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Found 10,226 results

  1. she's set to be the star witness on the defense that the charges were an attempt to extort $25 million from her read more:
  2. this was yesterday at her house in RI... Stream Gorgeous on Spotfy y'all
  3. He's pretty reliable. And Gaga follows him
  4. Industry slams Billboard/Republic for Post Malone #1 technique The industry is not here for the deceit from Billboard and Republic Records and other record companies. The Post Malone number one is gaining steam and becoming controversial. Enlighten me with your thoughts on this matter. Was the number one deserved? ...Vin
  6. An era has ended.
  7. From her "Watch What Happens Live" interview with Andy Cohen, she gave her opinion on each of the pop girls asked by Andy Cohen: Gaga: LOVED her "Five Foot Two" documentary and thinks she's fantastic. Kelly Clarkson: She wasn't pissed on "Since U Been Gone" going to Kelly and thinks Kelly did a great job on it. People want her to remake "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" with Kelly Clarkson. Katy: Talented Taylor: Adorable. Thoughts on Taylor staying silent on politics: she has a right to speak on politics if she feels like it. P!nk is outspoken on politics and injustice. Demi: Not Sorry Sia: batsh*t in the best way Aguilera: singer. P!nk's issues on Aguilera: they were super young during their feud, she's used to having physical alterations and Aguilera is verbal. Says women should support each other. Both alpha females. Aguilera also swung at her at a club. She says they are fine and they made up on "The Voice". P!nk says she may or may not have already collaborated with Christina Aguilera on a new song! She thinks Aguilera is talented & sweet. Britney: adorable Kesha: Brave Ariana: also brave Miley: praises Miley's voice and her "Silent Night" cover Selena Gomez: liked her latest vertical video Beyonce: thinks she's rad. Was amazed looking at her and Jay Z. Paris Hilton: was upset with her after "Stupid Girls" video. She said she's not dumb, she just plays dumb. Paris got it. Mariah: she sympathized with her after the New Year's Eve performance as she's had mishaps on stage too. Madonna: worships everything about her, smart businesswoman, worships Truth Or Dare, Sex Book, and talks about meeting her on Live With Regis & Kelly and another time at a party. Her favorite song of hers at the moment: "What About Us" She's sick of performing "Get The Party Started"
  8. For those who don’t know who Heather is, she is a Boston-area journalist and filmmaker Ugh not those rumors about Kevin being true
  9. More in the article:
  11. Her artpop era is coming?
  12. The source continues, I believe it except the BS about how the scandal is untrue. See when you do clownery...the clown comes back to bite.
  13. ''Tonight Nova is learning that Ed Sheeran has been involved in an accident while riding his push bike in London. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter was riding a bike through the streets of London when he was struck down. Smallzy has been told from a source close to Ed that he has broken his arm but said to be in a stable condition. No word yet, if this accident is going to affect his upcoming Asian tour but if the rumours of a broken arm are true, playing the guitar is going to be difficult.'' and Ok Magazine UK
  14. The 19 year-old artist was able to make the deal despite having significant legal troubles. On Oct. 8, 2016, XXX was arrested after allegations of domestic violence were made by his then-girlfriend. He was subsequently charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness tampering. XXX is set to go to trial on Dec. 11.
  15. 19th October - Vancouver, BC 20th October - Seattle, WA 21st October - Portland, OR 26th October - San Francisco, CA 28th October - Los Angeles, CA 29th October - San Diego, CA 1st November - Denver, CO 3rd November - Dallas, TX 4th November - Austin, TX 5th November - Houston, TX 7th November - Atlanta, GA 8th November, Nashville, TN 10th November - Chicago, IL 11th November - Detroit, MI 14th November - Washington, DC 15th November - Brooklyn, NY 16th November - Philadelphia, PA 18th November - Toronto, ON 19th November - Montreal, QC
  16. TRIGGER WARNING This might cause you to cringe into a coma and ruin your day. Manny MUA & James Charles walked the MARCO MARCO runway and well... ddd now I don't blame Jeffree Star for not attending
  17. Source Very disappointed in Quentin for this.
  18. Surprise: it's me! I was Lauren's pick for the Lip Sync Battle and danced with her, Dinah, and Dinah's pick to Work From Home! I'm in the black jacket and hard hat. I was so excited and Lauren was so nice to me. She spoke to me throughout the segment and the commercial breaks, she held my hand when we moved in the studio so I wouldn't get caught in the crowd, and she gave me the trophy to take home. I love a humble, fan loving legend.
  19. Brad Pitt has ‘moved on’ from ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, and is reportedly eyeing her lookalike, actor Ella Purnell. Purnell, 21, played the young version of Jolie’s character in 2014’s Maleficent. Pitt was so “blown away” by her work in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children that the 53-year-old “jumped at the chance” to work with Purnell via his production company, Plan B, for Sweetbitter. “Brad had Ella in mind from the get-go. He went out of his way to cast her. Ella is incredibly flattered by all the attention she’s getting from Brad. She’s told friends he’s always been her No. 1 celebrity crush,” said a source to In Touch. According to the source, the camaraderie has not gone down well with Jolie as she is “furious about Pitt’s interest in Purnell and her being cast on Sweetbitter. She absolutely hates that Pitt is cavorting with someone who played the teenage version of her in a film”. The source also pointed out that Jolie has noted that Purnell was only five years older than 16-year-old Maddox, one of the six children she shares with the War Machine actor. “He realises the huge age difference,” says the source, “and that everyone would look at the relationship as a midlife crisis mistake.” But Brad’s attraction is more than just physical, says the source. “He’s taken with Ella’s spunky, funny demeanor and formidable acting skills.” “Although Brad’s been working on his sci-fi space travel film Ad Astra, he’s been checking in with Ella weekly as she preps for production,” says the source. “Brad plans on coaching Ella for the show. He’s sure it’s going to be a hit and that it’s going to make Ella a star.” “It’s only a matter of time before Brad takes their relationship to the next level,” the source predicts.
  20. Apparently due to The Fader article 'exposing' him as alt-right and racist. He sounds shook. His ENTIRE speaking tour was cancelled, likely due to the allegations against him. Says there will be a video explaining the cancellation soon on his main channel (theneedledrop).