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Found 7,221 results

  1. johnny_9ss

    Would Selena slay as Madison Montgomery?

    Could she have slayed this iconic role?? I think she could have and it would have done wonders for her career.
  2. Iconic and legendary moment. Your fav can only wish
  3. sickening

    HipHop stans are toxic. agreed?

    I mean, of course there's lots of toxic stans in every fandom but I feel as if there's quite a bit of them that are the most awful. I find alot of them to be sexist and just straight up nasty to women. They keep "artists" like Kodak Black and still bring up the passed XXXtenatcion, and 6ix9nine. They keep artists like these lights on and when Doja Cat was found to be dating a white guy and they called her "the white man's *****" let's cancel them. im tired of them tbh :/
  4. How did you find Gaga's action towards atrl sweetheart/Emmy winning actress Zendaya? Was it funny to you? Awkward? Did it make you upset or mad? Did you fish you never see it? Discuss.
  5. ThirdWardBey

    Beyoncé x Rosalia confirmed?

    After the Daddy songstress wished Rosalia a Happy Birthday on her website, many fans are speculating the rumors of the two Latin-singing Queens were indeed true. Thoughts?
  6. ASIB gave Gaga's career a much needed revival.... but was it a temporary revival? Why didn't ASIB's success carry over to Chromatica???
  7. Scotland

    Taylor Swift has two AOTYs. How?

    Two Album of The Year awards at the Grammys. How did she reach such high highs that other pop girls have not seen?
  8. anti-bitch

    Anyone here know Nik Kershaw?

    Nik Kershaw is an English singer-songwriter. You might have heard these songs, he wrote them by himself. Clean and catchy melodies . I literally just discovered him this week from YouTube recommendations. The 80s had great music .
  9. rebeltwat

    Janet vs Erotica

    Which early 90s album do you prefer?
  10. RULES

    Dua Lipa B-Side OR New Era 2021

    I was having this debate with someone. At this point the FN era started off really strong but seems to be a bit messy & all over the place at this point. 1. Don’t Start Now 2. Physical 3. Break My Heart 4. hallucinate 5. Levitate After Levitate as a single should Dua Lipa go into hiding then start a new revamped era next year or should she try to keep this era alive with the B Side? Should she pull a Rihanna OR Carly Rae Jepson?
  11. 911's music video received 7,659,189 views in its first 24 hours
  12. Click Clack

    Careers your fave ended?

    Name them
  13. Beyonnaise

    Predict the next few years for pop girls

    Beyonce: I think she will release a full length album next year and it will be acclaimed again, maybe exploring more African sounds. She will continue to expand Ivy Park and maybe some other cute side project like a DC reunion tour. Taylor: I think she will tour Folklore whenever COVID ends and then get married and have a kid. We might get re-recordings before then, but I still believe she might just be floating the idea of them as leverage to get her masters back. I don't think she'll release another studio album until late 2022 or early 2023. I think she will also star in another movie, probably something more serious this time, and gun for an Oscar for Original Song. Rihanna: I think she'll come back around 2022 with R9, finally. It will be reggae alt pop, definitely very acclaimed. I think her hit power won't be what it once was but it won't really matter because the album will still be massive. Obviously she will continue expanding her brand, maybe we'll finally get Fenty Furniture. Gaga: I think she'll keep pushing Chromatica for as long as she can, maybe a B-Sides album next year. Then, I forsee another break. She'll probably come back around 2023 with a rock album. She'll definitely try to keep acting and have that be her primary focus for the 2021-23 period. Katy: I think she'll focus on being a mom for a while and release an acoustic/folksier album in 2023. I don't think she'll keep trying to chase pop hits. She'll keep doing American Idol and endorsements. Ariana: She will keep releasing new music at a faster pace, probably two albums in 2021 and 2022. Hopefully new sounds. She may release her acclaimed career-defining ballad people have been waiting on.
  14. What are your favorites? Which songs would you have chosen as singles? I would have chosen Butterfly over Please Stay.
  15. MissedTheTrain

    Post Tragic Performances

    Considering this thread was a true gem, it's only right to make a new one on the new board. Link to the old archived thread:
  16. She didn’t even have to do this , she was so supportive to that girl wow.
  17. Her debut album is the only album that didn't reach #1 on BB200. As Taylor will be allowed to re-record her old discography, is it possible for the remastered version reaches the top spot on BB200 once she releases it to the market?
  18. A surprising revelation came to me the other day: Camila wouldn't have gone #1, neither with Havana nor with Señorita, if it wasn't for Charli! Now, we know that Camila is no shy of being 'inspired' by other people's songs; the case being Havana, which sounds exactly the same as Same Old Love, a extremely popular 2015 song that was mainly written and composed by the good sis Charli and given to Selena! Moving on to 2018, Charli XCX started to write a surefire hit as "Señorita" and started passing the song around different singers as if it were the Wh*re of Babylon! It ended being in the hands of Mrs. Cabello, who ended up scoring her second hit thanks to Charli XCX! What do you think, ATRL? Would Camila have got two featuring #1s without Charli's aid?
  19. CakeLikeLG

    Demi Lovato. What went wrong?

    how can you go from this Sorry Not Sorry - 817M Solo - 767M Echame La Culpa - 684M to this I Love Me - 92M I'm Ready - 102M OK Not To Be OK - 14M in span of 3 years
  20. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Daylight vs Red

    Which song is better? Daylight, or its predecessor Red? Daylight lyrics Red lyrics
  21. AidanUnderYou

    Your fav’s last sold out NA Tour?

    When was the last time your fav had a sold out tour in North America? Bonus if stadiums were involved!
  22. istan4badgalriri

    Rihanna brings back the mullet hairstyle

    The mullet is making a comeback for the Savage X Fenty Show! TB:
  23. "... cards on the table we're both showing hearts risking it all though it's hard" Is the Diamond certified, already- iconic global smash hit from EGOT winner John Legend the most beautiful song ever created and recorded? "Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you. You're my end and my beginning. Even when I lose i'm winning. Cause I give you all of me. And you give me all of you". Nothing comes close to this.