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Found 10,274 results

  1. Erreur2 La Nature

    Most Famous #1 Songs

    Who has the most famous #1 songs as lead artist (ww) ? Madonna Vs Janet Jackson Céline Dion Vs Mariah Carey Britney Spears Vs Christina Aguilera Beyoncé Vs Rihanna Lady Gaga Vs Katy Perry Nicki Minaj Vs Cardi B
  2. jdmc218

    'Any Time, Any Place' turns 25!

    Another one of Janet's sexy ballads turns 25 today! Released as the 5th single from her multiplatinum janet. album, this baby maker became her fifth straight top 10 on that album, peaking at #2 on the Hot 100. It also became her 13th consecutive top 10 overall and #1 on the R&B charts for 10 weeks. ATAP has definitely become one of Janet's staples, and we all know the song from Kendrick Lamar that sampled this on his song 'Poetic Justice'. Happy 25th!
  3. It gives me Emotion vibes, 4 years before it was released. A song that was truly too ahead of its time for certain people, because it's always overlooked by Carly's fans What do you think ? And if you said no, then what do you think is her best song ?
  4. 80x100

    lorde is still alive, surprised?

    she is in spain with her melodrama tour photograper she is alive and lives her best life, surprised? is this pre-vacation to her next single in 2019? is there an any possible?
  5. Scotland

    "ME!" a flop compared to CTTR, surprised?

    Spotify WW 20 days after release (May 16, 2019) ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) Brendon Urie, Taylor Swift 2,941,966 https://www.spotontrack.com/charts/daily/streams/global/2019-05-16 Spotify WW 20 days after release (March 2, 2017) Chained To The Rhythm Katy Perry, Skip Marley 3,304,019 https://www.spotontrack.com/charts/daily/streams/global/2017-03-02 CTTR was doing more streams 20 days after release despite the substantial growth in streaming over 2.5 years, why is this?
  6. Roman Holiday

    Was 10-12 the worst period in Top 40 history?

    Back when everything was the same EDM'd bubblegum garbage. Every song was basically catered to drunk sorority girls or else you got no airplay. Before and after that time, Top 40 was a good mix of rnb, pop, rock, country, etc. I'm glad we've gotten back to the variety.
  7. vs These two are great for halloween playlists but which is the best one?
  8. I mean the whole planet know about Shallow, ASIB and they were and still talking about Gaga and her movie and song, it fees like the most famous song and only Hello by Adele come close
  9. SpaceOddity

    I need the I- video.

  10. AvrilLaQueen

    How to make UK great again at Eurovision?

    They should send an act like Hatari from Iceland. Yungblud or Charli XCX would be an interesting choice to represent them, than the nobodies and their below average generic songs they keep sending for years now
  11. KetysandGagsSon

    ASIB box office predictions for US and WW

    Opening weekend USA 43m USA total gross 180m WW total gross 408m
  12. Judas Bertha

    Needed Me is Rihanna’s best song. Why?

    is it cause talent?
  13. AvrilLaQueen

    artists you didn't dive into yet?

    I just listening to Daydream album by Mariah Carey, and I just realized how much I was sleeping on this legend. She has great album tracks! What are some artists you hear/know about, but didn't check out their music and are you planning to?
  14. justkeepdoingit

    "I Turn To You" - Appreciation

    a song! they did that! so talented, deserved so much more back in the 90s. two other songs by them i really love are:
  15. Jeremiah

    Fix a lyric

    Threads about bad lyrics aren't something new, they keep being made and they always get filled with many, many examples. Why don't we this time try to fix those horrendous lyrics that makes us cringe or wonder "what were they thinking?" I'll start with a very famous one by Lana Del Rey: Song: "Freak" Original lyrics: Leather black and eyes of blue Sun reflecting in your eyes, like an easy rider Life makes sense when I'm with you Looking back my past it all seems stranger than a stranger My offer: Looking back my past it all seems strange and nothing makes sense May not fully represent what the original tried to transmit, but I just wanted to start this thread NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!
  16. Future Lover

    Which pop girl has the worst ballads?

    Which pop girl has the ballads that you enjoy the least?
  17. MissedTheTrain

    BB: 50 Greatest Pop Star tweets of all time

    https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/list/8512744/greatest-pop-star-tweets-of-all-time some gold they missed but some good ones
  18. Miss Carey has won her first ever Ivor Novello Award this year at the 64th annual ceremony. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/the-2019-ivor-novello-awards-winners-have-been-announced-including-mariah-carey-wiley-and-the-1975__26406/
  19. Don't Stop Me Now

    Needed Me is Rihanna's best song.

    Needed Me>>>>>>her pop songs.
  20. NOW

    Biggest mistake in pop music?

    Kylie Minogue passing on Toxic. Agree?
  21. Genie in a Bottle

    Wtf Happened to Pop Music

    Discuss. This is the lowest low of the decade. I want to throw my car radio away and never touch it again. The veterans’ recent outputs are awful and the newcomers’ aren’t any better I feel like the industry forgot how to write a good pop song/create a memorable popstar, what the F**K happened? edit: I am SPECIFICALLY talking about pop music, pop radio, chart music, that is the point of this thread, if you say “expand your taste beyond that” you’re completely missing my point