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Found 7,024 results

  1. The ex-acts 6th studio albums. Let's rank and share our thoughts.
  2. Gui Blackout

    drivers license Grammy chances?

    Pop Vocal Solo Song of the Year Record of the Year Do you see it getting these nods, or possibly a win?
  3. Kanye West

    I am now a full time Kelly Clarkson stan

    She has the hits, a voice which keeps getting better and better, a natural and youthful appearance, and she keeps moving forward. All the other 30-40 year old pop girls have a botched frozen face and are hanging onto forgotten hits from over 10 years ago but not Kelly. No way. She knows better and has respect for herself and her career. Kelly is onto a big mainstream comeback in music and will achieve another #1 hit soon
  4. I love this song so much! Get into it if you haven't heard already ATRL!
  5. In 1984 Bananarama scored her first US top ten with Cruel Summer. two years later in 1986, Venus topped the US chart for the first time. 11 years later, another british girl group conquered America. Wannabe reached the top of the chart for 4 weeks, the group scored another 3 top ten hits on Billboard and millions of albums sold. With the momentum of 90s teen pop fury, All Saints scored her first top five single, when Never Ever peaked at number 4 in 1998. Little Mix tried multiple times, but none of their singles has been able t
  6. éclat

    Post your fav and their pets

    Pets alive now and ones who crossed the rainbow bridge to pet heaven
  7. Adele Bleachers Cardi B Drake Frank Ocean Kendrick Lamar Lana Del Rey SZA Lorde Rihanna full list: https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-41-most-anticipated-albums-of-2021-kendrick-rihanna-adele-and-more/?utm_medium=social&utm_social-type=owned&mbid=social_twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_brand=p4k
  8. MadMax12

    Is Katy the most competitive pop girl?

    Out of all the girls, Katy seems like the one who strives for numbers the most and has the best team around her to push for success. She is one of the most viewed/subscribed on YouTube and most followed on social media. Even when her music is underperforming, she is still constantly making singles, high budget videos and performances to make up for it. Do you think behind her cute persona is a competitive woman who is always watching her peers and striving to be on top?
  9. Bey_Rihstan

    Forgotten eras by fairly big artists?

    I'm not talking about albums that were memorable for underperforming (I.E Witness, Artpop,Bionic), but albums that were released by artists that were just... There. They're rarely referenced, didn't outright BOMB, and produced songs that are fairly forgotten. My example would be Justin Timberlake's last two albums. Are they ever really talked about anymore? What are some others
  10. she served with Drivers License and she still breaking records. are you excited about her debut album? are you gonna try her another songs of her?
  11. They slay every concept and are bonafide risk takers. But in spite of their reinventions, their talent still seems to come through with each record. Do you agree?
  12. This song still sounds so fresh and breezy to this day. Do you think it should've been a single off of Meaning of Life? Do you think it could've fared well on HAC/AC radio? Or do you think the album had other tracks better suited for the single treatment? Discuss!
  13. Miss Anthropocene

    Why is this Shakira's best song & video?

  14. The Bodyguard was originally written in the mid-70's for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross. Steve McQueen had the reputation of a daredevil and action movie star, Diana Ross was the glamorous superstar diva. Had the film actually happened, how successful would it have been? I've never seen a Steve McQueen film, but I think it would've worked if they weren't both super divas.
  15. Safe&Sound

    Dorothea appreciation thread

    Since the song got eliminated early in evermore rate game, I want to gather the praises from ppl who love this song For me, dorothea is most simple yet the complicated off the album The melody is very catchy, makes you feel nostalgic, and yes, it reminds me of my childhood friends yet the structure is very uncommon, she didnt deliver same vocals on each verses, and the way she started the song with loud vocal, like she called her friend to go out and play together. Very cute My most favorite part is the falsetto part on verse 2 : you're a queen, selling
  16. SavagePapi

    20th Anniversary of "J.Lo" album

    J.Lo is the second studio album by American singer Jennifer Lopez. It was released on January 16, 2001, by Epic Records. The album's title refers to the nickname given to her by fans, with Lopez describing it as an homage to her supporters. Drawing from her own experiences, Lopez included more personal songs on this album, which deals with themes of relationships, empowerment and sex. It is a primarily dance-pop, Latin and R&B album which encompasses Latin-pop, retro and contemporary pop. "J.Lo" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 the same week as her film "The
  17. Midtempo, lush synths, strings, deeper vocals, emotional storytelling. Really would’ve been the personal album that it was marketed as initially. This and Alien hint at the album that could’ve been, in my opinion
  18. good evening I have decided to stan for Miss Kelly Clarkson. why? 1) She can SING. From rock to pop to rnb to dance, Miss Clarkson can sing it all and sing it WELL. 2) She is a good person. She is not a mean woman like Miss Fenty and Miss Maraj are. oh please, dont give me that look. YES Miss Fenty and Miss Maraj are not nice people. Miss Fenty looks down upon people she thinks arent chill enough for her. she has no appreciation for other musical genres and talents. She better get her act together because Robyn Fenty forgot her roots quick. yes she did. she
  19. The numbers for Joshua new single Lie Lie Lie are in many ways TRAGIC as seen below US: friday: #40 465,523 saturday: #130 269,308 WW: friday: #145 888,543 saturday: N/A So why is that? It is agreed that the love triangle teen drama between olivia joshua and sabrina helped drivers license become a hit, so why didn't Joshua new single, which is also rumoured to be about Olivia, suceeding as Drivers License?
  20. Some artists decide to go with the formula if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Which can lead to the gp tiring of you. billie, ariana, britney, adele, katy Whereas other artists like to evolve with each era. Which runs the risk of the gp not liking their reinvention. gaga, madonna, beyonce, taylor, rihanna Both have examples of long careers. Which do you think is better?
  21. "Q Lazzarus is known for having an androgynous deep, husky contralto voice" I had to STAN . Her rich, mighty voice is so beautiful and one-of-a-kind. She objectively some of the deepest vocals among the popgirls, but does she have the deepest? Who would some other options be, perhaps Annie Lennox/Eurythmics, Cher, and Miley Cyrus? I like all of them tbh What an iconic song btw. Truly a "difficult to get, not everybody has that" tea. Featured first in the 1988 film Married To The Mob and then again (and most famously) in the 1991 film The Silence Of The Lambs
  22. I just want him to shove me under those sexy daddy pits
  23. Weld_E

    Did Jojo snap with Save My Soul?

    One of the best pop songs of the 10's
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