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Found 17,374 results

  1. I love my petty queens Original photo:
  2. As well as the new queen of music.
  3. She also talked about working with Andrew Lloyd Webber and working on a big project(she's been working on this for over 3 years) She also said Cats saved her during her break up with Lewis Hamilton. Such an AMAZING woman
  4. was this when his account became a Dua Lipa News account?
  5. We love an anticapitalist rapper May some atrler promoter help ha?
  6. the way dictator support atrl is so wonderful @hearbeats @Blank
  7. These two ladies both departed on big tours in the past year. Here are the results: Which is bigger?
  8. Kween is already making her coins
  9. Regarding Taylor sending her son tour tickets (which was an incredibly sweet gesture ) most of the comments on TSR's original post were of people calling her son soft, feminine, fruitcake, etc. and debating the sexuality of her son. Quite disturbing that a child is being treated this way over enjoying music... But Amber handled it amazingly.
  10. The biggest girlgroup in the world has landed in South America. They are so beautiful i can't even believe they are real
  11. The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, Camila, Terror Jr, Madison Beer, Allie X, Bebe Rexha ....
  12. They seem pretty close, are at a similar age, and are both hot so why haven’t they dated? Discuss.
  13. I can't believe this...
  14. Dua personally curated the Teen Party playlist with songs by female artists that she loves and admires. Did your favs make the list?