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Found 3,450 results

  1. Jude

    Humble Pop Girls?

    Who are they?
  2. gatito

    Is ASIB a feminist film?

    Well for starters it doesn’t even pass the Bechdel test (only that assistant lady has a line o two I think). Ally is lied to, manipulated, stalked, blackmailed, ridiculed and controlled by every single man in her life. Even that I’ll Never Love Again song is like a chastity belt, really creepy if you think about it. Why is Gaga ok with this message? I’m glad I watched this movie before my little sister did cause I would rather her to watch a movie with a strong, independent female lead, someone she can look up to. Lemme know what you think
  3. So I found this video of Britney shopping for gifts for Xtina's baby shower it seems. They have a long history, but I never knew Britney was invited nor if they were that close to invite each other to life milestone events. What exactly is Britney's and Xtina's relationship? Do any stans have info on how their friendship/contact is over the years?
  4. Sweetener

    Popstars Conspiracy Theories

    Which are the best/most interesting conspiracy theories of popstars that you have heard/read?
  5. Is Camila already fading?
  6. KKCuteCat

    2007 throwback: Avril & Nelly Furtado

    Back to 2007, there was a stan war (mostly just for fun) between Avril's and Nelly's stans about who between these two is bigger at the time coz both have one of the most successful and best selling albums of the year. If any of you witnessed that, do you surprised that 11 years later, do you surprise that Avril can still chart around the world while Nelly became an indie act whose last album only sold like 10k worldwide and she hasn't charted on Hot 100 for almost a decade now? Did the long break really damage Nelly Furtado or what else went wrong with her? I mean, Loose era was very huge but nobody was there for her comeback in 2012. Why? Last but not least, stream HAW

    Did Keyshia Cole SNAP here?

    a bop and a half especially 3:03 onwards
  8. She's making 100m just by doing 50 shows, that's massive. Is that actually 100% true btw? I read that in SYG.
  9. I just found out she doesn't have any #1 albums there while most of her peers have multiple. How come the UK didn't want to use her? They almost saw her as a singles-artist looking at the receipts.
  10. Never has a female completely obliterated in album sales, single sales, awards, touring, media, and even streaming the way she has for 6 albums. - Female with most Platinum singles ever - Female with most AOTY wins ever - Only female to ever sell 1 million first week twice, let alone three times, possibly four. - Five straight albums selling 4 million+ in the worst decade for album sales ever. - 1989 the biggest tour EVER in North America.
  11. Notorious MINAJ

    Does you fave have any talent?

    Mine can yodel, rap and play the clarinet. What about yours?
  12. iConic Legend

    Tinashe fans are Diarrhea?

    Tinashe should have had an advantage on dancing with the stars, Why didn't her fan base vote for her? Im not a fan of Tinashe fan by any means but i do care, i think most of her base is lazy and trash for not supporting her, It cost no money to vote. you see this look on her face? this is the look of "Oh ****, i thought you guys had my back, i guess i was wrong.. AGAIN, I am very disappointed in myself and my fanbase" some of you who don't support her and call yourself a "STAN" need to recheck your stan cards. Seriously, how do you go into a show with a fanbase to support you and get eliminated? I-
  13. TalkThatRihanna

    Look What I Found appreciation

    The song receives no love and it’s so good
  14. iamluisfelipe

    4 years of Nicole Scherzinger's Big Fat Lie

    4 years ago Nicole Scherzinger released her sophomore solo album "Big Fat Lie". A masterpiece.
  15. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=313761&title=I.B.-BAD:-BUNDLE-THIS I knew it. Billboard is truly mess.
  16. z10

    HDD: Gaga always a champion

    Lady Gaga: respect for a true star In fact, this chapter is only the latest in a string of successful choices she’s made—none of them obvious. The idiosyncratic, glam-pop trailblazer who once rocked the meat dress claimed a whole new audience singing standards—and very much holding her own—beside the legendary Tony Bennett, snagging a Grammy. She had a riveting Oscars moment in 2016, performing “Til It Happens to You,” joined onstage by victims of sexual abuse. Then she made a splash as the vampiric lead on American Horror Story and earned a Golden Globe. In 2017 she offered one of the most satisfying Super Bowl halftime performances in recent memory. Now, with Star, she combines her superb singing with an acting performance that is an odds-on favorite for an Oscar. Clearly, no matter what field Gaga competes on, she’s a champion. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=313761&title=I.B.-BAD:-BUNDLE-THIS Somehow she always stays here
  17. Did your fave sell out their 1st tour date that Billboard Boxscores posted from their latest tour? Xtina did - Christina Aguilera Radio City Music Hall New York Oct. 3-4, 2018 $1,122,464 11,290/11,290
  18. Miles Away

    Gaga: 3 weeks at #1 on iTunes (US/WW). Why?

    #1 US #1 UK #1 WW https://kworb.net/ww/ ?
  19. Can you name any recent albums that did less than 100k pure sales in the US? What are your favorites? I'll start This was a very cute album!
  20. 5 In the Morning Focus No Angel Girls Night Out 1999 optional: Tommy Genesis - 100 Bad (Charli XCX Remix) Focus (Yaeji Remix) Wolf Alice - Don't Delete the Kisses (Charli XCX x Post Precious Remix) Rita Ora - Girls Lil Xan - Moonlight (feat. Charli XCX) ___ While you're at it, please post and participate in my countdown.
  21. LookinIn

    Your Favourite #PoorMichelle Moment?

    http://www.mtv.com.au/michelle-williams/news/weve-made-a-list-of-the-most-savage-poormichelle-moments-from-destinys-child Here's a selection of some moments where the backup singer for Destiny's Child was left in the dust My Personal Favourite will Always be:
  22. Betty

    Taylor plays it too safe?

    does Taylor play it all too safe? she never takes any risks? her music is still generic pop.. her videos are basic.. and when she got political she played it too safe.
  23. Talking Fish

    How do covers work money wise?

    I was thinking about this, how much money do artists get for covers. E.g. What percent of money did Britney get for I Love Rock & Roll, or Whitney for I will always love you, etc. Is there like a general rule? And do you need original artists consent to cover their song? What if they're dead?
  24. Cute

    Enya versus Demi: bigger?

    Atrl seems to forget Enya exists..so who is bigger?