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Found 7,887 results

  1. Rv1709

    Is Beyoncé over ?

    After Lemonade, she’s released a few projects. EIL, TLK ans BIK. All of these have underperformed. Granted she has had songs which were big (Perfect for eg) but these are not solo projects what does ATRL feel?
  2. Pendulum

    American Eurovision to debut in 2021 Beyoncé for Texas Gaga for NY (state) Katy for California Taylor for Tennesse we love to see it
  3. Armani👑

    Singers with hits in 6 different decades?

    Who else has done it? Looking at The Isley Brothers, they had entries in 6 separate decades 1959 Peaked at #47 back then, but it now has 69 million Spotify streams which is basically a classic 1969 Peaked at #2 1975 Peaked at #4 1980 Peaked at #39 1996 Their comeback hit after 16 years. Peaked at #4. R. Kelly helped. 2001 Peaked at #19
  4. Taylor fanboy

    Was Old Town Road a blessing to Taylor?

    Imagine if the edgelord swifties was successful in topping the charts with ME!. She would’ve continued the juvenile theme, songwriting and sound of Lover and we wouldn’t have folklord. A nightmare. Was Old Town Road a blessing to music fans and Taylor herself?
  5. People love to call her a fad and hasbeen, yet she achieved so much in her career and has even better stats than a lot of pop girls today. Why are people here acting like she's had two hits in her entire career and won no awards? Christina Aguilera had a huge career for a decade long, and even in her flop decade (2010s) she won Grammys and gathered #1s and huge classics (Moves Like Jagger & Say Something), her album also received huge acclaim (Liberation). Hot 100 Top 10 Singles #1 Genie In A Bottle (1999) (Platinum) #1 What A Girl Wants (2000) (Gold) #1 Come On Over Baby (2000) (Gold) #1 Lady Marmalade (2001) #1 Moves Like Jagger (2011) (6x Platinum) #2 Beautiful (2003) (Gold) #3 I Turn To You (2000) #4 Say Something (2014) (6x Platinum) #6 Ain't No Other Man (2006) (Platinum) #7 Keeps Gettin Better (2008) #8 Feel This Moment (2012) (Platinum) Billboard 200 #1 Christina Aguilera (1999) (Diamond eligible) #1 Back To Basics (2006) (Platinum) #2 Stripped (2002) (4x Platinum) #3 Bionic (2010) (Gold) #6 Liberation (2018) #7 Lotus (2011) (Gold) GRAMMYS Best New Artist (2000) Best Pop Collab (2001) Best Latin Female Album (2001) Best Female Pop Vocal (2004) Best Female Pop Vocal (2007) Best Pop Duo/Group (2014) Billboard Music Awards - Top Female Artist (2000) EMAs - Best Female (2003) World Music Awards - Best Selling New Female Artist (2000) VMAs - VIDEO OF THE YEAR (2001) Stream this classic!
  6. A third thread, following pop girls and alt girls. List your most played songs from each artist and how many plays that song has! Azealia Cardi City Girls Doja Iggy Lauryn Megan M.I.A. Missy Nicki Remy Saweetie
  7. éclat

    AOTY vs Best Original Song

    Both near impossible to get but which would you rather have? Adele is the only MPG who has both.
  8. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Was ‘mirrorball’ about Harry?

    Sign of the Times lyrics: ‘mirrorball’ lyrics:
  9. johnny_9ss

    Is Not Gonna Get Us iconc?

    t.A.T.u.'s 2nd global single NOT GONNA GET US. I always thought the song was even better than All the Things She Said tbh. And this iconic performance NOTHING CAN STOP THIS NOT NOW I LOVE YOU THEY'RE NOT GONNA GET US!
  10. 2 of the biggest females that debuted solo in the 2000s and just nabbed their first #1s in the 2020s... Who has the better debut 1-2 punch? The iconic horn hook Jay Z featured Crazy In Love and the Sean Paul messy iconic sex bop Baby Boy Or The 10 minute penned Colby O Donnis featuring Just Dance and bisexual anthem Poker Face? Personally I think its a tie because of just how powerful and iconic the Crazy in Love horn sample is in popular music. But we also cant discount Gaga having the #1 IFPI selling single of 2009 and PF's amazing chorus.
  11. Materialboy215

    Will WAP Go No.1 On Billboard?

    Will Cardi & Meg too the Hot 100 with WAP? IMO WAP will be CB 4th no.1 hit and Meg’s 2nd no.1 hit, BOOKMARK me!! ATRL what do you all think, will WAP top the Billboard Hot 100?
  12. Erreur2 La Nature

    Bigger career : Ariana Vs Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera debuted in 1999, 21 years ago. She immediately became an important popgirl and was very successful. She has two #1 albums, several #1 songs but her career slowed down very fast. Ariana Grande debuted in 2013, 7 years ago. Her career took some time to take off but she currently is the most important popgirl. She has four #1 albums, several #1s too. Who do you think has the biggest career overall ?
  13. RULES

    Nikki, Cardi & Megan

    Just finish watching Cardi new video. I am just so tired of the same aesthetic that these mainstream hip hop artists are doing. I love Meghan's voice and flow but this video isn't really doing it for me. I was hoping Cardi would go another route. I honestly don't see any difference nowadays between Nicki, Cardi and Meghan in terms of aesthetic except Nicki has more colorful wigs. There was a shot in the video where Meghan looked almost exactly like Nicki ca. 2009. Doja spices it a bit up but she seems to be doing the same thing as well. It's just all so tired. Side Note: Whew Normani is so beeping hot!
  14. AbeHicks

    Why did "Be Kind" flop?

    The song peaked at #29 on the hot 100, and was swiftly dropped by radio after it was dead last on callouts. But we all know it's pop perfection. Why did the GP say no? (it went #4 in Malaysia though, they stan talent over there )
  15. BoyAlmighty

    Lover outsells Chromatica for a second week

    According to HDD: 15. TAYLOR SWIFT | LOVER 23,624 33. LADY GAGA | CHROMATICA 16,060 Edit: For a second week in a row 36. TAYLOR SWIFT | LOVER 17,487 42. LADY GAGA | CHROMATICA 15,009
  16. Be honest, liberal pop stans.
  17. We all know sis had nothing to do with this track.
  18. T.O.A.D.S.

    Is Rosalía an industry plant?

    The good sis is everywhere but has no hits outside of Spain to back up her hype. Why is the industry pushing her when the GP have said “No.mp3”
  19. If instead of LYTLM she released my tears ricochet as the lead single, about Justin Bieber? Would it be an ever bigger smash, the same, or flop?
  20. Hive, calm your **** before you start getting defensive. Beyonce is THE black phenomenon we've had since MJ and is probably the most representative and supportive to the black culture. After just watching Black Is King, an iconic moment for the black culture, I can't help but notice the narrative of a straight king and queen being displayed all over and have yet to see any mention or visual display of anything related to the LGBT community. Then I started thinking about there is a huge lack (or non existent) representation of LGBT community in B her music or videos and overall artistry. The irony of blacklivesmatter and this entire concept of loving oneself is that black trans and gays are murdered the most by black man. The fact that nobody is really talking about it I as a black gay man am honestly disappointed that an artist who has that much influence in the black culture, has yet to put her core fanbase; the black gay man in the forefront.
  21. Safe&Sound

    Will Taylor be left in this decade?

    I'm so afraid She keeps decreasing, GP are not here for her again after reputation, and some fans are also not as crazy as before about her This year is the last year of this decade, will she be left in this decade as she turned 30 later this year and she will not be higher in her career again afterwards?