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Found 2,667 results

  1. via
  3. He's got good taste
  4. After being announced having the most streamed debut by a "female" on iTunes, Zara took to Twitter who had the most streamed artist overall, but in Lara fashion, was a mess in the process. I live
  5. Fifth Harmony were able to attract 64,006 people to watch their show tonight . Are you surprised? I thought they couldn't sell tickets though?
  6. credits to:
  7. Amazing and bold words. I agree with all of it. A white female act including a Black Jesus, kissing him, talking about police brutality against black people in the 80's. An album that also talks about domestic and child abuse, feminist anthems, about family, etc... The progression from True Blue to this is just wow.
  8. @MariahCarey 2m2 minutes ago More My song is becoming a movie! You’re the first to hear about this exciting news! Follow @AllIWantMovie for more updates. #AllIWantMovie
  9. Or at least that's what they imply on their WORLD'S GREATEST LEADERS Official List. Shakira is -The only singer/popstar/entertainer on the list -The only latina on the list -The youngest person on the list -The only one on the list with a billion grossing movie named Shakira's zootopia and a song about a part of her body that reached #1 in 500 countries. Full list where your fave does not appear:
  10. Are you sad that Amy Schumer won't be Barbie? Weigh in with your thoughts. The alt-right is getting to her. ...Vin
  11. Céline shuts down a reporter's question about Adele winning AOTY over Beyoncé at the Beauty and the Beast premiere "I hope you know where you are tonight" queen
  12. Excited to see her coming back
  13. The biggest touring act of our time is so humble
  14. Believe it or not TLC has never toured the UK. This will be their first performance there.
  15. nnnn
  16. (16:00) Paul Ryan's a lil' bitch. (those in the US can watch the better quality video at