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Found 3,521 results

  1. Yndda

    "Ginza" appreciation thread

    this song came up on my shuffle the other day and i forgot how much this song changed reggaetón a ****ing banger tbh SI NECESITAS REGGAETÓN ¡DALE! SIGUE BAILANDO MAMI NO PARE ACÉRCATE A MI PANTALÓN ¡DALE! VAMOS A PEGARNOS CON ANIMALES i need him to make more anthems like these tbh
  2. LoveQueenGaga

    Consequences > any Dua or Bebe ballad. Why?

    Ugh Camila really did THAT!
  3. DTF

    Did Mariah curse Nicki?

    Back when Nicki was trying to get established, Mariah gave her visibility and props very early on. By featuring on Mariah’s song she got a lot of exposure especially as Mariah had just snatched another top 10 hit. It is well known that Nicki blew up after Mariah featured her, and she got features like Bionic after. But Nicki was openly disrespectful to Mariah on idol, leading to Mariah throwing one of the most legendary shades of all time Nicki basically spent the next ten years hoping for a number one song, even collaborating with someone guilty of assaulting a minor, but she still to this day did not get that which Mariah mentioned.
  4. robotdanger

    “Beyoncé/Taylor are local” cancelled?

    Before the ST and 1989 eras, both respective acts were constantly criticized for being primarily popular in the US. Since both of these eras proved to the haters that they are both global forces, this argument has rarely been used. Do you agree that Beyoncé and Taylor have proved that they can have global success; despite having roots in traditionally US centric genres, which are Country and R&B? Discuss.
  5. How did I not know this. https://chartmasters.org/2017/10/cspc-most-successful-artists-ever-data-collector/19/ 1. Rihanna – 251,130,000 units (75,340,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2017) 2. Beyoncé – 166,890,000 units (50,066,000 EAS) (as of May 2018) 3. Eminem – 157,350,000 units (47,206,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2016) 4. Taylor Swift – 149,820,000 units (44,946,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 5. Bruno Mars – 149,490,000 units (44,846,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 6. Drake – 137,310,000 units (41,192,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 7. Katy Perry – 135,430,000 units (40,628,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 8. Maroon 5 – 129,900,000 units (38,970,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2016) 9. Lady Gaga – 121,950,000 units (36,586,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 10. Justin Bieber – 110,890,000 units (33,268,000 EAS) (as of Apr 2018) 11. Black Eyed Peas – 103,960,000 units (31,188,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 12. Justin Timberlake – 102,090,000 units (30,628,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 13. Adele – 100,240,000 units (30,072,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 14. Usher – 93,610,000 units (28,082,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2017) 15. Coldplay – 93,080,000 units (27,924,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 16. Britney Spears – 82,430,000 units (24,730,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 17. P!nk – 81,150,000 units (24,346,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 18. Michael Jackson – 79,930,000 units (23,980,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2017) 19. Linkin Park – 73,710,000 units (22,112,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 20. Miley Cyrus – 70,300,000 units (21,090,000 EAS) (as of May 2017) 21. Christina Aguilera – 69,950,000 units (20,986,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2017) 22. Ed Sheeran – 69,770,000 units (20,932,000 EAS) (as of Jan 2018) 23. Kelly Clarkson – 62,010,000 units (18,604,000 EAS) (as of May 2018) 24. Queen – 58,370,000 units (17,510,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 25. Alicia Keys – 57,750,000 units (17,326,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2016) 26. Nickelback – 57,280,000 units (17,184,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 27. One Direction – 57,000,000 units (17,100,000 EAS) (as of May 2017) 28. Shakira – 56,350,000 units (16,904,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2018) 29. Carrie Underwood – 54,410,000 units (16,322,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2018) 30. Will.i.am – 53,300,000 units (15,990,000 EAS) (as of Jul 2017) 31. Mariah Carey – 50,130,000 units (15,038,000 EAS) (as of Apr 2017) 32. Enrique Iglesias – 50,110,000 units (15,034,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2016) 33. Rolling Stones – 46,200,000 units (13,860,000 EAS) (as of Dec 2016) 34. Avril Lavigne – 46,160,000 units (13,848,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 35. Imagine Dragons – 45,410,000 units (13,624,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2018) 36. Ariana Grande – 44,720,000 units (13,416,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2017) 37. Green Day – 44,600,000 units (13,380,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2017) 38. Red Hot Chili Peppers – 44,400,000 units (13,320,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 39. Madonna – 42,100,000 units (12,630,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 40. U2 – 40,500,000 units (12,150,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2016)
  6. longjohn9898


    Three of the top selling songs on iTunes (ARUTW at #2, ITA #3, INLA #5 and #9), Gaga’s ballad trinity from A Star Born is flawless, relentless, and absolutely chill-inducing. Which of them is your favorite?
  7. Gaga will head to Vegas this December fresh off of a box office smash, multi week #1 album and a Top 5 hit with great sales and streaming numbers. With Vegas often having the stigma for fading artists, will Gaga's massive success leading up to her residency entice other relevant acts to have residencies. It's important to note Gaga only has 27 shows per year, other acts may seek similar deals to continue work outside Vegas during their deals, although this opportunity isn't afforded to all artists.
  8. Scotland

    Is this the worst Madonna MV ever?

    Basically Hung Up 2.0, except she looks horrendous with that horrible wig.
  9. BeenTheShit

    TBT: When Britney Actually Shut It Down

    Britney sis... what the hell was that Vegas mess we just watched? *Britney signing autographs* Annoucer: "Uhh we gotta keep it movin"
  10. oceans

    CC1 first week predictions?

    With CITC already a hit, and Havana and OMG becoming hits too, I think she'll do 130k sps
  11. Ugh I wish God Is A Woman video was Gaga's.. this video is flawless it deserved to be bigger
  12. The old main pop girls are not interest anymore Rihanna Rejected it Pink too Taylor will 4 sure Should Superbowl invite the Main Pop Girls of our current times? Are u here for it? Theyre huge all over the world and highly successful in USA
  13. Betty

    OGH's call Gaga ugly, why?

    i' ve been a disliker but now i like her because Asib sound track slays but i never thought she was beautiful now Asib changed my mind were peeps too hard on her looks? from the image's she was a snack in Asib as Ally
  14. Like was he called the second coming of so and so, or something like that?
  15. Pretty much every pop girl that was relevant in 2006/07 was on tour at that time. Why did Xtina get the #1 female tour of 2007 with The Back To Basics Tour with ease?
  16. or male artists in general? ATRL would wet their pants if Carly Rae, Britney, Rihanna or Ariana released a 40 track album like Chris Brown's Heartbreak album
  17. leon86

    Are camila haters desperate?

    we all damn know she's not doing well because of the singles she chooses. she's trying to be edgy and its not working.but for starters, she loves control, a non single has 121m streams on spotify, if she released it it'd SMASH, trust me. her social media numbers/engagement is GREAT aswell and she's well liked in the industry, she wont go anywhere anytime soon.
  18. Camila = Dua = Bebe >>>>> Zara >>>>>>>>
  19. Mrs Carter Show World Tour - $229.7 million (132 dates) Formation World Tour - $256 million (49 dates) On The Run 2 - $253.6 million (48 dates) Why do you think Billboard's Defining Artist of the '10's Decade has managed to maintain this high level of relevance and consistency?
  20. AvrilLaQueen

    Nicki Minaj will be a legend?

    1980 - Eurythmics (Annie Lennox) 1990 - Mariah Carey 2000 - P!nk 2010 - Nicki Minaj Coincidence?
  21. I'm creating a HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST for a party im throwing for myself this October 31 And i'm lookin for new songs to add to my playlist. My Current List 5 Seconds Of Summer - Girls Talk Boys Ai Otsuka - Make Up Ashley Tisdale - Masquerade Avril Lavigne - Give You What You Like (The video is kinda dark and she looks like a witch there) Ayumi Hamasaki - Alterna Ayumi Hamasaki - Marionette Beyonce - Haunted Björk - Ancestors Bonnie Mckee - Sleepwalker Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis (The instrumental is eerie) Britney Spears - Alien Britney Spears - Circus (Clowns are hallowenesque right?) Britney Spears - Mannequin Britney Spears - Scary Britney Spears - Slumber Party Brooke Candy - Opulence Carl Orff - Carmina Burana Carly Rae Jepsen - LA Hallucinations (Gives me a haunted vibe) Chinna Anne Mclain - Calling All The Monsters Christina Aguilera - Birds Of Prey Dev - In The Dark Evanescence - Bring Me To Life Florence And The Machine - Seven Devils Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For Hilary Duff - Burned (The instrumental is kinda ghostly) Hilary Duff - Gipsy Woman (The instrumental is kinda ghostly too) Jeniffer Lopez - Hypnotico Katy Perry - E.T. Katy Perry - Ghost Kelly Clarkson - Haunted Kesha - Aliens Invading Kesha - Cannibal Kesha - Supernatural Kesha - Vampire Kiesza - Phantom Of The Dancefloor Kylie Minogue - Voodoo Lady Gaga - Bloody Mary Lady Gaga - Dance In The Dark Lady Gaga - Monster Lady Gaga - Teeth Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream Madonna - Bedtime Story Madonna - Frozen (Serving Witch) Madonna - Illuminati Marina And The Diamonds - Valley Of The Dolls Michael Jackson - Thriller Michael Jackson - Monster Miley Cyrus - Nightmare Mylene Farmer - City Of Love (Creepy Video) Namie Amuro - Fighter Natalia Kills - Zombie Nelly Furtado - Maneater Neon Hitch - Zombie (I Just Wanna Dance) Pink - Funhouse Raven Symone - Superstition Rihanna - Disturbia Rihanna - Mad House Selena Gomez - Everything Is Not What It Seems Shakira - She Wolf Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do Tinashe - Lucid Dreaming Utada Hikaru - You Make Me Want To Be A Man (Strange Video and Song) Zara Larsson - Ain't My Fault (Music Video with a haunted mansion theme) Any suggestions? I really need some new ones plz Pop/Kpop/Rock/Indie/R&B.... i accept everything
  22. Thinking Of You

    Was Britney marketed as a white Janet?

    I’ve been saying this for forever, but it’s really evident here: