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Found 7,299 results

  1. jacklovesyou1

    More known to the Gp: Gaga or Freddy Krueger

    Both known to the gp but which one is more known?
  2. — Less than 100k pure — 60M views — Unknown by the locals — Lowest selling #1 single this year Can we agree cardigan is the least popular #1 single of 2020.
  3. ASIB gave Gaga's career a much needed revival.... but was it a temporary revival? Why didn't ASIB's success carry over to Chromatica???
  4. Katamari

    Trust you will be dealt with! Period!

    there are so many layers to this video honestly the mother serving elastigirl waist the period the “bitch” The overall dramatics of it all the fact she’s reading a script her emphasis on”bitch”
  5. Or has that ship sailed for Demi, Selena, Miley, JoBros, Raven and Hilary
  6. Safe&Sound

    Nobody's Love falls like rock on radio chart

    As easy comparison, I compare it to cardigan which was released at the same day as the song 2 weeks ago : 15. Nobody's Love : 7.453 (+56) | 29.264 (+0.282) 18. (-1) cardigan : 5.550 (-14) | 21.132 (-0.062) cardigan already shows signs of slowing down and stalled around #17 - #18 range, while Nobody's Love managed to break Top 15, even Top 13 Yesterday's update : 20. (-1) cardigan : 5.288 (-125) | 18.527 (-0.492) 23. (-2) Nobody's Love : 4.256 (-765) | 14.834 (-3.212) But now, the song falls dramatically, even below cardigan What caused this?
  7. Acoustic TIWYCFs, maybe a pop smash here and there? Imagine Rih's butter vocals on something like Delicate
  8. Why? All the other big pop girls have one. Shakira: 5 Taylor: 5 Katy: 5 Rihanna: 5 P!nk: 1 Gaga: 1 Beyoncé: 1
  9. Slate

    thank u, next vs 7 rings

    Which of Ari's first two #1s does ATRL prefer? The heartfelt timeless classic TUN or the hard-hitting bop 7R? Choose wisely
  10. Erreur2 La Nature

    Time(s) your fave gave someone his biggest hit ever

    by collaborating with that artist
  11. At 3:30 onwards of the song, you can hear a 'ha, ha, ha' whisper in the bridge, its sampled from 2010s Innocent, a Kanye West dedicated track of forgiveness. its like shes laughing at it
  12. jacklovesyou1

    More known to the Gp: Beyonce or Michael Myers?

    Both known to the Gp who is more known? or
  13. Yohan

    Bigger in 2020: Gaga vs Beyoncé

    Who feels bigger in 2020?
  14. MingYouToo

    Rihanna vs Ariana vs Gaga: Better Dancer?

    probably has the best swag and rhythm among all of them, zero technicality and no isolations tho easily the most flexible MPG out there, splits and all the ballerina sh*t, is very smooth as well, doesn't dance hard though. undoubtedly the most innovative and quirky with her dance moves, always has energy, some people hate her dances, some love it.
  15. Buzzcutseason

    Clairo is coming, surprised?

    Spotify US 125 +44 Sofia by Clairo 235,742 *NEW PEAK*
  16. Me & My Hits

    Will Demi Lovato get a hit this era?

    TMYLM era had some cute hits like (SNS, No Promises, Echame La Culpa, Solo) After the 2020 dual lead singles from Ms. Lovato, the GP said no to her mcsingles. Will she get a hit this era? Her new song with Samantha is not getting huge streams despite major playlists and cover exposure that currently sits #3 on Today Top Hits. Anyone - Out of top 200 I Love Me - Out of top 200 If no is your answer. What can she do to get a HIT?
  17. Stans think it might be a new era. Highly doubt it though.
  18. Paula Abdul

    Why Fegrie was huge during "The Dutchess"?

    Fegrie was one of the biggest acts during 00's, thanfully to her release, "The Dutchess" "The Dutchess" - #1 in 1 countries "London Bridge" - #1 in 2 countries "Fergalicious" - #2 in 1 countries "Glamorous" - #1 in 1 countries "Big Girls Don't Cry" - #1 in 12 countries "Clumsy" - #3 in 1 countries Awards for The Dutchess era. American Music Awards - Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica - Mejor Artista Nuevo Internacional MTV Australia Music Video Awards - Sexiest Video MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Best Female Video MTV Video Music Awards - Female Artist of the Year Meus Prêmios Nick - Best International Artist Teen Choice Awards - Choice Female Artist Young Entertainer Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award
  19. Yes, they are different artists and are know for their art and pushing the boundaries, but all their peers like Aretha, Celine, Mariah, Whitney all sang the national anthems, even those who are compared to them now like P!Nk, Fergie, Normani & Madison Beer have also sung the Star Spangled Banger. Why didn't they choose to perform it and would they have in their peaks?
  20. Do you think Katy Perry should star in the reboot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch?
  21. They not only do they harass you but they serve no purpose other than to LEECH, SUCK, and STEAL your blood. Plus they dip their sticks into multiple peoples bodies which then transfers diseases into other people. Just when you think you’ve escaped them...BOOM...hours later you feel a bump. They’re incognito with their assault. They’re terrorists! Fall/winter remain the the best seasons for a reason.
  22. 4 iconic alternative anthems by underground female artist made to appeal to a younger demographic. Which do you prefer?
  23. Paula Abdul

    Acts who moved from A to D-list?

    Do you know the examples of artists who were legitimately A-list star, but suddenly moved to C/D category with follow-up records? Paula Abdul 1989 : Forever Your Girl – 18M copies WW – A+ Star 1991 : Spellbound – 9M copies WW – A- Star 1995 : Head Over Heels – 1M copies WW – C- Star 2002-2006 : American Idol – A Star (TV)