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  1. 0:13 ''Russians are lazy, like a baby''
  2. with products rich in artificial colors, harmful additives, processed meats, saturated fats and other types of lethal substances and carcinogenic ingredients? Shakira and Beyonce, do. Who else?
  3. Which mid 00's icon that killed her career do you prefer?
  4. A remix of Joanne's best track featuring Florence Welsh, Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus. Are you here for it?
  5. vs. 1. Green Light vs. Supermodel 2. Sober vs. Love Galore 3. Homemade Dynamite vs. Doves in the Wind 4. The Louvre vs. Drew Barrymore 5. Liability vs. Prom 6. Hard Feelings vs. The Weekend 7. Loveless vs. Go Gina 8. Sober II (Melodrama) vs. Garden (Say It Like Dat) 9. Writer in the Dark vs. Broken Clocks 10. Supercut vs. Anything 11. Liability (Reprise) vs. Wavy (interlude) 12. Perfect Places vs. Normal Girl 13. Green Light (Chromeo remix) vs. Pretty Little Birds 14. Homemade Dynamite (feat Khalid, Post Malone, SZA) vs. 20 Something
  6. Normani and Camila are both charting top 30 on billboard. When was the last time that more than one girl from the same GG where slaying side by side on the charts? Since DC? Where Beyoncé and Kelly ever charting at the same time tho? 25. Normani x Khalid - Love Lies 26. Camila - NBTS
  7. and video confirmed to be Alejandro! Do you agree or disagree? What's your favorite Gaga song? Let me know in the comment section below.
  8. apparently dual lipa is doing it but i think billie eilish should've done it
  9. Now that Cardi has dropped that load (okay bundle of joy) and is the most nominated artist of this yr MTV VMAs. A HUGE feat for a female let alone a female rapper! Since she will be on Tour with Bruno Mars this fall .. I was thinking she should rerelease IOP with 3/4 new songs and a digital version with videos and bts exclusives. I feel like IOP would have been even bigger than it already is if she wasn’t pregos. Not that a no.1 platinum album with 2 no.1 hits and 2 Top 20 hits is anything to laugh at. However by her being pregnant she couldn’t do the Bet awards or even collect her awards, The Billboard awards and ntm other things she could have done to promote the album. Anyway do you think Cardi she rerelease IOP this fall?
  10. Write Up credit Avril Lavigne's version can be heard here.
  11. Xtina, Miley, Shakira, Alicia all underwhelming eras after becoming coaches on the highest rated singing competition in America. Why didn't the exposure help them? And why were the men like Adam, Blake and Pharell not affected?
  12. She literally waited not one, two, but three weeks after the single’s release to release the video. She released it the week Taylor’s lead single, Shake It Off, came out. If she was one week earlier or one week later, she would’ve had her #1. Will she always regret this? Single released: August 4th Music video released: August 19th
  13. UH OOOOOOHHHH, back again Back to back Maybach, stack the M's Told em' I met Slim Shady, bagged a Em Once he go black, he'll be back again Tell them hoes that it's crunch time, ABDOMEN Yes, I cop mad Chanel and mad Given' She did it again, imagine them 'Bout to make these bum bitches MAD AGAIN UH OOOOOOOHHHH, back to them I lead the pack so my backs to them Yep, the queen's back, what's happenin'? Re-run, 'bout to make these bitches RAP AGAIN Uh, diamond chains on my ankle Young Money in the cut like a shank though Tell T.I.P. rubber bands in my bankrooooollllllll Show my ass like a stank hoe!
  14. the special effects, the acting, the editing
  15. Did the Say Ok songstress give B a run for her money?
  16. At least several, we love Rihanna’s best single pre-Loud
  17. A simple, yet effective MV, with little to no CGI, no huge expensive indoor sets - so 99% of Kpop , and a coordinated themed, perfectly executed MV + song complete with a semi-iconic choreographed routine and (yeah, I'll admit it), sick ad-libs at the end. Has any male group surpassed it?
  18. Which era by pop girl bombed completely?
  19. Why didn't American Idol season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo become a main popgirl in the early 2000s?
  20. My mom gets so annoyed whenever I play Sin Pijama and she hears the last line about weed
  21. a spiritual experience
  22. Which Iconic Black Male "Supermodel-turned-Actor" was Hotter in their Prime (and still is today)? Tyson Beckford. Shemar Moore. @Rev8 @justkeepdoingit @Bey_Rihstan @SaneBeyhannaStan @AlexStexaul @Godele @UnusualBoy @Egon Schiele @ATWK