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Found 8,260 results

  1. popmusiccritic

    ANTI | Top Four & Bottom Three

    What are the 4 best songs and 3 worst songs (you can vote just 1 as this album is perfect), on Rihanna's unique, deep, brilliant, and beautifully honest masterpiece?
  2. MadonnasBoyfriend

    What artists seem to have been replaced by clones?

    What artists seem so different from there debuts that you wonder if they have been replaced by clones who took over 24/7. Obviously I dont really think they were replaced by clones but it seems like some have been. Madonna was replaced in 1998 then again in 2018 Britney was replaced after In The Zone Not sure when gaga was replaced but who she is today and who she was in the just dance poker face times is a completely different person Who else?
  3. He has so many classics... So Sick, Miss Independent, Because of You, Let Me Love You, Beautiful Monster, Give Me Everything
  4. Genio

    DIL is Bey's best album!

    here's why Me, Myself & I being the best single ever released Baby Boy bringing dancehall into the mainstream world Crazy In Love being her singature song Her best album cover The biggest solo debut for any group member male or female The best selling female album ever by any group member The album having 0 skips Iconic features such as Luther Vandross, Jay Z & Missy Elliott don't @ me
  5. Drive Bitch

    What did Beyonce do?

    That Do you stan this anthem?
  6. Karla Cabello

    do critics just give out scores nowdays

    i remember in the 00s music critics used to be vicious. giving very good albums a 5/10 and albums they did not like not even a score. just a monkey pissing in his mouth nowdays almost every album gets a 7/10 or something like that. reviews are boring and they tend to focus more on the artist than the music. should critics make reviews great again? or at least fun
  7. If you didn’t know, Tatyana Ali (mostly known as Ashley from Fresh Prince of Bei-Air), became a recording artist in 1998. She was signed to Sony Records and Michael Jackson’s label, MJJ. She debuted with the rest of the teen pop stars of the era. Her debut single “Daydreamin” went on to peak at #5 on the Hot 100 and at #6 in the UK. Her follow up single, “Boy You Knock Me Out”, was a mega hit in the UK. It topped the R&B chart and reached a peak of #3 on the Official Chart. The final single from the album, “Everytime (Remix)”, failed to make any noise. Her album went on to peak at #106 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Gold within the first year, but didn’t go much further. She went on to tour with N*SYNC as their opener. Despite her success, she was never heard of again on the music scene? Why? What went wrong? She had the hits, the beauty, the voice, an already established fan base, and was right in the midst of the teen pop era.
  8. It topped the European Hot 100 for 3 weeks, peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 (blocked by Akon's "Don't Matter") and had huge longevity with 40 weeks, ranking #3 on the 2007 year end chart. It's such a timeless bop And I could be your favorite girl Forever, perfectly together Tell me, boy, now wouldn't that be sweet? If I could be sweet
  9. naval23

    Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" turns 11

    "Paparazzi" is a song by Lady Gaga from her debut studio album, The Fame (2008), released as the album's 5th and final single. The song portrays struggles in her quest for fame, as well as balancing success and love. "Paparazzi" was critically acclaimed and was also commercially successful, topping the charts in the Czech Republic, Germany and Scotland, top 5 in 15+ countries and top 10 in 25+ countries. In the US, it peaked at #6 and it became her first airplay #1 single. It has sold 3.6M in the US and is currently certified 5x platinum. The music video portrays Gaga as a doomed starlet, hounded by photographers, who is almost killed by her boyfriend. It shows her survival, comeback, revenge on her boyfriend, and experiences on the way to fame. The video won two MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 for Best Art Direction and Best Special Effects. Gaga performed the song at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in a performance art piece symbolizing the negative effect of fame leading to death. Velvet ropes and guitars, yeah 'cause you're my rockstar
  10. "Jumpin', Jumpin'" is a song by Destiny's Child, released as the fourth and final single from the group's second studio album, The Writing's on the Wall (1999). It reached the top 10 in 10+ countries, peaking at #2 in Australia and #3 in USA for 5 non-consecutive weeks behind Sisqo's "Incomplete" , Janet Jackson's "Doesn't Really Matter" and Madonna's "Music" at various points in its chart run. It peaked at #1 on the Hot 100 Airplay for 7 consecutive weeks, dethroning Aaliyah's "Try Again" which had a 9 week reign at #1. It also spent 16 weeks in the top 10 of the Hot 100, longer than any of their singles except "Independent Women Part I" and longer than the songs that blocked it from reaching a higher position on the Hot 100. It was the 13th biggest hit of 2000. Play this song on Youtube at 1.25x - you can thank me later
  11. At 1.25x speed it's such a bop!
  12. This week in 2003, Lumidee’s “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)” peaked at #3 on the Hot 100. It was blocked from #1 & #2 by Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” and Chingy’s “Right Thurrr” respectively. The song is widely infamous for having been sung ‘off-key’ by Lumidee. She later claimed that it wasn’t and that the songs producer purposely sabotaged her after a fight they had. She said that her vocals, unbeknownst to her, were instead pasted onto a completely new recording of the song after the original was recorded where, unfortunately, it didn’t “fit the production” well (this being the ‘Diwali Riddim’ which the song heavily samples). This has NEVER been confirmed by the songs producer however.
  13. Here are some pop girls with their latest studio albums that spent 10 or more weeks in the top 10 of Billboard 200. Feel free to add more girls! Taylor Swift: Lover - 18 weeks (2019) Billie Eilish: WWAFAWDWG - 47 weeks (2019) Ariana Grande: thank u, next - 19 weeks (2019) Beyoncé: Lemonade - 18 weeks (2016) Rihanna: ANTI - 33 weeks (2016) Adele: 25 - 36 weeks (2015) Katy Perry: PRISM - 17 weeks (2013) Lorde: Pure Heroine - 23 weeks (2013) Pink: The Truth About Love - 14 weeks (2012) Lady Gaga: The Fame - 51 weeks (2008) Britney Spears: Oops!... I Did It Again - 23 weeks (2000) Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera - 25 weeks (1999) Like A Prayer (1989) - 16 weeks
  14. popmusiccritic

    One Last Time vs no tears left to cry

    I was listening to both of these songs and they both have a lot in common. Both have a very euphoric-like sound, both will always be associated with the Manchester tragedy, and both make you question wether it's a happy/sad/uplifting song because of all of the emotions both hold.
  15. GoodGuyGoneGhetto

    Bigger Legend: Bob Marley vs Elton John

    Which MUSICAL GENIUS is the BIGGER LEGEND? Bob Marley. Elton John.
  16. Personally I find it hilarious in its privileged 2000s bitchy rich teen white girl realness. It reminds me of the part of Mean Girls where Regina George says "I can't have a LESBIAN at my party... like, she's a LESBIAN!". Like the absurd exasperation of spreading a rumor about her douchebag ex being gay as a provocative way to get back at him is ironically funny in 2020. I feel comfortable laughing knowing Taylor feels bad about it and now does significant LGBTQ+ activism. Though I understand if anyone feels offended.
  17. The Second Coming

    Discographies that haven't stood the test of time?

    In your opinion which artist's discographies have failed to remain relevant throughout the time and nowadays are barely remembered, played, streamed, covered, sampled, cited as influence, making critics all time best lists etc etc?
  19. If yes, what are they and do you agree? If not, what do you think should be added? If none, when are you jumping off ship?
  20. ariananext

    make your fave's identikit

    1) name of the artist 2) best album: 3) top 5 of songs: 4) best or favourite live performance: 5) look peak: mine: Ariana Grande 2) best album: sweetener 3) top 5 of songs: better off, tattooed heart, needy, ghostin, ntltc 4) fav live performance: only 1 or giaw at bbc special (at the moment) 5) look peak: NTLTC era, my avi
  21. Dua Bebe Ava Max Era Istrefi Rita Ora Did your foreign country produce so many GLOBAL/ICONS?
  22. idkwiam

    Why do stans brag about vocals?

    Inspired by this post: Songwriting is a very rare talent. Can't say the same about singing. Watch The Voice or go to a nice bar/cafe/restaurant. A lot of people can sing. Not everyone but it's not rare.