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Found 7,745 results

  1. naval23

    Pink's "I'm Not Dead" turns 15

    Making of I'm Not Dead: I'm Not Dead was released as Pink's 4th album. Following the commercial floppage of her Try This (2003), which became her lowest selling album, Pink parted ways with Arista Records and began experimenting with new sounds and collaborating with new producers, and stated she named the album after having an epiphany about adult responsibilities and the realities of everyday life. Pink served as the executive producer of the project. The album received positive reviews from music critics, many of whom complimented the risks Pink took on the record as well as her experimenta
  2. https://twitter.com/search?q="Natasha Bedingfield"&src=trend_click&vertical=trends some of these theres a lot now that she's also viral on Tik Tok queen @Javan this is your moment also king
  3. Tremor Christ

    Is Kylie Minogue a stoner?

    I was listening to Red Blooded Woman and it has come to my attention... Song length: 4:20 Lyric: "You can't get to heaven if you're scared of getting high"
  4. Why did Dr. Luke hold Avril hostage in the studio to create those messy versions of Girlfriend???
  5. I mean...it's just absolutely bonkers right?
  6. Since we're appreciating queen Gwen today, let's give this classic some streams.
  7. you should know what this Grammy winning classic sounds like by now well is it
  8. since the launch of IFPI's Top Global Artist (2013) only Katy, Adele, Taylor, Billie, Ariana & Lady Gaga among females scored an all-kill 2013: #5 Katy Perry, #6 Prism, #5 Roar 2015: #1 Adele, #1 25, #7 Hello 2015: #3 Taylor Swift, #3 1989, #8 Blank Space 2019: #4 Billie Eilish, #5 WWAFA,WDWG, #1 Bad Guy 2019: #6 Ariana Grande, #8 TU,N, #5 7 Rings 2019: #9 Lady Gaga, #4 ASIB, #8 Shallow Global Recording Artist of the Year - Wikipedia
  9. Tinashegrande6

    Times promo worked on you?

    Can you think of a time you saw a performance or an advert for a song that enticed you enough to stream or download that song? I remember when I used to have free Spotify (yikes), I heard an advert that went something like "Hi this is Dua Lipa, listen to my brand new single Hotter than Hell now on Spotify". I must've heard it like 5 times and eventually I was like fine I'll listen
  10. Has ANYONE else had massive hits on the rock, pop, dance, rap, and country charts the way miss stefani has done? If so, post the stats plz!
  11. DaddyIssuesX

    Good Place - Demi appreciation thread

    I don’t see a lot of people appreciating this track when talking about the album but it’s lately been my favourite it’s so beautiful and such a sweet self-reflecting song and the entire delivery of this song is just
  12. Do you know any examples. The most obvious one I heard were these two Like they didn’t even try to cover it up queen of music Grimes thought she was being slick here post some you think are to close for comfort
  13. Katamari

    What’s with the Gwen threads today?

    And why aren’t y’all listening to My Humps
  14. Anticipating

    Gimme More 505K streams on Spotify

    Two songs above 500K streams for Ms. Spears
  15. MJLover

    Is Bruno underrated as a songwriter?

    Being the global megastar that he is, I don't think people realize that he was/is a really prolific songwriter for other artists Cee-Lo Green - **** You K'naan - Waving Flag Flo Rida - Right Round Far East Movement - Rocketeer Alicia Keys - Tears Always Win Adele - All I Ask The Vamps - Can We Dance Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow Sugababes - Get Sexy Matisyahu - One Day Kanye West & Jay Z - Lift Off Brandy - Long Distance Justin Bieber - Love Me Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes The versatility
  16. Who comes to mind and why?
  17. inspired the great Their impact is insane. And atrl was saying they lacked impact outside of music edit: they also inspired Eggman from Sonic with their song I am the Walrus
  18. Would you be here for it?
  19. Despite having one of the biggest hits of this century, Weeknd's After Hours performed only moderately well on the charts. It is under albums like Folklore and Fine line in Year end charts at #7 with 1.5M units sold as of now, and its worldwide units are lower than Future Nostalgia. The streaming numbers for singles except Blinding lights are also disappointing. In your eyes : 353M Heartless : 340M So why do you think After Hours failed to match the success of Blinding lights? Discuss
  20. I'm counting every pre-2020 single that gets at least 200k daily streams; this is yesterday's update, with year of release and chart peak to provide context. 1. 2019: 7 Rings - 868.066 (#1) 2. 2018: Thank U, Next - 608.337 (#1) 3. 2009: Party In The U.S.A. - 585.372 (#2) 4. 2019: Lose You To Love Me - 553.681 (#1) 5. 2016: We Don't Talk Anymore - 465.812 (#9) 6. 2018: Taki Taki - 420.661 (#11) [+2] 7. 2018: God Is A Woman - 398.190 (#8) 8. 2014: Bang Bang - 381.191 (#3) [-2] 9. 2017: Sorry Not Sorry - 375.420 (#6) [+1] 10. 2018: No Tears
  21. Taylor has bigger 1st day numbers with a 13 year-old album than recent releases from Gaga and Bieber. How is it possible?
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