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Found 46,304 results

  1. The official ATRL base for Vanessa Carlton, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who has amassed critical acclaim and commercial success with her five studio albums. Currently, Vanessa is releasing monthly covers and writing her highly anticipated sixth album while taking care of her children in Nashville, Tennessee. ATRL's Nessaholics: @Ryanicorn @Courtney Love @ChristianRAWKS @Tusk @undermyskin @mdnazn @chilicheese01
  2. I think the answer is no
  3. Did Beyoncé copy billionaire songstress Raini Rodriguez? Discuss.
  4. We know Janet's global smash, Together Again, was the bigger hit, back in 1998. But which song is more remembered in 2018?
  5. Drake knowing the true tea even if ATRL pretends not to Work was the iconic smash hit that only Rih could pull off
  6. Is it? Naturi from 3LW - Keily/Keily's Mom snapped at her and threw a plate of fried chicken/mash potatoes at her head LeToya/LaTavia/Farrah from Destiny's Child - Mathew Knowles just kind of erased them, saw that they were not in a music video for their own song "Say My Name" Everyone from the PCD - Everyone hated Nicole for singing DK5 (Exit of D.Woods) - The girls kept of fighting, Diddy fired them on national TV DK4 (Exit of Andrea) - Announced that she was going to go have babies kbye (probs saw disbandment coming before DK3 started) DK3 (Exit for everyone when Dawn clocked Audrey) Camila from Fifth Harmony - message from her manager to the FH team Jessica Jung from Girls Generation - found out that she was kicked out of the group while going to the airport for group activties Minzy/Bom from 2NE1 - Minzy got no support from YG (no solo in almost a decade), Bom got caught in a drug scandal and YG stayed silent and let Korea eat her alive Hwayoung from T-ARA - Another member pushed a rice cake down her throat and she almost choked to death. Abused from other members.
  7. Ft. Ariana, Julia Michaels, Gaga, Zara, Katy, Selena, Fergie, Cardi, Xtina, Charli, Janelle, Fka, Ciara
  8. 297M Spotify streams 285M Youtube views So another song, among many and many proves that you CAN have huge streams, even if your song is so old A CLASSIC Not to mention : TotoVEVO Published on 22 May 2013 I wonder how many YT streams it would have if uploaded earlier.
  9. Discounts? Her Tour w/ Tour Seller Jay?
  10. THE CEREMONY Welcome to the Seventh Annual Lambily Awards! After a memorable New Year's Eve in 2017, Mariah had a pretty boring year, releasing only a few songs and contributing to some kids movies. Yet we're all still here talking about why E=MC2 is better than Emancipation, so let's celebrate one another with another round of Lambily Awards. This year is about looking ahead: we're excited that Mariah is skinnier than ever, redeemed herself on New Year's Eve 2018, is signed to new management, and is apparently spending time in the studio. Let's celebrate that.gif. THE NOMINATIONS Like last year, all members listed under "The Contenders" below are invited to submit nominations in each category. This year, nominations will be done via Google Forms. You can make your nominations here. In order for your nomination ballot to be counted, you MUST PM me here to let me know that you have submitted a ballot. Any ballot received without a corresponding PM will be ignored. Feel free to send anywhere from 1-5 nominations per category. Once I have the nominees from y'all, I will confer with my esteemed panel just to fill in any gaps. Nominations are due March 12th at midnight EST. Feel free to campaign in this thread (for both nominations and awards); statistics prove that campaigning leads to success at the Lambily Awards! THE CONTENDERS Below is a list of members that are allowed to send me nominations and votes. This list also represents the Lambs who can be considered for awards, so please refer to the list as you prepare your nominations. I have not updated the list from last year, so if your name is not listed below but you feel as though you belong on the list (or if you changed your username), please contact me via PM or post in this thread to alert me. Eligible Members THE AWARDS If you are on the eligible members list, you can submit your votes here. The 'Hero' Award Best Lamb The 'We Belong Together' Award Most Popular Lamb The 'Vision of Love' Award Best New Lamb The 'Anytime You Need a Friend' Award Most Helpful Lamb The '100%' Award Lamb Who Posts Most Receipts The 'Against All Odds' Award Most Faithful Lamb The 'When You Believe' Award Most Optimistic Lamb The 'Meteorite' Award Most Talented Lamb The 'Rainbow' Award Best Hybrid Lamb The 'Glitter' Award Most Underrated Lamb The 'Charmbracelet' Award Most Misunderstood Lamb The 'Elusive Chanteuse' Award Best Absentee Lamb The 'Love Story' Award Best Lamb Couple The 'Thanx 4 Nothin'' Award Worst Lamb The 'Clown' Award Messiest Lamb The 'Up Out My Face' Award Best Dragger The 'Make It Look Good' Award Best Looking Lamb The ‘For The Record' Award Best MC Thread of 2017 The 'I'll Be There' Award Favorite Other Stan Base The 'Obsessed' Award Biggest Goat (Mariah Hater) / Most Closeted Stan (Not necessarily in the "eligible" list) THE DATES Nominations Due (via PM): March 12th Nominees Announced: March 13st Voting Begins: March 16th Votes Due: TBD Award Ceremony: TBD PREVIOUS CEREMONIES 2017 ♫ 2016 ♫ 2015 ♫ 2014 ♫ 2013 ♫ 2012
  11. It's well known here in ATRL that Femme Fatale is a success and that 4 is flop an underperformance but when i go look for their stats, this is what i've found: Album PURE SALES: 4 - 3.25M vs Femme Fatale - 1.67M Other Releases: 4 - 357k vs Femme Fatale - 134k Physical Singles: 4 - 45k album eq. (135k physical singles) vs Femme Fatale - 0 Digital Singles: 4 - 2.895M album eq. (19.3M single sales) vs Femme Fatale - 2.133M album eq. (14.22M single sales) Streaming Sales: 4 - 1.271M album eq. vs Femme Fatale - 343k album eq. TOTAL CSPC: 4 - 7.818M vs Femme Fatale - 4.28M both are over 10 years in their career, but 4 got dragged and Femme Fatale got a pass and even celebrated as a success. but looking at it now . is this the prime example of charts aren't everything? and media and haters doing the most?
  13. Happy birthday to the lead single off RINA <3
  14. Which one of these ladies' singles was and which felt bigger?
  15. The first list is Spotify's most streamed songs released in the 1990s. The second list is Billboard's biggest songs of the 1990s along with their Spotify stream totals. Are you surprised? Were you expecting something different? Most Streamed Songs Released in 1990s (Spotify) 1. Wonderwall (Oasis) - 426m 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) - 367m 3. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey) - 321m 4. Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - 303m 5. Under the Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - 300m 6. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls) - 274m 7. Still DRE (Dr. Dre) - 256m 8. All Star (Smash Mouth) - 254m 9. The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) - 247m 10. Creep (Radiohead) - 242m 11. All the Small Things (Blink-182) - 224m 12. Enter Sandman (Metallica) - 222m 13. Basket Case (Green Day) - 220m 14. Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve) - 219m 15. Wannabe (Spice Girls) - 219m 16. No Scrubs (TLC) - 218m 17. I Want It That Way (BSB) - 215m 18. Losing My Religion (REM) - 214m 19. Come As You Are (Nirvana) - 212m 20. No Diggity (Blackstreet) - 208m 21. Otherside (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - 206m 22. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) - 196m 23. Hypnotize (Notorious BIG) - 194m 24. Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio) - 190m 25. Zombie (The Cranberries) - 180m 25. Juicy (Notorious BIG) - 180m Biggest Songs of the 1990s (Billboard, 2014) 1. How Do I Live (Leann Rimes) - 26m 2. Macarena (Los Del Rio) - 56m 3. Un-break My Heart (Toni Braxton) - 57m 4. You Were Meant For Me/Foolish Games (Jewel) - 31m (19m + 12m) 5. Everything I Do (Bryan Adams) - 97m 6. I'll Make Love to You (Boyz II Men) - 62m 7. Too Close (Next) - 48m 8. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) - 37m 9. Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden) - 100m 10. Candle in the Wind (Elton John) - 35m 11. End of the Road (Boyz II Men) - 64m 12. The Sign (Ace of Base) - 61m 13. The Boy Is Mine (Brandy & Monica) - 32m 14. Because I Love You (Stevie B) - 3m 15. Whoomp! There It Is (Tag Team) - 3m 16. Rush Rush (Paula Abdul) - 10m 17.You're Still the One (Shania Twain) - 57m 18. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston) - 154m 19. Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio) - 190m 20. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Connor) - 47m Biggest Songs of the 1990s (Billboard, 2000) 1. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) - 37m2. Macarena (Los Del Rio) - 56m3. I'll Make Love to You (Boyz II Men) - 62m4. Un-break My Heart (Toni Braxton) - 57m5. Candle in the Wind (Elton John) - 35m6. End of the Road (Boyz II Men) - 64m7. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston) - 154m8. The Boy Is Mine (Brandy & Monica) - 32m9. I Swear (All 4 One) - 30m10. I'll Be Missing You (Diddy with Faith Evans and 112) - 114m11. The Sign (Ace of Base) - 61m12. How Do I Live (Leann Rimes) - 26m13. Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio) - 190m14. On Bended Knee (Boyz II Men) - 19m15. Fantasy (Mariah Carey) - 49m16. Too Close (Next) - 48m17. That's The Way Love Goes (Janet Jackson) - 31m18. Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion) - 66m19. Waterfalls (TLC) - 93m 20. Dreamlover (Mariah Carey) - 17m21. Creep (TLC) - 55m 22. Can't Help Falling In Love (UB40) - 47m23. Jump (Kris Kross) - 48m24. Take A Bow (Madonna) - 11m25. Tha Crossroads (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) - 45m
  16. Remember T-Pain blocked Rih in 2007 from her first #1 album? I remember it being a ki for me because I was still so die hard Bey. Now look who got the last laugh. Rih literally scalped me from then on Never will I doubt ha again!
  17. A masterpiece.
  18. Here are the Chartmaster receipts: Celine = 193,422,000 Mariah = 167,149,000 Plus they have other things to add besides record sales.
  19. these underrated bops are so good and deserved much more
  20. Duas debut era has been pretty solid so far with the one year anniversary coming up in June. Be The One & Blow Your Mind (Muwah) were both BB Top 40 hits. New Rules was a hit and IDGAF is currently climbing the Hot 100 every week and getting better radio play than New Rules did. She also has a future summer smash coming out in 2 weeks with Calvin Harris and is working with Max Martin & Mark Ronson on D2. Not to mention she also has a collab coming out with Ariana Grande also either that be on A4 or D2. Will her sophomore gain more commercial success?
  21. 3 bands and their biggest hits of recent years. which one was bigger though? Thunder by IG Counting Stars by OR Sugar by M5 you thoughts