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  1. DesiredConsternation

    Folklore: 54 million on spotify day 2

    Bigger than Lover's first day All tracks remain top 20 (US)
  2. I know Kylie started out 2 decades earlier but lbr Gaga's monumental GLOBAL success in the span of 12 years makes up for that, The Fame alone>>> But overall in music, who has a bigger career, Kylie Minogue or Lady Gaga?
  3. The 2x platinum hit 'My Oh My' is rising again on streaming..A classic song who comes alive at midnight every October,31.. USA Apple Music Top Songs: #135 (+5) Canada Apple Music Top Songs: #67 (+25)
  4. dwuw

    Post yourself singing 34+35

  5. Just saw it a minute earlier, oh wow. I can't believe I'm crying on a Justin Bieber MV.
  6. FailSafe

    Positions possibly to debut with 1m?

    According to Arianators on Twitter Is this her BTW, BOMT, 1989, 25 era???
  7. #1 — #5 (No Order) Ariana Grande Rihanna Taylor Swift Billie Eilish Dua Lipa #6 — #10 (No Order) Beyoncé Lady Gaga Adele Selena Gomez Halsey Bubbling Under Top 10 (No Order) Sia Nicki Minaj Camila Cabello Katy Perry Shakira Cardi B All artists in the Top 10 have some combination of the following qualifications (on Spotify): — 10B+ career streams — 3+ albums with 1B+ streams — 1+ album(s) with 3B+ streams — 25+ tracks with 100M+ streams — 5+ tracks
  8. Those rasps in her voice was so beautiful and felt natural.
  9. 1. Taylor Swift 2. Lady Gaga 3. Ariana Grande 4. BlackPink 5. Dua Lipa
  10. OnlyManInTheWorld

    Taylor the new queen of streaming, agree?

    Folklore - 81M Positions - 58.7M
  11. Fitzswiftie

    Good actors with trash filmographies

    Who are actors who always give good performances but those filmography is largely trash?
  12. Proof: https://atrl.net/forums/topic/199174-thank-u-next-video-does-1m-likes-in-1-hour + Spotify streams Its official, ladies and gentlemen. Ariana has become bigger star than Taylor. We are in the streaming era and the streams are the biggest factor that decides who is big at the moment.. She did it.
  13. Out of all my favs the ones that don't have a #1 hit here are Janet, Celine, Toni and Cheryl. What about yours?
  14. also: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/10/10136992/is-taylor-swift-lorde-betty-remix-real
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