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Found 7,224 results

  1. naval23

    Avril's "Head Above Water" turns 2

    (I'm a week late, dkm) Such a gorgeous lead single - those verses omg I've gotta keep the calm before the stormmmmmmmm It really still slays me to this day A Canadian multi-platinum and US Gold hit
  2. Donquizote

    Gaga vs Beyonce: Who will win AOTY first?

    Both never win AOTY before. Who do you think will win first?
  3. Safe&Sound

    cardigan vs Mine

    Which lead single which shows maturity in the lyric and has moderate success is better and bigger?
  4. I thought those two fan bases get along together but the amount of hate threads lately show something happened .
  5. Future Nostalgia 2,347,338,884 Manic 2,024,546,745 Heaven & Hell 1,945,261,326 Rare (Deluxe) 1,366,765,871 Brightest Blue 1,190,515,548 Any surprises? Note: CHROMATICA and folklore are both coming for #5 but given their daily streams it seems only folklore will make it into the Top 5 this year.
  6. DTF

    Biggest MPG Latina?

    Shakira is obviously massive, but is Mariah the biggest Latina MPG of recent times? As you already know, Mariah is Venezuelan through her father’s side, and she embraced her ancestry through creating music, from the musical arrangement and instrumentation of songs such as My All to songs sung in Spanish such as Mi Todo. That may also be why what Tommy Mottola betrayed her with JLo was so hurtful to her because he was weaponizing her creativity and heritage to crash her career and supplant her with another MPG.
  7. Pendulum

    Do you like Die Antwoord?

    The problematic South African legends making techno rave BOPS
  8. DesiredConsternation

    The last good rom com you watched

    What was it?
  9. duybeeGAshantiGA

    Why Miley never does vibrato?

    Despite being a great vocalist, I have noticed for years that she never used vibrato when she sings. Like never. Is it because of choice or she just cant use it? I mean most good vocalists use vibrato. Selena is like the only other pop girl who cant use vibrato and we all know why.
  10. DesiredConsternation

    Taylor vs Gaga: bigger eras?

    The Fame vs Taylor Swift The Fame Monster vs Fearless Born This Way vs Speak Now ARTPOP vs RED Cheek to Cheek vs 1989 Joanne vs reputation A Star Is Born vs Lover Chromatica vs folklore
  11. According to ATRL, Bradley Cooper who had never recorded a song in his life was the reason Shallow and the ASIB soundtrack smashed. He was also the reason the movie smashed. But his last starring role before ASIB, "Burnt", was a panned megaflop. It made less $ in its ENTIRE GLOBAL RUN did ASIB did in its US OPENING WEEKEND. Please explain, ATRL
  12. Beyoncé, Mariah, Billie, Demi, Xtina, Nicki... I see a lot of stans commenting on their weights. Do you categorize these girls as fat? It is true that they are not totally thin like stars like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, ... do you consider them 'fat' or just with 'generous/thick curves'?
  13. P!nk Forever

    Are Alt-Rock/Indie guys hotter than Pop boys?

    Yes? No? Why? Aaron Bruno, AWOLNATION Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT Beck Hansen, Beck Brandon Flowers, The Killers Brendon Urie, Panic! at the Disco Chris Martin, Coldplay Dan Auerbach, The Black Keys Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons Dan Smith, Bastille Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend Harry McVeigh, White Lies Hozier Jack White, The White Stripes/The Dead Weather James Bay John Gourley, Portugal. The Man Julian Casablancas, Kasabian/The Strokes Kele Okereke, Bloc Party Kevin Parker, Tame Impala Luke Pritchard, The Kooks Mark Foster, Foster the People Matt Shultz, Cage The Elephant Matthew Bellamy, Muse Michael Stipe, R.E.M. Morrissey Nicholas Petricca, Walk the Moon Robin Pecknold, Fleet Foxes Sufjan Stevens Tyler Joseph, Twenty One Pilots Vance Joy Yannis Philippakis, Foals
  14. Let me to cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  15. DesiredConsternation

    World War I: ATRL edition

    2013: Monsters and Katycats go to war with each other over of Roar x Applause. 2015: Bad Blood happens and Swifties join the Monsters to fight the Katycats 2017: Witness happens Katycats surrender and dissapear from ATRL 2018: A Star Is Born happens, Monster x Swfities alliance peaks. 2019: Ariana upsets the balance of power with smash era thank u next. Is "Ariana bigger than" threads flood ATRL. Ariantors become the new target of the Swifties and Monsters. ME! faills to debut at #1 some monsters turn on Taylor and make fun of the lover era 2020: Rain on Me happens and Monsters and Arianators reconcile. Swifties and Monsters start feuding outright. Neutral powers: Rihanna Navy and Daydreamers who never leave their base
  16. Both are considered to be, if not the first popgirls, then the proto-popgirl; a model of what would become the popgirl that we know and love now. Judy exhibited the first time a performer can be exceling in fields with vocals (which would evolve as the popgirls like Barbra, Gaga, Whitney, etc...). Meanwhile Marilyn was the first mainstream pop performer who weaponized their sexuality and put image and scandal foremost (Cher, Katy, Janet, etc...). When all is said & done, who do you think had the bigger imprint to today's popgirls and still reverberate a legacy felt to this day?
  17. genio

    Ava Max predicted to go Top 40

    #39 (+18) Kings & Queens ATRL called her a one hit wonder, but look at miss Max getting another Top 40 hit 2 years after her debut single
  18. thatsmydemi

    Ellie Goulding's "Bleach" Appreciation Thread

    Take a moment to listen to this masterpiece. You're welcome.
  19. DesiredConsternation

    The monsters x swiftie alliance died, what next?

    I remember back during the reputation era both bases were practically tied at the hip and always deflecting threads trying to pit the two against each other other replying with "both queens" or "both bigger than x" anyways that's over now and the bases are practically at each other's throats. So what's next for the two bases? Should Swifties debut a new alliance with the Navy and Monsters with arianators
  20. #23 peaking flop song 'Sometimes' has 182M views #1 song Genies in the bottle has 157M views Surprised?
  21. DesiredConsternation

    Rihanna vs Taylor: bigger eras?

    A Girl Like Me vs Taylor Swift Music of the Sun vs Fearless Good Girl Gone Bad vs Speak Now Rated R vs RED Loud vs 1989 Talk That Talk vs reputation Unapologetic vs Lover ANTI vs folklore
  22. Katy's managed to collect three consecutive smash eras since her debut but her music career declined massively after, and just 5 eras in almost no one buys or streams her new materials, not even her fans. Ariana, on the other hand, started with slow but steady career however as her eras passes by she keeps getting bigger and bigger. 3 years ago she hadn't had any number 1 songs in the US but now she's collecting them like coins. Katy obviously has a much bigger peaks (so far) but Ariana has a much more stable career and is also much more acclaimed. Which music career would you love to have if given the chance?
  23. DesiredConsternation

    Coldplay vs. Taylor, bigger eras?

    Parachutes vs.Taylor Swift Rush of Blood to the Head vs Fearless X&Y vs Speak Now Viva la Vida vs RED Mylo Xyloto vs 1989 Ghost Stories vs reputation Head Full of Dreams vs Lover Everyday Life vs folklore
  24. Materialboy215

    Your Favorite Old School Divas?

    I’m talking about the ORIGINAL divas like The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, The Boss Diana Ross, Etta James, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Cher, Barbra Streisand etc Which old school divas were your favorite and post your fav songs from them?!? Aretha is NO1 for me her music is simply too timeless and iconic and her voice was heaven sent! Until You Come Back, Something He Can Feel, Rock Steady, Natural Woman, A Rose is Still a Rose, It Hurts Like Hell, RESPECT, Ain’t No Way etc Aretha has hits for DAYS! and I name The BOSS DIANA ROSS & Patti Labelle.
  25. Mirrorcle

    Katy Perry: Prism Surpasses 10B Streams

    Spotify YT: Official MV YT: Lyric YT: Audio YT: live, BTS, teaser, etc Roar 564,916,268 3,180,608,757 89,242,212 74,214,005 3,908,981,242 Legendary Lovers 40,491,896 40,491,896 Birthday 131,652,902 73,836,537 284,790,222 10,235,164 500,514,825 Walking on Air 37,807,303 13,875,014 51,682,317 Unconditionally 243,579,801 545,415,898 25,282,735 5,737,222 820,015,656 Dark Horse 707,736,525 2,874,725,178 88,105,256 22,514,046 3,693,081,005 This is How We 200,695,849 746,344,612 13,366,565 5,751,640 966,158,666 International Smile 31,375,837 31,375,837 Ghost 21,978,166 21,978,166 Love Me 22,757,399 22,757,399 This Moment 21,226,295 21,226,295 Double Rainbow 20,626,868 20,626,868 By The Grace of God 29,850,678 7,825,016 37,675,694 Spiritual 12,314,460 12,314,460 It Takes Two 17,133,260 17,133,260 Choose Your Battle 11,564,625 11,564,625 Total 2,115,708,132 7,434,805,996 412,681,734 95,930,272 118,452,077 10,177,578,211 Spotify: 2,115,708,132 YouTube: 8,061,870,079 Total: 10,177,578,211