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Found 7,028 results

  1. J.Lo sneaked LGL into her performance. Which song should Gaga have sneaked in? Shallow? Just Dance? A Chromatica album track? Discuss.
  2. I mean this song is so so so sooo good, I can't believe the production it has, it's just heaven. Bryan-Michael Cox really served with this one. And Mary J. Blige owns this damn song so good, her vocals especially at the end, YOU BETTER SING BITCH, OH MY GOD. Also the infectious background vocals >>>> Deserved #1 definetely.
  3. Kyungsoowift

    Where is AjayII?

    Okay so, personally I have been anticipating her Best and Worst of 2020 albums but it was never coming. She last posted this video on her channel back on December 30, 2020 Additionally, she hasn't been active on Twitter since December 21, 2020 (as shown by her tweets and likes) Where do you think the infamous YouTuber is? Do you think she's alright? Or it's just a strategy of disappearance? Discuss
  4. biblicalmonster

    ASIB still charting on Billboard 200. Surprised?

    Billboard 200 #174 A Star Is Born (+20) Bonus: #165 Chromatica (-33)
  5. Taylor fanboy

    Complicate the title of your faves hits

    Taylor Swift - ME! Taylor Swift - M-E! (You’ll Never Find Another Like ME! Spelling is Fun Single Version) [featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco]
  6. Chemist

    Pitchfork: Zayn (5.6)

    The boy band graduate remains desperate to remind you that he has sex, eager to insist that he smokes. His falsetto is beautiful, but he’s never sounded like this much of an amateur. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/zayn-nobody-is-listening/
  7. While the original '20/20' was the biggest album of 2013 and pretty well-received (75 on MC and 8.4 on P4K), the 2nd part was poorly received (60 on MC and 4.5 on P4K) and only produced one top-10 hit, the 3rd single 'Not a Bad Thing'. Do you think Pt. 2 cheapened his brand and tainted Pt. 1's legacy? Would he be in a better position had he not dropped Pt. 2 and instead just released a 4th single from the original 20/20? Which song would you have chosen? Discuss.
  8. bigger career, Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson? the vocal supremes that both smashed in 2000's but still is going until now 2020's who has a bigger career overall?
  9. Kanye West

    I am now a full time Kelly Clarkson stan

    She has the hits, a voice which keeps getting better and better, a natural and youthful appearance, and she keeps moving forward. All the other 30-40 year old pop girls have a botched frozen face and are hanging onto forgotten hits from over 10 years ago but not Kelly. No way. She knows better and has respect for herself and her career. Kelly is onto a big mainstream comeback in music and will achieve another #1 hit soon
  10. Too bad Spotify and Apple Music don't offer such feature. So far I've found four platforms offer high fidelity music, Joox have limited music catalog although its the cheapest one. Amazon Music HD isn't available in my country, leaving Tidal and Deezer as the last two options. Hopefully someone can share their experience using Tidal/Deezer Hi-FI.
  11. Kanye West

    Kelly Clarkson hasn't aged. Why?

    She still looks extremely youthful but hasn't had any work done unlike others her age. What's her secret?
  12. naval23

    Why did "Thinking Of You" flop?

    Katy was on fire with the epic 1-2 debut punch of "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot N Cold" which were GLOBAL SMASHES and went #1 in 20+ and 15+ countries respectively. Why did follow-up single "Thinking of You" flop? It peaked at a tragic #29 in the USA and mainly charted below top 20 in multiple countries. Was the GP not here for ballads by Ms. Perry and only wanted her to serve us upbeat poppy bops?
  13. Disclaimer. All of the mentioned songs FAILED to chart on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 in their respective years. Which of these droplets was and remains bigger? Lady Gaga: The Cure. Katy Perry: Never Really Over. Demi Lovato: I Love Me. Normani: Motivation. Billie Eilish: My Future.
  14. BTS

    Best BTS Era?

    School Trilogy Singles - No More Dream, We are Bulletproof Pt.2, N.O., Boy In Luv, Just One Day. Albums - 2 COOL 4 SKOOL, O!RUL8,2?, Skool Luv Affair. Dark & Wild Singles - Danger, War of Hormone, Albums - Dark & Wild The Most Beautiful Moment in Life / HYYH Singles - I NEED U, Dope, RUN, Epilogue: Young Forever, Fire, Save Me Albums - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1, TMBMIL Pt.2, TMBMIL: Young Forever Wings Singles - Blood Sweat & Tears, Not Today, Spring Day Albums - Wings, You Never Walk Alone Love Yourself
  15. Harrys Hairflip

    Is it worthy to listen to The Weeknd 3 mixtapes?

    I also only listened to his last 4 albums
  16. MingYouToo

    Popgirl GIFs that send you?

    this + the MOGUL and FIRO nickname ones just do it for me, its like a mockery of the Taylor Swift one literal tears. the amount of analysis I can think of in this gif alone is the way MEGASTAR cuts off right to her pointing at money MENTOR being her watching a girl breakdown is
  17. In 1984 Bananarama scored her first US top ten with Cruel Summer. two years later in 1986, Venus topped the US chart for the first time. 11 years later, another british girl group conquered America. Wannabe reached the top of the chart for 4 weeks, the group scored another 3 top ten hits on Billboard and millions of albums sold. With the momentum of 90s teen pop fury, All Saints scored her first top five single, when Never Ever peaked at number 4 in 1998. Little Mix tried multiple times, but none of their singles has been able t
  18. 30 Years ago today, Janet Jackson makes HERstory! The first artist ever (still only) to have SEVEN top 5 singles from a single album! Her fifth #1 in her career, and her fourth overall on Rhythm Nation 1814! Seven Weeks on the airplay chart! ALSO, the first and only artist to have #1 hits on the Hot 100 in three separate calendar years from one album! AHH! That's History!
  19. biblicalmonster

    Smile vs Britney Jean. Bigger

    Bigger era? Better album? Bigger lead single?
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