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Found 7,493 results

  1. Shendelzare

    Ariana feat. Demi, here for it?

    Ariana is known to have random collabs with up and coming, small, and struggling artists. Since they're now both under Scooter, a collab might already be in the works. So are you excited for this collab? a pov remix maybe?
  2. Before the Dawn

    Shallow reached #1 two years ago today

    TW . . . . . Following the iconic Oscar win and performance, the song and the soundtrack skyrocketed to #1. Let's revisit the thread:
  3. Feanor

    Best year to stan your fave artist?

    In which year did your favorite artist serve the best music, the best performances, music videos, photoshoots, interviews, promo, concerts etc., so that that year was the best year to stan him/her/them? Basically, when did your fave serve this type of energy:
  4. With the success of Oprah's interview with Harry & Meghan, do you think a no-holds-barred sit down with Britney would be good? Do you think it would get high ratings, especially after Britney being so quiet in the press the last few years? I can see it happening and they could hype it up with a similar "bomb-dropping" narrative as this past interview that's made headlines everywhere.
  5. Both of these ladies are amazing in their own right! This isn’t about putting these 2 queens against each other both songs are Rap classics and both are MEGA BOPS! The Queen B, The BLUEPRINT for female MCs dropped How Many Licks in 2000 as the 2nd single from her Rap classic album The Notorious KIM! HML peaked at no. 75 on The Hot 100, no.36 on R&B, no.11 on Rap and no.11 on the Rhythmic. Rap newest reigning Queen Cardi B dropped WAP featuring Meg last August from her upcoming album! WAP debuted at no.1 & spent 4 wks at no.1 on The Hot 100 (It also went
  6. ...on Stationhead. It’s an app that allows people to link their Spotify/AM to a stream, and then when the Host plays a song it links to everybody’s Spotify/AM. As the song plays there’s a chat room for everyone at the streaming party, to keep interaction going. I saw on my TL, the Selena stans were able to get almost 400 listeners, so just from playing Selfish Love 10x = 4,000 streams. If a bigger artist did this, they can probably get 10K Listeners. Playing a song 10x = 100,000 streams from only 10 plays. Anyone else think this is a good market
  7. New Year, New K-Pop Thread Rules: https://atrl.net/index.php?/guidelines/ Everyone is to familiarize themselves with these rules. There are no exceptions or leniency moving forward. If you cannot follow these rules you will be warned and if it continues you will be thread banned.
  8. https://instagram.com/stories/billieeilish/2525232372775281690?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=wjenqtviw3g7 Do we Stan these two supportive MPGs?
  9. rihannabiggestfan

    Should Trump try again?

    Well, should she? She released "Like a Bird" in 2011 and "Paranoia" in 2016. "Like a Bird" is an artistic, ethereal, purposeful-pop bop! It kinda reminds me of Atlantis by Bridgit Mendler. very chilled out vocals, electronic elements, etc. The haunting instrumental serves Celtic, an Enya tea. It's an aural experience. She kinda sounds like Kylie Minogue at 0:47 ("crawling through the liquid love") and like Lana at 2:27 ("you know that I'm wrong, babe") The song has also been compared to Grimes, Hannah
  10. Hotline Bling? Gods Plan? Sicko Mode? Hold on We’re going Home? So many hits! Discuss
  11. Mrnoniee

    Last Ridiculous Base Thread You Saw.

    Post the last extremely ridiculous/funny/downright comical thread yo saw. This is in no way to bully/demean members who take out time to make threads and make this forum engaging for others. Your contribution is extremely regarded, threads albeit pointless/obvious are threads and provide fun, content and discussion chances. For me its: https://atrl.net/forums/topic/343101-bigger-career-taylor-or-gaga/ I mean Post more you know...
  12. Back during the Speak Now era, did you (or any who followed Taylor) think she had the makings of a pop superstar in the lines of Katy, Gaga, Rih, etc. when she was still a full fledged country star?
  13. Rowan

    Bigger 9th Era: Evermore vs Glory

    Which 9th era by a blonde American popstar was bigger? Take it to consideration first week sales, streaming numbers, year end placements, longevity, certifications, Acclaim/Grammy noms, single placements, and impact.
  14. ... for the first time and why are the songs so bad? I never got the hype for him. The only good songs from that album for me are "I Don't Mind" and "Dusk Till Dawn". ok-ish song "No Candle, No Light" . What do YOU think of the album?
  15. blackoutbaby

    Better Album: X vs Bionic

    Which album do you prefer between Kylie Minogue's X and Christina Aguilera's Bionic? Both are electropop albums from pop girls, so that's why I chose them to compare For me, it's X
  16. Madonna after the politically charged and flop American Life releases Confessions on A Dance Floor which becomes a huge worldwide success in 2005. A year later in 2006 Justin Timberlake releases FutureSex/LoveSounds, a huge dance record . Britney following that trend releases BlackOut which was received poorly in comparison with the projects mentioned above. And let’s not even talk about 2008 and The Fame worldwide takeover. Why the dancepop album by Britney didn’t live up to other dance records of that time ? Keep it polite.
  17. nostalgia

    What is your fave's Time After Time?

    Does your fave a song in her discography that is an emotional ballad that served longevity and is still remembered by the GeePee, who consider it as a classic... which has been used in media like shows and commercials? Which has been covered by the different artists of various genres? Example: Wide Awake is Katy's Time After Time
  18. Ever since IFPI launched their definitive list of the 10 most consumed artists globally in 2013, only 2 female artists have topped the list, thus becoming the most successful artist, male or female, of a calendar year: Taylor Swift in 2014 & 2019 Adele in 2015 Which other female artist(s) do you think could achieve the same and also become the biggest artist overall of a year?
  19. Olivia Newton-John - Friends For Christmas (2X Platinum), 45 years Barbra Streisand - Higher Ground (3X Platinum) 35 years into her career Celine Dion - Encore In Soir (Diamond), 35 years Cher - Believe (4X Platinum), 33 years Tina Turner - Wildest Dream (2X Platinum), 32 years Madonna - Confessions On A Dancefloor (Diamond), 23 years Janet Jackson - All For You (2X Platinum), 19 years Shakira - Sale El Sol (Diamond), 19 years Utada Hikaru - Fantome (3X Platinum), 18 years P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (4X Platinum), 17 years Sade - Lover's Rock (3X
  20. Passion

    Vinyl Talk

    . http://i.imgur.com/hRJAum0.png
  21. Just ran into this gem recently. Wendy Williams interviewed Farrah Franklin previously of DC4* fame. I'm assuming it's 2005 because Farrah states that she's 24 years old. Wendy implies that Farrah was too pretty so Beyoncé asked her daddy to get rid of her... Farrah states that she 'decided' to leave DC because the other girls were shady and it was a Knowles family production... Farrah sings acapella for Wendy (Get It Together by 702) and Wendy says her voice needs work and she needs auto-tune The whole interview is just
  22. Inspired by threads like this and the current social media outrage over problematic behaviour being exhibited by some Taylor Swift fans and celebrities like Todrick Hall: I thought this would be as good an opportunity as any to open up discussion about how we as participants in the 'stan world' can help address the overwhelming toxicity that seems to repeatedly bubble up both on this site and across social media platforms. I, for one, am sick of the endless cycle: a fanbase is 'exposed' as racist, sexist or problematic; ATRL threads are made, think pieces are posted, some stans try
  23. For background context, these were the Top Female Artists of each decade (in the US): 1960s: Aretha Franklin 1970s: Olivia Newton-John 1980s: Madonna 1990s: Mariah Carey 2000s: Beyoncé 2010s: Taylor Swift So in your opinion who's gonna be the top female artist of this decade? Personally I think it might be Taylor again if her albums continue to sell a
  24. Anticipating

    Bigger 5th era: Blackout vs. Joanne

    Which era is bigger and why? Both fifth studio albums released 9 years into their respective careers. Take everything into account (albums, singles, acclaim, impact, recurrent stats, total units, etc). Is it Britney at her lowest point or the Super Bowl fueled Joanne?
  25. I personally cannot stand the 2 minute format 😭 it's way too short and lackluster
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