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  1. @ 2:23 The whole Judge Jeanine interview segment
  2. Social media is full of all manner of people including scammers and conmen lurking around for unsuspecting victims. One such case is a revelation by Avril that her an alleged illuminati recruiter contacted her promising to make her rich and famous if she joined their organization. “Hello... join the Illuminati and change your life forever. For the first time in history, our organization is seeking candidates for Illuminati membership from the billions of citizens on this planet. All people my name is….. am a full member we make you rich and famous,” read part of the message. Laughing it off, the songbird rubbished the alleged recruiter’s message as nonsense. “Bado hii ufala unaendelea…evening made,’’ she wrote. The mother of one is not the first artist to come out and reveal she was being lured into the alleged secret society. Just under a week ago, rapping sensation Msupa S was forced to address alllged illuminati signs on her latest video ‘I don’t care’. Some time back, gospel artist Nexxie also took to his social media claiming the illuminati was trying to recruit him too dangling the same promises.
  3. Iggy was at Power 106 LA and Missy called during her interview to show her support. what a humble queen Now collab already and give us the epic music video!!! her snap after leaving the station (after the guys pic on this IG post:)
  5. On the Sweetener Instagram's newest post, where the "Pete" track is confirmed:
  6. Tom Hooper was at Taylor's concert in London a few weeks ago.
  7. wooo
  8. Oh wow
  9. EXCLUSIVE: Multiple sources tell Deadline that Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born is headed to the Venice Film Festival. Although no one is officially confirming it, we have been told the festival will screen the Warner Bros movie out of competition as a world premiere on Friday, August 31. A Star Is Born is also expected to be listed among TIFF’s North American premieres.
  10. first Rolling Stones now
  11. This is all about that same egging episode that took place in January 2014. Justin already performed community labor at homeless shelter for that in 2015, and paid $80,000 in damages to his former neighbors Mr and Mrs Schwartz. The neighbors are still traumatized by that horrible vandalism and their lawyers want to cash in on this more so read below what is happening now. According to PageSix, the next hearing on this case will be held in August. This was the amount of damage Justin caused to his then-neighbors' property four years ago.
  12. She is replacing Farrah Abraham who got fired for being a **** star
  13. ughhh this girl a walking meme
  14. He didn't lie
  15. Billboard He's part of the family, y'all.
  16. How "Forever Your Girl" Made Paula Abdul The Original Britney Thirty years ago, Abdul’s debut album sparked her brief reign as the dancing, MTV-dominating princess of pop. Today, it’s worth another listen. She was the original “pop princess” — an avant-la-lettre Britney Spears — initially launched to stardom 30 years ago today, with the release of her 1988 debut album, Forever Your Girl. Abdul’s crisp dance moves and coy, girlish attitude eventually helped propel the album to record-setting success, garnering the first four of her six No. 1 singles. Those hits demonstrate the range of her pop persona, from the sweetheart appeal of the title track to the iconic David Fincher-directed video for “Straight Up” to the deep cheese of a duet with the rapping animated “skat cat” in “Opposites Attract,” They turned Abdul into a Diet Coke-endorsing superstar, and throughout the late ’80s and early ’90s her commercial success rivaled Madonna and Janet Jackson. “She was like Miss America in people’s hearts, when she was at the height of her success,” former Virgin Records A&R vice president Gemma Corfield. But while there are entire cultural studies syllabi devoted to Madonna, and reclaiming Janet Jackson’s legacyhas become its own genre of criticism, Abdul’s brief pop reign has largely been lost to history. Unlike Jackson or Madonna, she was never interested in generating controversy or using her songs as a form of autobiography, and female pop stars historically haven’t been taken seriously when they just want to sing and dance. In a post-poptimism era, most people accept that an artist who isn’t a songwriter, or who doesn’t have a powerful voice, can still matter culturally; the New Yorker covers Britney Spears. But that wasn’t necessarily the case in the early ’90s. Abdul did win one Grammy for a music video and two Emmys for her still-influential choreography, but ultimately, as Rolling Stone writer David Wild put it around the time of her rise, she was seen as proof that “an uncanny grasp of style and image can compensate for a lack of innate musical talent.” One of the main criticisms leveled against Abdul after her album’s release was about her voice. But, as Corfield points out ....she had an unusual and unique tone to her voice, intrinsic value to her voice, that was very catchy.” Leiber found that her natural vocal range “was best when she was actually moving and dancing … I had her dancing to a certain extent,” he recalls of their time in the studio. “On my stuff you can hear **** jingling on some of the songs.” You could also make the case — and Abdul has— that she helped create Jackson’s dancing style, which remains influential to this day. Referring to Jackson’s choreography, Leiber says, “There was a sense that that was really [Abdul’s] dance style. She gave it away, she was a choreographer, but she kind of wanted to own it. Straight Up” — might have been lost to history, because the record company slotted Wolff’s song in as a B-side, and went with the more famous producers’ track, “Knocked Out,” as the first single. Babyface and L.A. Reid’s “Knocked Out” failed to gain major video or radio airplay traction on the R&B charts when it was released in the summer of 1988. And the second single, Leiber’s “(It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me,” accompanied by a stylish, big-budget video shot by David Fincher, initially peaked at 88 on the charts. The record company, which was new in America, was giving up on the album. “So I asked, ‘Is the record a stiff or what?’” Abdul later told People. “And the record company said, ‘Paula, it ain’t happening.’” It wasn’t until the end of the year that “Straight Up,” the quirky song Abdul had advocated for, was selected and played by the pop radio station KMEL in San Francisco, and immediately took off. It rushed up to Billboard’s top 20 based on radio, before a music video was ever shot, prompting Virgin to push it as a single. Thanks to the success of “Straight Up,” the other Leiber and Wolff songs were released as singles, and “Forever Your Girl” and “Cold Hearted” both eventually peaked at No. 1. And the album, which holds the record for slowest climb to the top of the charts of all time, finally began its ascent.
  17. Yesterday Kim Kardashian Made $1 Million a Minute on Her New Kimoji Fragrances Kim Kardashian West had an enviably good day yesterday launching her new Kimoji Peach, Kimoji Cherry, and Kimoji Vibes fragrances and making $5 million off of them in five minutes. That's a million a minute following the perfumes' release, according to TMZ. The outlet noted that the fragrances cost $45 each and that Kardashian only promoted them on social media. No ad dollars were spent, meaning more profit for Kardashian to take in. TMZ didn't share the source of their numbers, but a little back of the napkin calculation suggests KKW sold around 100,000 bottles of perfume in a single day.