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Found 17,459 results

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Roddy does Russia! Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves causes a stir in Moscow as he admits he's 'gender fluid' on live TV... before JOINING IN with a male strip tease 'Russia is a very conservative country still and I come as a bit of a shock with my looks and personality to them all,' Roddy, 34, told MailOnline. 'When I was asked if I had a girlfriend I said "no" and that I was gender fluid and bisexual. Spice up your life: 'To spice things up a bit more I was asked to take my blazer off on the show and I ended up giving a full on dance shocking the Russian viewers with the results of my rib removal,' he revealed
  2. awwww these cuté lil rebel hearts
  3. Versayce teas A kii. A mess.
  4. From @2.20 Key Notes: - Meaning Of Life is the new blueprint for a dignified transition for a new sound and audience. - Katy Perry is a talented woman who dumb downed her talent to contribute to the pop audience who now isn't really interested in her anymore - Kelly Clarkson is one of the more superior singers in the last 20 years to make pop music - Meaning Of life is about not being 20 anymore, and artist such as Katy and Fergie need to follow this mature transition.
  5. This is so cute. Why wasn't this shown on TV?
  6. 5 years have passed and I still laugh every time I think about it.
  7. Shawn also joined Charlie Puth's IG live recently:
  8. Come on Ms Dolla Sign
  9. She changes layout of her social media
  10. She retweeted this An icon stanning for another icon and her iconic moment
  12. lot more gems in there, it's pretty interesting! some decent drags
  13. Adam Devine talks to TMZ about going full frontal He goes full frontal in his new movie, Game Over, Man, which debuted on Netflix today.