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Found 7,745 results

  1. Bloodflowers.

    was this Shakira song a hit that got away?

    such a guilty pleasure
  2. Anticipating

    MPG pre-2018 hits with +500K daily streams

    April 9th (all credits) Taylor Swift Blank Space - 713,169 Shake It Off - 531,275 Rihanna (2) Umbrella - 629,477 Love the Way You Lie - 529,614 Britney Spears (2) Toxic – 561,302 Gimme More – 505,255 Kesha (2) TiK ToK - 520,061 Timber - 515,854 Adele (1) Someone Like You - 669,944 Shakira (1) Hips Don't Lie - 627,440 Nelly Furtado (1) Promiscuous - 616,594 Miley Cyrus (1) Party in the U.S.A - 585,372 Beyoncé (1) Halo - 523,
  3. americanlife

    Hannah Montana: The Movie turns 12

    This ICONIC film was released on April 10, 2009. The movie grossed $170 million worldwide and included the SMASH hit The Climb. Other bops from the film include You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home written by Taylor Swift (she should've kept this song), Crazier also by Taylor Swift (why didn't she re-record this?!!), and Hoedown Throwdown.
  4. I can honestly see it. She's never left the IFPI Top 3 whenever she releases its insane. All of her albums make it to IFPI Top 3 as well every calendar year release. With her rerecordings, I bet she'll gain a sh*t ton of hype and traction for TS10 once the pandemic is over. If she goes either the rumored rock or disco route she can easily bag another megasmash era. She's had her cute songwriter era and contrary to what she said during her Miss Americana docu, the public is still HERE for her. Her Hung Up is coming!
  5. creativity.

    Pitchfork: Songs in A Minor 8.5

    https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/alicia-keys-songs-in-a-minor/ For one of their recent retrospective reviews, Pitchfork gave Songs in A Minor a deserved 8.5. It's still my favorite Alicia album. So many gems but I've always loved The Life.
  6. GiftFromGod

    Is Fearless a classic album?

    It dominated the sales department 13 years ago (10 million pure sales worldwide). The classics have slowly grown in streaming. And with the re-release, the album has potential to grow even more in streaming.
  7. The features your fave is on or features another female artist is on. Live as well. Group collabs (for ex. charity) excluded. In P!nk‘s case: Featured Artists, team ups: Christina Aguilera, Lil‘Kim, Mya & P!nk ft. Missy Elliott - Lady Marmalade P!nk ft. Linda Perry - Lonely Girl Beyoncé, Britney Spears & P!nk - We Will Rock You P!nk ft. Peaches - Oh My God P!nk ft. Indigo Girls - Dear Mr. President P!nk ft. Lily Allen - True Love P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine Featured on: Vita ft. P!nk - Finally Goo
  8. moonlitdick

    If Taylor released this...

    What would happen?
  9. supaspaz

    ATRL March Madness 2021 | WINNER!

    A year later and it's still March! Somehow we've all survived arguably the worst 12 months of our lives, which calls for a celebration — and a new edition of the annual tournament you've all been waiting for. You don't even have to wear a mask. Yes, it's that time again. As college basketball fever sweeps the nation, we here at ATRL turn to what we do best: pitting celebrities against one another. We've already crowned the dreamiest song by a teen idol, the supreme girl group track, the most bloody brilliant British single, the most iconic album cover, Oscar's gold standard Best Or
  10. She's defintely net female rapper to come up right after Cardi, Doja Cat and Megan so far I'm seeing her and Olivia Rodgrigo getting nominated
  11. MoonGoodandHappy

    The Biggest Lie Of Your Fav ?

    What is the biggest lie your fav ever said ?
  12. Madame X

    Is this the “dumb blonde” of 2021

    (both songs good, btw)
  13. I was so surprised when i found this
  14. Your faves latest album did on the BB200 altogether? Fearless spent 58 weeks in the top 10 (including 11 weeks at the summit)
  15. duybeeGAshantiGA

    Does Ari look convincing as a poc?

    Even tho I know she is white, sth in my head always thinks she is black.. idk.. it's ****ed up.
  16. All-time fan favorite out Lover. Sad it wasn't performed live at Lover Fest.
  17. Inspired by threads like this and the current social media outrage over problematic behaviour being exhibited by some Taylor Swift fans and celebrities like Todrick Hall: I thought this would be as good an opportunity as any to open up discussion about how we as participants in the 'stan world' can help address the overwhelming toxicity that seems to repeatedly bubble up both on this site and across social media platforms. I, for one, am sick of the endless cycle: a fanbase is 'exposed' as racist, sexist or problematic; ATRL threads are made, think pieces are posted, some stans try
  18. Apocrypha

    BLACKPINK copied Beyoncé?

    Both songs are very similar in production, structure and even vocal delivery. You can literally sing them over each other, with the only notable difference being Ice Cream's outro Did kpop steal from Black artists again?
  19. biblicalmonster

    Is Britney Spears talented?

    We all know Britney's a beautiful lady and a generous human being. However she's been criticized time and time again for not singing live and relying on playback for the majority of her performances, fortunately for Spears that didn't stop her from amassing over 100M records worldwide and becoming the "2000s tabloid queen". But is the princess of pop really talented according to you? Is she or not? Explain. What would be her talent(s)?
  20. Queenyoncee

    MPG least likely to become a Legend?

    Which main pop girl is least likely to become a legend?
  21. Did Nicki absolutely rob of the GP of this global dominating bop? It still goes off and aged well. Pop Nicki at her peak!
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