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Found 11,934 results

  1. Phantom

    Joanne vs The Lion King: Bigger event?

    Joanne: -Top 5 SMASH -Grammy -Iconic Super Bowl Performance TLK: -Second most viewed teaser of all time -Iconic gif/jpg edits -Photo realistic animals Which will be bigger in the end? Let's discuss. I love enlightening inter medium comparisons. TLK is yet to come so I listed all the great things we know so far
  2. We’ve seen a common trend in all the female popstars, they decline around 30. Britney with FF/BJ. Katy with late prism singles and witness. Beyonce with 4 was dropped from pop radio. Gaga with Artpop. Taylor ir almost 30 and saw a decline with Rep. There are many other cases. But in the examples I provided Britney stopped all the promo with FF when it still was effective, Katy had the worst woke campaign ever. Gaga well it was artpop. Beyoncé released an R&B album in the middle of electropop smashing. Taylor got a media blackout. Are they really victims of the industry dropping them or do they just do the worse moves possible at that point? Some recover but not as popstar, Gaga cameback as an actress and Beyoncé went full urban mode.
  3. Iceland

    Did J. Law destroy the X-men franchise?

    i mean wtf is this
  4. Obviously 'I Will Always Love' You was more successful it was # 1 on the Hot 100 but I feel Shallow is starting to have pop culture impact like Whitney's song. Everyone is singing it
  5. She should TBH.
  6. Iceland

    How many sex partners you've had?

    i lost the count
  7. VilsonMuqa

    Is JB having his Britney moment?

    Seeing his latest pics + the fact that he is visiting a therapist 6/7 days what did break the boy so bad, Selena Gomez? Happy Birthday & get better soon 🖤
  8. Harmonous

    Songs that HIGHLIGHT pop's decline

    Growing up, what songs made you slowly start to realize the decline in quality of music? For me, the earliest memory of pop going to **** was probably Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl was kinda off to me with it's minimalistic (of course Pharrell-produced ) beat And then Fergie came in 2006 with London Bridge, another left-field rap-talking over left-field, hip-hop beat that kinda made me cringe. The BEP didn't help much either with My Humps (which is one of the worst pop songs of all time BTW ) 2007 was the point of no return to me (although there are so many GEMS from that year) but Fergalicious, Chicken Noodle Soup & Crank That (Soulja Boy) were not IT . And I thought it couldn't get worse but the following years **** like Lollipop, Like a G6, and low-key Tik Tok made me do triple-takes when they came on . But more recently **** like Moron 5 (or are they 6)? Don't Wanna Know, Shape of Trash & Gucci Gang and FEFELON are like the lowest we've ever gotten .
  9. Villanelle

    Should all OGHs be banned?

    Gaga repeaked and has a #1 song in the US. Should all OGHs get banned from GagATRL for at least a month?
  10. Betty

    Has Beyonces moment passed?

    Bey doesn't get much hype or shine anymore. Eil a huge flop. What's going with her career
  11. Paula Abdul

    Who benefits from Katy's flop?

    She is one of the biggest selling pop stars ever, but she's struggling in commercial way for these last years. Capitol stopped cared about her since CTTR dropped, their promotional venues did not make sense, it was a complete waste of money without any good results. But, let's think, who really benefits from Katy Perry's flop status? Was it happen by accident or by someone's design?
  12. Bentley

    Katy... what went wrong?

    When and why did everything go downhill so quickly?
  13. umich

    Beauty & A Beat vs Break Free

    Which Max Martin/Zedd collab was better?
  14. Paula Abdul

    Your fave's most discreet U.S. hit?

    Katy Perry - "Waking Up In Vegas" (2009) U.S. Billboard Hot 100 - #9 U.S. Billboard Radio Songs - #5 (IKAG and HnC were #4 in this chart) U.S. Mainstream Top 40 Songs - #1 (IKAG were #2 in this chart) US Billboard Hot 100[34] 9 US Adult Contemporary (Billboard)[35] 26 US Adult Top 40 (Billboard)[36] 5 US Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[37] 1 US Dance Singles Sales (Billboard)[38] 8 US Dance/Mix Show Airplay (Billboard)[39] 14 US Hot Singles Sales (Billboard)[40] 15 US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard)[41] 1 US Rhythmic (Billboard)[42] 33 Many people talked it was a little hit for her and this song felt very discreet in terms of success in people's eyes.
  15. KetysandGagsSon

    Shallow most global pop girl song this decade.

    420m spotify streams currently(set to reach 1 billion spotify streams) Weekly charts[edit] Chart (2018–2019) Peak position Australia (ARIA)[106] 1 Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40)[107] 1 Canada AC (Billboard)[111] 1 Croatia (HRT)[114] 1 Czech Republic (Singles Digitál Top 100)[116] 1 Denmark (Tracklisten)[117] 1 Euro Digital Songs (Billboard)[119] 1 Hungary (Single Top 40)[126] 1 Iceland (Tonlist)[128] 1 Ireland (IRMA)[129] 1 Latvia (Latvijas Radio)[134] 1 Luxembourg Digital Songs (Billboard)[136] 1 New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ)[59] 1 Portugal (AFP)[144] 1 Scotland (Official Charts Company)[146] 1 Slovakia (Rádio Top 100)[148] 1 Slovakia (Singles Digitál Top 100)[149] 1 Sweden (Sverigetopplistan)[153] 1 Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade)[154] 1 UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[62] 1 US Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[48] 1 Belgium (Ultratop 50 Wallonia)[109] 2 Greece Digital Songs (IFPI Greece)[124] 2 Hungary (Stream Top 40)[127] 2 Italy (FIMI)[131] 2 Norway (VG-lista)[142] 2 Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[110] 3 Israel (Media Forest)[130] 3 Japan Hot Overseas (Billboard)[133] 3 Finland Digital Songs (Billboard)[120] 4 France (SNEP)[122] 4 Mexico Anglo (Monitor Latino)[138] 4 Mexico Airplay (Billboard)[139] 4 Slovenia (SloTop50)[150] 4 Estonia (IFPI)[118] 5 Malaysia (RIM)[137] 5 US Billboard Hot 100[155] 1 Singapore (RIAS)[147] 6 US Adult Contemporary (Billboard)[45] 6 US Adult Top 40 (Billboard)[43] 6 Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders)[108] 8 Finnish Airplay (Radiosoittolista)[121] 8 Netherlands (Dutch Top 40)[140] 8 Canada Hot AC (Billboard)[113] 10 Germany (Official German Charts)[123] 10 Netherlands (Single Top 100)[141] 12 Spain (PROMUSICAE)[152] 15 Greece Digital Songs (IFPI Greece)[124] (Radio edit) 16 Lebanon (Lebanese Top 20)[135] 19 US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard)[46] 23 South Korea International Digital (Gaon)[151] 25 Hungary (Rádiós Top 40)[125] 28 Canada CHR/Top 40 (Billboard)[112] 30 Japan (Japan Hot 100)[132] 44 Poland (Polish Airplay Top 100)[143] 46 Czech Republic (Rádio Top 100)[115] 53 Romania (Airplay 100)[145] 53 Argentina (Argentina Hot 100)[105] 77
  16. If Gaga wins tonight then Shallow will be the most awarded song in history.
  17. Betty

    Why celebs hate Gaga?

    Celebs hate her why? She's a great singer good actress good person and a killer performer why do celebs hate her
  18. QueenBeyoncé

    Artists are following Beyoncé

    Beyoncé (the world’s biggest modern icon) was the first artist of the digital age to eschew the conventional carousel of interviews, suggesting that the work itself—as well as a stream of well-curated, cryptic Instagram posts—can make a more impactful statement than the press can. And this strategy has proven fruitful: Beyoncé has only sat for a small handful of interviews in recent years, a decision that has helped usher her into a new era of untouchability and superhero status. In 2015, she became the first-ever Vogue cover subject to skip a sit-down interview altogether. These days, Beyoncé’s peers are taking a page from her playbook, often choosing their own mechanisms for broadcasting their messages, rather than relying on the press. These decisions have sparked a hand-wringing debate about the power dynamic between celebrities and the media. Much will likely be made of Swift choosing to not do an interview to begin the promotional roll out for her new music. Indeed, much has already been made of similar moves; the conversation surrounding the current state of music journalism came to a head this past fall, when Beyoncé covered Vogue. The piece inside wasn't a traditional profile, but instead an "as told to" painted as "in her own words." (I'll note here that the interview was done by my former colleague Clover Hope.) The conversation became even more frenzied over reports that Beyoncé had chosen the photographer who shot her for the cover and inside spread But perhaps there's something more here than just artists successfully attempting to control, even more than they ever could before, their own stories. Take the latest cover of Vanity Fair, devoted to Miley Cyrus. Interviewed by Zach Baron, Cyrus is quite candid, though it'd be inaccurate to argue she was the type of musician, like Swift or Beyoncé, who ever wasn't. Post-Disney, Miley has truly always been doing Miley, as Baron's piece reflects. In it, she discusses her recent surprise marriage to Liam Hemsworth, losing their home in the California fires, and her ever-shifting musical sound. But scattered within it is another "in her own words." "Before we begin, Miley Cyrus would like to read something she’s written," the piece begins. "She’s not sure what to call it, actually. At one point she says 'op-ed,' but it’s not an op-ed. Statement? It’s kind of a statement. She’s trying to explain herself." https://www.elle.com/culture/a26445867/yvette-noel-schure-beyonce-publicist/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/noisey.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/9kpg53/what-getting-taylor-swift-in-her-own-words-really-means
  19. ATWK

    Eras with messy hairstyles?

    Janet's Discipline era: Kylie's X era: + that messy bob that I can't find right now; it's somebody's avi and it has her making a creepy smile.
  20. Alak96

    Ariana now has a #1 AND a grammy. Why?

    Why is she so successful.m4a?
  21. nostalgia

    Brie has ATRL pressed. Why?

    Why is Miss Brie Larson the new target of ATRL, who have been recently shading her and express support to her nemesis such as Casey Affleck?
  22. FrederickSpears

    Next pop girl?

    Bops on bops
  23. Jeremiah

    One unreleased song you NEED to leak

    Name your most desired unreleased track by your fave(s) that hasn't leaked but you want/need to. I've been yearning for Britney's "Take the Bait". Also, I'm dying for Lana's version of "The Good Life" to fully leak.
  24. suburbannature

    Your Top 10 90s Albums?

    And only one album per artist. In no order: