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Found 7,218 results

  1. johnny_9ss

    Why isn't Miranda Cosgrove's career bigger?

    Why isn't she up there with Selena, Miley, Demi and Ariana as a successful ex-act? She didn't book any noteworthy acting gigs after iCarly either. Why did she fall off? Why wasn't she bigger?
  2. Blackout more acclaimed than any Lady Gaga album. Why? #441 Blackout - Britney Spears #484 BTW From the Rolling Stone list. Discuss the topic.
  3. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Taylor Swift is the Music Industry

    the ACCLAIM
  4. umich

    Rihanna’s “Diamonds” turns 8.

    Diamonds, the lead single to Rihanna’s Grammy-winning Unapologetic, turns 8 today (being released on September 26, 2012). The song went on to become her 12th number one. It remains one of her signature songs and paved the way for Sia’s mainstream writing success in the US. it also completed a series of yearly fall rihleases as she took an extended break from the music industry to venture off into other endeavors.
  5. Hot Volcano

    Stupid Love outstreaming my future, why?

    two and a half weeks after release : #36 Stupid Love - 1,676,825 #41 my future - 1,627,463 Are you surprised by this?
  6. The cultural reset once Rih and Gaga get a pic together
  7. Almighty Gaga

    Shallow turns 2

    As the calendar turns to September 27th, the most awarded song in the history turns 2 today. #27 iTunes WW #49 Apple Music WW #98 Spotify WW YouTube: 900k video + 600k Oscar performance = 1.5m daily views Some of its awards:
  8. Was Paula's third #1 single (out of her streak of 6 consecutive #1 songs) Was ranked 6th in Billboard's biggest songs of 1989 (she had another ranked 4th) Made her the biggest pop girl of 1989 with TWO songs in the Top 10 of Billboard's year end charts Pushed the parent album, Forever Your Girl, back to #1 again during its 3 year charting on the Billboard 200 Was covered by the late Naya Rivera in "Glee" Was featured on RuPaul's Drag Race battle between Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese Was used by Jenna Dewan on Lip Sync Battle (which featured Paula herself as a guest) Is considered one of the most impactful choreographies in a music video inspiring other videos like Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants" and Britney Spear's "I'm a Slave 4 U" as well as the choreography in Broadway powerhouse Hamilton @stephen1108 @PrinceMichaelFan @slw84 @Ghiles @Swag @Oktober Knight @hot mess @AlexStexaul @Ventitonic @Priyanka Chopra @ReH2o @Melancholy @ImmaSlave4u @Mezter @Wewee @Sinister @PRISMS @Ozzy8923 @sher179 @iC0NIC @EJQL8 @Tusk @BradySpears @Horizon Flame @aesthetic bih @Slave 4 U @Kylie Jenner @Quicksand @MelfestKpop @C.Damen @conseeded @t.A.T.u. @Astronomy @Auburn @Nexto @MotherSuperior @Arcadius @wesleywalrus @TeeJay @Indigo Blue
  9. johnny_9ss

    iCarly vs Sonny with a Chance

    Which show was better?
  10. Paula Abdul

    Was Nelly bigger than Gwen and Fergie?

    Nelly Fartudo had a big hits in 00's, including "Promiscious Girl", "Maneater", "All Good Things (Come to an End". "Loose" - #1 in 10 countries "Promiscuous Girl" - #1 in 4 countries "Maneater" - #1 in 2 countries "Say It Right" - #1 in 12 countries "All Good Things (Come to an End)" - #1 in 13 countries "Te Busqué" - #1 in 1 countries "Do It" - #3 in 3 countries "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." - #1 in 1 country "What You Waiting For?" - #1 in 1 country "Rich Girl" - #1 in 0 countries "Holla Back Girl" - #1 in 2 countries "Cool" - #1 in 0 countries "Luxurious" - #2 in 1 countries "Crash" - #1 in 0 contries "The Dutchess" - #1 in 1 countries "London Bridge" - #1 in 2 countries "Fergalicious" - #2 in 1 countries "Glamorous" - #1 in 1 countries "Big Girls Don't Cry" - #1 in 12 countries "Clumsy" - #3 in 1 countries "Finanally" - #1 in Bubbling Under
  11. ariananext

    is this Ariana's best performance ever?

    I'm blown away everytime I watch this
  12. DaddyIssuesX

    Pop Girl Hunger Games, who wins?

    Not the demi identification card
  13. Criminal was the 4th and last single off Britney's 7th album, Femme Fatale (2011). With no promotion other than an age-restricted music video, the song was a hit on Eastern Europe and Brazil. Britney has not ever performed the song live, nor acknowledged it since its release. About 9 years later, in April 2020, when the single was deemed as a fan-voted mistake, the app of the year came for some justice making the song viral. But unlike most internet viral things, Criminal didn't really fade out: Is Criminal shaping up to be a Britney classic? Is it here to stay?
  14. Why? All the other big pop girls have one. Shakira: 5 Taylor: 5 Katy: 5 Rihanna: 5 P!nk: 1 Gaga: 1 Beyoncé: 1
  15. I saw this tweet and it had me thinking, what even is an "alt pop girl" anymore? In the early 2010s, it made sense. The Gaga and Katy sound was the zeitgeist. The sounds of Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Lana hadn't been fully mainstreamed. But now they have. Of the girls on that collage three of them made their last albums with Jack Antonoff, Taylor's main producer, and nobody considers Taylor Swift an alt pop girl. Marina is now doing the most basic, nondescript H&M dressing room pop, and even her early work sounds indistinguishable from what bigger artists like Katy were doing. Bjork is the only one (since the early 90s) that has made sounds that truly nobody else was doing, and that's fine, a lot of people don't find her music accessible. Like... what even is considered regular "pop" in 2020 if Halsey and Billie aren't? Those basic Spotify girls like Madison Beer? Just because a girl has dark or spooky aesthetics, or a "sad vibe", they're automatically considered indie, even if they're the biggest pop artist on the charts like Billie. Even girls like Dua have songs like Cool that could have been made by any of the "alt girls". Ever since the mid-10s, the lines have been completely blurred and now "indie" pop girls are really just pop girls.
  16. ariananext

    Ariana: TUN 7.1B streams

    7 rings — + 4.788.033 + 942.012.879 [+161.180.428 unofficial lyric video] = 2.201.852.758 thank u, next — 1.173.476.577 + 2.828.137 + 896.966.269 = break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored — 603.715.738 + 4.851.710 + 384.517.514 = 993.084.962 imagine — 288.116.507 + 71.713.171 = 359.829.678 NASA — 210.782.496 + 4.181.531 + 30.121.541 = 245.085.568 needy — 203.739.073 + 4.007.566 + 34.537.568 = 242.284.207 bloodline — 174.058.914 + 33.666.797 = 207.725.711 bad idea — 167.826.998 + 4.920.570 + 31.657.519 = 204.405.087 in my head — 131.381.497 + 2.448.621 + 53.374.883 = 187.205.001 fake smile — 144.064.484 + 3.404.542 + 21.479.659 = 168.948.685 ghostin — 137.734.263 + 20.920.497 = 158.654.760 make up — 98.011.260 + 2.926.054 + 8.705.980 = 109.643.294 Total: 7.151.990.694 spotify studio version | spotify live version | youtube views youtube includes music videos, lyric videos, audios and videos where the song is playing only videos on official channels are being counted
  17. Katy Perry has revealed her playlist with the songs that are making her Smile in these days. It includes the likes Work Bitch, Fashion of His Love, ME!, Midnight Sky, Crazy in Love, Havana, and many others. We love a woman who loves and supports other women!
  18. Taylor has already made country/pop/alternative. She should try an albums full of rock-country songs and get that best Rock Album at the Grammy's
  19. if you’re from the UK this past year you’d know miss dua lipa has been the poster girl for every streaming platform she won’t leave me alone!! how about y’all who do u constantly see advertised on youtube/spotify or streaming sites?
  20. Erreur2 La Nature

    A-Lists that never were THE biggest artist

    What A-List singers never ever were the biggest artist in the world at some point in their career ?
  21. Ash12345

    Taylor Swift albums by lyrical diversity

    ok, so what I did was I sorted through all the lyrics of all the songs on Folklore, and then checked which words are unique to only one song on the album, and these are the songs with the most unique words. the last great american dynasty (49 words) -afternoon, ballet, bets, big, bitch, blew, brought, card, champagne, charming, class, coast, Dali, divorcée, dog, dyed, dynasty, fault, feud, fifty, filled, free, game, gauche, habits, heir, holiday, key, lime, loud, marvelous, men, middle, midnight, occasion, pacing, quietly, Rebekah, rocks, rode, saltbox, sea, Rhode Island, St. Louis, Standard Oil, swam, tasteful, wedding invisible string (49 words) -along, ate, ax, bold, cab, Centennial Park, chains, clues, cold, compasses, curious, demons, dinner, dive, fine, gold, grass, grind, healing, heaven, invisible, journey, L.A., lunch, mistakes, mystical, past, pink, presents, pretty, purple, seasons, shirt, shop, sixteen, somebody, spot, steel, string, teal, thread, three, tied/tying, trip, waitress, wire, wondrous, wool, yogurt cardigan (42 words) -bed, black, bloodstain, brand, cars, chase, curse, downtown, drew, expired, father, girls, grocery, hang, heartbeat, Levi's, lifetimes, light, linger, lipstick, marked, old, once, Peter Pan, phone, politics, put, seek, sensual, sequin, shadows, smell, stars, sweatshirt, tattoo, tee, thrill, vintage, water, weekends, Wendy, young illicit affairs (34 words) -affairs, anyone, barbed, billion, born, clandestine, damn, drug, dwindling, else, exist, few, flushed, fool, glance, Godforsaken, head, hood, idiotic, illicit, kid, language, lie, mercurial, mess, nobody, perfume, return, shelf, started, taught, trace, traveled, truth the lakes (32 words) -auroras, bare, bathe, belong, burrowed, calamitous, cellphone, clones, cynical, dropping, elegies, eulogize, grief, ice, insurmountable, muse, neither, perfect, place, poets, prose, red, romantic, rose, skin, sleaze, tweet, while, Windermere, wisteria, without, worth peace (31 words) -age, brittle, brother, cascade, child, clear, conviction, corner, courage, danger, details, devil, dreamscapes, east, fences, honor, integrity, ocean, peace, rain, robbers, silence, small, suddenly, sunshine, trenches, understand, wall, warm, west, wild betty (28 words) -again, betty, crowds, doorstep, figment, finally, garden, gym, happens, hate, homeroom, Inez, intentions, James, lead, next, nowhere, patch, plus, riding, rumors, seventeen, skateboard, stupid, switched, trust, weeks, wings the 1 (27 words) -adventures, alone, alright, another, ask, bus, count, different, digging, flowing, grave, guess, hey, instead, internet, matinée, numbers, own, pennies, persist, resist, roaring, rosé, Sunday, temptation, today, yes exile (26 words) -add, amount, anymore, bill, body, branches, chances, exile, five, hall, homeland, honey, injury, insult, joke, knuckles, many, offending, problem, second, thin, third, understudy, very, warning, whole mirrorball (26 words) -believer, burned, circus, dear, disco, edges, fit, floor, glisten, horses, hush, masquerade, mirrorball, natural, pieces, regulars, revelers, rodeo, shattered, shimmering, tallest, tightrope, tiptoes, tonight, trapeze, version this is me trying (26 words) -adjusting, ahead, became, cages, care, classmates, curve, doorway, flashback, followed, least, lookout, maybe, mental, potential, pour, quite, reel, regrets, screen, shoot, sphere, stranger, way, wheels, whiskey my tears ricochet (25 words) -aim, battleships, blame, bones, bury, deserve, diamond, gather, ghostly, grace, jewels, lullabies, ricochet, ring, same, saving, scene, stayed, stones, sunlit, swear, tears, throw, wear, weeping hoax (25 words) -apart, barren, beaten, dark, drum, eclipsed, faithless, gun, hoax, kingdom, knife, land, movie, part, password, point, reason, score, shade, sleight, stood, underneath, undone, world, New York seven (24 words) -any, braids, civility, closet, creek, dad, dolls, ferociously, folk, India, jump, moon, pattern, Pennsylvania, picture, pirates, please, recall, Saturn, scared, sweater, tea, trees, weeds mad woman (24 words) -angry, bear, cannons, claws, climb, couple, crazy, dirtiest, flames, flings, lawn, master, mouth, noose, obvious, poke, scathing, scorpion, sting, strike, together, witches, wives, yacht august (20 words) -air, August, away, bedsheets, bottle, cancel, case, hope, mall, memory, mine, moment, much, remember, salt, sipped, slipped, whispers, wine, write epiphany (17 words) -cover, crashing, crawling, daughter, epiphany, flesh, glimpse, helmet, life, med, mother, plastic, relief, rifle, serve, sir, son Vocalized syllables that aren't words (ex. "ooh", "eeeeh") don't count, and words with suffixes/prefixes or that are conjugated different are counted as the same word (ex lover, lovely, loves, loving, loveless would all be the same word). Compound words or words that share the same root (ex rode vs rodeo) are considered distinct though. Proper nouns (ex names of places or people) are treated as one word.
  22. Stepfon

    People Chanting WAP in London

    I love the accents.
  23. Thread only for stans with artists with a song with over 500,000,000 plays.
  24. Per Time Out Tokyo: Four sold-out Tokyo Dome shows (Jan 11, Jan 14, Jan 17, Jan 20 - 1998)