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Found 914 results

  1. she just liked her own tweet from back when she parted ways with Republic Records / her girl group
  2. As a result of: Before:
  3. Lady Bird

    Princess Nokia gets exposed

    Should’ve sat there and ate your food.
  4. snowpiercer

    Bohemian Rhapsody passes 200m domestic

    A local and global smash https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=bohemianrhapsody.htm
  5. Stepfon

    Frank Ocean Made $20M off Blonde

    Not bad for an album that ATRL labeled a flop...
  6. Superpower

    “Ed Sheeran Poo Out Songs” Rita Ora

    1:55 mark 💩 She’s talking about her collab with Ed Sheeran “Your Song”
  7. I'm surprised nobody has been talking about Soulja Boy slapping his name on Chinese bootleg consoles and selling them for markups in the US. These consoles are full of games from Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega ect. I think he has bigger problems to worry about than a few rappers having similar flow to his.
  8. snowpiercer

    Charlize dating Brad Pit?

  9. Thickorita

    Katy redebuts long blond hair

    her chained to the rhythm is coming
  10. Grumpy Cat

    kim k plays delicate on her snapchat

    I- is it supposed to be a shade or she just acknowledges how much of a bop that song is? @Kim Kardashian thank u for streaming a BOP sis
  11. It's coming gurls
  12. Wow. The backlash is real. If you guys search "Cleopatra Black" in twitter, people are angry that she is being whitewash by GaGa and Angelina Jolie for the rumoured Cleopatra role and it trended. Interesting. The GP is not here this mess.
  13. Miles Away

    katy's new shoes inspired by witness