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Found 7,028 results

  1. Rihanna’s career turns 16 in March 2021 - the month she first released her debut single “Pon De Replay” in 2005. As we look back at the career of the: • Biggest Hitmaker of the 21st Century in the U.S and Worldwide. • The Biggest Selling Digital Artist of All-Time, Worldwide. • The Biggest Selling Female Artist of the 21st Century thus far, Worldwide. • The World’s Richest Female Musician, according to Forbes. What would you say/argue is her most important/significant album + era as a whole to date? ”Music Of T
  2. as fast or cancelled at all?? i draw alot of paralell's between her and Kanye (call me delusional but shes female rapper that is on his level at all) they both say ignorant **** and Kanye has had backlash for dumb **** he has said in the past but he's still kicking
  3. It's painful to watch. I think the song's key is too high for him. Am I wrong?
  4. Anticipating

    Gaga inspired by Xtina?

    Would you agree with Fighters yes or no?
  5. jdmc219

    50th Anniversary of What's Going On!

    A song that is still relevant to this day! A song that is a part of the legacy of Marvin Gaye! Touching on war, police brutality, rioting, Marvin Gaye dropped the love songs and actually focused on the reality of what's going on in this world. Still today. The lead single off the album, it set the scale for concept albums to be made. His second most successful single to date on Motown, it sold over two million copies. Five weeks at #1 on the Hot Soul Singles Charts, crossing over to #2 on the Hot 100. Covered by many, it
  6. And have the biggest moment of the day, and make us feel like the rainbow that comes after the hurricane. Why?
  7. There are only 12 songs that managed to chart for a year or more on the Hot 100 without going top 5 (and 5 that did it without going top 10). Of these 12, which is your favorite? I love the high-energy of Sail, the roaring vocals, and the very early 2010s industrial electropop/dubstep production. The fact that it's the lowest peaking song EVER to chart for a year or more (#17 on Hot 100) and it is the second longest charting song EVER (79 weeks), only Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" has done more (87 weeks). @naval23 A chart-run
  8. While everyone else quarantines, superspreader Dua Lipa has been touting her lavish pro-COVID international vacations across social media without backlash Dua's peers - i.e. Rita Ora, the Kardashians, and even her current boyfriend Anwar Hadid - have faced scrutiny for their insensitive and tone deaf decisions to travel amid the global pandemic, but Dua has remained relatively unscathed. Why?
  9. Ampersand13

    Most Promo Sensitive Artists and the Least?

    Okay, so this is not a flame-bait thread nor do I want to see any trolling! I was just thinking about how some artists can manage to get successful singles, eras, etc. while barely promoting, while other artists tend to receive massive boosts from promotional spots. Personally, I don't think either is better than the other per se. It got me thinking about what defines the success itself. To me, an artist who is successful without promotion tends to have a solidified fanbase who will be purchasing their product regardless of if they perform on television, give interviews, payola etc
  10. Erreur2 La Nature

    'Stupid Love' sold 500k copies this week !

    Are you impressed ?
  11. The 2021 performers could never
  12. Harrys Hairflip

    Is it time for a reggae sound trend?

    I wish it was a thing in the us, the trap needs to go and give space to some reggae bops This was the last reggae hit in the us
  13. JuanXito

    Latin beats are everywhere. Why?

    Latin beats are everywhere — on the radio, in clubs, playing in doctors offices, in commercials, in concerts, on TV, and literally everywhere you look or listen. I conclude that Spanish is nowadays almost as important as English in the music industry. It's crazy how Spanish is rising. The music is danceable and relatable because you focus on how it makes you feel and how it makes you move
  14. Avariko

    Can we run out of melodies?

    Do you ever think about this? Cause I do quite often. Do you think we will run out of new melodies and are left with recycling existing ones or do you think we can always create something new? Discuss!
  15. StrangerInTheDark

    Songs with long build up to chorus?

    I've been thinking how I am always slayed when I hear these two songs, thanks to their long build up to chorus, but I can't think of any other examples right now? Can you?
  16. Hope this means she'll get even more investment from now on. Queen of her label
  17. Honestly.. it's tragic at this point. Selena Gomez released her first full spanish single previous week and Interscope didnt support the single... They didnt even put the song on TTH or any big latin playlist, the song still did ok despite lack of playlisting. But on the other hand, Billie's new song with Rosalia is #1 on TTH already! I know billie is bigger than selena currently but selena's playlisting is weak despite being one of the most streamed female artists in the platform.. Why? :/
  18. She ended the night with her explosive performance which was the best of the entire ceremony and received the most praise and attention by the media and GP. Agree?
  19. 1990 - Debut - 4 #1's and 14 million in global album sales. - It made her an instant household name in the US and other English speaking countries and introduced her to the world. 1993 - Music Box - 2 #1's and 27 million in global album sales. - It is her biggest selling album to date and remains one of the 10 biggest selling albums by a female artist. It was her European breakthrough era and the first album for which she performed a few concerts. 1994 - Merry Christmas - 1 #1 single and 14 million in global album sales. -
  20. postsus

    Music peaked in 2010-2011. Why?

    Face it, old is better. Classique.
  21. Digitalism

    Has Billie wasted all of her hype?

    And do you think the second album will do the same numbers as her debut?
  22. She paved the way of good-girl-gone-bad evolution.
  23. abrahamjmr

    What's Taylor's best album?

    I've gotten into her music recently. I used to be a stan back when she was in her country years and then got lost during Red. But folklore and evermore have brought me back to her lines and focus only on the music, which is great and has been great since her first record. Which one do you think is her best album?
  24. Breathe On Moi

    Have you seen this gif?

    omg wow what an iconic moment, what an important moment
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