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Found 10,278 results

  1. manwhore

    Where's Nicki Minaj?

    Last year everyone was asking and now I'm worried? What's tea?
  2. Dylangaga

    Why did the GP let 365 flop?

    The song is such a BOP! Did the Katy kats not promote it enough?
  3. cliche_display

    Normani has more Pop #1s...

    Than her collaborators Fifth Harmony: 1 Khalid and Sam Smith: 2 Normani: 3 career Are you surprised?
  4. Roman Holiday

    If your fave read your posts

    What do you think their impression of you would be?
  5. Mine have been the exact same for awhile. So good. 1. Roll with Me 2. Unlock It 3. Girls Night Out 4. Femmebot 5. WGFU/Hey Boy Hey Girl/Party 4 U (potato recordings lol - still counts)
  6. gooddreams

    What makes a hit tour a HIT TOUR?

  7. Living Legend

    Natalia Kills was pop perfection!

    I was listening to her debut album the other day because I remembered that I was obsessed with it back in the day. And WOW! What a classic, such great instrumentals, catchy hooks, and clever songwriting. Truly a wasted talent and career.
  8. IndieKid

    TS7 is Taylor's debut

    After watching her Voice performance I slowly realized...this new era is Taylor's debut. Her career is being rebooted. All her previous work is from the past, reputation is an epilogue and her new era is starting over. Like a butterfly. Taylor's 7th album is actually her first album. How do you feel about this revelation? Personally my mind is blown
  9. Like Charli...Marina...Gaga...Iggy..Miley Cyrus..Selena Gomez etc There's always one having a meltdown about it but then you have black artists like Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna who know how to play the game, know it's literally not that serious, and just keep focusing on positivity instead of acknowledging haters. why? YES Azealia has messy moments but she's not pretentious about social media as a whole
  10. lilMonsterKayla

    Billie vs Lorde

    we’ve all noticed the parallels.
  11. Mine have been the exact same for awhile. So good. 1. Roll with Me 2. Unlock It 3. Girls Night Out 4. Femmebot 5. WGFU/Hey Boy Hey Girl/Party 4 U (potato recordings lol)
  12. Not really here to defend him but from observational standpoint, where they right in coming for him when he was minding his own business? Yeah we all know what he did it’s no secret but why keep bringing it up and in the same breathe victimizing Rih all over again?
  13. Orsay

    Most hated stan-base?

    Which base is the most hated by all others? Could it possibly be that all stan groups are equally biased, deranged and irrational by definition and that whichever one takes it the furthest is simply the largest, most enduring and most dedicated? Discusst.
  14. MissedTheTrain

    Is this the best Taylor gif?

    SO many applicable uses Queen of being stuck while writing "Gorgeous"
  15. Which long-running feud is more iconic and remembered by the GeePee and the gheys?
  16. And failed miserably I always thought he would have a smooth transition but the single choice was and he also stepped away from his bachata roots which alienated his Latin fanbase. That Jlo song was cute though
  17. What are some unintentionally funny pop song that actually got pushed by a label as a single? Here are some that actually had me on the floor: The high pitched & whiny chorus. The autotune. 2:33 The "oh oh oh oh oh" chorus that's so choppy and elementary. They all sound like dufuses singing it . I know ci's been through IT these past few days on here but the "it's been too long" line at 0:33 kinda took me out a bit when this was released. It's a fitting allusion to her heyday when she was at the top. This unlistenable garbage . I can barely make the 0:31 mark without dying. How did we make this fly back in 14?
  18. None of the other girls are doing it like her, all of her music is english for those of you too scared to listen to music in other languages Why? Talent? Asian excellence? ATRL hypes up any skinny white blonde girl?
  19. The7thStranger

    Janet Jackson - Have you given her a fair listen?

    On ATRL, there's three very distinct camps of people when it comes to Janet Jackson: The fans, those of us who regularly post in the Janet Jackson BASE or have Janet listed in our sigs. We can also be admittedly a bit sensitive about her as we feel she's been disrespected by both pop enthusiasts and the mainstream media. Those who are fairly indifferent to her but like a couple of songs. Those who call her local, post falsities about her stats, and generally love to tear her down. Now, I'm addressing mostly those who fall into category three, but those in category two as well. Do you feel that you've given Janet's music a fair chance? Have you ever sat down and listened to any of her records aside from "That's the Way Love Goes," "Rhythm Nation," and "All For You" ? I ask because this is something that's totally independent of your viewpoints on her being a local celebrity, a flop, a global legend, whatever it may be. Taking stats out of the picture and the fallout from the Superbowl incident, how do you feel about Janet's music? I'm not asking if you think the music had legs, if it remained iconic, or if it is remembered by ### people in your city. I'm asking two things: have you listened to Janet's music beyond her most popular singles, and what is your opinion on the music itself? If you haven't, why not?