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  1. It was released in memory of Notorious BIG (Faith's husband) who was murdered on March 9, 1997. It won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance and went #1 in 20+ countries It peaked at #1 on the Hot 100 for 11 weeks. Diddy did not obtain permission for the "Every Breath You Take" sample, as a result, Sting received 100% of the royalties on the song (he reportedly earns $2k daily from the song). It has 379M+ Spotify streams - a classic! Faith's vocals are everything
  2. Do you think she was shaking a bit when she started losing all her noms? Folklore was her most acclaimed album ever and predicted to sweep but then Jack lost producer of the year, she lost all her pop noms + SOTY and things were looking dim.
  3. Lady Gaga - 767 pages Taylor Swift - 166 pages Beyoncé - 55 pages Nicki Minaj - 44 pages Mariah Carey - 43 pages Ariana Grande - 26 pages Doja Cat - 25 pages Selena Gomez - 23 pages Madonna - 19 pages Cardi B - 16 pages JLo - 16 pages Billie Eilish - 15 pages Normani - 14 pages Britney Spears - 13 pages Olivia Rodrigo - 13 pages Kelly Clarkson - 12 pages Katy Perry - 10 pages Dua Lipa - 10 pages Lana Del Rey - 8 pages Blackpink - 8 pages Adele - 6 pages Janet Jackson - 5 pages Rihanna - 4 pages Demi Lovato - 4 pages Pink - 4 pages Camila Cabello - 3 pages Christina Aguilera - 3 pages Any surprises?
  4. Which witch anthem is more likely to get you to attend the next coven ritual in your nearest neighborhood?
  5. In remembrance of the iconic yet problematic show, which Ellen Show performance is the most iconic?
  6. Taylor swift is undeniably one of the most successful female artists of all time. She is certainly not the most influential artist of her generation but her numbers/stats don’t lie, she is very successful with many hits under her belt. That being said, do you guys think she has an iconic performance like many other pop girls?
  7. Being inspired by @Credit's iconic post about Dylan O'Brien's meltdown, who will be the next artist to catch it in 2022, ATRL?
  8. I mean official covers / remakes by fellow artists, not random Youtube wannabes And the song is barely 1 year old. Is it shaping up to be a future classic?
  9. Cleanromantic

    Taylor keeps atrl alive, why?

    Taylor is a daily topic of discussion. Any thread about her reaches 10s of pages. She has the most obsessed and pressed members on here, ones whose entire personality revolves around hating her. For someone so basic (according to the oth) she's certainly the one frequent main event on atrl. Why?
  10. Camila's part at around 2:00 is the most replayed of Senorita. ATRL told me Shawn was the hitmaker why?
  11. 2.2M avg per show on an arena tour only Elton and Bad Bunny are doing better than him in arenas
  12. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Why do weed cafes exist in The Netherlands?

    And tell me why can’t we do it here in the US?
  13. It's been one month and a half since the smash album 'Familia' was released to critical and commercial success. However, miss Cabello has yet to announce a solo tour for all her smashes, even though we know of most MPG's tours before their albums are even released. What happened, ATRL?
  14. Did you ever notice that Canada is in fact cradle of big music acts? From acclaimed legends: To some of the biggest 90s female artists: To beloved 00s relics: To the biggest 2010s male artists: And many many more. Shook? Have we been on a Canadian invasion all this time and didn't realize?
  15. With STAY soon being the biggest Hot 100 single of all time, it will be the cherry on top of its achievement and celebrating Bieber's massive career Setlist : Peaches (with Giveon & Daniel Caesar) Where Are U Now / Sorry (with Skrillex) Yummy Intentions (with Quavo) I Don't Care & Love Yourself (with Ed Sheeran) stuck with u (with Ariana Grande) STAY (with The Kid LAROi)
  16. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/sky-ferreira-dont-forget/
  17. Out of all the performances of your favorite artist, which one do you think suits them the most? For Taylor, I'd say it's the Wildest Dreams/Enchanted performance at the 1989 World Tour. It had to be a performance in one of her concert, since one of the biggest aspect of Taylor as an artist is her proximity with her fans. Then, I wanted a relatively stripped down performance of her at the piano or the guitar as I think it suits her perfectly as a musician. Finally, I chose this specific performance as I think Wildest Dreams will end up a classic of Taylor's discography and Enchanted will always be a fan favorite. What about your faves? Do other Swifties agree with my pick?
  18. Mine is. Majority = all of her collabs that she's on the MV. Like, so much. What about yours?
  19. Hi EDM folks. Could you please recommend me quality EDM songs? Those ones with little to no pop elements. Thank you.
  20. Both albums have fan bases on social media; but which has the better replay value?
  21. Why is faceless hitmaker such a powerhouse and has huge demand in Latin America? What's the secret? Why did she succeed so fast while others took years to get a demand? (Some don't have a demand to fill in a theater tour but that's for another conversation)
  22. From the faces she makes, to the terrible editing, corny title and the bust concept. Do you think it is the or one of the worst of the year?
  23. Fastlane

    Artists with 3+ signature songs

    A signature song is a song that is best known for a music artist because of its popularity among their fans. Signature songs can be songs that helped boost an artist's fan base, popularity, fame, and bookings.
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