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Found 17,366 results

  1. Finally with pic' of himself
  2. a kii that he is still and icon the commercial features willy and his soon to be ex wife a true kii i really cant wait for them to divorce never liked her stank attitude she needs to stick to song writing
  3. My prediction. I'm psychic. Bookmark this.
  4. 97. Taylor Swift, "Blank Space" (American Music Awards, 2014) 80. Mya, Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Pink & Patti Labelle, "Lady Marmalade" (Grammys, 2002) 74. Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott, "Like a Virgin" / "Hollywood" (MTV Video Music Awards, 2003) 65. Lady Gaga feat. Elton John, "Poker Face" / "Speechless" / "Your Song" (Grammys, 2010) 52. Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave 4 U" (MTV Video Music Awards, 2001) 46. Beyonce, Beyonce Medley (Video Music Awards, 2014) 41. Adele, "Someone Like You" (BRIT Awards, 2011) 24. Madonna, "Vogue" (MTV Video Music Awards, 1990) 22. Beyonce, "Love on Top" (MTV VIdeo Music Awards, 2011) 21. Kanye West, "Hey Mama" (Grammys, 2008) 14. Britney Spears, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" / "Oops I Did It Again" (MTV Video Music Awards, 2000) 10. Mariah Carey, "Vision of Love" (Grammys, 1991) 7. Pink, "Glitter in the Air" (Grammys, 2010) 5. Lady Gaga, "Paparazzi" (MTV Video Music Awards, 2009) 2. Madonna, "Like a Virgin" (MTV Video Music Awards, 1984) 1. Beyonce, Lemonade Medley (MTV Video Music Awards, 2016)
  5. In the credits of the Lemonade film - Messy Mya is clearly credited. Also interesting to note that Messy Mya doesn't even have an "estate" - once again desperate family members desperate for a dollar. Beyoncé wins again.
  6. Feb 6 (Reuters) - Fox's broadcast of Super Bowl LI on Sunday night drew a 48.8 overnight rating, according to Nielsen data released by the 21st Century Fox unit. The 48.8 rating is lower than the previous two Super Bowls, despite a thrilling finish that saw the New England Patriots pull off a 25-point comeback to win the National Football League's first overtime Super Bowl. UPDATED: Super Bowl LI was the first Super Bowl in history to have gone to overtime play, but that didn’t translate to a record. Sunday’s Big Game on Fox drew an average audience of 111.3 million people on its broadcast network, with an average streaming audience of 1.7 million and another 650,000 on Fox Deportes.
  7. "If you think we need more than half a year's distance to declare Beyonce's Lemonade melange the pinnacle of the award-show performance, maybe ask presenter Serena Williams how long she thinks tennis fans should wait after her latest major win before declaring her the GOAT. Fact is, Bey's 18-minute performance was so far ahead of the pack that comparing her to the rest of award show history feels like sizing public-access TV against Game of Thrones; the scale is just so wildly different that the comparison does no one any favors. Truly, Beyonce's only real competition here was herself from two years earlier. But while her self-titled performance in '14 was still essentially a medley, this was nothing less than one-act drama in which Bey was star, playwright and conductor, taking a baseball bat to any performer who dared laze their way through a performance, thinking sheer star power would put them over. It was memorable and meme-able, technically proficient and emotionally enthralling, unpredictable and thoroughly un-followable. It was Beyonce at the VMAs, and it gets no better than that."
  8. 'Don't call ME ignorant!' Zayn Malik lashes out at trolls who called him a TERRORIST... after defending girlfriend Gigi Hadid in 'racism' row A video posted by Bella Hadid shows her 21-year-old sister at a restaurant with friends, who are singing Happy Birthday to someone Gigi holds up a cookie that is shaped like the Buddha and squints her eyes in an imitation of his face Twitter users have called the video racist, and pointed out that they are 'not surprised' and this isn't the first time she has faced accusations of racism Zayn assured followers that his girlfriend 'likes Asians', but fans aren't convinced He later lashed out at trolls, saying, 'to be a racist goes against my very existence' X
  10. He was at the same club : + they posed together
  11. In new song chained to the rhythm
  12. Back when Britney Spears used to be interesting
  13. Seems like the hacker got every social media and email address she had.
  14. gaga she's about to match her 2010 peak
  15. x Am I surprised? Not a bit
  16. Cristiano Ronaldo's kickboxer best friend Badr Hari sentenced to two years in jail x
  18. Although Stone played Sally Bowles in Cabaret on Broadway and Gosling has those Mouseketeer roots, the duo seem happy to cede the spotlight and the responsibility to their seasoned live performer castmate Legend, who is expected to sing "City of Stars." A singer-who-acts is a better choice than an actor-who-sings on a pressure filled, live, Oscar night performance. It's not clear yet who will sing "Audition." Vanity Fair this will be pretty embarrassing and awkward with both of them in the audience
  20. New campaign for the shoe line he designed with Creative Recreation
  21. Serious Question - No Shade Why is Gaga's net worth 275 million while Katy's is only 125 million? It's more than double Katy's, yet Katy has more hits. Source:
  22. According to TMZ, the Hymn For The Weekend singer is "very pregnant" and will take things slow on Sunday
  23. For their February issue