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Found 8,262 results

  1. moonlitdick

    ROM = Best Pop Duo/Group Grammy?

    Do y’all think Rain On Me will win that Grammy?
  2. zeddga

    Which BTD is better?

    Born To Die by Lana or Back To December by Taylor? Both are timeless classics but for me its Taylor I think
  3. moonlitdick

    Black Widow > Dark Horse. Why?

    Why is the song Katy Perry rejected in favor of Dark Horse better than the borefest that she ultimately went with?
  4. Taylor fanboy

    10th Year of Taylor’s #LastKissDay

    A masterpiece cult classic giving birth to its own holiday.
  5. The infamous VMA performance where Monica punched Brandy in the face backstage just prior - you'll notice Brandy never looks at Monica's direction throughout the performance - posted some YouTube comments below because they're a kiki The fact that Brandy was able to control her voice even after getting punched in the face shows how superior she is (2K likes) To learn that Brandy was assaulted before this performance and still killed it vocally makes her even doper. (3K likes) The fact that they really hated each other here makes this video even better lol. If you notice, Brandy refused to look in Monica's direction for the majority of the performance. Brandy is a real professional because if you punch me we fighting backstage, on stage, and at the after party. (6K likes) Brandy is such a professional. I would have lost my ish on stage. Monica was dead wrong and unprofessional AF. Props to Brandy for keeping it cute, classy, and lady like. Oh and them vocals from Brandy. Baby gave me chills. (2K likes) Brandy channeled all of her frustrations in this performance and it shows! Monica should have hit those notes instead of hitting Brandy. (1K likes) Lmao brandy could have punched her back on stage and people would have thought it was part of the performance (4K likes)
  6. popmusiccritic

    Taylor's gayest album?

    This isn't meant to offend anyone, serious question, which is Taylor's gayest album? Discuss and explain!
  7. .Odyssey.

    Introducing: The Katy Klowns!

    The new and improved stan base for Katy Perry, as she reveals the KP5 era! ATLRers -- Come one, come all, and join us as a fellow Katy Klown!
  8. Link16

    Spice Girls Wannabe turn 24 years old

    The single responsible for the teen phenomenom in the 90s. #1 in 37 countries 2,910,000 US digital + physical sales 477M Spotify 472M Youtube 10.423.000 Mediatraffic 20,670,000 CSPC Overall sales The best-selling single by a girl group worldwide One of the most iconic debut singles of all time The most easily recognisable pop song of the last 60 years In 1996, British girl group Spice Girls released their debut single "Wannabe", which made them major pop stars in the UK, as well as in the US the following year. In their wake, other teen pop groups and singers rose to prominence, including Hanson, the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Boyzone, Robyn, All Saints, Westlife, S Club 7, Five, B*Witched, and Destiny's Child. MTV Special about how "Wannabe" and "girl power" transformed the music industry in the 90s and the whole bubblegum pop exploded
  9. Would their career be the same? Or without it, things would be different?
  10. this song is a major bop cant stop playing it the visuals in the video pops she's pretty and charismatic that slick fast rap in the first verse and that out of breath rap in the second verse>>>>>> the high note in the bridge>>>>> slay!! i dont understand the words, but cant stop playing it she's only 17 too go watch and stream!!
  11. swaggerific

    "Arctic Tundra" release on Friday

    The release for a highly anticipated song is set to release on Friday 7/10 get ready
  12. Sanctuary

    The Most Basic Bops

    Post them YT videos in a spoiler tag because inbeded videos look hideous now:
  13. rebeltwat

    Chromatica vs Lover

    Inspired by a thread I saw on twitter, which is the overall stronger album? The novelty of Chromatica has faded a bit so I think it's a fair time to discuss/evaluate.
  14. Erreur2 La Nature

    Britney viral again for asking for help

    Another day, another drama viral tweet. Britney Spears continues to go viral on social medias as more and more people are learning about the #FreeBritney movement and her conservatorship. Here's one more new tweet that is going viral about Britney... "asking for help".
  15. With 5 months left, who do you think will be the Billboard Top Female Artist of 2020 based on the year-end charts. Here are some choices: Lady Gaga Dua Lipa Doja Cat Megan Thee Stallion Billie Eilish Selena Gomez Halsey These were the Billboard top females of each year last decade: 2010: Lady Gaga 2011: Adele 2012: Adele 2013: Taylor Swift 2014: Katy Perry 2015: Taylor Swift 2016: Adele 2017: Ariana Grande 2018: Taylor Swift 2019: Ariana Grande
  16. Taylor fanboy

    Singers who can’t describe their songs

    Please provide video/texts as receipts.
  17. Taylor fanboy

    Complicate the title of your faves hits

    Taylor Swift - ME! Taylor Swift - M-E! (You’ll Never Find Another Like ME! Spelling is Fun Single Version) [featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco]
  18. Paula Abdul

    Make more basic titles for your fave's hits

    Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl" - "I Like It" "Hot n Cold" - "Change Your Mind" "California Gurls" - "Unforgettable" "Teenage Dream" - "You Make Me Feel" "Firework" - "Spark in You" "E.T." - "Kiss Me" "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" - "Do It All Again" "The One That Got Away" - "In Another Life" "Dark Horse" - "Magic" "Chained to the Rhythm" - "Crazy"
  19. plumbartist

    Should Katy Perry collab with Twice?

    Should the "Daisies" chanteuse get a collab with the Japan-slaying "Fanfare" Idol group for her new album? They just seem perfect for each other... Or should she collab with another K-pop group like Red Velvet or Momoland instead?
  20. Ferret

    Style bridge VS Teenage dream bridge

    Two of the most praised songs on this forum. Both of them have great bridges but which one is better/ more captivating / well executed? i want essays as answers . Thanks.
  21. J-cLOUD

    WHERE is Rihanna?

    I'm not even talking about the music where IS she?
  22. A well rounded popstar is one who can show her maturity and vulnerability with a hit ballad. Does your fave have a ballad that went top 10 on the hot 100? Post it long with its best live performance.