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  1. It's funny because he's been around for 6+ years now and I usually listen to rap a lot but I can't think of a song where 2 Chainz is lead. Can you?
  2. The tour hasn't started yet and it seems like everybody has forgotten to buy the album after the second week, but can Christina revive the era by releasing another single. Like I Do maybe? @Thickorita
  3. Cyndi Lauper praises queen of Alternative Lorde. Pink, shakira, david bowie, prince, katy, gaga etc. praises too, Who's next?
  4. They nominated music videos like New Rules and IDGAF and completely paid dust to these: Is this a smear campaign by Dua Lipa and her team to get Fergie to flop?
  5. Me Against the Filler Boring Liar Can't Remember to Stream You STD (Bangerz) That already-forgotten Rita Ora song with three other girls All meh songs that are far from being discography stand outs. Yet, the gays beg pop girls to collab with each other all the time. Why?
  6. What’s your fave songs AK songs that weren’t singles? Mine are
  7. Who are the most successful pop girls this decade?
  8. Based on CSPC + touring. CSPC: -Only albums released on 2008 or later will be included. Albums released before July 15th will have it's CSPC cut accordingly. -"Other Releases" CSPC, which is mainly features, will be included but will be estimated based on the ratio of album success to total CSPC. Calls for some inaccuracies, but it's better than completely ignoring the category. Touring: -Touring will be converted into CSPC units by dividing by 10. In CSPC every unit albums, digital/physical singles, Spotify streams, YouTube streams are converted to the value of $10 per unit. * = many unreported dates, had to estimate ** = tour cut due to 10 year cut off date *** = many unreported dates (had to estimate) and tour cut due to to 10 year cut off date 10. Britney Spears CSPC: -Circus: 7m -Femme Fatale: 4.3m -Britney Jean: 1.3m -Glory: 0.8m -Other releases: 0.5m Total: 13.9m Touring: -The Circus Starring Britney Spears: $131.8m [13.2m] -Femme Fatale Tour: $68.7m [6.9m] -Britney: Piece of Me Residency: $137.7m [13.8m] Total: 33.9m TOTAL: 47.8m units
  9. So a fan made one calculations, and Taylor has managed to meet over 1,500 fans at various events since the reputation era started last August. Thoughts?
  10. Which main pop girls are most relevant to Generation Z?
  11. 14 years as single - 28th of June and almost 15 since released Lets celebrate this masterpiece
  12. Which of these two Canadian phenomena felt overall bigger
  13. Now that Missy Elliot has officially confirmed she’s not getting it and isn’t listed, who do you think SHOULD win it this year? And who do you think WILL win it this year? These are the five five names that have been thrown around a lot. Christina has a new album, Liberation, out While Gaga is set to release A Star Is Born OST soon Katy and Taylor are winding down their eras while Jennifer got nominated this year
  14. Do you stan this classic???
  15. He seemed to have a strong fan base and released 2 moderate hits as lead. A couple hits as features. Why does his career seem to be frozen in time? Sure, he cant perform because of his immune disease, but he can still drop hit songs. What happened? Why didn't his career blow up?
  16. With 3 uploads, and not counting other videos deleted And this now-deleted fan upload clasiquÉ, true blue winning
  17. Seven years since its release as a single! The first and only #1 Hot Country Songs from the main album Speak Now. Recently trended WW after a surprise acoustic performance in the sold out reputation Stadium Tour.
  18. NBA Twitter people have been claiming that they run Twitter a lot lately, but I always thought stans owned Twitter? Who does?
  19. ... of the greatest audio-visual masterpiece ever put together in history of mankind?
  20. Who is the current queen of rap? Who has the best flow and is sitting on top of everyone else?
  21. Will Gaga be a legend? I think the answer is yes. Many hits-Check Many albums sold-Check Big tours-Check Big impact on the music industry-Check Impact outside the music industry-Check Iconic moments-Check Iconic videos-Check Recognized as very talented-Check Unique-Check All kinds of records broken during her peak-Check A lot of awards won-Check Longevity-Check Global artist-Check Could I list more things-Check
  22. Which delaying chanteuse will release new music first?
  23. People always focus on Cardi’s #1’s and Nicki’s lack of them.. but this thread simply asks who do you think will end up with more children? So far Cardi 1 - Nicki 0