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Found 8,262 results

  1. selena_lavigne

    Selena Gomez Discography Rate 2020

    SELENA GOMEZ DISCOGRAPHY RATE: 2020 EDITION Welcome to the Selena Gomez Discography Rate!!! It has been 3 years since ATRL has done one and I'm super excited to host. RULES: You will rate each song from 1-10 depending on how you think it fits quality wise in Selena's discography AKA if it's the best of the best a 10, if it's among the worst a 1. - TROLLING WILL NOT BE COUNTED. - You will be able to rate one song in each category/album an 11 and one song a 0. Decimal points are accepted as well up to one point. - You will then PM me your scores so I can average out the votes. - If you want to send comments on some of the songs I'll include them with the results. I'm so excited for this and hope you are too!! - I'm not including any spanish versions or the Selena duet cuz I don't want to All of the song except for the target exclusives (Lover In Me, I Like It That Way, Outta My Hands, Cologne) and Stained are on streaming services. You can find Stained and the target exclusives on Youtube. Please make sure you have heard every song at least once before you vote. - Votes will be due by Sunday, July 5th. - Ceremony will be held Sunday, July 12th. Song list PARTICIPANTS
  2. this song is a major bop cant stop playing it the visuals in the video pops she's pretty and charismatic that slick fast rap in the first verse and that out of breath rap in the second verse>>>>>> the high note in the bridge>>>>> slay!! i dont understand the words, but cant stop playing it she's only 17 too go watch and stream!!
  3. With 5 months left, who do you think will be the Billboard Top Female Artist of 2020 based on the year-end charts. Here are some choices: Lady Gaga Dua Lipa Doja Cat Megan Thee Stallion Billie Eilish Selena Gomez Halsey These were the Billboard top females of each year last decade: 2010: Lady Gaga 2011: Adele 2012: Adele 2013: Taylor Swift 2014: Katy Perry 2015: Taylor Swift 2016: Adele 2017: Ariana Grande 2018: Taylor Swift 2019: Ariana Grande
  4. Sanctuary

    The Most Basic Bops

    Post them YT videos in a spoiler tag because inbeded videos look hideous now:
  5. Wicked


    . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari
  6. Ferret

    Style bridge VS Teenage dream bridge

    Two of the most praised songs on this forum. Both of them have great bridges but which one is better/ more captivating / well executed? i want essays as answers . Thanks.
  7. Puma

    Gucci Mane stealing from Saweetie?

    So as most of you may know, female rapper Saweetie first became known for her "ICY GRL" song and since then has been pushing this phrase as some kind of brand (just like Meg with the "Hot Girl Summer" thing, for example). She's been doing it since last year She has merch with it too: Now a couple days ago, Gucci Mane dropped an album with the exact same title He's also even calling his crew "So Icy Gang", when Saweetie's is "Icy Gang" too. People seem to not care though, since the girl isn't even popular yet. But I kind of feel bad for her because she been pushing this as a whole brand for a while now lol. Thoughts?
  8. Taylor fanboy

    Singers who can’t describe their songs

    Please provide video/texts as receipts.
  9. Local fad with unremembered hits (according to certain ATRLers) tops Billboard’s ranking of artists that debuted this century. Congratulations to the two time Artist of the Year Grammy award winner! Thoughts?
  10. swaggerific

    "Arctic Tundra" release on Friday

    The release for a highly anticipated song is set to release on Friday 7/10 get ready
  11. After the massive success of when we all fall asleep, how do you think Billie's second album/era should go? Should she release soon and what kind of sound do you hope she goes for?
  12. Paula Abdul

    Pop MVs that makes you cry

    It's really hard to watch it.
  13. GoodGuyGoneGhetto

    Avril Lavigne: Zero Grammy Noms. After 2004. Why?

    “Don’t Tell Me, My Happy Ending, Nobody’s Home, Keep Holding On, Girlfriend, When You’re Gone, What The Hell, Smile, Wish You Were Here, Here’s To Never Growing Up, Let Me Go, Head Above Water” etc. all failed to score a Grammy nomination. ”Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby” etc. all failed to score a Grammy nomination. The “Let Go” era was a Grammy/Awards magnet and was MASSIVELY acclaimed. What happened?
  14. US Billboard Hot 100 (All-Time Chart) entries: 63. Gold Digger (#9 on the decade-end chart, Stronger #91) 139 SHAKE IT OFF Taylor Swift 166 E.T. Katy Perry Featuring Kanye West 362 YOU BELONG WITH ME Taylor Swift
  15. J-cLOUD

    WHERE is Rihanna?

    I'm not even talking about the music where IS she?
  16. Safe&Sound

    Your Top 10 Britney's songs?

    List them!
  17. plumbartist

    Should Katy Perry collab with Twice?

    Should the "Daisies" chanteuse get a collab with the Japan-slaying "Fanfare" Idol group for her new album? They just seem perfect for each other... Or should she collab with another K-pop group like Red Velvet or Momoland instead?
  18. Rihanna: 8 albums out with 31 top 10 hits and 14 #1s Ariana: 5 albums out with 16 top 10 hits and 4 #1s I think they're the best and most consistent of our time when it comes to churning out big hits with Rihanna becoming one of the best selling female artists of all time and Ariana showing continual career growth with no sign of slowing down. The two of them are the most streamed female artists of all time with only a few falters here and there and even then they've shown that they are able to bounce back from them. Agreed?
  19. Chromatica parts from the top ten of Billbord 200. It spent as many weeks as Joanne in the top ten (4). Joanne: 1-5-11-21-14-13-18-19-20-34-49-50-2-8-20-27-27-36-44-44-45 Chromatica: 1-2-2-6-11 This weeks top 10 on B200:
  20. P!nk Forever

    Just Like a Pill ruined by Asian boygroup!

    I swear who allowed them to cover this godly song?
  21. bookreader

    Reacts By Ash ranks Ariana’s songs

    Do you agree with her rankings?
  22. britkneepopboi

    Will Zara Bounce Back?

    during her first era she managed to garner massive success with streaming hits Lush Life, Never Forget You & Symphony. She seemed to have a lots of potential and was making her way towards becoming a new MPG. but... her recent efforts have failed to match the success of her debut. the three droplets she released all haven't done that well and made little to no impact... at least when compared to her previous standards. She's releasing a new single "Love Me Land" this Friday, it's presumedly the lead for her new album. so... will this finally be the breakthrough she's been waiting for? will she bounce back & earn back her spot as one of the new MPGs?
  23. Rihanna has it all! She has tons of WW Hits and remembered classics. She can sing and dance well. She's a total performer. She can command the stage well. She also has a great sense of creativity which can be seen on her music videos. She also writes her own songs. She has tons of grammies. She has a tour that exceeded the $100M gross mark. She's also a very successful business woman. But the media never deemed her as the queen of pop. They only used that title for artists like Madonna, Gaga, Katy and Taylor but never for Rihanna. Why is this?