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Found 1,589 results

  1. This image just cured my depression.
  2. wesleywalrus

    ASIB highest grossing ASIB remake yet. Why?

    1937 version: $2 million which is $35 million adjusted for inflation 1954 version: $6.1 million which is $57 million adjusted for inflation 1976 version: $80 million which is $120 million adjusted for inflation. 2018 version: $136 million in just two weeks. Why?
  3. Mess She was forced to leave her former company CUBE Entertainment because she's in relationship with another K-Pop artist
  4. nostalgia

    Daya: I'm bisexual

    Singer Daya has opened up about her sexuality on Instagram, all to celebrate National Coming Out Day. The 19-year-old “Hide Away” musician revealed over the weekend that she was happily dating girlfriend Clyde Munroeand came out as bisexual. http://www.justjared.com/2018/10/15/daya-celebrates-national-coming-out-day-by-revealing-shes-bisexual/
  5. She wanted to have a meeting with him to see the script. This was back in 2000, but she was busy shooting Queen Of Damned at the time. As much as i love Lady gaga on A Star Is Born. Aaliyah could pulled it off too.
  6. It doesn’t appear that the President of Uganda is Keeping Up with the Kardashians. During Kim Kardashian West’s trip to Uganda with husband Kanye West and 5-year-old daughter North, the couple met with President Yoweri K Museveni on Monday, when he inquired about the reality star’s profession... (source)
  7. Erreur2 La Nature

    Nicki Minaj embarasses herself on Twitter

    Nicki Minaj saw the term "Queen" trending on iTunes US and was convinced it was about her. Unfortunately, it's the rock band that was trending and people started mocking Nicki on Twitter for posting receipts she did not even check.
  8. a cutscene from last Sunday, the subtitle is real but the music used in this clip is not, obviously Mariah would never let them use her music for something like this
  9. She's doing stadiums ... SLAY. https://beautifultraumatour.com/#!/events?page=3
  10. Soviet Youth

    Britney serves healthy momma. Stans Selena.

    top 40 acclaimed smash hit Bad Liar
  11. This week marks the 20th Anniversary of the ultimate Halloween classic, Halloweentown, which premiered on Disney Channel in 1998. This movie has become such a cult classic for all fans on Halloween, there is an annual event every year at St Helens, Oregon called the Spirit of Halloweentown. This past weekend, the entire cast celebrated its 20th Anniversary at that special event, along with the spirit of Debbie Reynolds, who sadly passed away in 2016. This will always be an all-time favorite of mine every Halloween. From left: Judith Hoag (Gwen), Kimberly J. Brown (Marnie), Joey Zimmerman (Dylan), Robin Thomas (Kalabar), Emily Roeske (Sophie)
  12. I can’t believe Republicans are still pressed over the 2016 Super Bowl Source: https://variety.com/2018/politics/news/beyonce-sean-hannity-lebron-james-polarizing-democrats-republicans-1202980357/amp/?__twitter_impression=true