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Found 7,476 results

  1. Troye Sivan has discussed the relationship between his sexuality and his commercial success to date as a pop star in a new interview. On it, Troye says: ‘I have a great management team and great label, and I haven’t had this conversation with anyone else in fear because I hate it, hate it, hate it when pop stars sound bitter, or blame any sort of lack of success on anything other than for themselves. I don’t want to come across like I’m saying that at all, but this just feels like a safe space where we can have an open conversation.’ He furthermore continued: ‘Part of me wonders sometimes if I would be more commercially successful if I wasn’t gay or not as “in your face gay”. I think we’re in a really interesting time in music right now where we are seeing more and more queer artists pop up, but we don’t have a queer Taylor Swift, we don’t have a queer Rihanna, or a queer Beyoncé. It’s not there yet I don’t think, though it feels very exciting to be where we are, I still feel like there’s a really tall mountain to climb. Sometimes it can be frustrating because I’m giving my all and not having some humongous radio smash all over the world.’ He also added: ‘100% could just be on the music, maybe the music just isn’t good enough, maybe the world is obsessed with hip hop right now and I’m making the furthest thing from hip hop. It could be a myriad other things, but a part of me wonders sometimes, is the world actually ready right now for what I’m trying to be?’ source: https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/troye-sivan-part-of-me-wonders-more-successful-if-i-wasnt-gay/
  2. LilKim

    Gaga serves cringe at enigma!

    what the hell
  3. Lil Kim’s manager once again confirmed that it’s happened and on the way. Bet this was Cardi at the shoot for the video she posted this around the time the video shoot was happening
  4. Recently, Boy Sim, a producer that Cathy Elizabeth Slater has been working with, has been exposed as a pedophile after trying to pick up underage children (even when the child told him their age). Because there was no proof in the past, this was claimed to be a rumor. Slayyyter even chimed in and said that this was a rumor that Allie X stans created, as the notorious producer was trashing Allie in earlier tweets. However, proof has surfaced of this producer’s behavior. Slayyyter's common collaborator and producer BoySim got exposed as a pedophile via Twitter DMs with a 16yo user. Slayyyter dismissed these claims when they first started by saying it was a rumor made by Allie X stans when Boy Sim wrongfully came for her, and blocked someone who told her and provided proof about the Boy Sim pedophilia scenario.
  5. americanshameless

    LaToya’s giggle goes VIRAL

  6. Vine101

    Taylor will not attend the Grammys

    Elle and Variety reports: source 1 source 2
  7. Paula Abdul

    Virgin: "365" is coming 8/2!

    Also, note that the collaboration between Katy Perry and Zedd could well be unveiled this Friday - February 8. https://www.virginradio.fr/ariana-grande-katy-perry-miley-cyrus-les-nouveautes-musicales-qu-il-ne-faudra-pas-manquer-cette-semaine-a671097.html
  8. Gui Blackout

    J.Law is engaged

  9. She really should have just sat there and ate her food
  10. A-kafi Joke

    Who cheats more, GUYS OR GIRLS

    Hi GUYS, so I wanna know what yall think about this question?! who do YOU GUYS THINK CHEATS MORE GUYS OR GIRLS?! I also did a video on it, ASKING UNI STUDENT AS WELL, do watch it! (MUCH LOVE!!!!)
  11. play sports. stay in shape. warm weather is coming, u can buy a pair; valentine's day is coming. buy a pair or 2 for ur mom and grandma. come on, vogue.mp3 for nights out & joga & pilates sessions for sore feet after a night out;
  12. Source Hmmm, I always appreciated how much Take That pandered to the gays even since the early '90s I would have guessed Robbie (for obvious reasons) or Gary, especially because of this video:
  13. OnlyManInTheWorld

    Maluma to come out in 2019, says astrologer

  14. tylerrcrush

    Variety: Ariana not attending Grammys

    Due to a disagreement with Grammy producers over which songs she would perform, Ariana Grande, who has been featured on billboards promoting the show all over Los Angeles, not only won’t be performing at the Feb. 10 show, she will not even be attending it, according to sources close to the situation. An insider tells Variety that Grande felt “Insulted” after producers initially refused to allow her to perform “7 Rings,” the latest single from her forthcoming album “Thank U, Next” (which arrives Friday, two days before the Grammys). A comprise was reached whereby “7 Rings” would be part of a medley, but Grande pulled out after producers insisted that the second song be of their choosing. The source added that such stipulations were not imposed on other performers at the show. Reps for the Grammys did not immediately respond to Variety‘s requests for comment. The situation is more than a little similar to the impasse the Grammys reached with Lorde last year, whereby they declined to let her perform a song from her “Melodrama” album — one of the five Album of the Year nominees — and instead offered her a spot during the show’s Tom Petty tribute, which she declined.
  15. Airs tonight on Jimmy Kimmel! Preorder her LAS VEGAS RESIDENCY tickets NOW at ticketmaster.com PRESALE CODE : CELEBRATE