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Found 7,905 results

  1. K-Pop thread for 2019.
  2. The Guardian. RollingStone. NME. NPR. attitude. MUUMUSE. Parade.
  3. 13,534,306 - Christina Aguilera 11,815,191 - Whitney Houston 10,404,607 - Madonna 10,135,478 - Mariah Carey 7,528,539 - Céline Dion
  4. In a recent interview, K-pop sensation Soobin of TXT revealed that Bebe Rexha is his inspiration. Only TRUE rexhars, the bad bitches and the TRUE Bebe Rexha fans will support Soobin and TXT. Stay tuned for their upcoming music video for Cat & Dog!
  5. Erreur2 La Nature

    Give me latin BOPS

    Con Calma, Con Calma remix, La Respuesta and Medellin put me in the mood Post some recent latin BOPS, I need more
  6. Gourgeist

    Most promoted album of 2019?

    Which album released this year(so far) got the most promo? Discuss
  7. fanboyn8

    Tay lead is a massive female collab

    Mark my words look at her last clue
  8. Jimi

    Replan Shakira's She Wolf era

    TRACKLIST (English Deluxe Version) 1. She Wolf 2. The Border f/ Wyclef Jean 3. Long Time 4. Why Wait 5. Good Stuff 6. Give It Up To Me f/ Lil Wayne 7. Spy f/ Wyclef Jean 8. Men In This Town 9. Did It Again 10. Mon Amour (English) 11. Gypsy 12. No Joke 13. Loba 14. Hombres En Esta Ciudad 15. Espía f/ Wyclef Jean 16. Lo Hecho Está Hecho 17. Años Luz 18. Gitana 19. Homens Nesta Cidade 20. Mon Amour (French) THE COMPLETE EDITION BONUS TRACKS 21. She Wolf (Remix) f/ T-Pain 22. The Border (Skrillex Remix) f/ Wyclef Jean 23. Good Stuff (Remix) f/ Beyoncé 24. Give It Up To Me f/ Flo RIda 25. Spy (Remix) f/ Lady Gaga 26. Men In This Town (Calvin Harris Remix) 27. Did It Again (Remix) f/ Kid Cudi 28. Loba (Deeplick Club Remix) 29. Espía (Remix) f/ Lady Gaga Single #1: She Wolf/Loba Single #2: Men In This Town/Hombres En Esta Ciudad/Homens Nesta Cidade Promo single #1: Give It Up To Me ft. Lil Wayne Promo single #2: The Border ft. Wyclef Jean Promo single #3: Gypsy/Gitana Single #3: Did It Again/Lo Hecho Está Hecho Single #4: Good Stuff (Remix) ft. Beyoncé (Loca release) Single #5: Spy / Espía (Remix) ft. Lady Gaga Single #6: Long Time (/ Sale El Sol in Spanish-speaking countries) (other Sale El Sol singles) Single #7: Mon Amour (EN/FR) (Live From Paris music video)
  9. Live at Wembley (2004)- 2x Platinum The Beyoncé Experience Live- 3x Platinum I Am... Yours: An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas - 2x Platinum I Am... World Tour - 2x Platinum Why? Will the overwhelmingly acclaimed Homecoming: The Live Album join her older sisters and receive a multi-platinum certification too?
  10. They are set to tour together soon but which act is the bigger headliner? I believe Chris is bigger. Thoughts?
  11. Lukey


    I'm a man (Hello?) Can you hear me? (Anyone out there? Hello?) I've trudged the Earth for so damn long And still don't know **** (What's going on?) I hope it's not a simulation (Huh) Give each other names like Ahmed and Pedro And, yeah, we like to wear clothes, girls still look beautiful And it covers up our human dick (Woo), eat a lot of tuna fish But these days, it's like we don't know how to act All these shootings, pollution, we under attack on ourselves Like, let's all just chill (Hey), respect what we built (Hey) Like look at the internet! It's cracking as hell Fellas, don't you love to *** when you have sex? (Ayy) And I heard women orgasms are better than a dick's (Uh) So what we got this land for? What we gotta stand for? Love, and we love the Earth (The Earth) When I tell you that every time this part comes on I get goosebumps... It's so beautiful with a powerful message. The way it connects every single one of us regardless of background, culture, religion, sexual preference etc. When it transitions to "and we love... the Earth", that's it. I go into a full blown seizure, because it's true. It's an anthemic Gospel. #WeLoveTheEarth
  12. I've been listening to Hip-Hop all year and it's finally time to return to some fresh and blissful Pop. The only albums I'm even slightly aware of are Sucker Punch, Days and A New Illusion.
  13. Prisoner

    Will Tay's lead sound like this?

    the woohoo at the beginning. i think we'll hear something like that in the song 4.26
  14. Nemo

    Best Madonna 1-2 album punch

    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
  15. Beyonce's hugely promoted comeback is debuting with half of Xtina's sales (probably less than Britney too but idk). Are you surprised? Did talent win?
  16. Timber

    Will Homecoming go multiplatinum?

    All of Beyonce's previous live albums have gone multi-platinum. Will homecoming follow the same fate? Live At Wembley - 2x platinum The Beyonce Experience Live - 3x platinum I Am...Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas -2x platinum I Am...World Tour - 2x platinum Homecoming: The Live Album - N/A
  17. frenchyisback

    BB200: BTS Trimphs Over Beyonce

    Since most big act do half of their debut week on their opening day, I assumed Beyoncé would pull 60K over the first 2 days.... (a normal tracking week of 100K) I just don’t under how “the greatest performance of all time” just get 38K despite Netflix, Obama, Media.... pushing the album.... Plus she s coming off the biggest hit of her career. FOR BTS TO WIN BY SO MUCH REALLY IS AN EXPLOIT. GP SNAPPED!
  18. nostalgia

    What does EXO have that BTS doesn't?

    BTS may be the Madonna to EXO's Cindi Lauper nowadays, but what does the latter have that the former doesn't?
  19. KetysandGagsSon

    Spotify exposes Eurovision top 10

    1. Italy 2. Netherlands 3. Sweden 4. Norway 5. Switzerland 6. France 7. Cyprus 8. Spain 9. Malta 10. Iceland Thoughts ?
  20. Stream this classique in route to a billion views. 9 mil to go, help Alecia Moore achieving what very few artists from her generation have done. Not everybody has that, her power.
  21. Jimi

    Replan Born This Way era

    Album name: Marry The Night Lead single: The Edge Of Glory - #1 peak Single #2: Born This Way - #1 peak Promo single #1: Yoü and I - #5 peak Promo single #2: Scheisse- #4 peak Promo single #3: Government Hooker - #10 peak Single #3: Marry The Night - #1 peak *ALBUM RELEASE* Single #4: Hair - #1 peak Single #5: Bloody Mary - #2 peak Single #6: Americano - #6 peak Single #7: Heavy Metal Lover - #1 peak Single #8: Judas - #3 peak Single #9: Electric Chapel - #8 peak Other charting songs: The Queen #16 Bad Kids #20 Black Jesus + Amen Fashion #23 Fashion of His Love #25 Highway Unicorn #28 4 Diamond certifications: album, The Edge Of Glory, Marry The Night, Hair 4 videos with over 1 billion streams: The Edge Of Glory, Born This Way, Marry The Night, Hair All tracks platinum eligible
  22. What's your fave's smallest first week sales in the US this decade so far for any album? Note: By any album, I legit mean ANY album. This includes greatest hits, compilation albums, live albums, etc. For Xtina it was 62k.
  23. Calma is a huge hit with the video at almost 1 billion and with over 300 million Spotify streams. Will Alicia give the song traction in the US? The remix that’s currently smashing worldwide