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Found 46,478 results

  1. How is this possible?
  2. Why did Gaga during the biggest flop of the decade(artpop tour), outgross Rihanna (in her 11th year of slayage) anti tour?
  3. So I searched for “Flop Pop Albums” on Google and it gave me: Brtiney Jean, Bionic and No Doubts’ Push and Shove. I’m curious guys, what will be your results? Post it here. You can screenshot it as well if you like.
  4. How much do you think queen will do with her new album, Sex & Cigarettes ? I'm thinking 30-45k
  5. I kinda think it's between Grenade or Count On Me but what does everyone else think?
  6. two big radio hits with no music video but which one was bigger?
  7. Taylor has bunch of very good music videos What are your Top 5 MVs of her ? Mine : 1. Wildest Dreams 2. Blank Space 3. End Game 4. LWYMMD 5. Ours
  8. What is it about Little Mix that makes them keep going and serving quality unlike other X Factor produced bands?
  9. Who's had the bigger career? I thought it was Mick Jagger because The Rolling Stones are the 2nd biggest band in history but according to @Domination Kesha is bigger so idk
  10. It hits sooo hard. Refrain from being delusional and posting a ballad by your fave, thanks.
  11. THE CEREMONY Welcome to the Seventh Annual Lambily Awards! After a memorable New Year's Eve in 2017, Mariah had a pretty boring year, releasing only a few songs and contributing to some kids movies. Yet we're all still here talking about why E=MC2 is better than Emancipation, so let's celebrate one another with another round of Lambily Awards. This year is about looking ahead: we're excited that Mariah is skinnier than ever, redeemed herself on New Year's Eve 2018, is signed to new management, and is apparently spending time in the studio. Let's celebrate that.gif. THE NOMINATIONS Like last year, all members listed under "The Contenders" below are invited to submit nominations in each category. This year, nominations will be done via Google Forms. You can make your nominations here. In order for your nomination ballot to be counted, you MUST PM me here to let me know that you have submitted a ballot. Any ballot received without a corresponding PM will be ignored. Feel free to send anywhere from 1-5 nominations per category. Once I have the nominees from y'all, I will confer with my esteemed panel just to fill in any gaps. Nominations are due March 12th at midnight EST. Feel free to campaign in this thread (for both nominations and awards); statistics prove that campaigning leads to success at the Lambily Awards! THE CONTENDERS Below is a list of members that are allowed to send me nominations and votes. This list also represents the Lambs who can be considered for awards, so please refer to the list as you prepare your nominations. I have not updated the list from last year, so if your name is not listed below but you feel as though you belong on the list (or if you changed your username), please contact me via PM or post in this thread to alert me. Eligible Members THE AWARDS If you are on the eligible members list, you can submit your votes here. The 'Hero' Award Best Lamb The 'We Belong Together' Award Most Popular Lamb The 'Vision of Love' Award Best New Lamb The 'Anytime You Need a Friend' Award Most Helpful Lamb The '100%' Award Lamb Who Posts Most Receipts The 'Against All Odds' Award Most Faithful Lamb The 'When You Believe' Award Most Optimistic Lamb The 'Meteorite' Award Most Talented Lamb The 'Rainbow' Award Best Hybrid Lamb The 'Glitter' Award Most Underrated Lamb The 'Charmbracelet' Award Most Misunderstood Lamb The 'Elusive Chanteuse' Award Best Absentee Lamb The 'Love Story' Award Best Lamb Couple The 'Thanx 4 Nothin'' Award Worst Lamb The 'Clown' Award Messiest Lamb The 'Up Out My Face' Award Best Dragger The 'Make It Look Good' Award Best Looking Lamb The ‘For The Record' Award Best MC Thread of 2017 The 'I'll Be There' Award Favorite Other Stan Base The 'Obsessed' Award Biggest Goat (Mariah Hater) / Most Closeted Stan (Not necessarily in the "eligible" list) THE DATES Nominations Due (via PM): March 12th Nominees Announced: March 13st Voting Begins: March 16th Votes Due: TBD Award Ceremony: TBD PREVIOUS CEREMONIES 2017 ♫ 2016 ♫ 2015 ♫ 2014 ♫ 2013 ♫ 2012
  12. I think the trinity is Lana, Kesha and Charlie X Their stuff is always leaking ff
  13. Michael Jackson has moonwalk. Madonna has vogue-ing. How about your fave?
  14. Imagine if 4H and Camila got back together after all the mess they’ve gone through....they would be bigger than ever and the publicity would be all over the Iconic moment in history....they would be so powerful
  15. Is Shakira's World Cup anthem a classic? Despite being released nearly 8 years ago, it's getting a daily average of over 1.5M views*. * 1 213 492+267 112+23 646=1 504 250 (source: Kworb)
  16. A decade ago - 2008, what are some things you didn't expect from our pop girls? - I never expected Taylor to go full pop. - I never expected Bey to become so critically acclaimed. - I never expected Rih to grow so much as a vocalist
  17. do people forget that SML was a top ten hit? and that it has 400M+ streams on Spotify? like what...
  18. Two singles that peaked at #4 on Billboard HOT 100 and stayed at that position for a week. Which was and which felt bigger?
  19. I am SHAKING at how good this is. I was not expecting her to come thru with this disco dripping country pop sound. This is giving me hints of her label pushing her to be a heavy hitter pop girl. I'm so into it, girls.
  20. Since she's Italian, I feel like she should do an album in Italian because that would make the album even more personal thus revolutionizing and taking personal albums to the next level again. What you think?
  21. What are your top five favorite Beyoncé music videos?
  22. edit: Not top 10 anywhere, not even in his own country (Australia - 14) US - 80 UK - 38 i thought its claimed to be 2018's best pop song by atrl? So why did it flop??
  23. I mean, his new song punched me the **** ou! it’s so good and I’m a Rihanna stan