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Found 8,262 results

  1. britkneepopboi

    Will Ariana go Disco?

    Two of the biggest hits of the year are "Say So" & "Don't Start Now" both are disco influenced, both have also served great longevity and are overall big hits. Some think this is the start of a disco-pop revival. so... do you think Ariana, as a current MPG will continue the disco sound and jump on the bandwagon for her next era? If not, What sound do you see her doing for her next era?
  2. Angelo

    Husavik vs. Never Enough

    They kinda sounds similar to each other and both actresses lip synced to another singer's voice but who do you prefer?
  3. This is for my fellow AHS viewers. Which popgirl would you have casted for a certain role? Beside the obvious choice Lady Gaga as the Countess. Lemme start... Katy Perry as Elizabeth "The Black Dahlia" Short (Murder House) In 2011 Katy Perry still had that certain look on lock. She would have been perfect for that role. Even in Murder House she would have then kissed a girl, even if it was just an illusion. Janelle Monáe as Alma Walker (Asylum) Although the role of Alma had to battle racism on a daily basis I‘m sure Janelle wouldn‘t have had a problem with that or making out with Evan Peters or being abducted by aliens. Adele as Ima Wiggles (Freak Show) Back in 2014 Adele was still quite voluptuous. To play herself as a freak who does nothing but eat all day long would have filled out plenty of cliches. Christina Aguilera as Penny (Freak Show) Christina is experienced with throwback and vintage era type of things, so that’s why. Penny‘s journey starts out in a hospital as candy striper who then dives into the world of freaks and gets this ugly face tattoo from her religious father. Rihanna as Lee Harris (Roanoke) Who says that Lee should be played by an older actress? Rihanna just fits the bill and would have been 28 back then. The re-enactment could always have been played by an older actress like it was also the case with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Matt. P!nk as Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Cult) I can so see P!nk killing it as Ivy and give us constipated looks 24/7. The lez haircut is even another spot on. P!nk has had some sort of mini-experience playing the betrayed housewife or wife who has had enough of her man in Please Don‘t Leave Me. I genuinely believe she would have gotten along pretty well with Sarah Paulson and the fact she‘d play a cook at the Butchery on Maine. Ariana Grande as Emily (Apocalypse) After snatching a role on Scream Queens it would have been lit to see Ariana in a more serious manner. Ash Santos wasn‘t misplaced for the role. I actually quite liked her. But I believe Ariana wouldn‘t have done less of a good job. Miley Cyrus as Montana Duke (1984) I have never liked Billie Lourd as Montana or in any of her other roles. Miley, who often loves to play with her sexual image would have done a hell of a job portraying Montana for sure.
  4. the chaotic nature of the song, with the multiple layers and sounds of wailing and whispers...if you listen closely to the rewinding sound, you can hear the devil ximself... is this the scariest popgirl song of all time?
  5. Daisies is a great pop song but the acoustic version is on another level. Only “ yes, you’re right” allowed .
  6. Lucid Dreaming

    Best Beyoncé album cover?

    Personally: B'Day >> BEYONCÉ >> Lemonade = Dangerously In Love >>>>>> 4 >>>>>>> I Am...Sasha Fierce Feel free to rank The Carters & The Gift if you want to
  7. When BIG numbers come into play, I see a lot of Hive members mentioning “Halo” as a huge contender, both on ATRL and other platforms. But even when numbers aren’t in play, I see these constant reminders that “Halo” exists and was a hit. Which is strange to me, because I see more recent songs like “Formation” and “Drunk In Love” having major impact. In fact, I see the cultural success of SELF-TITLED/Lemonade as modern history that future generations will be referencing as music milestones. I could literally only pray for something so groundbreaking to happen to my fave that far into her career. So, can someone explain to me why a song as old as “Halo” is brought into the equation? It’s an amazing song, and obviously had a huge impact, especially after being her finale for the SB - but it was far from being her last impact. So why have so many, including some members of the Hive, accepted it as such?
  8. Safe&Sound

    Should Taylor do next year's Superbowl?

    She will re-record her first 5 albums (Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, RED, 1989) starting from this November I think it will be cool concept if she performed her old songs on Superbowl and then drop the new version of her discography on all platforms afterwards It will be a TOTAL WIN for her What do you all think?
  9. BigBangStan

    Is Benee Republic Records's Billie Eilish ?

    Sonically they are a bit different but image wise they are similar both are tomboys wearing oversized clothes.
  10. Alejandro_

    FLorence Pugh to be the new Black Widow

    “[Kevin Feige] realised that the audience would expect an origin story so, of course, we went in the opposite direction,” Shortland tells Empire. “And we didn’t know how great Florence Pugh would be. We knew she would be great, but we didn’t know how great. Scarlett is so gracious, like, ‘Oh, I’m handing her the baton.’ So it’s going to propel another female storyline.” If it sounds, then, that Black Widow will tee up more to come from Pugh’s Yelena, it will also be a chance for the audience to fully process Natasha’s tragic sacrifice on Vormir The 24-year-old Oscar nominee can't lose.
  11. DanDuke

    Your Desert Island Album

    You're about to get stranded on a desert island. Which album are you taking? Here's mine:
  12. DesiredConsternation

    Most impactful MPG?

    Which of the main pop girls churns impact on impact effortlessly?
  13. SavagePapi

    "Let's Get Loud" turns 20 years old

    "Let's Get Loud" is a song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for her debut studio album On the 6, and was released on June 9, 2000. Originally written by the song's co-writer Gloria Estefanfor herself, she felt as if the song was too similar to her previous material and passed it onto Lopez. Estefan, who co-wrote the song alongside Kike Santander, stated that Lopez would have "more fun with it" and would put "a new spin" on it. "Let's Get Loud" is sometimes regarded as Lopez's signature song. Since its release, "Let's Get Loud" charted on several charts around the world, reaching the top ten in seven European countries, including #1 in Hungary. "Let's Get Loud" also received positive critical reception and earned Lopez her second consecutive Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. The song still continues to be a staple at countless parties, fitness and/or dance classes, wedding receptions, and football, baseball and basketball sporting events around the globe. It has also been covered on various reality competition shows. And despite not being released in the U.S., it was reported by Billboard that the song sold 413,000 digital downloads in 2013. It's likely to be eligible for Gold by now.
  14. nostalgia

    Actresses with iconic gowns?

    Who are the actresses who have worn, what you and the GeePee may consider as "iconic"? Yes, when you look at a photo of a gown, you instantly recognize the actress and the moment she wore it. examples: Angelina's infamous "LEG" gown the gown Angelina wore at the 2004 OScars that has a wikipedia page: Halle Berry's Elie Saab
  15. now let me just say i am a big Fiona stan, and if anyone deserves a 100 on MC it's her or björk or joanna newsom HOWEVER it is far from her best work, and the acclaim in retrospect kind of feels like overdue praise that coincided suspiciously well with lockdown. it definitely has some of ha best songs (Ladies, Shameika), however The Idler Grammy, Tidal, and When the Pawn are kind of all better tbh i see y'all success stans claiming it as your AOTY when your conveniently linked in your sig is filled with dua lipa and halsey yet strangely absent of Fetch the Bolt Cutters streams what do you think?
  16. moonlitdick

    Could Taylor Pull Off Christmas & Chill?

    Could Taylor pull off the r&b / soul / trap infused acclaimed xmas EP by Ariana Grande?
  17. naval23

    Does the outro of "Umbrella" slay you?

    It's raining, raining Ooh baby, it's raining, raining Baby, come in to me Come in to me It's raining, raining Ooh baby, it's raining, raining You can always come here to me Come in to me It's pouring rain, it's pouring rain Come in to me, come in to me It's pouring rain, it's pouring rain Come in to me, come in to me
  18. americanlife

    Becky G - Shower (Appreciation Thread)

    One of the best songs of 2014
  19. I was under the impression that this was a major 90s house classic. In my head, this was a gay anthem and we all had this on every playlist. Turns out - this song barely has any Spotify plays, barely hitting over 4M. All three members of the group, which was only formed to release this song, have multiple song with more plays than this. Ultra Naté’s top song has 24M, for example; and I bet you can’t even guess which song that is. I’ve been on a 90s house kick, and have been diving into house playlists on Spotify and have yet to come across this song on any official or fan-made playlists. Why is that? This song is like an ultimate 90s house throwback for me. Why is it so poorly remembered?
  20. Rihanna released Rated R, Loud, Talk That Talk, and Unapologetic annually the first half of 2010s decade. The last album she released is the only album she's released since after 2012. Does that mind boggle you?
  21. Robyn.

    Gaga vs Britney: More longevity?

    A decade into their careers, both girls reached similar milestones: Circus - 9 weeks top 10 (#1 debut) Chromatica - 4 weeks top 10 (#1 debut) Both had a #1 single Womanizer - 13 weeks top 10 Rain On Me - 4 weeks top 10 (could re-enter top 10) Both had a top 10 single: Circus - 5 weeks top 10 (#3 peak) Stupid Love - 1 week top 10 (#5 debut) Which one had more longevity?
  22. I'm currently dating a 60+ year old guy and many are raising their eyebrows on it bc I'm just 26. However, what if he's a celeb? Would you date him/her? Would it be more appealing to people?