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Found 7,745 results


    Why Emily Osment didn't happened?

    Emily released her debut album "Fight or Flight" in 2010, although the bops and dance smashs it just peaked at 170 in BB 200. Her most charted single was "Lovesick" that got #57 in UK and #65 on Canada Hot100. "Let's Be Friends" peaked in #24 on Japan chart!! The album have the same vibe as Selena's "Stars Dance", and have some bops in it. Why didn't Emily took off?
  2. Both now a regular part of Clarkson’s encore set at shows, her covers of 11 o clock ballads from the two biggest original musicals of the 21st century. (Both of which originated from an all star covers album), which do you prefer "It’s Quiet Uptown" from The Hamilton Mixtape "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman Reimagined
  3. BIJ didnt make into Top 50 of Billboard Hot 100 despite how catchy it is and how star-studded the MV is Meanwhile, Kiss Me More did well on first day, and garnered over 20mil streams on Youtube + Spotify after 2 days Why?
  4. naval23

    Pussycat Dolls "Buttons" turns 15!

    "Buttons" was released as the 4th single of PCD's debut studio album PCD (2005). The song was a commerical success, making top 5 in 12 countries including Australia (#2), Belgium (#4), Germany (#4), Ireland (#4), Scotland (#3), Slovakia (#4), Switzerland (#3) and the UK (#3). It reached #1 in Austria, Hungary & New Zealand. In the US, it peaked at #3, spending 11 weeks in the top 10 and 30 weeks overall, and ranked #15 on the year end charts, selling over 2 million copies in the USA. It is their 2nd biggest hit in the USA after their debut single "Don't Cha" which
  5. Safe&Sound

    Timber vs Scream & Shout : bigger?

    Which popgirl collab with a rapper is bigger classic?
  6. JuanXito

    Solo careers that flopped

    Which artists used to be in successful bands and had an underwhelming solo career? Did you expect them to be big? Rachel Stevens of SClub7 Nick Carter of Bsb Emma Bunton of Spice Girls Jc Chasez Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole is the biggest example I think, it's sad she's really talented but her solo music wasn't good
  7. NotAvaMax

    What Happened to Kim Petras?

    She dropped her lead single like a year ago then just disappeared Wtf is she doing does anyone know?
  8. professor2000

    Doja did what Nicki couldn’t. Why?

    Don’t be fooled by the title, this is a genuine question (as I enjoy both). Why do you think Doja marries Pop + Rap so well, but Nicki couldn’t? Is it because Doja has better producers that sit in the “pocket” of Pop + Rap better (Yeti, Luke, etc)? Is it because Doja’s singing voice lends itself better to Pop music? Is Doja a better Pop songwriter? Or does she just have more eclectic taste in Pop? What y’all think? Or do you disagree and think Nicki is better at mixing Pop + Rap?
  9. Madame X

    is julien better than raw me?

    we all know this song, the sax hook, the thumping beat, the massive chorus but is lead single to dedicated, julien, better? it has everything, two hooks in the chorus, amazing chimes, amazing bass. is julien better?
  10. During the past century, British Monarchy faced many crises and questionings that put the Royal Family and their position at risk. Queen Elizabeth II played a crucial role to keep things together and prevent the fall of the Royals, gaining her image and place as Mother of the Kingdom, a beloved and revered Matriarch that, to this day, British people proudly keep as their leader. Prince Charles, heir of the crown, is a different story. With a history of scandals and complete lack of charisma, he's hardly a reputable and respected figure that the British would like to cla
  11. His first single was #1 on Billboard and +15 countries. His debut album was #1 on BIllboard and +10 countries. Almost 17M certified sales with one album and two singles. #4 best selling albums (IFPI 2019) #8 bes selling sons (IFPI 2019) And all of this with one album and 2 singles
  12. So I'm wondering what ATRL thinks is more impressive. To get nominated for a grammy (not win, just get nominated) or to get a #1 smash hit. Thots?
  13. Nemo

    bye bye > migrate

    idk, from what i've seen over the years is constant slander toward one of mariah's memorial classics and migrante praise as if it's anything but a dated album track. i mean, i can somewhat understand the single treatment argument, but i'm not saying anything, i'm just saying
  14. 4 In The Morning was released as the 3rd single from Gwen's platinum sophomore album The Sweet Escape. The album's first two singles went top 10 meanwhile 4 In The Morning only peaked at #54. In my opinion it's one of her best songs so why did it peak so low?
  15. Timber

    Don't Start Now surpasses Shallow

    It is now the 7th most streamed female song on Spotify. It is also the female song that gains the mostly daily streams (out of the listed songs). The next song for it to suprass is her very own New Rules. 1 (4) Tones And I Dance Monkey 2,200,533,985 1,437,777 2019 2 (9) Billie Eilish bad guy 2,029,380,135 1,126,183 2019 3 (13) Camila Cabello
  16. Eglė

    Lana vs Demi

  17. MoonGoodandHappy

    Catchiest Song : Levitating Vs Hung Up

    Which is the catchiest song ? Levitating or Hung Up ? Both songs are so good
  18. I read this statement in a thread earlier and thinking about it it's something I see people say pretty often on internet, especially in YouTube comments ("he/she's one of the few who sounds very good live") or in stan world. But.. I don't think it's true? Are there really all these vocally untalented people in pop music? I think most of them are able to sing well, and there are many of them who are pretty good, actually. (obviously in this case vocally talented = being able to sing on key and sing well live, not talking vocalists level) What do you think?
  19. which of the following in your opinion is the better Pop Girl Collaborations? feel free to put them in order of best to worst. I excluded collaborations with more than one female artist aswell as rappers as many of our fave rap girls have collaborated with soooo many other girls that the list would go on forever sorry if I missed a few, these were just the first ones I thought of.
  20. Despite really good sales it seems luck just doesn't seem to be on Demi's side. She lost out on the #1 spot in the UK with just a 272 copy difference as well.
  21. AbeHicks

    Can Nicki Minaj Score Another Hit?

    She won 2020 with bagging multiple hits, but she also destroyed her reputation a bit in the process by associating with that thing. However, pop girls often go on to have successful eras after giving birth. Do you see one last hurrah for Mrs Petty?
  22. Apocrypha

    Why is this Mariah hit so overlooked?

    It's one of my favorite MiMi hits but I've never seen anyone talk about it. Peaked at #3, spent 21 weeks in the top 40 and ended up at #17 on the 2003 year-end chart. I get that it's more of a straight classic but still...
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