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Found 10,279 results

  1. You have one night when both concerts of these huge pop girls with #1 are happening, and you can only enter one of them with a date. Which tour do you choose and why? Vocals, dancing, production, etc?
  2. NOW

    Will Sia smash again?

    Her last smash hit was Dusk till Dawn almost two years ago. Will she have another smash hit? Guiding questions: Will Sia smash again? What kind of question is this? What does the GP think about Sia/her voice?
  3. ilomilo

    Popstars Conspiracy Theories

    Which are the best/most interesting conspiracy theories of popstars that you have heard/read?
  4. TalkThatRihanna

    CTRL: 2 Years Later

    How would you rate the album almost 2 years after it’s release? IMO it is the definition of timeless and one of the best debut albums this decade
  5. Josh

    Mixtapes: Nicki, Tinashe or Charli

    All three shined the most in their mixtapes but rank them mixtape wise! Onika > tinashe > Charlotte
  6. Roman Holiday

    If Lana made Bad Guy

    Could it be big for her??
  7. Erreur2 La Nature

    Boring hits ?

    Name a hit song that is boring. Not asking for something that you don’t enjoy, that’s subjective but a hit that is just objectively boring.
  8. How come Rihanna has a partnership with the biggest luxury goods producer of our time yet Beyoncé, who is hyped a legend, sells merchandise to lower socioeconomic levels in comparison to the former? The prices of Ivey park/ adidas merch are middle-lower Income whereas Fenty House markets to the upper echelon! I vaguely remember Beyoncé doing an H&M ad as well, is she incapable of high fashion, or does she simply know her bases’ main market? Thoughts?
  10. IndieKid

    Is music boring in general?

    Idk...I like music but I lowkey don't care. If I stumble upon a song I like then cool, but beyond that there's nothing really interesting to talk about unless it's related to celeb drama. Unlike film or video games or TV where there's just SO MUCH to talk about and unpack. For example; I don't need to know about Chris Evans wanting a wife for Cap vs Thanos to be interesting, but if I don't know about Taylor or Ariana's love life then their lyrics aren't interesting beyond being well written.
  11. Future Lover

    Was Younger Now really that bad?

    Ms. Cyrus latest album. Was it really that bad?
  12. Opium

    10 years ago...

    ... what were your favorite hit songs ? Or some other songs that were released in the year of 2009? Lettuce make a throwback
  13. Wonderland

    Tours you wish you saw?

    Does anyone else have tours you wish you could have attended? I was way too young but I wish I could've gone to one of the shows on Madonna's Confessions Tour. My life feels incomplete not hearing "Hung Up" and "Sorry" performed live. I also regret not going to Taylor's Red tour as that's now my favourite album by her but I wasn't into her enough at the time. I'd probably have gone to the Born This Way tour too if I had my time again How about for y'all?
  14. Future Lover

    G.U.Y. vs. Dark Horse vs. Partition

    Which third single from a 2013 pop girl album do you use more nowadays?
  15. C0SMIC

    GAGA: a streaming QUEEN!

    Woooo, the ATRL propaganda had me thinking lady GAGA was streaming poison! FAST FORWARD to 2019 where she is now more streamed on Spotify than Beyoncé (halo), Katy (dark horse) & Miley among others... mother monster, who was ruled out by many, has gracefully shown that TALENT ALWAYS WINS
  16. Miss Bank$

    what F-Pop singer is this?

    i cant google her lyrics obviously
  17. How do you prefer your final choruses? Explosive choruses with adlibs: ie: Getaway Car Runaway with Me Can't Be Tamed E.T. Toxic etc. or final choruses without adlibs and a repeat of the original chorus
  18. Buzzcutseason

    Best carly rae song

    What kind of 80s inspired pop perfection
  19. trainsskyscrapers

    Why Is Columbia Records KILLING IT this year?

    On Billboard 200 (AND Metacritic in most cases). This is their Q1/Q2 slate of unconventional artists.... and each one is crushing it. Solange - When I Get Home - #7 Beyonce (LEM) - #9 Beyonce (Homecoming) - #4 BTS - #1 Vampire Weekend - #1 Luke Combs - Climbing throughout top 10. ~ Tyler, The Creator - set for #1 Calvin Harris - TBA. Bruce Springsteen - TBA. ~ Lil Nas X is also #1 on the Hot 100 right now, and his EP is coming shortly.
  20. C0SMIC

    BEY vs Laverne Cox

    Who is prettier? Who is more talented? Singer Beyoncé Knowles Or transgender queen Laverne Cox, IMO Laverne is prettier & less basic than Bey, plus she acts better than the aforementioned as evidenced by OITNB V Obsessed.. Thoughts?