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  1. I mean imagine having to wait years for your faves just to release mediocrity. Meanwhile in Kpop and Latin pop, bops are released left and right every other week
  2. She posts those chipmunk vocals on Insta and she sang Something to talk about and Happy Birthday live so maybe she will start to sing live again, I'm not saying all the time but maybe she might sing over the track like she used to and reinvent herself as a singing chanteuse
  3. Before their last album, they were a force on YouTube. Work From Home - 1.8B views Worth It - 1.5B views All In My Head - 360M views BO$$ - 227M views That's My Girl - 171M views etc but look at their views now Down - 71M He Like That - 66M Angel - 38M Don't Say You Love Me - 31M even their collab with Pitbull only has 23M views... what happened?
  4. A lot of artists are getting a huge amount of views nowadays with the explosion of streaming and the easy access to every information about them and their music on social medias but what about their old singles, when the only way to promote and make people know about your music was to actually leave your house, rehearse and promote your work ? How many « old » videos from your fave are currently getting more than 100,000 views a day ? By old I mean from last decade and before, so from 2009 at the most. Post the song titles of her/his videos from 2009 and before that are able to get 100k views a day, the year of release and if you want, the average views too.
  5. I was told and pressed upon that the “GP” is here again for Iggy. That her rising views on YouTube for the video meant that the GP loves her and she is going to crush Nicki Minaj. As I checked upon the charts a week or so later, it appears to be nowhere to be found, why is this? Please keep the answers on topic
  6. ? mine: Crystal Castles ABBA Beach House Radiohead Florence + The Machine
  7. Credit to @Bmezy Beyoncé's choreo in that sped up gif that y'all love to ridicule so much is actually called a stroll or party hop, a move performed as part of a step routine. She's referencing African American culture so it's no surprise that the white gays of KKKTrl and stans of uncoordinated pop girls are the ones running around trying to drag her. I guess I'd be mad too if my fave couldn't bend her knees or put on performances praised to the level of the greats, including MJ. But just because you're bitter, doesn't mean you must be stupid and uncultured as well. Surprise, you're racist!
  8. Such an efortless beauty, elegance and grace. She is literally Princess Diana 2.0 Our other faves could NEVER look this regal.
  9. It was a top 10 Hot 100 hit for Katy with little effort, and it's officially 2 years old today but you probably already know that!! How much do you love/like the song still?
  10. Appears both on her "depression" and "country music" playlists. Taste? All Too Well who?
  11. In one era she not only had the biggest female album and song but also starred as the lead character in a huge movie. How did a black woman slay so hard globally and destroy every other female artist before and after?
  12. As someone who enjoys nicki i feel like she should go full pop and leave rap behind. It is obvious the rap community is done with her and she will never be respected again. her next career move should be going full pop. She needs another “Super bass”, Starships”, or “Pound the Alarm” and no more songs like Chun li or Looking Ass that music is more profitable anyway and more global. She would be huge in Europe again. What do you think?
  14. Which ex-Disney ex-vocalist chanteuse do you prefer?
  15. These are Pre recorded "live" vocals that include strategic imperfections to make it absolutely believable and praised by stans/press and gullible members of the GP. They have anything from almost out breath vocals, imprecise runs, agitation due to intense dancing and whatnot. Is your fave a part of this trend started by Beyonce? Mariah has been using it on the butterfly returns but we all know they both pioneered lip synching so the question is: Is your fave doing it too? Keep it civil tho...
  16. Hueles como me gusta Me besas como me gusta Me agarras como me gusta Así, así, que a mí me gusta Como muerde la fruta Si sale de noche, me asusta
  17. I thought atrl told me she can't write? What happened? She wrote most parts of GIAW and almost everyone (including all the critics) is praising it.
  18. Two years ago, Britney Spears released the lead single from her 9th studio album "Glory". Audio : The single that features G-Eazy debuted at #17 in the United States, and re-peaked at the same position a month and a half later, 18 years into Britney's career and is certified platinium despite not receiving any music video. Video Music Awards performance : Scrapped music video (low quality) :
  19. didn’t even get sent to Urban radio (but Bed did ) could’ve interested more Urban listeners into the era i think Republic should look into it
  20. This masterpiece has only ever been performed on The Femme Fatale Tour The Barbz will forever be pressed at this song getting paid this much dust although it's a favorite of hers
  21. In your opinion... Which girl is keeping the pop music alive
  22. I know it's not a solo song in her discography and also a cover but what a classic It came on before an event I was at recently and literally everyone in the audience was going off and singing along, it was such a feel good moment.
  23. Let’s be honest, Sweetner cover is beyond boring and GIAW cover looks like a masterpiece and reminds me of Melodrama cover. Thoughts?