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Found 7,608 results

  1. phreshprince

    Where is Cardi’s album?

    She should have released on by now... where is it?
  2. Nip Tuck

    Doja did what Megan couldn't, why?

    Why is Kiss Me More outperforming everything (both in the US and WW) Megan has put out as a lead since Savage? I was told that Doja wouldn't get another hit and was a non-factor in the US.
  3. Their own #1s and organic not one week wonders. bodak, I like it, wap, up savage say so(remix died the week later) song was massive already and was massive(for many months) after the remix died a week later Grammy wins and major noms Cardi - best rap album win, record of the year nom megan- best new artist win, best rap win, record of the year nom Doja- record of the year nom The so called degenorous queen, self claimed queen of rap once claimed: You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen
  4. New Year, New K-Pop Thread Rules: https://atrl.net/index.php?/guidelines/ Everyone is to familiarize themselves with these rules. There are no exceptions or leniency moving forward. If you cannot follow these rules you will be warned and if it continues you will be thread banned.
  5. Erreur2 La Nature

    Levitating VS Rain On Me

    Which recent pop song is bigger ? better ?
  6. Heard it today for the first time since years, and damn... It's so boring and lifeless. No idea how or why his team chose this as a PILLOWTALK follow-up when literally every other track from the album would have been a better choice.
  7. "Argue". The CFDA Fashion Icon Award rewards excellence and impact in this industry. As for now, the only female singers who own this coveted award are Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Who do you think should be next? Who impacted fashion the most with their looks through red carpets, music videos, editorials, etc.. Vote and explain yourself.
  8. How many #1 albums did your fav score in Australia? And please, list them. I will add each artist mentioned as I go. Madonna — 11 Taylor Swift — 9 Kylie Minogue — 7 P!nk — 6 Lady Gaga — 4 Mariah Carey — 3 Janet Jackson — 2 Miley Cyrus — 2 Katy Perry — 2 Adele — 2 Britney Spears — 1 Rihanna — 0
  9. nostalgia

    Was Havana the last big charity single?

    Camila Cabello decided to give the proceeds from her hit single Havana to the Dreamers Charity... Was this reminiscent of mega smash charity singles ala Candle in the Wind 97 and We Are the World? DeGeneres Queen... Ask Miss Cabello!
  10. Lucid Dreaming

    Times your faves had questionable taste.

    When Ariana decided to record 'make up'
  11. biblicalmonster

    Biggest "1-2 punch": Taylor vs. Ariana

    Which pop girl has the biggest following of hits? Vote but be careful; the poll will be public. Vs.
  12. I excluded every song which was sent to radio, had a music video, were released as promotional singles, had a singular release etc. Ariana Grande - 19 (+3 at 97-99M) my everything, just a little bit of your heart, touch it, greedy, moonlight, goodnigh n go, everytime, sweetener, successful, rem, in my head, ghostin, make up, bad idea, fake smile, bloodline, nasa, needy, motive Taylor Swift - 12 all too well, getaway car, don't blame me, i did something bad, paper rings, i forget that you existed, cruel summer, august, my tears ricochet, the last great a
  13. Which fanbase will not stop: - bringing up their fave's Grammys to validate their talent or the quality of their music - using not winning Grammys to drag other artists ...despite us knowing, deep down, that they have no correlation with music quality/artistry and that they've been corrupt for the longest time? Would love to know your thoughts.
  14. *APRIL UPDATE* 1. Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa 4.7B (nov 2019) | 13.1M daily 2. Manic - Halsey 2.9B (oct 2018) | 2.2M daily 3. Heaven & Hell - Ava Max 2.6B (aug 2018) | 3.3M daily 4. Positions - Ariana Grande 2B (oct 2020) | 5.7M daily 5. Folklore - Taylor Swift 1.8B (jul 2020) | 3.1M daily 6. Rare - Selena Gomez 1.6B (oct 2019) | 1.2M daily 7. Chromatica - Lady Gaga 1.5B (feb 2020) | 1.5M daily 8. Brightest Blue - Ellie Goulding 1.3B (oct 2018) | 844k daily 9. The Album - Blackpink 1.3B (jun 2020) | 2.6M daily 10. Plastic Hearts - Mi
  15. #1 *1 show* Lady Gaga, $1,954,280 (from Dec. 31, 2019) #2 *2 shows* Lady Gaga, $1,779,686 (average from Dec. 28-30, 2019) #3 *3 shows* Lady Gaga, $1,515,276 (average from June 6-9, 2019) #4 *3 shows* Lady Gaga $1,513,230 (average from June 12-15, 2019) #5 *3 shows* Lady Gaga $1,487,848 (average from May 30- June 2, 2019) #6 *2 shows* Lady Gaga, $1,472,241 (average from February 2-3, 2019) #7 *6 shows* Lady Gaga, $1,457,355 (average from January 17-31, 2019) #8 *1 show* Jennifer Lopez, $1,430,000 (from September 29, 2018) #9 *3 shows* Lady Gaga, $1,427,27
  16. Do you feel like Beyonce was shading anyone in particular with that quote? Here in atrl we use a lot the same logic how selling a lot doesnt mean having any impact in the real world for certain artists. Who might she be talking about?
  17. Quenn

    “LEMONADE” turns 5.

    Beyoncé's magnum opus, Lemonade, was released 5 years ago today on April 23, 2016. Accompanied by a 1 hour long film of the same title, Lemonade is Beyoncé's second "visual album", and a concept album with a song cycle that relates the emotional journey of Beyoncé after her husband Jay-Z's infidelity in a generational, female, and racial context through its music, lyrics, visuals and poetry. The key themes are; 1) Infidelity and trauma in Black relationships 2) Feminism and 3) African-American history and culture. Primarily an R&B/art pop album, Lemonade encompasses and
  18. lonnie

    Ed Sheeran flopping?

    He has released like 12 singles and none have gone top ten, some not charting at all. The most recent album he released didn't do anywhere close to his preceding album, so is he flopping?
  19. Passion

    Vinyl Talk

    . http://i.imgur.com/hRJAum0.png
  20. Rhiannon

    TBT: IFPI's Top Albums of 2011

    Time flies! 10 years ago we had one of the most memorable years in pop music... The way Gaga, Katy, Adele, Rih, Bey slayed.. the incredible VMAs performances.. Too many good memories ugh How many albums did you buy in 2011? What are your favorite albums released in 2011? Click here for Full list.
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