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  1. Was browsing a Harry Styles thread and came across a hilarious comment: It's so true, I've noticed certain things have fandoms like this nowadays. What things do you think have fandoms that treat their source of admiration like this the most?
  2. EDC Vegas gets over 400,000 people from all over the world and so does Tommorowland. There are countless more electronic music festivals worldwide that also receive hundreds of thousands of people. So is atrl wrong about EDM being dead? Why does coachella get more attention than EDC when EDC receives so many more people fron all over the world?
  3. Virgos Groove

    Best label changes?

    Usually, we tend to talk about careers that went down after a label change, but what are the label changes that made a career thrive?
  4. Safe&Sound

    Selena vs Halsey : bigger career?

    Whose career is bigger overall? If we look at both career, they are almost similar Both have released 4 projects so far (first 3 are commercial and the last one when they go to specific direction) For hits, they also have several biggest hits from collaborations Halsey has Closer, Eastside, Boy with Luv, and Him & I Selena has Taki Taki, Wolves, It Ain't Me, and We Don't Talk About Anymore Both also have their solo #1s, Without Me and Lose You To Love Me and several moderate hits like Same Old Love, Come & Get It, Hands To Myself and Bad at Love, Now or Never, you should be sad
  5. I paid $25.99 for it at FYE and both Walmart and Best Buy were selling it for like $17-$22. It was sold at the cost of 2 albums but because it fell short a few mins of a double album it wasnt certified as such. When albums like BDAY and Future love sex sounds were getting price slashes because of Black Friday and being sold for under $9, Back to Basics was still being sold for its original price ?‍? Wtf was RCA thinking?!
  6. do you think Rain on Me and Sour Candy would be better as singles after TF/TFM while Edge of Glory and You and I would have done better as singles after ASIB soundtrack?
  7. Pop Art

    Best Producer: Lady Gaga

    In your opinion, who is Lady Gaga's best producer? I've added every producer she's worked with on at least two singles to the poll.
  8. 1999 vs 2008 vs 2017 those years mark the MAJOR SURGE of pop girls 1999/2000 - PHYSICALS ERA we have Britney and Xtina and all other blonde pop girls, bringing back the young pop girls back to the mainstream after the older divas, boybands, r&b/hiphop taking over, we also have the r&b girls Beyonce and Alicia reigning too. 2008/2009 - DIGITALS ERA the return of dance-pop girls smashing from katy and gaga and kesha debuts, even beyonce and rihanna shifted to pop music after doing r&b, rated r to loud, bday to i am sasha fierce, this is the debut year of the triumphant juggernaut ADELE and crossover supernova TAYLOR 2017/2018 - STREAMING ERA the surfacing of new gen pop girls, dua, camila, billie, cardi and major change towards music consumption which is the best year or era?
  9. Re-listening to it right now and while it doesn't amaze me like Melodrama did, I feel like the lashings were not deserved. Mood Ring, Secrets From A Girl, Stoned At The Nail Salon, Fallen Fruit, California...
  10. It sends me EVERY time They did Janet so wrong with this era. Feel free to post other contenders if you disagree!
  11. This song from Hank Williams - My son calls another man daddy its about a man in prison but still
  12. I'm yet to recover from the first time I listened to it
  13. Pop Art

    Best Producer: Katy Perry

    In your opinion, who is Katy Perry's best producer? I've added every producer she's worked with on at least two singles to the poll.
  14. Its kinda crazy to think that at one point, Lady Gaga was a nobody and that one random PulseMusic user started a thread that would signal the beginning of a pop culture legend the xtina sneak tho and the birth of the first ever OGH on June 4, 2008! kinda crazy that at one point her sound was considered 'fresh' check out the original thread! https://pulsemusic.proboards.com/thread/60827/lady-gaga-dance-hot-smash?page=5 where were you during this HISTORIC moment in pop history!
  15. so after 6 months, what's your top 5 favorite song from 30 was there any change? mine 1. I Drink Wine 2. Easy on Me 3. To Be Loved 4. Love is a Game 5. Wild Wild West Easy on Me grew on me, the way it got more addicting I Drink Wine is an instant favorite and still is To Be Loved is might steal topnotch Love is a Game is a jam so is Wild Wild West
  16. smoothkarmel

    Rank these artist based on performing

    Who presence lights up the stage? Tier 1 - A+ Tier 2- A-/B Tier 3- C Tier 4- D Tier 5- Sorry boo Madonna Mariah Christina Billie Britney Beyonce Dua Lipa Taylor Rihanna Lady Gaga Adele Doja Cat Pink Ariana Brandy Janet
  17. postsus

    BTW 11th b'day/Saying goodbye

    It feels right saying goodbye to ATRL in this day (23/05/2022) since it's the 11th anniversary of Born This Way, an album that truly made a difference in my life among others. I'm very grateful for all the 5 years that I've spent in this forum post, I opened my account at a period of my life where I was young, didn't have a job and way too much free time in my hands. I discovered a lot of music with the help of you guys, had a lot of Last.fm accounts, a lot of downloaded music in my archaic iTunes that I still use to this day to play my local music on my laptop, made the transition to streaming with you guys, cried to a lot of music and loneliness of dealing with finding love as a gay guy, expressed my gayness through stan expressions and phagly gifs when I don't act that way or have gay friends to act that way in real life, spent time online with a lot of amazing people from all over the world, trained my english, expressed my love for pop music that later on evolved to R&B and alternative music as well, and just made my days funnier with the threads and messiness all around. Since I'm banned from the Lady GaGa base, the place that last resembled the iconique Stand Your Ground, and since there's no SYG left, and I feel like I'm past the days where I used to spend hours checking replies and finding funny gifs to express the right amount of messiness that I wanted, I say goodbye. It was truly wonderful, I have great memories, all the CDs I bought because of ATRL, all VMAs, Grammys, that I watched with you guys, all the album releases, all the pop emergency threads, I remember how much fun the Random Thoughts and Stand Your Ground threads used to be, how we were part of a family and shared a lot of sh*t about us etc. Remember when we used to have so much fun in Random Thoughts, @Nemo @Ryan BTE? I don't remember anyone else's username from those days, only you guys but I'm sure some are still here. I really can't afford wasting my time in here like I used to back in the day and I'm saying this in the best way, as nicely as possible, don't want to "shade" anyone, I know there's a lot of people putting their time to make this very important community alive, this is a place to make people's lives nicer through music and pop culture especially LGBTQ folks. About Born This Way, I also cried a lot with this album, it was exactly what my 16 year old gay self that felt really alone and misunderstood needed. I rarely listen the album nowadays, but when I do, it paints a picture in my mind of those teenage years that I'm truly grateful. Not to mention that time was all about IM and forums and no social media, it was nice to be a teen in those times. I'm moving on, thanks for everything!
  18. Dance Again On The Floor Live It Up Fresh Out The Oven
  19. It’s been 48 hours since the release and they’re starting to fall. Is this due to the stiff competition or this is a sign that the album won’t serve much longevity? 2(=) As It Was 5(-2) Late Night Talking 11(-7) Music For a Sushi Restaurant 7(+14) Grapejuice 13(-4) Matilda 15(-7) Daylight 17(-7) Little Freak 19(-8) Cinema 22(-5) Daydreaming 23(-3) Satellite 24(-5) Keep Driving 27(-5) Boyfriends 28(-5) Love Of My Life
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