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Found 8,401 results

  1. Dark XXX

    Has FKA twigs given up on music?

    It's been over four years since LP1, three years since M3LL155X and two years since Good to Love. The only music which was released from her this year is that collab with ASAP Rocky and it's not even her song. At the same time, let's appreciate this masterpiece.
  2. britkneepopboi

    Is ATRL obsessed with Nicki Minaj?

    Many claim to hate her and claim she's irrelevant yet all I see every time I log in is threads upon threads about her and her actions. If she is so over like they claim why is she on the tip of everyone's tongue? Are they undercover fans or just simply reporting relevant topics? What it is about Ms. Minaj that gets ATRL so worked up?
  3. People kept claiming 2018 would recreate 2008's return of dance pop, but: Just Dance on the Hot 100: August 2008 - Top 80 September 2008 - Top 75 October 2008 - Top 60 November 2008 - Top 20 December 2008 - Top 3 January 2009 - #1 Sweet But Psycho on the Hot 100: August 2018 - N/A September 2018 - N/A October 2018 - N/A November 2018 - N/A December 2018 - N/A so far January 2019 - ? Will pop music be able to complete the promise of returning to the top by January 1st, 2019?
  4. Kendrick and SZA are going up against the machine, aka The Authority All The Starts deserves a Grammy and Oscar but the white panel who votes don't know sht about dope music and hard work it’s basically Martin Luther King (underdog) vs J. Edgar Hoover (top dog) all over again Will the Grammys do the right thing and give SZA a grammy
  5. I just remembered it and it's possible that we'll never hear that song
  6. Superbitch

    6ix9ine Dummy boy worst rated album in 2018

    Nickis bff did that!
  7. NOW

    Does Stephen Puth have potential?

    Charlie's little brother going solo
  8. madonnas

    Are albums getting less creative?

    please do not mistake me for a the type of person who always thinks new music sucks and how music has lost its touch or whatever! I legit feel like (probably due to the streaming era) music albums are slowly losing quality overall, and people are focusing on just releasing good songs. Coherent tracklisting, similar musical and lyrical themes, etc are kind of disappearing in music in albums it seems. not just in top 40 music but non mainstream music seems to be following this trend too. Artists would much rather release albums with a few hot songs at a faster pace. Is this just how the music industry is gonna be for a bit? Or is it just my taste?
  9. Gaga is a-soon-to-become-Oscar-winner while the other one is voicing irrelevant side characters in kids movies. Gaga has already a GG to her name, whereas Beyonces latest acting effort in 'Obsessed' was panned. Why is that so? Discuss. 
  10. Dynamo

    Should Gaga Do A Pop Rock/Metal album?

    A Pop Rock/Metal/Gothic/Punk album as a SIDE PROJECT like Cheek To Cheek? I would love it so much Shes a Rockstar turned Popstar lets be honest Would u be here for it?
  11. Hazard

    Bigger in 2018, Gaga or Nicki?

    Bigger artist in 2018, Gaga or Nicki?
  12. Fisherman

    Nicki Minaj: 7 years of relevancy

    Even though she’s been making music forever, Nicki broke into mainstream with Super Bass in 2011. She has been relevant for 7 years only with an already struggling career. Why is she calling herself “QUEEN”? Discuss.
  13. QueenBeyoncé

    Beyoncé was streamed more than Gaga why?

    Beyoncé was more streamed on Spotify than Gaga globally despite not having a new album on the platform since 2014. Why? Beyoncé Bebe Rexha Anne-Marie Billie Eilish Shakira Lady Gaga SZA Adele Anitta Lana Del Rey Julia Michaels Hailee Steinfeld P!nk Natti Natasha
  14. 10 years into their careers. Madonna had an underperforming album but decent single success, good box office reception (A League of Their Own) and huge media coverage vs GaGa who is having her big comeback, doing amazing at the box office but having kinda average media coverage in comparison. Post receipts
  15. manwhore

    Should Nicki Minaj create an onlyfans?

    Now that she's on a hiatus and back to being a full-time Instagram model part time radio personality, should she create that Onlyfans? It will help her get back on her feet financially and maybe Inspire her to create chart topping hits. What does Atrl tiinnnk?
  16. Karla Cabello

    Is 'GA GAS comeback' a thing?

    i barely hear people talking about her outside atrl
  17. Timber

    How many weeks will TY,N be #1 for?

    Its prediction for next week is shocking, and it keeps growing like crazy on radio.
  18. jdmc218

    JLM: Janet's 20 Best Dance Videos

    I just noticed this today. Never seen it. R&R Hall of Fame inductions are upon us, so let's remind them AGAIN why she is long overdue? Do you agree with the list? Top 20 Full List: @DoubleDutchess @The Velvet Rope @Moth 2 The Flame @eli's_rhythm @kishi @Horizon Flame
  19. To the true Janet fans (yes I said TRUE) who have also listened to Janet's first two albums, I'm interested to know your favorite songs from them. They can be combined since y'all may not know much of them. Since I enjoy Janet Jackson, I pretty much like them all, but You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine), Forever Yours, and The Magic Is Working are my favorites. Dream Street, Don't Stand Another Chance and Two to the Power of Love are also some favorites.
  20. Future Lover

    Avril vs Ashlee: better debut album?

    Which pop-rock queen has the better debut album?
  21. Bey_Rihstan

    Brandy's "Human" Turns 10

    What are your fav songs?