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  1. Since his debut in 2010 he released: 9 Studio Albums 1 Collab Studio Album 2 EPs 19 Mixtapes 4 Collaborative Mixtapes 1 Soundtrack Album 5 Executive Producer credits on other artists' albums ---------------------- That's a total of 34 full length albums + 2 EPs + 5 Executive Producer Credits in 12 years If we combine 2 EPs into 1 album and add the production credits to the total we get: 40 albums 59 of his own Singles 76 guest appearances on other artists' singles 208 guest appearances on other artists' album tracks 17 production credits on other artists' songs ----------------------- That's a total of 300+ additional appearances or production credits (not including his own singles) 74 Music Videos for his own songs 25 Music Video appearances for other artists' songs ----------------------- That's a total of almost 100 Music Videos To Summarize: 40 albums 300 guest appearances 100 Music videos in 12 years And that's only according to Wikipedia. Dicogs has hundreds more entries on him. Shook? Jealous? Confused?
  2. Chartmasters has her barely passed 4 billion.
  3. Planet Mars

    Happy 78th Birthday, Gladys Knight!

    The Empress of Soul turns 78 today, post your favorite of her tunes...
  4. I remember the way this video & song scalped me in 2007 Miss minogue really snapped huh?
  5. She's one of the VERY few artists whose studio albums have ALL debuted in the 6-figure region. Some Hearts - 315,000 Carnival Ride - 527,000 Play On - 318,000 Blown Away - 267,000 Storyteller - 177, 000 (164,000 pure) Cry Pretty - 266, 000 (251,000 pure) Even her Greatest Hits compilation managed to debut with 103,000 units. Her next album will be released on June 10 and we will be buying and streaming.
  6. We definitely stan our underrated DILF.
  7. Which one would you want for your fave’s next album?
  8. Inspired by @D.M.F thread on Avril! His thread demonstrates Avril has an impressive 4 billion with only 7 studio releases, 5 of which were released before the streaming era. Without features and counting her actual albums. Why does Christina only have 2.8 billion streams with 11 studio releases? Stripped - 744,766,138 Christina Aguilera - 501,668,266 Back To Basics - 398,981,824 Burlesque - 330,409,607 My Kind of Christmas - 192,021,765 Lotus - 176,267,442 Liberation - 163,669,025 Mi Reflejo - 153,377,469 Bionic - 127,245,842 La Fuerza - 52,985,040 Just Be Free - 1,309,473 Total: 2,842,701,891
  9. Spotify: Christina 5,381,894,856 Source - Chartmasters
  10. Virgos Groove

    Your fav with Kylie Minogue

    In honour of her birthday, I ask: has the Goddess of Pop blessed your fav with a photo? She did with Rih and Dua:
  11. Kellyy and Carrie have stood the test of time. What do these two queens have that the other Idols were missing?
  12. Abel Minaj

    Has Christina Aguilera peaked yet?

    Back in 2015, Christina Aguilera's manager Irving Azoff rejected the idea of a Vegas residency for her on the basis that she hadn't "peaked yet". When pressed about a Vegas residency, the 67-year-old didn’t mince words. “No disrespect to Britney [Spears] or to Jennifer Lopez, who is doing one… Christina’s not peaked yet. She’s in the prime of her career. We’ll tour the world, but we’re not ready to sit down in Vegas.” https://www.idolator.com/7608886/christina-aguilera-hasnt-peaked-unlike-britney-spears-irving-azoff?andro=1&chrome=1 With the opening of The Xperience at Planet Hollywood a few years later, did that mean that she finally peaked? I don't particularly remember anything note worthy that would indicate a career peak. Was it Liberation? I'm not sure. What is the truth? Has Christiana peaked?
  13. This a huge promo platform and basically like the European Superbowl. Do you think the album still can rebound and smash?
  14. You can't say Violator Curious to know They have just entered the Spotify artist chart at #141 following the news. I will update later to see what the public's go to album(s). Update: Spotify Update: Total streams May 25 - 1,414,327 May 26 - 2,063,353 May 27 - 4,647,084 Albums (May 27 Update) Tracks from The Singles 81 -85, 86-98 are added to their albums. Violator +1,309,384 Music for the Masses +518,612 Speak & Spell +415,459 Black Celebration +336,461 Ultra +281,758 Some Great Reward +254,383 Playing the Angel +230,446 Songs of Faith and Devotion +224,190 Spirit +128,327 Construction Time Again +125,483 Sounds of the Universe +95,691 Exciter +82,988 Delta Machine +78,349 A Broken Frame +75,580
  15. Ya know with the whole scientology thing... I'm actually surprised she would be associated with him. Thought she would be too "woke" for that.
  16. Bears01

    Beyoncé’s best album?

    Well? ATRL, let’s settle this once and for all
  17. Imagine a world where Madonna was never born. What would that look like? She kinda invented everything in the pop world we know and love today didnt she? Would my gif even look like my gif without Madonnas influence?
  18. It was a MOMENT. If you get it, you get it. If you don't, you don't.
  19. umich

    Shameless rip offs?

    Please post songs that are shameless ripoffs of the original ex: (“Fancy” ripoff) like it’s literally the same message, the beats are similar, and the flow as well. and the “hey!”s in the background
  20. These were screaming to be singles and could've milked that album to the bone with these two extra smashes waiting after Good As Hell. Like A Girl was ready to be a Sorry Not Sorry 2.0 smashing with the same producer and song structure. Soulmate getting free promo from Netflix's Queer eye with a super cute video coulda done just as well with the same message as Good As Hell. Both songs are almost at 100M Streams despite not being singles.
  21. The song has also been getting a lot of traction in TikTok due to a specific scene in Stranger Things.
  22. No song is top 200 overall atm US Apple Music Top 200 R&B Songs #15 Doja Cat - Streets #16 SZA - Good Days #48 H.E.R - Damage #138 H.E.R ft Chris Brown - Come Through #139 Ella Mai - Not Another Love Song #143 Jazmine Sullivan - Pick Up Your Feelings #170 Normani ft Cardi B - Wild Side (listed on pop genre instead of RnB) #175 Jazmine Sullivan ft Ari Lennox - On It #178 Chloe - Have Mercy #187 Jazmine Sullivan ft H.E.R - Girl Like Me
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