for hi?
  12. The show was critically acclaimed. Will they be nominated and/or will they become the first Super Bowl Halftime Performers to win this prestigious award? Nominations are on July 28th. Discuss, sistrens
  13. Chevysus

    Camila cancels tour

    I guess there wasn't enough demand to fill an arena tour after all
  14. This was at the 4th July: Entertainment Party at the White House garden yesterday, curated on behalf of Trump. Enjoy.
  15. 02:21 Beyonce was really cute Edit : I wish it was longer...