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Found 1,068 results

  1. nostalgia

    Katy hasn't reached her vocal peak yet

    Like butter, Katy Perry and her voice keeps getting better and bolder. She has the ability to hit them high notes like the other divas and has that distinctive rock edge.
  2. This song is amazing! Windows down and music blasting type of sound. On a side note: I believe, SZA, could have been influenced by, Res. Just on the simple fact that they were both influenced by the Wu-Tang Clan and, Res’s music is very experimental like, SZA’s. Probably a reach, but “Dream Barrymore” gives me, RES vibes. Regardless, if you have never heard of her I would recommend listening to her album.
  3. MattyTacos

    'Under The Pink' Appreciation Thread

    Hi, could we just appreciate this 1994 masterpiece by the crazy talented feminist, Tori Amos, whose career defined the 90s with angsty, heartfelt, introspective lyrics, melodies, songs, and immaculate albums (this is 1 of her 6 best albums). Pretty Good Year still pierces me, it makes me reflect on so much that's happened in the year. God is just...a real feeling about belief with how life can leave you. BELLS FOR HER is that best friend break up song. Past The Mission (ONE OF HER BEST), Baker Baker, The Waitress, Cornflake Girls, Icicle (the self-loving JAM), Cloud on My Tongue, & Space Dog. The Wrong Band & Yes, Anastasia are weaker but cute girls. Singles: Cornflake Girl, God, Pretty Good Year, Past the Mission She chose some of the best songs for singles. God's impact still over 2 decades later. Highlight lyrics imo: "Tears on the sleeve of a man/Don't want to be a boy today" "A few witches burning, gets a little toasty here" "She said, "I've your voice" I said, "you don't need my voice girl you have your own" "Baker, baker, make me a cake, make me a day, make me whole again" "I believe in peace, b*tch" "Well, I think the good book is missing some pages" "When they say 'take of his body' I think I'll take from mine instead" "Circles and circles, again, the girls, circles and circles got to stop spinning" "Deck the halls, I'm young again, I'm you again" Sorry for the giant rant but I LOVE this girl, LOVE her albums, LOVE her lyrics/voice, and she gets so little praise & recognition when she was a staple of the 90s and her music speaks so much truth to life today still. Anyone else love her/this album
  4. nostalgia

    Girls Like You vs Boys Like You: better?

    Which song with a featured female do you prefer?
  5. ilovemusic432

    Jessie J's 'Alive' Album Turns 5

    Tracklisting: It's My Party Thunder Square One Sexy Lady Harder We Fall Breathe I Miss Her Daydreamin' Excuse My Rude Wild (Solo Version/Remix) Gold Conquer The World Alive Unite [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] Hero [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] Magnetic [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] It's My Party (All About She UKG Remix) [Deluxe]
  6. I always wanted her to leave that show and focus on her music career but her recent most active years in the music industry (2013 and 2015) were both while she was on The Voice. Was leaving that show a mistake? Did it bring opportunities her way?
  7. TheSugarVenom

    Venice Bitch vs. Writer In The Dark: better?

    Which Jack Antonoff-produced song by an alt-pop bitch is better? Which do you prefer?
  8. Wicked


    . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari http://www.gorillavsbear.net/ http://www.treblezine.com/ http://thequietus.com/ http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/ http://singersroom.com/ http://hiphopdx.com/ http://drownedinsound.com/ http://www.tinymixtapes.com/ http://www.factmag.com/ http://consequenceofsound.net/ http://www.metalinjection.net/
  9. LoveQueenGaga

    Did “Fall In Line” deserve better?

    It really did. Christina and Demi’s vocals sound heavenly. It should’ve at least charted on the Hot 100.. the top 100 hit that got away
  10. Cardi's first #1 was a solo song. But her 2nd #1 had other artists as the main and her predicted 3rd #1 is her as a feature with Maroon Five. So how long will it take for people to drag Cardi the same way people say "LOL HOW MANY OF THOSE ARE FEATURES???!!!?" When we talk about Nicki's certifications? Time will tell I suppose!
  11. Future Lover

    Bon Appetit outviewing Chained to the Rhythm

    Bon Appetit - 562M views Chained To The Rhythm - 523M views Did talent win? Discuss
  12. What’s the best single from the Red Pill Blues era? Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Cold (feat. Future) What Lovers Do (feat. SZA) Wait Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B)
  13. Kanye West

    Christina Aguilera - Coffee

    I remember back in either 2015 or 2016 there was a song called Coffee floating around. It was supposed to be for X5. A few people had it but it didn't leak. Does anyone remember this?
  14. is your fandom listed here ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fandom_nicknames
  15. a_little_sinner

    Is Taylor no longer queen of pop, instead she is

    The Empress of music? Since there are so many other called queens on here that she is bigger than, can we instead call her the Empress?
  16. MissedTheTrain

    Dua SNAPPED here

  17. MissedTheTrain

    Your Song: Gaga vs JHud

    Who sang Elton's "Your Song" better? Gaga or Jennifer Hudson?
  18. Rated

    2019 Grammy Submissions

    Katy Perry ROTY, SOTY, Pop Solo, Music Vid – "Hey Hey Hey" Avril Lavigne Best Christian Song – "Head Above Water" What do you think could be sent by labels?
  19. Daydream

    Who is the angriest fanbase?

    Which fanbase exudes anger the most? And why do you think this is?
  20. liberalmusiclover

    Her Excellency Rihanna...

    Rihanna’s official title is “Her Excellency.” The global legend is excellent by default. Why has ATRL taken another L? Why does Her Excellency Rihanna keep on winning?
  21. NEZ

    Are the charts more accurate now?

    I always thought hip-hop was the more popular genre, even when the pop girls were killing it. It never really felt right. Im not really happy about the way hip hop has dominated the billboard but it made me realize that now pop isn't so mainstream anymore and it makes me enjoy it even more. I was never one to follow the crowd so I think it's kind of cool that pop isn't the dominant genre anymore!
  22. Past performers have been https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSMB63GMfWM
  23. What do you think? The song is good and deserves some success!