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Found 1,536 results

  1. Slave4Bey

    Rate 7 rings on a 0-10 scale

    Hi my wonderful ATRL forum. Let's give the new Ariana bop a grade; I give it a 8, I like it. Is a cute bop!
  2. Needy

    Popstars Conspiracy Theories

    Which are the best/most interesting conspiracy theories of popstars that you have heard/read?
  3. Paula Abdul

    Was Witness wasted?

    I've played back Witness later and had pretty interesting thoughts it was wasted and misorganized at all. So much potential was wasted without any good reason.
  4. Planet Mars

    Early 00's Hip-hop BOPS thread

    My Spotify was on shuffle and this bop just came on and I got my entire ratchet life to it Right after that I had these 2 play Ja Rule - Always On Time ft. Ashanti Nelly - Country Grammar Whew, and era
  5. Erreur2 La Nature

    Who's the queen of rap ?

  6. FREE

    Why is blackpink so huge?

    why are they bigger than even little mix world wide? what makes them stand out?
  7. With streaming taking over, people are consuming music much quicker than before instead of buying a couple CDs and having those on repeat for months. Rappers like Drake figured it out and kept dropping singles and albums constantly and they shoot up the charts. It's important to take breaks so the GP doesn't get sick of you (especially if you have bad press or drama going on), but the optimal length of that break seems to be decreasing as we move in the streaming era. I don't believe 'overexposure' is a huge deal as some of you are making it out to be, maybe it was before but now the GP seems to forget about the artists and move on the next quick single on their Spotify playlist so they forget about most of our faves in a couple months. So I definitely believe any breaks more than 2 years is a career killer right now and pop girls should keep dropping music on a regular basis. There are so many forms of releases right now so it doesn't necessarily has to be proper official albums or eras. They can do mixtapes (Charli XCX), Christmas music (Katy Perry), EPs in between 'big eras', soundtracks/side projects (Lady Gaga) or a regular album release schedule like Lana Del Rey who puts out an album ~every year. Woo the essay but do you agree ATRL? Is Ariana playing it smart? I think so!
  8. The Second Coming

    More threatened by Ari's success?

    Which ones seem to be threatened the most by the organic and unstoppable success Ariana has been experiencing for the last few years?
  9. Tropez

    This decade had no Janet/Paula

    This current decade has no pop girl that could dance amazingly well, giving us constant top 10 hits, while selling millions of albums, selling out arenas. We haven’t seen an artist that could that since Bey and Britney debuted. Most of them cant dance, or try to dance and look discombobulated, a few are only popular with Atrl gays.
  10. AvrilLaQueen

    Should Billboard return back Eurochart Hot 100?

  11. Marianah Adkins

    Alanis Morrissette: What Went Wrong?

    More than two decades ago, Alanis released one of the best selling albums of all time, the iconic Jagged Little Pill (one of my fave albums ever) which sold 35 million copies WW and spawned iconic hits like "Ironic" and angsty rocky teens like Avril and Pink However, Alanis didnt manage to maintain this success with her next effort, Supposed Infatuation Junkee, which sold below 10 million, and its consecutive releases after were also registering decreasing sales. I wanna ask ATRL: What went wrong? Was she a fluke? Was her success just a result of being a pop zeitgeist? If it was, why wasnt she able to maintain it? Let's discuss
  12. Serpentine

    Are you jaeluous in succesfull Gaga?

    She is so powerfull right nowe, she is being to going award'd soonner. Did you thought she would has been losen on 2013 haha?
  13. TtaraHae

    Is Mean criminally overlooked?

    It's one of my absolute favorites of her catalog along with its music video. As someone who leans more towards pop-dancey music, the way I've stanned so hard for this song kinda leaves me shook. A bit anecdotal, but I suppose this song and its lyrics really pull me in since it applies perfectly to a particularly nasty intimate family member that I've absolutely NEVER gotten along with. I particularly love the bridge whenever I listen to it: "And I can see you years from now in a bar Talking over a football game With that same big loud opinion, but nobody's listening Washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things Drunk and grumbling on about how I can't sing But all you are is mean. All you are is mean... and a liar... and pathetic... And alone in life and mean, and mean, and mean, and MEAN" When I read her lyrics for songs like this that have an effect on me, it makes me want to pick up a paper and pen to try writing about my own experiences. I won't say the song is underrated since this MASTERPIECE has 2 Grammy awards to her name (deservedly), but nobody really talks about it much when discussing her discography nowadays, at least from what I've observed on here. Does anyone else stan this song as much as I do? Is this gem overlooked and deserving of more attention?
  14. These ladies SNAPPED. Instead of being on the floor crying and begging for their man back, they took a STAND and gave no ****s.
  15. private radio

    did streaming find their new urban darling...

    ..without the actuality of being black so she caters to all audiences she can't stop winning
  16. snowpiercer

    Did Ariana officially replace Rihanna?

    As the quick little #1 singles girl? Will Rihanna be able to serve similar streaming smashes when she eventually comes back?
  17. Fenty The Great

    Is Ariana's Peak Over Already?

    Did she just come and go with thank u, next or is she gearing up for a big era?
  18. Abel Minaj

    The Weeknd vs Khia

    Who had the better MJ- Dirty Diana cover? I honestly can't decide... The Weeknd Vs Khia
  19. Colin Tilley highlights: Hannah Lux Davis highlights:
  20. ArianadelRey

    ATRL's hypocrisy, why?

    ATRL: F*ck male mediocrity, we need pop girls again on top! *Ariana, Halsey & Dua start smashing* ATRL: Lol, it's all payola.
  21. She was played a total of 51 times on Z100, New York City's biggest radio station yesterday. She was played 52 times on KISS FM as well yesterday. Was any other pop girl ever spammed this much on pop radio in a single day? I can't remember any pop girl getting spammed this much, even back in like 2011.
  22. Ash12345

    Will TUN be Ari’s 4th album over 2B?

    So on Spotify ME is at 3B+, DW is expected to hit 3B and Sweetener 2B by April. Will TUN be her 4th album to join the club? Adele is the only other artist to have more than one album over 2B