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Found 7,224 results

  1. if you’re from the UK this past year you’d know miss dua lipa has been the poster girl for every streaming platform she won’t leave me alone!! how about y’all who do u constantly see advertised on youtube/spotify or streaming sites?
  2. Erreur2 La Nature

    A-Lists that never were THE biggest artist

    What A-List singers never ever were the biggest artist in the world at some point in their career ?
  3. Ash12345

    Taylor Swift albums by lyrical diversity

    ok, so what I did was I sorted through all the lyrics of all the songs on Folklore, and then checked which words are unique to only one song on the album, and these are the songs with the most unique words. the last great american dynasty (49 words) -afternoon, ballet, bets, big, bitch, blew, brought, card, champagne, charming, class, coast, Dali, divorcée, dog, dyed, dynasty, fault, feud, fifty, filled, free, game, gauche, habits, heir, holiday, key, lime, loud, marvelous, men, middle, midnight, occasion, pacing, quietly, Rebekah, rocks, rode, saltbox, sea, Rhode Island, St. Louis, Standard Oil, swam, tasteful, wedding invisible string (49 words) -along, ate, ax, bold, cab, Centennial Park, chains, clues, cold, compasses, curious, demons, dinner, dive, fine, gold, grass, grind, healing, heaven, invisible, journey, L.A., lunch, mistakes, mystical, past, pink, presents, pretty, purple, seasons, shirt, shop, sixteen, somebody, spot, steel, string, teal, thread, three, tied/tying, trip, waitress, wire, wondrous, wool, yogurt cardigan (42 words) -bed, black, bloodstain, brand, cars, chase, curse, downtown, drew, expired, father, girls, grocery, hang, heartbeat, Levi's, lifetimes, light, linger, lipstick, marked, old, once, Peter Pan, phone, politics, put, seek, sensual, sequin, shadows, smell, stars, sweatshirt, tattoo, tee, thrill, vintage, water, weekends, Wendy, young illicit affairs (34 words) -affairs, anyone, barbed, billion, born, clandestine, damn, drug, dwindling, else, exist, few, flushed, fool, glance, Godforsaken, head, hood, idiotic, illicit, kid, language, lie, mercurial, mess, nobody, perfume, return, shelf, started, taught, trace, traveled, truth the lakes (32 words) -auroras, bare, bathe, belong, burrowed, calamitous, cellphone, clones, cynical, dropping, elegies, eulogize, grief, ice, insurmountable, muse, neither, perfect, place, poets, prose, red, romantic, rose, skin, sleaze, tweet, while, Windermere, wisteria, without, worth peace (31 words) -age, brittle, brother, cascade, child, clear, conviction, corner, courage, danger, details, devil, dreamscapes, east, fences, honor, integrity, ocean, peace, rain, robbers, silence, small, suddenly, sunshine, trenches, understand, wall, warm, west, wild betty (28 words) -again, betty, crowds, doorstep, figment, finally, garden, gym, happens, hate, homeroom, Inez, intentions, James, lead, next, nowhere, patch, plus, riding, rumors, seventeen, skateboard, stupid, switched, trust, weeks, wings the 1 (27 words) -adventures, alone, alright, another, ask, bus, count, different, digging, flowing, grave, guess, hey, instead, internet, matinée, numbers, own, pennies, persist, resist, roaring, rosé, Sunday, temptation, today, yes exile (26 words) -add, amount, anymore, bill, body, branches, chances, exile, five, hall, homeland, honey, injury, insult, joke, knuckles, many, offending, problem, second, thin, third, understudy, very, warning, whole mirrorball (26 words) -believer, burned, circus, dear, disco, edges, fit, floor, glisten, horses, hush, masquerade, mirrorball, natural, pieces, regulars, revelers, rodeo, shattered, shimmering, tallest, tightrope, tiptoes, tonight, trapeze, version this is me trying (26 words) -adjusting, ahead, became, cages, care, classmates, curve, doorway, flashback, followed, least, lookout, maybe, mental, potential, pour, quite, reel, regrets, screen, shoot, sphere, stranger, way, wheels, whiskey my tears ricochet (25 words) -aim, battleships, blame, bones, bury, deserve, diamond, gather, ghostly, grace, jewels, lullabies, ricochet, ring, same, saving, scene, stayed, stones, sunlit, swear, tears, throw, wear, weeping hoax (25 words) -apart, barren, beaten, dark, drum, eclipsed, faithless, gun, hoax, kingdom, knife, land, movie, part, password, point, reason, score, shade, sleight, stood, underneath, undone, world, New York seven (24 words) -any, braids, civility, closet, creek, dad, dolls, ferociously, folk, India, jump, moon, pattern, Pennsylvania, picture, pirates, please, recall, Saturn, scared, sweater, tea, trees, weeds mad woman (24 words) -angry, bear, cannons, claws, climb, couple, crazy, dirtiest, flames, flings, lawn, master, mouth, noose, obvious, poke, scathing, scorpion, sting, strike, together, witches, wives, yacht august (20 words) -air, August, away, bedsheets, bottle, cancel, case, hope, mall, memory, mine, moment, much, remember, salt, sipped, slipped, whispers, wine, write epiphany (17 words) -cover, crashing, crawling, daughter, epiphany, flesh, glimpse, helmet, life, med, mother, plastic, relief, rifle, serve, sir, son Vocalized syllables that aren't words (ex. "ooh", "eeeeh") don't count, and words with suffixes/prefixes or that are conjugated different are counted as the same word (ex lover, lovely, loves, loving, loveless would all be the same word). Compound words or words that share the same root (ex rode vs rodeo) are considered distinct though. Proper nouns (ex names of places or people) are treated as one word.
  4. Stepfon

    People Chanting WAP in London

    I love the accents.
  5. Thread only for stans with artists with a song with over 500,000,000 plays.
  6. Per Time Out Tokyo: Four sold-out Tokyo Dome shows (Jan 11, Jan 14, Jan 17, Jan 20 - 1998)
  7. Despite an alleged better voice, Xtina has failed to outsell Beyoncé ever since she debuted as a solo artist and has failed to obtain the same kind of acclaim. Why?
  8. WAP is almost two months in but still holding immense power, blocking Travis from debuting #1 on US Spotify. Why?
  9. katyslut

    Do You Miss 2014?

    2014 was one of the biggest years for pop music, at least I think so Each song released that year was hit after hit after hit Do you miss it? has it gone down hill ever since?
  10. Wicked


    . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari
  11. ariananext

    your fave's best red carpet looks?

    i'm torn betweet these two, I just can't choose. but if she attended the 2019 Grammys with the look she was meant to wear that would easily win.
  12. Scotty

    Kesha's "Animal" as a musical

    I've posted about this a while back, but I always imagined Kesha's Animal as a musical when listening to the album and this is my attempt at roughly turning it into a storyline. Act I 1. Tik Tok - Introduction to Kesha's life 2. Party at a Rich Dude's House - She has an invite to a rad party and her best friend group joins her 3. Blah Blah Blah - Kesha is the life of the party and shutting down all the lame dudes trying to score left and right 4. Stephen - Kesha's obsessive secret affections for Stephen are revealed 5. Backstabber - Kesha's friend group betrays her and one of them kisses Stephen 6. Kiss N Tell - Kesha is mad at Stephen and holds the kiss against him, pushing him away, having almost a mental breakdown in denial that it happened 7. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - She's actually depressed about the whole thing, lost and beside herself, she doesn't trust anyone Act II 8. Take It Off - In a sad, dark, drunken haze, Kesha somehow finds herself among a group of outcasts and she rises up as a leader of sorts, regaining her confidence 9. Blind - Kesha condemns Stephen and his betrayal (as well as her friends), reclaiming her dignity 10. Boots & Boys - Kesha and her new "real" friends go shopping and gawk at other, cute boys (not gross Stephen!!), wreaking havoc and having fun 11. Dinosaur - Things start to get super trippy in the midst of their excessive, over-the-top partying. Kesha is hit on by a literal dinosaur 12. Hungover - It was all a dream, Kesha wakes up and realizes she's actually alone. But Stephen is also feeling alone and regretting what he did 13. Animal - Kesha makes peace with the whole thing, her mind now clear on her friends' betrayal and doesn't blame Stephen as strongly as she once did. They find each other at last and make up. 14. (1) Tik Tok (Reprise) / (2) Your Love Is My Drug - (1) Kesha celebrating her new and improved life with her new boyfriend, she has all new friends (who look reminiscent of the outcasts from the dream) and she has a ring on her finger/Stephen is revealed as her fiancé. (2) Kesha and Stephen marry and embark on their wild honeymoon together into the sunset. Thoughts?
  13. Paula Abdul

    Is 00's pop rock trend coming back?

    2000's pop rock sound is coming back to modern tracks. "Worth It" by beabadoobee gained attention on Spotify and Apple Music, and it's sounds more promising than ever: this trend on the way back right now. It basically sounds like Michelle Branch track or Mean Girls soundtrack.
  14. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Japanese Candy Maker stanning Taylor at work

    9:00 The calming music for candy masters
  15. MusicLoverDude

    Was Nightmare ahead of its time?

    Release Date: May 16, 2019 At the time Halsey released this, we didn't really have anything rock smashing on the charts. The song debuted and peaked at #15 but then began falling down the charts, only spending 11 weeks total on the Hot 100. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fast forward to the present day, and we currently have the following songs all doing well on the Hot 100 or on the verge of doing so. We also had a Top 10 debut/hit with Ozzy Osbourne thanks to Post Malone with the following song just 3 months after Nightmare ===================================================================================================== If Nightmare, or any pop rock Halsey track had been released now, would it have done better? Will we finally get a rock album from Halsey if songs with pop rock influence continue to do well? Let's discuss.
  16. nostalgia

    Will Camila have her LWYMMD?

    She is taking notes from her mentor Taylor Swift and is doing a blackout and not being seen physically for almost a year. Yes, she had a scandal but is hiding and suddenly appearing on social media ala the iconic snake posts on instagram a good idea to follow? Will her LWYMMD reference the backlash she received in the past? Will we love her again as when we did Taylor during reputation era?
  17. Queen Billie with one hit and Queen Taylor with zero hits since 2017
  18. That smash will never die omg. Legend. Classic. The song was released 2 years ago. 100 bad guy by Billie Eilish 1,091,455 98 Shallow by Lady Gaga 1,096,018
  19. Comedor

    Everglow outstreamed Gaga. Why?

    911 - 21 million (uploaded a week ago) La Di Da - 40 million (upload 5 days ago) The highly anticipated second single off Chromatica - and post VMA - somehow pulled less views than Everglow' latest single. Do you think this is a case of Everglow being overall more popular/global than Gaga, or does it come down to La Di Da being a better song than 911?
  20. Pikachoo

    When did Beyonce surprass Xtina?

    Beyonce and Xtina were both considered equals throughout the late 90s. However, something seemed to change. When did this change happen? When did Beyonce overtake her? was it IASF era ? 4 era ? Self-titled?
  21. Paula Abdul

    Tara Reid: what went wrong?

    Tara Donna Reid was one of the most popular and promising Hollywood actress in 2001. Her movies was actually huge at the worldwide scale or was critically acclaimed by press: The Big Lebowski (50M), Cruel Intentions (80M), American Pie (235M), American Pie 2 (287M), Van Wilder (40M). But then, after 2002, her movie career started to collapse: 2003 | Devil's Pond | 120,304 $ 2003 | My Boss's Daugther | 8% on RT | Golden Raspberry Nomination 2005 | Alone in the Dark | 1% on RT | Stinkers Bad Movie Award 2005 | The Crow: Wicked Prayer | 0% on RT | 2,394 $ 2005 | Silent Partner | 0% on RT 2006 | Incubus | 0% on RT "It would be the ultimate dream for me to win an Academy Award, be in love and have kids," Reid told the New York Post in 2005 of her future plans. "Then I would say, 'Life is great! I have done everything I wanted.' I keep trying to get closer to that."