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Found 17,464 results

  2. “In 2017 alone, 35 wells were constructed for the people of Burundi to utilize. Gucci’s $1 million commitment to the project will help support Beyoncé’s goal to build 80 more wells and give 120,000 more people access to clean water. Beyoncé is aiming to reach 475,000 children and families by 2020.”
  3. She has quite a few mouths to feed. And on Tuesday, Angelina Jolie looked focused as she picked up her family's favorite items from Whole Foods in the Los Angeles area. The mother-of-six was spotted with two of her children - Zahara, 13, and Knox, nine - whom she shares with her estranged husband Brad Pitt. The 42-year-old was dressed in all black, wearing a knee-length coat that belted at the waist, showing off her trim figure. The trio spent some time in the cereal aisle, as they picked out oatmeal to throw in their shopping cart.
  4. Kylie recently posted a photo of her and her baby Stormi Webster, landing her 5th entry in Instagram's top ten most liked photos! She holds the title for most entries in the "Instagram top ten most liked photo" list! She also still holds the title for most liked Instagram photo, with a jaw dropping 17.8 million likes! List of most liked Instagram pictures
  5. According to Bloomberg, Oprah has recently passed POTUS. Winfrey, 63, has a net worth of $3.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, boosted by a highly successful 10% investment in Weight Watchers. Trump, 71, is worth $2.9 billion, according to the same index — hurt by a drop in the valueof three office properties in Manhattan. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index tracks the net worth of the world’s richest people. (In October 2017, Forbes estimated Winfrey’s net worth was $3 billion and Trump’s net worth was $3.1 billion.) Trump, who has loudly touted his net worth over the years, claimed to be worth more than $10 billion in a personal disclosure form filed during the 2016 presidential campaign. On Oct. 19, 2015, Weight Watchers disclosed that Winfrey had joined its board and purchased 6,363,103 shares — a 10% stake in the company — at an average price of $6.79 per share. The stock closed the next day up 105%, and has seen a more than 350% increase since the announcement. Today, with the stock price (WTW) trading above $55, Winfrey’s stake is valued at about $349 million, meaning she has made approximately $306 million in paper gains. Additionally, as part of the partnership, Winfrey received 3.5 million vested stock options at an exercisable price of $6.97 per share. Weight Watchers, meanwhile, got royalty-free licensing for Winfrey’s name and image and endorsement of its programs and products. It's ALSO important to note that Oprah grew up with nothing and is a SELF MADE Billionaire and had NOTHING handed to her! Just felt like sharing this!
  6. @ 6:00 "I once stole a candle from Mariah Carey's house. The candles say Mariah Carey and there's a butterfly on them and we had gone to film this Christmas Carpool Karaoke. We were supposed to film at 3 and I was told get there at 4 and I waited in her living room until about 6:30 just on my own and I thought well, i'm gonna take this candle for my time."
  8. so cute! @hearbeats @Blank
  9. My ****ing fave is so iconic
  10. Polish goverment wants to ban completely in Poland (also cases with danger for woman, rape pregnancy and other) vids here:,news,czarny-piatek-szeregowy-posel-myslal-ze-bedziemy-tak-kicac-dorosnijcie,255882.html
  11. Thought they were really happy together. They made a cute couple. x