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Found 7,270 results

  1. 500M views for a #29 peaking song, the lead single coming off of one of the biggest pop eras of the 2000s. Channing Tatum dancing to it in 2016 being used in FMVs for Korean actresses Cartoon Network's 2019 bumper referencing RTW's choreography why?
  2. Only behind Black Panther. Why is Queen B's power unmatched? Source: @twitterdata
  3. nostalgia

    Times when your fave did had CLASS to it

    What are some instances when your fave popgirls/film girls did something that had CLASS to it? Examples:
  4. jesus del rey

    Why is 911 MV is the best MV of the year so far?

    She served ART, FASHION, CREATIVITY, THEATRICS and ACTING. This MV is everything.
  5. Yes, they are different artists and are know for their art and pushing the boundaries, but all their peers like Aretha, Celine, Mariah, Whitney all sang the national anthems, even those who are compared to them now like P!Nk, Fergie, Normani & Madison Beer have also sung the Star Spangled Banger. Why didn't they choose to perform it and would they have in their peaks?
  6. MusicTalker

    Songs that take you back to: 2018

    I'll be going backwards, updating the year whenever I can after enough responses. It's simple, post song(s) that immediately come to mind with the year in question. Currently up is: 2018.
  7. 15 weeks later, Chromatica is still the #1 dance album in the country. Why does dance music do so poorly in the US, and why has Gaga bucked the trend? Not just now, but even with TF(M) era. While global smashes like Cant Get U Out of My Head and Hung Up, and hits like Toxic and Gimme Moore/Piece of Me all struggled in the US, JD/PF/BR smashed in the US. How did Gaga popularize dance in the US and why is she still the only artist able to top the dance charts 12 years later?
  8. For me: Adele - Chasing Pavements Ariana - Put Your Hearts Up Beyoncé - Crazy in Love (DC - Jumpin Jumpin) Britney - Baby One More Time Céline - The Power Of Love Christina - Genie In A Bottle Demi - Skyscraper Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On Gaga - Just Dance J. Lo - If You Had My Love Janet - Doesn't Really Matter Katy - I Kissed A Girl Kylie - Can't Get You Out Of My Head Lana - Video Games Madonna - Open Your Heart Mariah - Fantasy Miley - See You Again Rihanna - Pon De Replay Selena - Naturally Shakira - Objection (Tango) Taylor - Teardrops On My Guitar Whitney - It's Not Right But It's Okay
  9. idkwiam

    Ts8 or R9? Which will come first?

    Ts8 R9 In the same day. ( Imagine the threads).
  10. Materialboy215

    That Time Janet SLAYED The VMAs

    The Legendary Ms Janet Jackson SLAYED everyone that performed that night. She performed That’s The Way Love Goes and IF 1 of my favorite VMA performances #ICONIC
  11. Safe&Sound

    Create Taylor's album chapters

    So Taylor released chapters from her last album, folklore If you can make chapters for her previous albums What would it be?
  12. Paula Abdul

    Why Björk wasn't big as Mariah Carey?

    I always thought that Björk deserved success on the scale of if not Madonna, then Mariah Carey. Imagine that all her songs have become international hits: they are sung at competitions, ceremonies, in schools. The sales are huge. Endless awards for the best female singer of the year. What Björk's songs deserved to be her 19 number-one hits on Billboard Hot 100? BILLBOARD HOT 100 : BJORK NUMBER-ONE SONGS #1 - "Human Behaviour" #1 - "Venus as a Boy" #1 - "Big Time Sensuality" #1 - "Army of Me" #1 - "It's Oh So Quiet" #1 - "Hyperballad" #1 - "Possibly Maybe" #1 - "Jóga" #1 - "Bachelorette" #1 - "All Is Full of Love" #1 - "I've Seen It All" #1 - "Hidden Place" #1 - "Cocoon" #1 - "Oceania" #1 - "Triumph of a Heart" #1 - "Where Is the Line" #1 - "Earth Intruders" #1 - "Stonemilker" #1 - "Crystalline"
  13. mikeyace16

    Folklore > Lover > reputation

    Other fun facts Red > 1989 Fearless > Speak Now > debut
  14. Scotland

    Taylor Swift has two AOTYs. How?

    Two Album of The Year awards at the Grammys. How did she reach such high highs that other pop girls have not seen?
  15. MingYouToo

    Moesha or Hannah Montana. Funnier?

    two of the most iconic teen stars, one from the late 90s and the other from the mid 00s!!!!
  16. Materialboy215

    Lil’Kim FT Snoop Dogg - Kronik

    This is the perfect song to roll up a nice J too, put ya feet up and blow on some sticky icky after a long day. The Queen 🐝 did that 🙌🏾 Post some of your favorite songs about Weed?
  17. Selena’s Bad Liar

    Songs that would have been better as ballads?

    I wish every song on Rare besides Look At Her Now was a ballad and have Look At Her Now as the album closer
  18. Materialboy215

    What About That

    Another powerful performance from The legendary Janet Jackson at the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards. This song is really hitting me home with me. Janet discography is simply ICONIC 🙌🏾
  19. Dixie D'Amelio's video for her new single "Be Happy (Remix)" debuted with a higher 24h total than Lady Gaga's new single "911". Both "Be Happy" and "911" peaked at #1 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 upon initial release, however "Be Happy" may make a reappearance this week. Is Dixie now the bigger artist? Discuss
  20. ariananext

    Pop Girls Biggest Solo Hits (Streaming)

    of course, since we don't have updates on sales, these are from streaming, I shouldn't even have included LG/KP cause their huge hits look smaller just because they were from the digital era but I knew they were some of ATRL faves Ariana Grande 7 Rings - #1 / 1.5B YT / 1.2B Spotify Thank U, Next - #1 / 1.1B YT / 1.1B Spotify No Tears Left To Cry - #3 / 1.08B YT / 913M Spotify Lady Gaga Bad Romance - #2 / 1.4B YT / 456M Spotify Poker Face - #1 / 950M YT / 447 Spotify Million Reasons - #4 / 457M YT / 450M Spotify (i've switched to my phone now and I can't see the streams, can anyone give me the real number for the spotify?) Katy Perry Roar - #1 / 3.3B YT / 563M Spotify Firework - #1 / 1.3B YT / 455M Spotify Last Friday Night - #1 / 1.2B YT / 374M Spotify Taylor Swift Shake It Off - #1 / 3B YT / 475M Spotify Blank Space - #1 / 2.7B YT / 411M Spotify LWYMMD - #1 / 1.3B YT / 576M Spotify Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry - #6 / 640M YT / 823M Spotify Heart Attack - #10 / 700M YT / 287M Spotify Let It Go - #38 / 680M YT / 150M Spotify Selena Gomez Back To You - #18 / 460M YT / 710M Spotify THWWIW - #6 / 750M YT / 325M Spotify Come & Get It #6 / 800M YT / 246M Spotify Camila Cabello NBTS - #6 / 360M YT / 590M Spotify CITC - #47 / 300M YT / 388M Spotify Liar - #52 / 200M YT / 324M Spotify
  21. hétérosexuelle

    Summer Walker - Stretch You OUT appreciation thread

    The level of SLAYAGE is unmatched Best vocal delivery of all-time and she looks Sis might be awkward and with anxiety, but once she’s on a poll her body TALKS
  22. ...but millennials and gen-z gays don't respect them, musically. so this is an appreciation thread for the underrated gay icons. and not a personal opinion but facts. these gay legends are beloved and acclaimed and generally ranked in top 10 of favorite lists. by the geepee. sorry if i forgot someone else.
  23. They not only do they harass you but they serve no purpose other than to LEECH, SUCK, and STEAL your blood. Plus they dip their sticks into multiple peoples bodies which then transfers diseases into other people. Just when you think you’ve escaped them...BOOM...hours later you feel a bump. They’re incognito with their assault. They’re terrorists! Fall/winter remain the the best seasons for a reason.