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  1. Xtina was signed before she recorded the Disney classic Reflection and then released said classic before any of her peers ever released music. Are you surprised that Xtina was the first to come out among her peers? People tend to think she was 3rd to release a single for some reason.
  2. Jude

    Rate Hold My Hand

    A solid 10 for me!
  3. The song continues to remain a beautiful work of art. A flawless, magical, classic, nostalgic, masterpiece. Miss Celine was in her bag!
  4. This week: #18 (+3) Levitating (77 weeks charting) #24 (-8) Easy On Me (29 weeks charting)
  5. It's the same conversation often had with Beyoncé and Destiny's Child. But this time, it's regarding one of, if not the biggest breakout star out of a group since Beyoncé herself… Should Harry Styles' overall success and stats include One Direction? Or are they strictly to be seperated?
  6. American artists who SLAY Europe while USA pays them DUST Heaven & Hell had multiple huge hits across Europe including "Sweet But Psycho" which went #1 in 20+ countries, "My Head and My Heart", "Kings & Queens", and "Salt" and she even paid homage to Anastacia's "Left Outside Alone" in "So Am I" "Sweet But Psycho" was her "I'm Outta Love", "Kings & Queens" was her "Paid My Dues" and we'll be waiting for her "Left Outside Alone" They both also tried to hide their real ages from the geepee due to ageism
  7. little legend

    Is Hold My Hand the worst song of all time?

    Is it worse than Stupid Love? Little monster saying that it's worse than Till It Happens To You and Christmas Tree, what do you think?
  8. 839,764,867 (+635,760) - Moves Like Jagger I think this is bigger recurrent numbers than all her peers. 😯
  9. Vote for the bigger and the better song and don't forget to keep it cute!
  10. DesiredConsternation

    Woodvale truthers, have you given up?

    I'm giving up...
  11. Christina Aguilera and Samantha Mumba both have early 2000s bops about asking a cute guy to come over, but which one is better?
  12. Julia Fox

    Worst sell out era by a MPG?

    Who are the artists that sold out to the public and abandon their original, unique sound that made them special to get hits and mainstream appeal and failed to do it commercial and critic-wise becoming one of the worst sell outs eras of music industry by a MPG?
  13. Cleanromantic

    Everyone can do Britney's vocals, why?

    And sound better doing them too Why?
  14. hummingbird12

    Hold my Hand vs Electric

    Which one is better and fits the theme more?
  15. x Does she support the military-industrial complex? Does she simply not care as long as it's getting her the money/fame she's seeking? What do you think?
  16. Martyr Of Fame

    Gaga’s “2022 Met Gala” look goes viral

    Locals are eating it up
  17. What is it, ladies and gentlegays?
  18. Materialboy215

    Rita Ora BEST Song To Date...!

    HANDS DOWN this has to be Rita's best song to date!! 🙌🏾 Everything about this song goes AWF I love the lyrics they're so raw and in your face and the beat and production SLAYS! IDK who was in charge of picking her singles for this album but they really dropped the ball this should have easily been a single, along with Love & War with J Cole. RATE Been Lying by Rita Ora on a scale from 1/10?
  19. The lyrics are kind of haunting and every line is really packed with emotion. She had a toxic ex, suffered from lupus, had a kidney transplant, went to rehab, lost friends and then made her magnum opus In 2 months you replaced us?! Like it was easy, made me think I deserved it... In the thick of healing The chanting chorus at the end And now the chapter is closed and done And now it's goodbye it's goodbye for us
  20. It's a battle of two albums with similar album covers/aesthetics! Sweetener by Ariana Grande had a bigger Spotify debut (despite Spotify being smaller back in 2018), while Lost Cause and NDA are about to end up smaller than even The Light Is Coming when it's all said and done. Which one do you think is bigger/better?
  21. hallucinate

    Bigger Talent: Songwriting vs. Singing

    some pop girls are respected songwriters and some are respected vocalists, but the question is which talent holds more importance to you?
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