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  1. Avril's 1-2-3-4 punch on her debut album is unmatched amongst her early 2000s peers. Only Kelly's Breakaway is somewhat comparable. None of the other early 2000s blondies were able to match this level of perfection for an opening . How did Let Go get such a perfect opening run and why is there no comparable run in any of her peers' albums?
  2. k4rmabutterfly

    Bigger Era: WWAFA, WDWG vs SOUR

    1 year ago a lot of people here thought SOUR would never match ASLEEP in terms of success and impact, now 1 year later after Olivia broke countless records and finished the era, what era do you think is the biggest one? And why? Discuss.
  3. Deja vu, irreplaceable, check on it this was by far the best version of Beyonce. I used to STAN. During the 10’s she just decided to pull “ I’m a queen” kind of vibe and made albums that didn’t appeal to the masses ( even though they were acclaimed in the us) so I lost interest. do you agree?
  4. Why did the latest single of the global chanteuse with trendy argentinian singer María Becerra flop? The track still hasn't outstreamed María's other collab with Prince Royce 'Te Espero' even tho the former has a placement on popular playlist ¡Viva Latino!
  5. Virgos Groove

    Most disrespectful songs?

    Inspired by this tweet and the replies:
  6. Safe&Sound

    thank u, next v Future Nostalgia

    Which album is bigger overall and better? for better comparison : thank u, next v Don't Start Now 7 Rings v Levitating break up with ur girlfriend, im bored v Break My Heart Imagine v Future Nostalgia needy v Cool NASA v Physical bloodline v Pretty Please fake smile v Hallucinate bad idea v Love Again make up v Good in Bed ghostin v Boys Will Be Boys in my head v Fever
  7. She has the charisma and beautiful ethereal vibes of SZA, Summer's vocal color and has the performance and choreo skills of a MPG in making Deserves to be a MPG!
  8. Safe&Sound

    1989 v Harry's House

    Both albums consist 13 tracks Both are poppy album with heavy synth-pop influence, and some vintage aesthetic Which album is better? Welcome To New York v Music for a Sushi Reastaurant Blank Space v Late Night Talking Style v Grapejuice Out of The Woods v As It Was All You Had To Do Was Stay v Daylight Shake It Off v Little Freak I Wish You Would v Matilda Bad Blood v Cinema Wildest Dreams v Daydreaming How You Get The Girl v Keep Driving This Love v Satellite I Know Places v Boyfriends Clean v Love of My Life
  9. Safe&Sound

    Boy Is Mine v No One

    Inspired from Brandy v Alicia stans on Twitter Which song is better, bigger, and more remembered?
  10. lcylcy

    Rank MPGs by vocal abilities

    Add whoever you want to your lists share your bravest and honest opinions S+ Mariah, Beyoncé S Ariana, Jessie J, Celine S- Whitney A+ Pink, Kelly A Shakira, Avril A- Demi, Christina, Sia B+ Gaga, Billie, Halsey B Adele, Rihanna, Miley, Taylor, Dua, Olivia, Camila B- Lorde, Doja, Katy, Lana C+ Selena, Kesha, Jlo, Madonna C Britney C- D+ D D- Utada
  11. One republic song is now the song with the higher playlists reach and support from Top Gun
  12. Despite the constant attempts to cancel her and trash her music she still remains at the top. How come?
  13. Ethel released her critically acclaimed debut album titled “Preacher’s Daughter” last week and, to everyone’s surprise, Pitchy did not like it. Ethel is constantly compared to Lana, but Pitchfork did it obviously looking down in her. What do y’all think?
  14. Especially when she's having such a PHENOMENAL year She performed at the Superbowl halftime show as a headliner - solidifying her status as a certified hip-hop legend She made the Time 100 list as one of the 100 most influential people in the world She received the Billboard ICON Award and had none other than fellow legend Janet Jackson present it to her The lead single from her excellent new album charted on the hot 100 - which is difficult to do, not every veteran can (still) do it She returned as Monet on the successful tv serie Power Book II: Ghost She launched her own music festival, the Strength of a Woman Festival She keeps going viral on social media for serving looks, being beautiful and for her legendary dance moves And did all that as an independant artist --- Despite being constantly ignored on ATRL it seems that the Queen of R&B is having a much bigger year than a lot of the girlies that are popular on here. Surprised?
  15. With the never ending changing standards, when it comes to how LMs count Gaga’s albums, for example: - One day they separate The Fame Monster into two separate albums, the other, they combine them, depends on the occasion, and by that it means what kind of achievement is being discussed. - Cheek To Cheek counts thanks to the #1, but Love For Sale is suddenly a combination of covers and doesn’t count.. So... since A Star Is Born is considered one of her albums since she’s credited to the majority of the songs, I assume that Top Gun fits the requirements too. BUT... will LMs accept it into the family or will they disown it?
  16. I was told by ATRL that Camila is one of the biggest MGPs of her generation with an already steady fanbase. She would be above certain other darlings like Dua. I was also told Katy is a forgotten fad with no fanbase. But why Katy, a supposed fad peak higher than Gen Z darling Camila Cabello? How and why?
  17. I was shocked to find out Britney Spears' 2008 album "Circus" peaked higher than any Christina Aguilera album on the Billboard 200 Year End Chart, despite it being 10 years after her debut and a year after the infamous breakdown. This isn't a troll thread I'm genuinely surprised it beat some of Christina's early albums. BB YEC Circus: #6 Christina Aguilera (Debut): #8 My Kind of Christmas: #130 Stripped: #10 Back to Basics: #59/#73 Keeps Getting Better: #168 Bionic: #139 Burlesque: #53 Lotus: #117 Liberation: N/A
  18. which MPG era has the smallest peak globally?
  19. An ICONIC bop that defined an era
  20. Ever since she started the era in late 2019, Dua Lipa has been serving so much with the "Future Nostalgia" era that it deserves an appreciation and celebration thread Starting with the 11 original tracks, that are the musical core of the entire era,… … to the acclaimed "Club Future Nostalgia", a remixed and re-imagined take on the album with a whole animated album visualizer, … … to ultimately "The Moonlight Edition", which expanded the musical cosmos of "Future Nostalgia" with additional songs _____________________ Dua also did not hold back when it came to promoting the album: A total of 10 international & region-specific singles across both album versions were pushed, each with a live-action and/or animated music video. She also gave many memorable live performances at awards shows and public events, including… … the 2019 EMAs … the 2019 AMAs … the Tonight Show … the 2020 New Year's Rockin' Eve … the 2020 AMAs … NPR's Tiny Desk concert … SNL … the 2021 Grammy Awards …and the 2021 BRIT Awards. And over the past 2½ years, Dua was not only covering many notable magazines left and right… … she could also be seen fronting advertisement campaigns for Evian, Pepe Jeans London, TRULY, Puma, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent _____________________ In terms of concert experiences, Dua did not disappoint either: Not only did she deliver the critically acclaimed Studio 2054, an online concert experience at the height of the pandemic… … she is also currently on the road for the Future Nostalgia Tour, a truly global concert tour with 109 planned shows across North America, Europe, South America & Oceania _____________________ And even with the "Future Nostalgia" era being almost over (outside of the ongoing tour), Dua keeps delivering with droplet singles, like… … "Cold Heart" … "Sweetest Pie" … "Potion" …and "Dance The Night" _____________________ While many people think music "eras" and long album campaigns are obsolete in the streaming era, Dua still went above and beyond to bring "Future Nostalgia" to life and turned it into a long-lasting pop culture moment Did Dua Lipa serve an era for the music history books with "Future Nostalgia"?
  21. I'm shook the song was basically unknown before it went viral - it was released in 2014
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