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Found 46,271 results

  1. did your 12 year old self get crazy to this song by icarly?
  2. Which 2013 hit is bigger overall? Applause WW Sales: 4,500,000 Spotify: 170,021,000 YouTube: 308,481,260 Date Daily Views 2018/03/12 45,749 2018/03/13 46,200 2018/03/14 47,179 2018/03/15 48,426 2018/03/16 51,449 2018/03/17 57,129 2018/03/18 51,353 2018/03/19 47,999 Drunk in Love WW Sales: 4,000,000 Spotify: 305,707,963 YouTube: 457,932,085 Date Daily Views 2018/03/13 118,919 2018/03/14 124,843 2018/03/15 128,392 2018/03/16 145,705 2018/03/17 155,218 2018/03/18 128,111 2018/03/19 123,978 2018/03/20 127,587
  3. both flops, but which one's bigger? Mtrain bop or Gaga's hit?
  4. Katy spreading the word
  5. 5:17 1:54 2:27 1:30 she grabs her by the neck 5:00 she was so mean sometimes
  6. Which unfortunate song off of reputation will be struck with the tour video curse?
  7. personally speaking for me as someone who studies the music industry and stuff it pisses me off when stans enforce their opinions as facts when they’re complete crap that they cannot back up with evidence
  8. This legendary classic is part of 2 albums Do you have other examples?
  9. A decade ago - 2008, what are some things you didn't expect from our pop girls? - I never expected Taylor to go full pop. - I never expected Bey to become so critically acclaimed. - I never expected Rih to grow so much as a vocalist
  10. It's a great song and everyone seems to love it. What gives?
  11. Woo!
  12. Obviously, J. Lo is an outstanding Performer and musician, however, she's been known to practice a few less than favorable tactics to further her music career. But as a musician was she lazy? a few examples: Chante Moore: In 1999, R&B Singer Chante Moore was gearing up to release the second single off of her 3rd LP, "This Moment is Mine". The album spawned the top 10 hit, "Chante's Got a Man". The second single was intended to be a song called "If I Gave Love". BUT... P.Diddy & J. Lo's Label essentially bullied Chante out of not releasing the single and instead it was remastered as J. Lo's Debut single & Breakout hit "If You Had My Love". J. Lo sings the song the exact same way Chante did so we can assume she knew that it was stolen for the most part. Christina Milian: Christina Milian wrote J. Lo's hit, "Play", and recorded the entirety of the Chorus + some adlibs. She was allegedly unhappy about having to give the song up to J. Lo Ashanti: Ashanti wrote Ain't It Funny & recorded the song...only to have J. Lo's voice dubbed over the verses.J. Lo & Irv Gotti swiped it from right under her. She also recorded "I'm Real", but this was given to J. Lo. Her vocals are still all over the chorus. She says that initially, she was pissed about doing all of the work for "other artists" (cough cough, J. LO), but got over it because she was stoked to do it for her. She drew the line when J. Lo & Irv Gotti attempted to nab a song (Dreams) from her debut album. Natasha Ramos One of J. Lo's most iconic hits was sang entirely by singer Natasha Ramos... J. Lo keeps ALL of her vocals in and only provides the lead vocals. Brandy Brandy originally wrote and recorded "Ryde or Die", a song from J. Lo's Rebirth album. Somehow, Jennifer Lopez got a hold of it and attempted to mix her vocals in with Brandy's on the track. They can still be very clearly heard throughout. Brandy was annoyed by this, but is credited as a writer on the track, so of course she got over it. Brandy also recorded Louboutins, a song that was inteded to be the original lead single for Jennifer's album "LOVE?". Jennifer performed this song on numerous occasions and Brandy's vocals can still be heard throughout the track. Mariah Carey Obviously the most famous of J. Lo's trickery. Mariah's "If We" & "Loverboy" were practically stolen by J. Lo, Irv Gotti, Tommy Mottola, & Ja Rule to curate J. Lo's "I'm Real" (Both the original AND the remix). Mariah had used a sample of "firecracker" for her own single Loverboy. Tommy Motolla caught wind of this and gave the sample to J. Lo before Mariah could release hers as a single. Mariah had to rerecord a Remix so it wouldn't look like SHE was a thief. Da Brat shades Jennifer Lopez in her verse. According to Irv Gotti, He was contacted to create a replica of Mariah's Glitter track, "If We" for J. Lo's "I'm Real" (Remix). According to Irv, J. Lo knew the entire time. Usher In 2004, Usher recorded a song "ride", that was intended for his Confessions album. After he passed on it, he later heard Jennifer Lopez's "Get Right", which had the exact same beat. (produced by the same person) Usher was Livid due to the fact that he had not received credit for the song. He didn't want it released or shopped to another artist. He was quoted saying something like: "I better get publishing or else". None of the lyrics in the bridge of "Get Right" were changed from Usher's "Ride". Amerie This one's more hearsay, but Jennifer was allegedly gunning for Amerie's "1 Thing" back in 2004 and Amerie leaked it to radio stations so she wouldn't have to give it up. J. Lo ended Up with "Get Right", a song that sounds very similar. This is understandable because they were produced by the same person. Why was J. Lo so shiesty? Why doesn't she at least re record the artists lyrics? Is it because she's lazy? Should she be held accountable for her thievery? or is it simple industry practices? What's your take on this? i'll be back with receipts if need be!
  13. This could be a huge hit.
  14. So I was chilling in my room smoking some weed and I randomly felt the urge to listen to some Britney. I go on Spotify and I see on the Artist Pick section she's promoting her song Lucky While I do love this song I thought it was so random. Of all the songs in her catalog, why Lucky? Last time I looked I think her Artist Pick was Toxic which makes sense because's that's arguably her most popular song. Is she trying to remind the GP of this underrated song? Is there a deeper message? or is it just random lol
  15. . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari
  16. From interviews that you have watched/listened, from articles that you have read, judging by opinions on certain topics given by pop girls, which ones do you consider smar and which ones do you consider dumb pop girls? Let's discuss
  17. A modern classic This cover by Swedish legends Say Lou Lou also slays
  18. She has a look, a niche (fetish rapper), a sound.