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Found 3,807 results

  1. Our Thoughts to the guy sent to battlefield. You can count the fans dissatissfaction by the number of bottle sent. The fans then decided to chant the name of Nicki's worst ennemy. They are litterally making jokes about Nicki on the show.
  2. http://remezcla.com/music/los-tigres-del-norte-houston-rodeo-attendance-record/?rfb&fbclid=IwAR0paduLN4Ep1l_f0RI0_mL_p9CKY6fliJ8iLocS0PYXw8rNJCpTY860HvU LEGENDARIOS
  3. Monster Megamind

    Hasan Minhaj exposes Ariana Grande

    Go to 14:30
  4. it's only been on for a few minutes but the first lies are being exposed already. in the docu, director dan reed claims wade robson and safechuck met at the sundance festival in 2018 for the first time as adults when robson himself admitted in court in 2015 that he and safechuck had met in 2014, shortly after wade filed his billion $ lawsuit and safechuck suddenly remembered the same "abuse" he had suffered. UPDATE: court documents from 2016 .
  5. SavagePapi

    A-Rod cheating on J.Lo?

    That's right. A former popular baseball player, Jose Conseco, accuses Alex Rodriguez of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife Jessica. And he's willing to take a polygraph! Whew, the tea is hot! Do we believe him sistrens? Will J.Lo pull a Ben Affleck and pay A-Rod dust before she walks down the aisle, or will the good sis learn the hard way? Discuss below.
  6. Fitzswiftie

    TB: Ms Carter’s GLAAD speech

  7. Yet unnamed residency of Robbie Williams will take place in March at the Wynn Hotel. Full details will be revealed next week.
  8. Oprah and the OWN network are under pressure to alert authorities about the child rape case that aired on Iyanla's Fix My Life. X. If she cares about Michael's "alleged" victims shouldn't she do everything in her power to help this family?
  9. Buyonce1814

    Lea Michele marries fiancé Zandy Reich

    Lea Michele and Zandy Reich are married, PEOPLE can exclusively report. “We are so excited to be married and grateful to be surrounded by our friends and family,” says the couple, who shared an exclusive photo of their big day with PEOPLE. “And most of all, we’re so happy to spend the rest of our lives together.” https://people.com/tv/lea-michele-zandy-reich-are-married/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Sidney Prescott

    Britney has a drinking problems. ALLEGEDLY.

    Without that strict oversight she is used to having, the times this permanent A list "singer" has been drunk has increased ten fold over the past month. Someone needs to step in now before it gets out of hand. First published without telling who this is about, now they claim its about Britney. Not saying it’s true but they were the first ones to report about Demis drug problems last year. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/01/blind-items-revealed-4_28.html?m=1
  11. scaredtobelonely

    Angelique Boyer wears dress backwards

    at an awards show, top pic was from the red carpet, bottom was from the show. nnn
  12. We asked to Nicki Minaj production team to comply with the French regulations concerning the protection of power supply of the some of their stage part. We remind you that this regulations exist to insure security to everyone and must be respected to all, included any building welcoming people. Nicki Minaj team decided to cancel the show, instead of working things out. we deeply regret this situation and apologize to the public who should have been informed much sooner. _ Also the director of the arena already spoke on TV (Lci) I have to find the bits, said this happened to many other singers, but usually they work things out and the show get a slight delay. Some source said Nicki left once they told her team to fix the stage, the director said he's not in position to confirm this information.
  13. 'A Star Is Born' Has Already Reached No. 1 And Won An Oscar And Grammys--So What's Next? This week, Lady Gaga sits at No. 1 on both the Billboard 200 albums chart and the Hot 100 singles listing with music she composed specifically for the film A Star Is Born. As if that wasn’t good enough, in the past month, the singer/songwriter/actress has collected a pair of Grammys and an Oscar for lead single “Shallow,” which is performing better than ever. America is far from done with A Star Is Born. The record has been holding on inside the top 10 ever since it debuted in the peak position back in October, and the full-length hardly shows any signs of slowing down. It’s entirely possible that the title will live in the upper reaches of the chart for several more weeks, if not months, and that’s without much further promotion. A handful of songs on A Star Is Born have already reached the Hot 100, including “I’ll Never Love Again,” and “Always Remember Us This Way”. If Interscope Records decided to dedicate the resources, either of those tunes could serve as a true radio single. If that push becomes successful, it would breathe even more life back into the parent album, helping it shift tens of thousands of additional equivalent units. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper might also want to keep A Star Is Born shining bright since the album itself will be eligible for Grammys at the next ceremony. If both Gaga and Cooper walk away from A Star Is Born now, it will remain a career highlight for both superstars, but if they’re able to find a way to continue to promote the musical film and the album that supports it, they could be surprised at how long the public continues to press play on the original songs. https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2019/03/07/a-star-is-born-has-already-reached-no-1-and-won-an-oscar-and-grammys-so-whats-next/#4ed102976632