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Found 7,600 results

  1. Looking fresh out of Madam Tussauds wax museum! A slay and a half! when will your favs?
  2. Promotional stunt for Katy Perry's new song draws just four people in 40 minutes
  3. Missing these days like candy! Mandy Moore took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of herself performing as the opening act for 'NSync in 1999. "Opening for *NSYNC in '99 somewhere on the east coast," the This Is Us actress, 33, captioned the post. "And by opening I mean we were on a tiny side stage as you walked through the front gate, before you found your seat in the amphitheater. We worked our way up to the mainstage and we also worked our way up from 15 passenger van and trailer to an RV and then a bus." Moore also poked fun at her ensemble — and the lyrics from her 1999 debut single "Candy." She wrote, "Why was I wearing leather pants in the dead of summer? #memories #tbt #immissingyoulikecandy #whatdoesthatevenmean." During her years as a teen pop star, the Golden Globe nominee toured with both 'NSync and the Backstreet Boys. Those days left behind one particularly haunting memory, though. "I'm a terrible dancer, but I had background dancers at the time because that's what you did, and I remember distinctly one time walking backstage, and I didn't really see much of the guys because I was the measly opening act. Nobody cared about me. But Justin Timberlake was there and somehow there was a conversation about feet or foot size," she recalled on The Late Late Show With James Corden in November 2016. "He was like, 'You have big feet for a girl,'" Moore recalled of the "Can't Stop the Feeling!" crooner's reaction when she approached him. "I'm sure he doesn't remember this at all, but I was so impressionable and I thought the world of him and he was on a pedestal. I mean, 16 years later it stuck with me, so it really scarred me emotionally."
  4. Edit: Tumblr too. And so is instagram. She's not following anyone now. Edit 2: Theory: she's trying to unfollow Katy without directing at her Edit 3: Her website is completely blackened. Edit 4: Youtube channel icon. Black Edit 5: There is a javascript on her website referencing Blank Space There's a line in the script that says "uibut xibu uifz epou tff" If you change each alphabet into their previous one, such as "u to t" or "h to i" You get the message "thats what they dont see" (A Shake It Off reference) I ****ing love hate her. Edit 6: New tumblr theme Edit 7: SHE'S STILL TEASING US Edit 8: She deleted her original facebook page, and set up a new one. She lost 70m+ likes by doing so. Now she has around 120k+ likes. She also deletes all posts and removed her avi from MySpace. Edit 9: Her weibo was also cleared. (It's a Chinese twitter thing, she has 5M+ followers there.) And all the retweets on her twitter are finally gone.
  5. full @
  7. Two legendary GOATS. Poor ATRL never wins.
  8. When Thursday’s take comes in tomorrow, Universal’s Girl's Trip will have crossed the $100M mark domestically, making it the first film to be produced (Will Packer, Malcolm D. Lee), directed (Malcolm D. Lee), written (Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver) and starring (Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Tiffany Haddish) African Americans. At a time when articles are being written on how this summer has been brutal for films with, according to box office mojo, ticket sales are down 12% from last year, Girls Trip is one of the few bright spots. Not only did it defy expectations, having grossed $31M in its opening weekend but it held up over the following weeks. More
  9. Queen of deleting her Facebook page and making a new one
  10. omdgfshgfbhs Taylor's Statement
  11. Read more: Queen Judge Judy, dragging the lessors in court while making bank
  12. She talked about Britney in one of her recent interviews and how surreal collaborating with her was. She also said that she got a call from Larry and that still don't know the reason why Britney exactly wanted to collaborate with her. When host asked her about her dream collaboration, she named Janet Jackson. Source