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Found 7,027 results

  1. The ex-acts 6th studio albums. Let's rank and share our thoughts.
  2. Hot Volcano

    Million Reasons hits 500m on Spotify

    we love a solo hit
  3. GoodGuyGoneGhetto

    Lady Gaga Likes Rihanna’s Viral Tweet.

    Democrat Queens.
  4. For those who don't know, Amnesiac was an album by rock band Radiohead that followed less than a year after the release of one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time, Kid A. It's essentially comprised of a bunch of songs from the exact same session as the Kid A songs but the band stated it's an album in its own right, not a Side B to Kid A. I guess the key distinction is that the songs all came from the same sessions, unlike Taylor who felt so inspired she made another with a similar vibe, but the close release window and similar theme/content with only small differences in sound/
  5. Erreur2 La Nature

    Better lead-singles : Christina Vs Gaga

    Which pop icon has the best lead-singles ? Christina Aguilera : Genie In A Bottle Dirrrty Ain't No Other Men Not Myself Tonight Your Body Fall In Line (feat. Demi Lovato) Lady Gaga : Just Dance (feat. Colby O' Donis) Bad Romance Born This Way Applause Perfect Illusion Stupid Love
  6. KillingYourCareer

    Last song you laughed at?

    I recently watched the "Commander in Chief" video and it SENT me, the overdramatic-ness of it all. Demi really thought she'd come up with the new "Dear Mr. President", didn't she! Well, how about you?
  7. FloridaKilos

    ARTPOP vs Chromatica

    Aura vs Alice Venus vs Stupid Love G.U.Y vs Rain on Me Sexxx Dreams vs Free Woman Jewels n Drugs vs Fun Tonight MANiCURE vs 911 Do What U Want vs Plastic Doll ARTPOP vs Sour Candy Swine vs Enigma Donatella vs Replay Fashion! vs Sine From Above Mary Jane Holland vs 1000 Doves Dope vs Babylon Gypsy vs Love Me Right 7-7 This was kind of hard ngl ladies.
  8. For a group who is seen as the "first boy band", or the "first white boy band", who was even being compared to The Beatles today, their blueprint being used to fuel MANY boy bands in the UK and US (while piggybacking off black groups as well), they are often overlooked. Their catalog is outstreamed by many boybands that came after them, and R&B groups (who doesn't have the benefit of having a global audience like them), while also not having the respect of their successive boy bands, or R&B groups in general. They had 9 Hot 100 Top 10 hits, and an additional to
  9. perfillusion

    Gaga/Britney/Madonna go viral

    A day where the pop girls come together!
  10. rihannabiggestfan

    Hot Ellie turns the crowd on

    Oof. You objectively can't deny the girls SCREAMING when she does her sexy moves (moving her hips and pelvis, she's very good at that here) in this vid. Also my friend realized she liked girls shortly after I showed her this vid Ellie's legs in the thumbnail alone the best parts are at 1:05-1:10, 1:43-1:47, 1:54-2:00, and especially her PELVIC THRUSTING AT 2:47-2:52, the crowd went INSANE. I forgot how much I liked this performance, she sounds great and she really FELT the music - I think she likes this song a lot. Even the red lighting worke
  11. selena_lavigne

    Local FAD Selena Gomez is #1 on Shazam CHINA

    https://www.shazam.com/charts/top-200/china WOOF. Local fad did THAT with a 10 year old song. Dua #4 Sia #10 Ava #14 Ed #47 Gotye #55 24KGolden #62 Charlie #71 Jake Miller #75 Taylor #77 The Weeknd #81 5SOS #92 CalvinxRihanna #99 Ariana #109 ChainsmokerxHalsey #129 ShawnxCamila #141 Justin #143 Gaga #148 Billie #150 Justin Timberlake #170 Becky G
  12. Scotland

    Is Tiffany Pollard / NY over?

    After her disgusting transphobic remarks, is it safe to say there's no future on TV for the ex-reality TV icon? Is NeNe the #1 legend now?
  13. naval23

    Songs turning 15 in 2021

    Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind Madonna - Sorry JoJo - Too Little Too Late Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous Nelly Furtado - Maneater Nelly Furtado - Say It Right Shakira - Hips Don't Lie Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten Beyonce - Check On It Mary J Blige - Be Without You Cassie - Me & U Pussycat Dolls - Buttons Rihanna - SOS Fergie - London Bridge
  14. JuanXito

    Magic latin music (Female pop stars)

    Magic latin music .
  15. Hephaestus

    Was Nicki David Guetta’s breakout star?

    I find myself listening to these absolute bops from time to time and they still slap hard, I can’t say the same for Titanium and She Wolf Looking back at it, was Nicki, and not Sia, David Guetta’s breakout star?
  16. Erreur2 La Nature

    Do you know popgirls' kids' names ?

    Are you able to tell how many kids the following popgirls have and their names ? Put your answer in a spoiler thing so other participants don't see the answers while scrolling ! Madonna : Janet Jackson : Mariah Carey : Britney Spears : Christina Aguilera : Shakira : Beyoncé : Nicki Minaj :
  17. Like a Mariah Carey emancipation comeback . - Spice Girls album or at least an EP would be great! - Nicki Minaj (if she breaks up with her man and goes away for a while and then comes back with a completely new look) - I feel like Janet Jackson could if she wasn’t such a singles artist. - Bruno Mars, rumor was that his first single off a new album was supposed to be released in late November, but he's pushing the new album back until Covid is somewhat under control. He'll definitely be releasing in 2021. - I feel like Britney could have a WHOLE moment again if she REALLY wanted i
  18. hétérosexuelle

    Gaga’s Capitol lewk goes viral on reddit

    another iconique lewk served
  19. Donquizote

    Better National Anthem: Gaga or Beyonce?

    Who has a better National Anthem performance at Presidential inauguration? Gaga or Beyonce?
  20. duybeeGAshantiGA

    Do you know this masterpiece?

    From 2:25 it gets so euphoric and magical one of the best songs of all time!
  21. J.Lo sneaked LGL into her performance. Which song should Gaga have sneaked in? Shallow? Just Dance? A Chromatica album track? Discuss.
  22. I mean this song is so so so sooo good, I can't believe the production it has, it's just heaven. Bryan-Michael Cox really served with this one. And Mary J. Blige owns this damn song so good, her vocals especially at the end, YOU BETTER SING BITCH, OH MY GOD. Also the infectious background vocals >>>> Deserved #1 definetely.
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