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Found 8,260 results

  1. I like the single version better and really wish they had included it in Homogenic instead of her Greatest Hits album
  2. nadiamendell

    Chromatica Era Over?

    Well? Is the Chromatica era over? It seems Gaga has forgotten about it and there is no promo to be found. What do YOU think? Is Rain On Me the end of the road for the era?
  3. MadonnasBoyfriend

    Are you tired of Chromatica?

    Im sick of the album i guess i played it to many times but it feels stale and old to me already. Everything jsut sounds samey and not fresh. I moved on from it when Chloe x Halles album came out but now im bored with that one too. Anyone else over it?
  4. HolyYoursTruly

    Why do stans brag about songwriting?

    Unpopular Opinion: Songwriting is NOT a talent. Anyone can come up with some metaphors and good sounding rhymes as long as they speak the language Not everybody can belt the same lyrics though That's where the real talent is Do you stan a vocalist? I do
  5. Drive Bitch

    Are Rihanna's hits bigger than Britney's?

    Inspired by the dozens of similar threads this week (none of which were shut down)...whose hits were bigger? The Umbrella singer, of the almost-Umbrella singer?
  6. T.O.A.D.S.

    Why did the gays let this flop?

    Her best sing I think
  7. Fitzswiftie

    Is Nicki’s “Only” intro lowkey iconic?

    This popped up on the tl and couldn’t help but wonder, is her intro iconic? The cold beat ✅ “I have ****ed Wayne, never ****ed Drake” ✅
  8. Safe&Sound

    I Knew You were Trouble v Without Me

    Both songs are songs about recognizing the mistakes on these relationships, and both are inspired by these singer-songwriter's experience Both were massive on their times too Which one is better and bigger?
  9. The gorgeous melody The beautiful lyrics: I can be tough. I can be strong. The infectious "Damn damn damn"
  10. She performed it on Jimmy fallon,she released an animated video last week,her label put it at #4 on Spotify TTH but the song is outside of top 40 on usa spotify with low fell on hot 100 this week,the radio updates are not impressive.why the song can't rise and why it can't be a hit after the lead single smash ''don't start now''?
  11. You want to get your life now? Go watch this. It's so good and hilarious. Larry Sullivan, the main actor, was the one featured on this controversial Campbell add: He was so hot and funny on this film, can't believe it!
  12. Rihabelye

    Songs with blissful instrumental sequences

    I'm looking for songs that have blissful, melodic, rhytmic, satisfying instrumental sequences like this one 2:22 - 2:44
  13. According to her post.... Why? Discuss.
  14. CaptainMusic

    Why can’t Asian artists score global hits?

    Aside from a few Zayn songs (2 of which featured white women) and joke songs like Gangnam Style, there haven’t been any big global hits by Asian artists. Even BTS as big as their fan base is are still very niche and the GP don’t use. Black and Hispanic people have been scoring global hits since the 1960s/1970s so why is that Asian artists can’t?
  15. Ever since Rihanna, there have been countless girls coming in and out of the mainstream serving a Top 5 R&B/urban smash and then just dropping out of the gate never to be heard of again; Ella Mai, that one curly haired girl that sang a Whitney Houston remake that stayed in the top 10, Tinashe, Madison Beer, etc. Ariana was and is the only female mainstream act/vocalist that leans on a lot of R&B/Hip-hop influences and yet managed to still be successful and stay in the mainstream. Why is that? Is it because vocal prowess is needed to be a main R&B girl like Rih, Beyonce, Ciara and Alicia? Or is it because of the strong callbacks to Mariah?
  16. liammmmacbtw

    Lily Allen Album Titles Appreciation Thread

    I'm listening to her and am reminded of how iconic both her official studio albums are titled, as well as the working titles. Alright Still Stuck on the Naughty Step* It's Not Me, It's You F.U.E.P. Illuminaughty* Sheezus The Fourth Wall* No Shame * - work-in-progress titles
  17. Slayn

    Rate Rihanna's Albums

    While we wait patiently for R9 () let's focus on what we have! How would rate her first 8 albums? Mine: Rated R > ANTi > GGGB >>> Loud > Talk That Talk >> Unapologetic >>>>>>>>>>>>> MOTS > AGLM
  18. MusicTalker

    Favorite US #1 radio hit of 2016?

    Related to my other 2017-2020 threads on this topic 9 songs topped the US radio across all genres chart during 2016: Adele - Hello Justin Bieber - Sorry Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Lukas Graham - 7 Years Drake - One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla) Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! Sia - Cheap Thrills (feat. Sean Paul) The Chainsmokers - Closer (feat. Halsey) Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Which is your favorite?
  19. and the most successful one in streaming too. surprised? i’m not. talent only.
  20. Turns out, one person has clearly dominated the top-searched lists for the past decade or so: Britney Spears. She’s topped the lists for a whopping seven of the 12 years. A historic Presidential election, an economic crisis, and even Hannah Montana were unable to capture the #1 spot in Yahoo’s yearly rankings of popular search terms. Instead, for the 7th time in 8 years, that title goes to Britney Spears. Has your fave ever topped the list of most searched celebrities?
  21. HolyYoursTruly

    Bigger breakout era: Cardi vs Billie

    Both had massive breakout years (Cardi: 2017-2018 / Billie: 2019) and released recordsmashing singles and albums, doing what others couldn't before them and eventually writing music history. Globally, Billie definitely has the edge but who had the bigger breakout year/debut era in the US? Things to consider: Cardi: 3 #1s (All Diamond eligible), Grammy for Best Rap Album, #38 biggest album of the decade, Album has 3 Billion Streams on Spotify, Fifth Most certified era of all time Billie: 1 massive #1, Swept 5 Grammys (including all main categories), Album still at #22 over a year after release, Album has close to 6 Billion Streams on Spotify alone
  22. britkneepopboi

    Will Ariana go Disco?

    Two of the biggest hits of the year are "Say So" & "Don't Start Now" both are disco influenced, both have also served great longevity and are overall big hits. Some think this is the start of a disco-pop revival. so... do you think Ariana, as a current MPG will continue the disco sound and jump on the bandwagon for her next era? If not, What sound do you see her doing for her next era?
  23. Angelo

    Husavik vs. Never Enough

    They kinda sounds similar to each other and both actresses lip synced to another singer's voice but who do you prefer?