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Found 7,745 results

  1. Bentley

    Is Gabby Barrett the new MCG?

    I Hope is 5x platinum and her 2nd single is top 5 on iTunes (excluding the dmx songs) and is about to top country radio as well as entering the top 30 on the hot 100! Is she the nu Carrie? @Mezik @SamanthaJadeFr @Khamis
  2. PoisonCandy

    sweetener and tun > Dangerous Woman. Agree?

    I know a lot of people consider DW to be Ari's best album, but imo sweetener and tun are holding up a lot better. They're sonically more interesting, more adventurous, and work better as albums. At some points Dangerous Woman just feels like My Everything with a facelift.
  3. Erreur2 La Nature

    More hits overall : Taylor Swift VS Lady Gaga

    If you count all of their respective hit singles, which artist has had more ?
  4. ATWK

    One-sided feuds?

    What are some one-sided feuds in the entertainment industry? I'll start: Elton John vs. Madonna. Some highlights: Elton has called her a "****ing fairground stripper" for releasing dance music, said she (and others) should be shot for lipsyncing and claimed she didn't stand a chance at winning a Golden Globe against him (spoiler alert: she did). Madonna has only responded once, through her publicist, who said Madonna didn't have time to trash other artists.
  5. This song it's so underrated. It's one of my fave songs from Fergie.
  6. moonlitdick

    Doja Is Doing What Gaga Failed To. Why?

    Both Doja & Gaga created a world around their respective albums “Planet Her” & “Chromatica” but Gaga’s came across as tacky & try-hard whilst Doja’s is fresh and effortless. Why?
  7. Passle

    A Dark Secret (ATRL Blind Item)

    In late summer 2019, a rising pop star that was about to begin a very high profile — and high risk — second era and her producer for the lead single were approached by one of that track’s songwriters. The song was good but was lacking punch. It didn’t feel like a radio hit. So the songwriter spoke to her team and an arrangement was made. The offer: “Send me the stems and project file, the publisher will tighten it up and send it back.” It was a win-win scenario. The artist and producer get an extra set of hands for free on the track to make it radio and streaming friend
  8. Truth Teller

    Radio un-drops Levitating

    Levitating started decreasing on US pop radio in February and eventually went recurrent on March 1st. Now, over a month later, the song is back to positive updates. R R Dua Lipa Levitating 6520 6283 237 36.356 +60 spins +0.489 audience It's the recurrent song with the biggest increase and the second most played recurrent song overall, just above Blinding Lights and only behind "Go Crazy" which went recurrent last week. If it hadn't gone recurrent, it would be #18 on the main chart. Thoughts on this phenomenon?
  9. Both pairs are singer-songwriters that have been massively influenced by their idol Taylor Swift. Camila & Olivia have been very vocal about their love for Taylor. Shawn & Conan have even performed with her and have been acknowledged by her. Their aesthetics are also similar, with Shawn and Conan's curly hair and ambiguous personas. And Camila & Olivia's romantic lyricism. So are Conan& Olivia the new generation Shawn & Camila?
  10. He got added as a producer to the credits of 6 folklore tracks: exile my tears ricochet august illicit affairs this is me trying betty which means 6/16 > 33.3% which would got him credited for AOTY why didn’t they do this before??
  11. Let’s appreciate the second best song on Younger Now
  12. Did you expect Shake It Off to be more remembered than the song that kept it stuck at number two for 9 weeks????
  13. yoshi23

    Is Doja Cat definitely over?

    the controversy where she did a song called "Dindu Nuffin" came out at the worst possible time ever, the title is a racist slur often used against black people who've faced police brutality, the phrase ‘Dindu Nuffin’ a stylised pronunciation of ‘didn’t do nothing’, is used by racist alt-right groups to mock Black victims of police brutality. She got exposed for this song, like 5 days before the whole George Floyd tragedy (rip) I don't see how Doja could recover from this tbh This gotta one of the worst timing moments i've ever seen Good luck to her PR team
  14. 2 amazing albums/eras by 2 ex acts. Revival had 4 streaming hits in the US and was the first era where she started getting great peaks WW with songs like “Hands To Myself” and “Good For You” an acclaimed album which is highly considered to be Selena’s best album along stans and non stans as well as inspiring the one and only Britney Spears with her “Glory” album. Dangerous Woman despite (shockingly) being Ariana’s worst album among stans (which shook me as its flawless) spawned 3 global hits as well as proving Ariana was becoming a touring force in the industry as well as
  15. JuanXito

    Back in Time

    Name a singer (Dead or Alive) you go back in time to go see if if you had a time machine and free ticket. S club 7 - Carnival Tour and 1999 Michael Jackson, I'd pay thousands for that show Britney Spears (2000-2004) Backstreet Boys (1999 - 2000) Janet - Velvet Rope Tour. Queen. A truly transcendental performance, nothing approaches this kind of other worldly energy.
  16. éclat

    Your fav steals your man

    Will you forgive ha?
  17. Tremor Christ

    sweetener the greatest pop album of 2010s

    It's time to acknowledge this FACT. It's such a diverse, astonishing body of work: A+ Top 40 tracks with god is a woman, everytime, breathin, no tears left to cry Bizarre experimental New Wave / R&B infused sweet excellent pop tracks with blazed, the light is coming, R.E.M, sweetener, borderline, Successful, Get Well Soon Pop/R&B songs that find the middle ground between Ilya & Pharrell with better off & goodnight n go. I don't know what Pharrell & Ari was on making this album but they delivered a masterpiece. This
  18. 10. Black Pink: 1,349,465,910 The Album: 1,349,465,910 9. Ellie Goulding: 1,383,307,939 Brightest Blue: 1,383,307,939 8. Lady Gaga: 1,494,700,807 Chromatica: 1,494,700,807 7. Karol G = 1,890,120,544 KG0516: 1,890,120,544 6. Ariana Grande = 1,913,515,620 Positions: 1,913,515,620
  19. Which one is the better rapper technically? And who has left a bigger legacy?
  20. MoonGoodandHappy

    What Would Be The Perfect Pop Album ?

    I start. Title : Toxic Music 1 Toxic (Britney Spears) 2 Poker Face (Lady Gaga) 3 Gimme More (Britney Spears) 4 Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) 5 We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus) 6 Last Friday Night (Katy Perry) 7 Levitating (Dua Lipa) 8 Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue) 9 7 Rings (Ariana Grande) 10 Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) 11 Sorry (Madonna) 12 Till The World Ends (Britney Spears) This album would be the best of the universe
  21. This is not a shade thread btw Her last #1 album is "Here We Go Again" which debuted around 110K during her disney days. can't believe that was her peak and now after that album it seems like she can't score another #1 album anymore. its like she got cursed or something. #4 Unbroken #3 DEMI #2 Confident #4 Tell Me You Love Me #2 The Art Of Starting Over
  22. MTrain

    Popstars Conspiracy Theories

    Which are the best/most interesting conspiracy theories of popstars that you have heard/read?
  23. lisa shaw and gaelle were making albums 15+ years ago fusing electronic subgenres, prince influences, and house music into artsy music waaaaaaay before that style blew up with the weeknd/frank ocean/etc. honestly, its time to pay them some respects!!
  24. Bloodflowers.

    was this Shakira song a hit that got away?

    such a guilty pleasure
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