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Found 3,592 results

  1. MaRy

    Is Rihanna the strongest popstar?

    Is queen Rihanna psychologically the strongest? No family dad/mom to start her career, left home at 16, alone. Survived almost death by her boyfriend alone. No man to rely on, just her the person who her team rely upon. Helped her whole family and now nation. Alone created a business empire. Never indulges in self pity. No heavy drugs ever. I mean, who else can claim all of this? Katy is the closest, but she relied on dr.Luke and she always needs a man in her life. Who else comes close to the self made impact of Legend R?
  2. Adelephant 25

    I miss this Nicki Minaj

    I need an album with full blown rap, no singing, no pop. Just straight flows & bars with puns from the Queen!
  3. Betty

    OGH's call Gaga ugly, why?

    i' ve been a disliker but now i like her because Asib sound track slays but i never thought she was beautiful now Asib changed my mind were peeps too hard on her looks? from the image's she was a snack in Asib as Ally
  4. 19SLAYED89

    Selena's featurings > Solo Singles. Why?

    Spotify + Youtube We Don't Talk Anymore: 3.6B It Ain't Me: 1.3B Wolves: 1B and Taki Taki is just starting and will easily reach 1B. While her solo singles pale in comparisson Bad Liar: 600M Fetish: 400M Back To You: 500M Same Old Love: 800M Hands To Myself: 700M Kill Em With Kindness: 700M I'm actually a huge fan of her music. Fetish/Bad Liar were the real STARS tho It looks like the GP are not here for her solo stuff and they are only here for her featurings with huge artists. Why is that?
  5. KillingYourCareer

    Is a pop revolution upon us?

    The current situation reminds me of 2006-7, when R&B started fading and dance pop/electropop was about to blow up. Right now urban music, which has been dominating, isn't as omnipresent as in 2016-7, and EDM is dying out. B-listers like Rita Ora and Zara Larsson don't know which trend to chase and are releasing safe songs (exactly what happened throughout 2006). Then we have Lady Gaga smashing with a country rock ballad, Ava Max #1 in all of Scandinavia and top 50 on Spotify global with a pure pop song and Dua Lipa bringing old school dance back. Is a pop revolution truly upon us? Meanwhile, Katy Perry is planning to stay bald for a while.
  6. How did I not know this. https://chartmasters.org/2017/10/cspc-most-successful-artists-ever-data-collector/19/ 1. Rihanna – 251,130,000 units (75,340,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2017) 2. Beyoncé – 166,890,000 units (50,066,000 EAS) (as of May 2018) 3. Eminem – 157,350,000 units (47,206,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2016) 4. Taylor Swift – 149,820,000 units (44,946,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 5. Bruno Mars – 149,490,000 units (44,846,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 6. Drake – 137,310,000 units (41,192,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 7. Katy Perry – 135,430,000 units (40,628,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 8. Maroon 5 – 129,900,000 units (38,970,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2016) 9. Lady Gaga – 121,950,000 units (36,586,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 10. Justin Bieber – 110,890,000 units (33,268,000 EAS) (as of Apr 2018) 11. Black Eyed Peas – 103,960,000 units (31,188,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 12. Justin Timberlake – 102,090,000 units (30,628,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 13. Adele – 100,240,000 units (30,072,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 14. Usher – 93,610,000 units (28,082,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2017) 15. Coldplay – 93,080,000 units (27,924,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 16. Britney Spears – 82,430,000 units (24,730,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 17. P!nk – 81,150,000 units (24,346,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 18. Michael Jackson – 79,930,000 units (23,980,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2017) 19. Linkin Park – 73,710,000 units (22,112,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 20. Miley Cyrus – 70,300,000 units (21,090,000 EAS) (as of May 2017) 21. Christina Aguilera – 69,950,000 units (20,986,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2017) 22. Ed Sheeran – 69,770,000 units (20,932,000 EAS) (as of Jan 2018) 23. Kelly Clarkson – 62,010,000 units (18,604,000 EAS) (as of May 2018) 24. Queen – 58,370,000 units (17,510,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 25. Alicia Keys – 57,750,000 units (17,326,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2016) 26. Nickelback – 57,280,000 units (17,184,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 27. One Direction – 57,000,000 units (17,100,000 EAS) (as of May 2017) 28. Shakira – 56,350,000 units (16,904,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2018) 29. Carrie Underwood – 54,410,000 units (16,322,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2018) 30. Will.i.am – 53,300,000 units (15,990,000 EAS) (as of Jul 2017) 31. Mariah Carey – 50,130,000 units (15,038,000 EAS) (as of Apr 2017) 32. Enrique Iglesias – 50,110,000 units (15,034,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2016) 33. Rolling Stones – 46,200,000 units (13,860,000 EAS) (as of Dec 2016) 34. Avril Lavigne – 46,160,000 units (13,848,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 35. Imagine Dragons – 45,410,000 units (13,624,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2018) 36. Ariana Grande – 44,720,000 units (13,416,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2017) 37. Green Day – 44,600,000 units (13,380,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2017) 38. Red Hot Chili Peppers – 44,400,000 units (13,320,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 39. Madonna – 42,100,000 units (12,630,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 40. U2 – 40,500,000 units (12,150,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2016)
  7. Would you be here for Dua joining BLACKPINK?
  8. Elf God

    Is 503 Service Unavailable iconic?

    Is the promo by shoving it down our throats worth it? Did it reach iconic status now? Discuss.
  9. justin.

    Did Ally copy Katy?

    Is Ally’s latest merch a copy of Katy’s Prism merch?
  10. Entela

    Will Gaga×Bradley outsell Bey×JayZ?

    Will Gaga×Bradley pop-rock-country soundtrack outsell Beyonce×JayZ hiphop-urban-rnb album?
  11. LCTV

    I Kissed A Girl DID THAT

    she was so hot
  12. Ugh I wish God Is A Woman video was Gaga's.. this video is flawless it deserved to be bigger
  13. Both were the most anticipated films of October, but which were the GP the most excited for? Halloween or A Star is Born
  14. Elf God

    ASIB OST vs Error 503

    Longevity Wise who will last longer? Ally's OST chart run or the real iT binch miss 503?
  15. nostalgia

    Britney should change her team... now!

    that "announcement" aside, Britney should consider changing her team. they are making her seem rude right now! the moment in @ 24:01 broke my heart a bit. imagine being a fan waiting the whole day for her to even speak a bit, but she just... walked to her car? girl...
  16. Most popular halloween playlists on Spotify are Ultimate Halloween, Halloween Party, Halloween Teens, Halloween Monster Jams and Día de Muertos They include songs like 24K Magic, New Rules, Despacito, One Dance The only Katy song being Ghost, and not ET, Dark Horse or Dance With The Devil The only Taylor song being Trouble over reputation songs At least I found some taste: Gaga's Monster, Shakira's She Wolf, Rihanna's Disturbia, The Weeknd's The Hills, but I'm still definitely making my own playlist for Halloween
  17. Patience is the final studio album by George Michael, it was his comeback album after 8 years break. The album was a success and has sold 4 million copies WW, but only managed to sell 381,000 copies in the US. Why? Did Americans have bad taste? or because he had come out as gay? Share your thought.
  18. vs Which lead do you prefer?
  19. Remixed

    ASIB expanding into more theaters. Why?

    https://www.boxofficemojo.com/counts/chart/?yr=2018&wk=42&p=.htm ASIB gains 176 theaters. Why?
  20. Name artists with less than 10m monthly listeners on Spotify right now? Sean Kingston Gwen Stefani Fergie Avril Lavigne NeYo... Are some, name more.
  21. Hobbes

    If Wildest Dreams was on Reputation