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Found 17,348 results

  1. revealed during his Elvin Duran interview this morning!
  2. @Lukey @Kim Kardashian @Javan @TheWayWeWere @AvrilLaQueen !!!
  3. Queen
  4. w/ NBA Rookie Baller Ben Simmons. #BuyJOYRIDE #BuyNoDramaOnItunes / #BuyFadedLoveOnItunes
  5. These two ladies both departed on big tours in the past year. Here are the results: Which is bigger?
  6. she only follows 15 people and only one of them is a pop star: britney spears. OBHs claiming a one-sided love lost. janet clearly knows britney is the only legit dancer left in the game. thanks to @Anticipating for letting us know
  7. The Venue: a cozy family restaurant
  8. I can't believe this...
  9. Lea Michele was trending on Twitter and people are going crazy over this conspiracy. It's so accurate too. In the lengthy video, Jaye and Robert go onto detail some pretty compelling evidence about why Lea must be illiterate. For one, when she’s photographed at a book or album signing, her pen NEVER seems to be touching the paper. Plus, a lot of her Instagram captions are super short, and many include nothing more than emojis! Her longer, more detailed captions appear to only show up when the photo is of Lea, taken by someone else, so Jaye and Robert are convinced that whoever took the picture…also wrote the caption to go along with it. More evidence also comes from a sit down Lea did with her Glee cast members on The Ellen DeGeneres show. First, she fails big time at a game of Cards Against Humanity (can she not read the cards?!) and then, she seems to have trouble writing down her fellow cast member’s names in a game of “Most Likely To…” Jaye and Robert actually have a LOT more to back up their theory, so you can just watch the whole thing here.
  10. Regarding Taylor sending her son tour tickets (which was an incredibly sweet gesture ) most of the comments on TSR's original post were of people calling her son soft, feminine, fruitcake, etc. and debating the sexuality of her son. Quite disturbing that a child is being treated this way over enjoying music... But Amber handled it amazingly.
  11. Dua personally curated the Teen Party playlist with songs by female artists that she loves and admires. Did your favs make the list?
  12. After being called out for acting cold during M&Gs, Miss Lovato decided to snap on Instagram Do you agree the good sis Demi needs to try and improve her M&Gs or are her fans doing too much?
  13. Not so crazy after all, huh? And then y'all wonder why he went to 'rehab'? And then y'all wonder why the media e.t.c wanted to paint him as a crazy person who was loosing his mind? He literally tried to warn y'all and expose what is happening behind the scenes, and as per usual, y'all called him crazy and every other thing in the book, exactly the same way you call crazy anyone who believes in 'conspiracy theories' or is questioning the official narrative. SMH.
  14. They seem pretty close, are at a similar age, and are both hot so why haven’t they dated? Discuss.
  15. More pictures: BTS: Promo:
  16. @ 6:00 "I once stole a candle from Mariah Carey's house. The candles say Mariah Carey and there's a butterfly on them and we had gone to film this Christmas Carpool Karaoke. We were supposed to film at 3 and I was told get there at 4 and I waited in her living room until about 6:30 just on my own and I thought well, i'm gonna take this candle for my time."
  17. The biggest girlgroup in the world has landed in South America. They are so beautiful i can't even believe they are real