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  1. Tennis Court Perfect Places Mood Ring
  2. I cant believe she did that with just two albums and then fell into irrelevancy
  3. Materialboy215

    Do You Stan "Success or The Music"?

    Like seriously I'm curious because it seems ATRL can never have a discussion regarding music and not bring up "sales, charts, awards, streams etc" of some sort. Whenever I make a thread asking about just the MUSIC the 1st comment will be "well so and so moved 10M units and have 10 no.1's from her debut" ? or so and so album doesn't have good streams like ugh STFU and enjoy the music!! I really feel like a lot of people on here only like certain artists because they can move units or chart on Billboard etc. I seen so many great talented artists get shaded on here because they're considered "FLOPS". If I like something idc if its a "hit" on Billboard or Spotify im going to BOP to it and not for nothing every artist will flop at some point and every artist reaches that ceiling where they aren't in demand (I.E selling) like they use to be and no artist is exempt from this. Do U think ATRL is here for The BLING and not The MUSIC?
  4. I'd like to know when was the last time MPGs had a song to chart 10 weeks within the top 10 of Billboard's Hot 100. Help me? How long ago did it happen and how deep into their careers was it. And since ATRL is obsessed with "solo," if their last was a collab, please also post when they did it last with a solo song. For example, I checked for Britney: Her last was "Scream & Shout" in 2013: 11 weeks in the top 10 9 years ago 15 into her career Solo, it was with "3" in 2009/2010: 11 weeks in the top 10 13 years ago 11 years into her career Thanks in advance
  5. I wish the I Knew You Were Trouble single thread was saved bc the way the pop stans were MAD and LIVID that Taylor Swift just released an uptempo on par with the rest of the popgirls, I vividly remember these ICONIC gifs when the Kworb numbers kept going up
  6. wantedyoutogrow

    TV moments that had you gagged

    this was a #moment like I won't even lie "did you miss me?" that changed lives. I admit I was gagged and kicked my legs back and forth
  7. its sultry and doesn't stray into that childish territory aside from that 'perfect sacrifice' line amazing hook, ethereal BGVs!
  8. CristianGarcia

    Is Ciara the best aging 00’s pop girl?

    Tb from 2005: Pics from the last couple months:
  9. Two of the one most famous rivalries across the stan world. The first duo debut in 1998 and the second in 2008. Years and decades later both Christina and Katy still having up questions in intwerviews about it. Do you really think Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry were in then shadow of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga?
  10. NormaniReign

    Single artist vs Album artist

    Whats more beneficial in a long run. Having great acclaimed commercially successful albums with moderate hits or consistent smash hits with moderate album commercial success and acclaim If you were an artist. Which would you thrive for? You'd rather be Dua lipa or Billie?
  11. Will Gaga's new soundtrack, Hold My Hand be the more popular Hold My Hand in GP's memory? Previously, there are 2 pretty popular songs titled Hold My Hand by Michael Jackson & Akon (2010;#39 at Hot 100, 93mil on Spotify) and Jess Glyne (2015, #1 on UK Chart, #86 on Hot 100, Platinum certified in US, 378mil on Spotify) For comparison, Gaga herself is kinda Hit or Miss when it came to soundtrack Til It Happens To You - 37mil on Spotify Shallow - 1,78B on Spotify
  12. I lowkey was mostly into rock music as a teenager but this banger literally made me a Fergie stan Plus that Nelly Furtado diss....my first popstar feud
  13. NEYO - SEXY LOVE VS MARIO - CRYING OUT FOR ME VS TREY SONGZ - CAN'T HELP BUT WAIT All 3 of these guys came out around the same time and all 3 are R&B CLASSICS ?? rank your favs from best to least! @naval23 @Devin @GoodGuyGoneGhetto @HïFidelity @Planet Mars @GoatGly
  14. What's happened in the last few years for the "Is it the end of an era? / Is it the end of America?" songstress to snap this hard now without trying?
  15. stjosephprey4us

    Is Marina the inverse Katy?

    Marina saw her highest commercial success / mainstream impact ONLY when she went blonde (during Electra Heart era). Meanwhile, Katy flops when she’s not a brunette. Why?
  16. What was your fave’s last smash hit? Say Something would be Xtina’s.
  17. Who is sabotaging them with this messy face posture as video thumbnail??
  18. Prince know he was in his bag with this one. One of his top album tracks. Ironically a cover version was released as a single & became a hit.
  19. Should she have maneuvered with this?
  20. Björk is confirmed as a headliner of Primavera Sound Festival in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Santiago (November this year), her first time in the region after the sold out Biophilia Tour a decade ago. She herself confirmed a while ago her new album is basically done.
  21. ONOPKA

    Did Stupid Love age well?

    ATRL, how has Stupid Love aged? released on 28 February 2020, this was a song i hated at first listen. a colossal BOMB! but as time has gone on, I've come to appreciate it more and more. I'm bopping.
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