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Found 10,279 results

  1. Scotland

    Wendy supported gays, Ellen didn't. Why?

    Ellen, despite being a lesbian, supported known homophobe Kevin Hart, but Wendy didn't and she sided with the gays. Why?
  2. P!NK aka the Queen of Soundtracks wins again. Her "A Million Dreams" is by far the most succesful song out of the Reimagined Soundtrack. It's not getting pushed anywhere. Was released on October 25th. Still slaying. P!NK wins again. Selling wine & taking care of her family instead of promoting. Still slaying.
  3. ArianadelRey

    Nicki stomps on Cardi in the UK, why?

    Miss Maraj has 5 top 3 hits (including a #1) in the UK, while miss Cardi has 0 top 3s, while her biggest song there peaked at #5. Why is that?
  4. St. Francis

    Adore You Appreciation Thread

    A thread to appreciate both
  5. KillingYourCareer

    Straight locals' favorite song of 2018?

    Which 2018 hit is the most straight locals-pandering? Which song did the tasteless, basic heterosexuals from your area blast the most?
  6. Elvis

    Iconic Opening Lines to Songs

    e.g. "It's Britney, bitch", "We were both young, when I first saw you", "Hello, it's me".
  7. Bencharmer

    Ariana - "Only 1" - Worship Thread

    The production The catchy chorus Her voice She used to make amazing R&Bish songs
  8. Bencharmer

    BOMT (album) is a feel good album...

    It's far from being her best album... Yet i love the vibe I only picture good things when i play it: sea, cherry blossoms, ice cream... It's lightful and genuine, Britney sounds like she lets her teenage soul out... I'm eating this!!!
  9. Josh

    "Sometimes" Appreciation Thread

    The only "Sometimes" that matters
  10. LookinIn

    Did Junglepussy snap here?

    I mean the level of bop she served. "I knew this one thoughtful mother****er He came from Planet Good ***** or some **** This dude deadass took me to the zoo The zoo? The zoo Last ***** bought me leopard print lingerie I'm like I got *****s taking me to see live animals and you're pulling up with animal prints?"
  11. Safe&Sound

    Does JB still have hype around him?

    ever since his huge era from Purpose, followed by some DJ collaborations, and put the cherry on top with Despacito remix, he hasnt released anything, except No Brainer, which is very frontloaded and cant match I'm The One's success Many things have changed too, ever since He has got married, he became more unattractive Post Malone and Drake dominated the male section of pop music does he still have hype around him? Will his comeback be big?
  12. Safe&Sound

    Is Taylor capable enough to pull Superbowl?

    After reputation tour What do you think? Or she still needs some times
  13. Scotland

    Wendy drags Britney

    2014 Wendy was ruthless. The compilation, I- @[email protected]
  14. MissedTheTrain

    ASIB songs ranked by popularity

    Spotify: 1. Shallow - 254,687,733 2. Always Remember Us This Way - 94,624,854 3. I'll Never Love Again (Radio Edit) - 46,173,613 4. Look What I Found - 34,416,693 5. I'll Never Love Again (Extended Version) - 31,515,870 6. Music to My Eyes - 28,247,892 7. Maybe It's Time - 27,202,220 8. Is That Alright? - 26,103,194 9. Diggin' My Grave - 21,602,108 10. I Don't Know What Love Is - 20,771,787 11. Heal Me - 20,716,355 12. Black Eyes - 19,873,472 13. Why Did You Do That? - 17,788,723 14. Out of Time - 16,433,245 15. Alibi - 15,614,181 16. La Vie En Rose - 15,494,667 17. Before I Cry - 13,698,348 18. Hair, Body, Face - 13,415,675 19. Too Far Gone - 12,287,753 iTunes: 1. Shallow 2. Always Remember Us This Way 3. I'll Never Love Again (Extended Version) 4. I'll Never Love Again (Film Version) 5. Maybe It's Time 6. Is That Alright? 7. Black Eyes 8. Look What I Found 9. Music to My Eyes 10. Before I Cry 11. La Vie En Rose 12. Out of Time 13. I Don't Know What Love Is 14. Diggin' My Grave 15. Alibi 16. Heal Me 17. Why Did You Do That? 18. Hair Body Face 19. Too Far Gone Do you think people are liking the best songs? Which source's ranking matches yours better?
  15. Name albums that don't have even one song over 40 million streams on Spotify. Try to not to count indie/alt acts. I'll start: "Liberation" by Christina Aguilera "Lotus" by Christina Aguilera "Bionic" by Christina Aguilera "My Kind of Christmas" by Christina Aguilera "Just Be Free" by Christina Aguilera "Mi Reflejo" by Christina Aguilera
  16. Kevin Parker

    Is there an album as diverse as BTW?

    Gaga's second studio album features elements of dance-pop, electro-rock, post-disco, electro-pop, industrial, techno, glam metal, synth-pop, hi-NRG, house, stadium rock, trance, power pop, eurodisco, funk rock, blues, pop rock, electroclash and even smooth jazz and mariachi. It really sounds like something Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden, Madonna and Kiss would come up with if they worked together. As a producer, I admire the techniques and experimentation of Born This Way.
  17. Elvis

    Times The Grammys Got It Right

    What are some times the Grammys got it right (in your opinion)? E.g. Taylor winning AOTY twice, Nicki never winning, Beyoncé never winning AOTY etc.
  18. LookinIn

    When You Believe remembered?

    At the time it only peaked at #15 on BB and internationally in the top 10 and many deemed it as a flop at the time for the two biggest artists of the 90s. That may or may not be accurate at the time however, more than 20 years later the main video has racked up 200,000,000 views, with others over the years racking up 10s of millions of views. Did the best vocalists of all time snap on this one and win in the end? It did win an Oscar as well (a shame since its the only original Mariah song that she never wrote)
  19. I'm a justin fan since 2009 a.k.a One Time Single/Nintendo DS Event. My expectations with him were pretty huge back then cause ha appeal was special but hes just in another level of fame now. This thread is just for fans. Dont be rude casual ATRLER I'm mean to him cause he can be pretty thrashy sometimes but in my heart i love him Do you remember the My World era? It brings me so many 2009-2011 memories. He was a totally different person
  20. Scandal

    is needy Ariana’s best song?

    the lyrics the melody
  21. pick the worst rerelease lead by a woman (2010s) Katy Perry, Part of Me (Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection) Nicki Minaj feat Cassie, The Boys (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up) Iggy Azalea feat MØ, Beg For It (The New Classic: Reclassified) Beyoncé, 7/11 (BEYONCÉ: Platinum Edition) Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris, One Kiss (Dua Lipa: Complete Edition)
  22. in the U.S. So proud of these 4 girls. ...but it's sad how little females dominated in 2018. http://www.buzzanglemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/BuzzAngle-Music-2018-US-Report-Industry.pdf
  23. Oh My Gaga

    Do you like honest?

    Do you like the YouTuber "honest"? Why or why not?
  24. Isaiah

    What Music Video is This?

    This is killing me
  25. Easy name some of the most diverse albums you have ever heard? Most Diverse I Have ever heard : She Wolf By Shakira She Wolf : Disco/Hi-NRG/Electropop Did It Again : Samba/Batucada/Electropop Long Time : Dancehall/Cumbia/Dance Why Wait : Arabian Music/Electropop Good Stuff : Calypso/Arabian Music/Electropop Men In This Town : Electropop/Techno/Acoustic Music/House Gipsy : Bhangra/Country/Pop Spy : Funk/Soul/R&B/Electro/Reggae Mon Amour : Pop Rock/Pop Punk Give It Up To Me : Electropop/Hip Hop/R&B World Music mixed with electropop to sum it all up Now your turn Whats the most musically diverse album you have ever heard? Most diverse album of your fave?