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Found 5,186 results

  1. Artists like Lil Nas X face constant pressure and hatred but Harry Styles is hailed as this great ally or whatever for the LGBTQ community when this man has never done or said anything to actually get involved or support LGBTQ politics. the spiciest thing he does is wave a flag around.God forbid he actually say something vaguely critical about the Don't Say Gay Bill or like even tweet a vague "**** JK Rowling" even though he knows that it would be received extremely well and get the right people mad at him.
  2. Did she lie? Did she f-ing LIE?
  3. Ricardo1993

    Better actress? Ali Larter vs Lady Gaga

    Ali Larter is the girl from Final Destination. She had light ash brown hair in the first film and medium golden blonde hair in the second film. She also got her ass whopped by Beyoncé for ******* her man behind Beyonces back. Gaga is known for her roles as Ally in ASIB, The Countess in AHS and Patrizia Reggiani in HOG. even though people say “she played herself” I still enjoy Gagas character in ASIB. Ally was wooden at times but she was so likable, funny and her mannerisms were quite different than gagas mannerisms. Bradley mentioned that Gaga changed her mannerisms so people can differentiate her character from her pop star image. who do you think is the better actress?
  4. Scotland

    Did Beyoncé re-surpass GaGa?

    In the last few years, GaGa has had big big achievements: #1s on Hot 100 f/ Ariana and Brad - #1 albums - massive grossing movie, ASIB - Oscars - Grammy, and other awards. Big movie deals such as GUCCI, Joker and potentially Bayonetta. All while Beyoncé has had some small projects and no solo #1 since 2008. But has Beyoncé turned this all around with her new #1 album and single and potentially GRAMMYS. Has she re-surpassed GaGa?
  5. Safe&Sound

    Break My Soul v Rain On Me : bigger?

    Which #1 hit single by these female artists, is bigger and better?
  6. Mrs. Carter

    Am I the only one who HATES Video Essays?

    I find them self indulgent, pretetious and VERY tedious. Its even worse when the person doesn't know what their talking about and they just keep talking in circles for 45 minutes. Some do this thing where they apply sociological analysis to EVERYTHING. Like, what does SpongeBob have to do with Marx?
  7. little legend

    Is Paula Abdul the old Katy Perry?

    Both started with massive debut , then didn't have this massive success but still managed to be semi relevant with the GP remembering their old big hits and both were American Idol's judges?
  8. traitor is now getting more than 100,000 streams on Spotify than good 4 u daily, why? did talent win or lose? what does this say for OR2? should she continue with ballads?
  9. I find the reactions to be disingenuous, the videos clog up the youtube search and it's overall lazy content creation.
  10. Deserved a real Top 10 debut me thinks
  11. Since most people seem to have already forgotten, early-2019 chanteuse Billie Eilish released her 2nd studio album Happier Than Ever in July last year, over 9 months ago. Today, after seeing the TikTok-ready 2 minutes-long edit of its title track still sitting comfortably in TTH for a 275th consecutive day, I decided to take a look at the album's streams. I was surprised to find the album's non singles, as well as most of its 6(?) TTH-topping singles, exhibiting underwhelming numbers: As shown above, the album's most streamed non-single has 92M streams, and the least streamed one is sitting at an embarrassing 38m streams. Moreover, some of the album's tracks have already fallen below 100k recurrent streams, which is on par with b-lister albums released years ago such as Sweetener or Rare. It is also noticeable that full singles such as My Future and Lost Cause are doing just above 200k daily, which is pretty bad for recurrent streams of just year-old high TTH-topping singles with full on MVs and radio deals. In comparison, since Olivia is often considered a peer of Billie, SOUR was released around the same time of HTE and has its album tracks spanning between 500M to 180M streams, 4-5 TIMES Billie's album track streams(!). The latest albums from Ariana, Doja, Olivia, Dua and even Miley managed to score at least one up to several 100M-streamed album tracks. Why couldn't Billie achieve the same nearly a year after release, despite it being an undeniably highly promoted era and Spotify-pushed in particular? Who are Billie's peers now considering this information?
  12. Why did Renaissance open with 180 million streams when I was repeatedly told by liddos that Beyonce was irrelevant? What does that make Chromatica and Gaga if she only did less than half of what Beyoncé did. The math isn't mathing.
  13. reputation era theme is “There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation.” Beyonce released RENAISSANCE without explanation… not even a music video. She just let the music speak for itself. Do you think that is what reputation era should have been like? thoughts.
  14. Based on HDD's recent projections, Renaissance is expected to do 76,400 in SEA for Week 2. In contrast, Chromatica's first week did 65,000 in SEA. With the novelty of the new release no longer present, why do you think Bey's second wee is slated to do better than Chromatica's debut week? More importantly, why did many Monsters run into the HDD thread to make fun of Bey's second week numbers? References: Lady Gaga's number 1 Chromatica first week sales score biggest female album debut of 2020 | EW.com
  15. Recency bias is a cognitive bias that favors recent events over historic ones; a memory bias. Recency bias gives "greater importance to the most recent event", such as the final lawyer's closing argument a jury hears before being dismissed to deliberate ATRL has always called her over, a legacy act, that she's had her time in the spotlight, but now that RENAISSANCE is here, her renaissance in ATRLs mind is back, now they're pitting her against girls who weren't even born when CiL went #1, being compared to artists 10 years her junior. Beyonce isn't being given her respect and dues as a legendary 25 year career spanning artist because she's still in the GAME, she isn't just a touring act, she's stil capable of pushing out HITS, pushing out massive first week sales, capable of going viral on Twitter for a random picture or going 20M on IG, she's still mainstream and that's why people don't give her the respect, because in their eyes, she's still one of the 'IT girls' and it shows in the way ATRL treats her, she isn't treated like Madonna or Janet or Mariah or Whitney (who have had shorter mainstream career stats than her tbh but that's not the point) because 25 years later, she's still standing among the new generation. TL;DR: Beyonce's career is objectively legendary, and yet because she's still here in the mainstream cranking hits despite the length of her career, she is being treated like one of ATRLs new crop of popgirls. Recency bias.
  16. My Tears Ricochet

    Beyoncé selling thongs for Beyhive. Surprised?

    https://shop.beyonce.com/products/baby-come-over-thong-set Did you get one?
  17. It seems like Gaga has picked producers that have been working with Madonna beforehand: BloodPop, Skrillex, Rami Yacoub - Rebel Heart album Honey Dijon - MX remixes Was Gaga inspired by Madonna's roster?
  18. MrDog

    Will Beyonce try to win an Oscar?

    After Rena semi smashed I think it's time for her to try to conquer again the movie industry and bag a rolę & sweep some awards to become a legend. Wbu?
  19. No MPG in that era did it like Britney did with the Oops! album
  20. mikeyace16

    If Britney Spears did ASIB?

    How would it have fared
  21. On July 22nd, "I wanna end me" songstress Billie Eilish released two new singles to immediate top NMF and TTH playlisting. As per the new H100 update: TV #52-OUT The 30th #79-OUT The songs were released following months of live performances of the tracks in attempt to generate hype among the singer's remaining fans. The single "TV" also features multiple TikTok-ready, meme lyrics such as "watching survivor just to watch somebody suffer" and "The internet's gone wild watching movie stars on trial". A BBC Radio 1 interview was aired alongside the release in to further promote the tracks. Are you surprised to learn the chart run of these brand new singles from "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish? Do you think these singles would have done better commercially, had they been released at a more prolific stage in her career - such as early 2019/the WWAFA era? Discuss.
  22. Britney's first single after the c-ship is not solo which I've learned on ATRL is really bad. It's also a cover of an old hit which I've learned on ATRL makes you a tribute act. On top of that, it's a collab with an old man which I've been told is like super unacceptable. Oh and I forgot to mention that old man is coming off of a monster smash single which means using him for a hit? Are you surprised? I'm just going off of what I've been told for the past many years.
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