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Found 13,102 results

  1. She's so beautiful. Can someone permanently gluw that wig onto her scalp.
  2. She's such an angel. OMG. I wonder what they're planning together, Commercial with a song? Sponsorship for their tour? Hmmmmmm!
  3. @19:05, the international KPOP sensations profess their mutual love to Canadian songstress Shawn Mendes (turn on subs)
  4. I love Buttons too, Justin.
  5. Get life huns
  6. She clarified what she meant:
  7. Even though the 2018 Coachella Music Festival may be four long months away, fans have been monitoring social media and have come up with an interesting theory. Is it possible that Destiny's Child will reunite when Beyoncé headlines the annual event? One Twitter user has put together a few receipts from the world wide web and many Beyhive members are more hopeful than ever before. Earlier this month, original member LaTavia Roberson cryptically posted, "I have so much to tell you guys! All I'm allowed to say right now is…never mind." Then there is LeToya Luckett who shared a throwback photo of the group back in October. "Mood [heart] #TBT," she captioned the post while posing with her close friends. And then Michelle Williams just decided to post a pair of boots that were worn at the Super Bowl when Destiny's Child previously reunited. Coincidence? Some music fans don't think so.
  8. Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation stadium tour’ is struggling to sell Full article:
  9. Taraji’s White Hot Holidays 2017 aired on FOX on Thursday night (Dec. 14) which included a performance of “Santa Baby” by Ciara with a “Goodies” dance break.
  10. We love edges. Legénd is looking better than ever 🔥
  11. P!nk: "I think Britney Spears is one of the sweetest humans to ever live"
  12. Celeb parents Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, & Armie Hammer brought their kids and more slid on over to the Staples Center in Los Angeles over the weekend to attend Disney On Ice: Follow Your Heart at Staples Center. The proud parents made sure to stop by the step and repeat to take some pics with Mickey Mouse before they got to see all the ice action. E! News has learned that Beyoncé was also in attendance at the touring ice show but she didn't stop for any official family photos. A source tells E! News that the superstar singer nabbed up over a dozen tickets at the last minute, but mostly hung out in the sky box area.
  13. "I've had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case," he told The Late Late Show's Ryan Tubridy. The Bond folks have never approached him, but that hasn't discouraged Sheeran from eventually manifesting one of his dreams. That's basically what happened when a collaboration with Eminem came up, and for Sheeran, his thought process behind both projects is pretty similar. "I just recently done a song with one of my all-time heroes, Eminem, and when we did a song together, I'd already had the song planned, because I was like, 'If I ever work with Eminem, I've got this song,'" he revealed. "It's the same with Bond: If ever I'm called, I'll be like, 'There you go.'"
  15. Source Look what you made him do
  16. Source: Tweets: EDIT: Taylor is now being dragged by multiple media outlets
  17. For his domestic violence case where he beat and threatened his pregnant girlfriend. Charges include witness tampering and witness harassment.
  18. Scroll to question number 4!
  19. I don't personally want to have kids, but to each his own.