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  2. The dating landscape can be tough. Luckily for Brooke, the "Mile in these Shoes" singer came to the rescue. Watch our latest SwipeSessions for some solid swiping tips from J.Lo and learn about the importance of knowing how to chop wood.
  3. via Selena, Celine & Bey. <3
  4. Bey will get the Sept cover while Gaga will get the October issue
  5. "I really didn’t get it, because she is 'self-made'—we are all 'self-made,'" Kim told Refinery29. "What, because we came from a family that has had success? To me, that doesn’t really make sense...I know so many people like that [who] haven’t turned out to be as successful as Kylie. If anything, I've seen the complete opposite."
  6. She went from eating the snack to being the snack
  7. We love queens supporting queens. Stream Golden Hour
  8. 'Sitting backstage after the MTV taping, draped in black, she tells Variety she’s been holed up in the studio, readying for what could be the most pivotal year of her career, which will see her first major movie role in “A Star Is Born” opposite Bradley Cooper, a two-year Las Vegas residency that kicks off in December, and oh yeah, she’s working on a new album.' “I’m just always making music, I’ve always been that way and I think you see in ‘Five Foot Two’ that I’m a studio rat,” the 32 year-old says.
  9. The comments
  10.!article/2018/07/13/tinashe-nba-ben-simmons-kendall-jenner/ “Hey fellas, wanna make Tinashe laugh? Well, all you gotta do is remind her that 6'10" NBA star Ben Simmons is so scared of her that he's hiring extra security, because she thinks that's REALLY funny. We broke the story ... sources close to Ben say he believes Tinashe is despondent about their breakup, and popping up at Hollywood nightspots he hits with new GF Kendall Jenner. Tinashe was out at Delilah Thursday night (Ben was not inside ... that we know of) when we asked her what she thinks about his concerns and, with the laughs he got, our guy might as well have been Dave Chappelle. We won't take sides in the drama surrounding these crazy kids, but we will say this ... making Tinashe smile is a victory ... a BIG ONE.” video in the article. Do we think Ben is the one orchestrating the drama? Or is there a far more evil presence behind it all?
  11. This year marks 20 years that Casper Meets Wendy was released. Casper Meets Wendy was Hilary Duff's first starring role. One of the production companies behind Casper Meets Wendy was Saban Entertainment. Now 20 years later... The Haunting of Sharon Tate is Hilary's first starring film role in 8 years and her first horror movie.
  12. I was baby back then, but this song isn't bad at all She's Miss California, hottest thing in west L.A House down by the water. Sails her yacht across the bay Drives a Maranello, Hollywood's her favorite scene Loves to be surrounded with superstars that know her name I didn't even know about the singer, on Wikipedia it says: an American R&B singer and musician, who experienced major international success in 2001 with his song, "Miss California".