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  1. Bless this catalog of timeless music
  2. During 2009-2011 Gaga was SO BIG that i want to know if yall think that another pop girl had at least the same or a bigger peak ?
  3. I'm having trouble deciding. I think it's 2>3>1. 2 having the most memorable songs by far as well Like really does it get any better than fabulous And this masterpiece
  4. Mr. Audé snapped on this
  5. ddddynamite

    Is the "what remains" trend a fad?

    Came and went like Solar Power
  6. it hasn't even been a full first week
  7. Telegraph - 5 stars IndieWire - A- Independent UK - 4 stars TimeOut - 4 stars USA Today Variety THR NextBestPicture Unilad Reel Talk Inc. South China Morning Post The Wrap Slant https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/top_gun_maverick https://www.metacritic.com/movie/top-gun-maverick out in select theaters May 24th, WW May 27
  8. Materialboy215

    Which 2 Artists Will Dead They Beef 1st?

    Feuds in The Entertainment business is pretty common and make for some good material for us fans and sometimes "beef/feud" can make one an better artist too. For example when Kim and Foxy was at the height of they beef it made both ladies go even harder and it bought out the best in them too ... The same can be said about Nas and Jay Z beef that beef definitely lit a spark under Nas that at the time was much needed. Lil' Kim VS Foxy (The female version of Tupac vs Biggie this beef even resulted in a shoot out outside on HOT97 radio station in NYC back in 2001 while The Queen was promoting The Notorious KIM & someone got shot too .. sadly these 2 will probably never make up and its so sad cause they were friends before The fame and could have done so much more together (Thelma & Louise) its the same thing I always say about Cardi Band Nicki) Cardi B VS Nicki Minaj (Its a shame that these two couldn't work together they could have done a lot together like Tour, make hit records. etc etc) Mariah Carey VS Jennifer Lopez Janet Jackson VS Madge Taylor Swift VS Katy Perry (If I was TS I wouldn't breathe any life into Katy's career and I would just let her continue to fad away) Christina VS Britney (guess this is back on since Britney was throwing shade at xTina last yr) Lil' Kim VS Nicki (I think this will happen eventually Nicki respects Kim & Kim is clearly Nicki's biggest female influence in Hip Hop and it would be dope asf to hear both legends on a track SLAYING The girls and I'm need deep voice Kimmy for this too and Kim has given her props as an artist too) Nicki VS Remy Ma. (I think Remy dragged Nicki so bad that her ego just wouldn't allow it .. this is what happens when U encounter a real chick that really RAP) I'm sure I forgot some but who do U think will make up 1st? Pusha T VS Drake (Same as Nicki Pusha really got Drake on Infrared really bad and I don't think his ego would allow it even tho Pusha is one of his favorite rappers lololol) HM - Will Smith VS Chris Rock
  9. The way it still sounds sooo good today omg Just the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S part is iconic alone Popping champagne, living my life in the fast lane.....
  10. AKA who did you expect to last for a long time but their decline became massive and unforseen? Discuss
  11. Rodrighost

    Is the new Katy jingle a bop?

    She really put more effort on a commercial than on her official releases
  12. 17 years ago today, Rihanna released her debut single ‘Pon De Replay’ The hit single peaked at #2 in the US & UK blocked by Mariah Carey & Oasis. It’s certified 3x platinum and currently has over 440M streams on Spotify.
  13. This version is a take on Biggie's posthumously-released second album https://djjass.com/track/the-last-ride/
  14. This absolute classic turns 15 today! Lyrically, the song talks about moving on from a painful breakup. Released as the 4th single of Fergie's The Dutchess era, it became the 3rd #1 of the era. After lingering in the top 5 for over 3 months, it finally climbed to #1 in September 2007 dethroning Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls". It sold over 4M+ downloads in the USA becoming the biggest downloaded track of 2007, and topped radio for 7 weeks. It reached #1 in 10+ countries including Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Moscow, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the USA and reached top 10 in 25+ countries. It was responsible for the re-peak of The Dutchess in the USA, when it initially debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 150k sales in September 2006, it re-peaked at #2 in September 2007 after the success of Big Girls Don't Cry. Fergie initially scrapped the track from the album, but after hearing Jordan McCoy's version, she last minute tagged it onto "The Dutchess" before its release. Hot 100 Stats: Top 5 - 18 weeks Top 10 - 21 weeks Top 20 - 32 weeks Top 50 - 48 weeks 2000s Decade Chart - #13 (4th biggest female song of the decade) It has 400M+ Spotify streams and 300M+ YouTube Views - a streaming, airplay and digital classic
  15. Stepfon

    Did Plan B Flop?

    Apple Music: #61 Dominica #65 Anguilla #109 United States #114 St. Lucia #136 Turks and Caicos #188 The Bahamas Shazam: #40 United States Released: April 22
  16. The fact that "Cry About It Later" had the same producer as The Weeknd's global smash "Blinding Lights" - and her label still refused to release it?! It really was the only thing that could save the era - it was the most streamed non-single of the era on Spotify Imagine it being the follow-up to "Never Really Over"
  17. professor2000

    Beyonce the best artist-turned-exec?

    The Chloe “not afraid to release” thread inspired this one. It’s no secret that artist-turned-execs/label owners are HORRIBLE at making an environment where their own artists succeed (Diddy, Missy, Pharrell, Timbaland, etc). <— there’s at least almost one artist horror story from each of these people Diddy = countless artists Missy = Nicole Wray, Tweet Pharrell = Kelis Timbaland = Tink But Beyonce has crafted a wonderful environment for Chloe and Halle to just EXPERIMENT and not have to worry about sales or charting. it’s about the long term investment + artistry, and I think it’ll pay off in the end. Is she the best artist-turned-exec/label owner? Any others?
  18. Her best album song Fall Into Your Dreams is what I'd say!
  19. Taylor and her stans claim that she was cancelled after the 1989 era. Whilst I don’t deny that she received unnecessary hate for merely being overexposed, I don’t recall her being cancelled per say. No one was asking to boycott her or her music, or demanding she gets blacklisted from attending events. Furthermore, Reputation opened with huge numbers and LWYMD was an event when the video dropped.
  20. ddddynamite


    The popular word today on ATRL is Remains. Let's appreciate this bop from Zola Jesus Post your favorite songs containing the word
  21. Breathe On Moi

    Do you get the Harry hype?

    Hm? Simple yes, or no question. Do you get the Harry hype?
  22. Villanelle

    Viral TikTok drags Dua's singing

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