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Found 3,520 results

  1. ATRL Feedback

    K-Pop Thread: ATRL Q3 Rate ongoing

    The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  2. When I say better.... I mean more entertaining. Of course Katy isn't as good a performer (technically speaking), she lacks Gaga's vocals and Bey's choreo. Yet with a combination of fun guests and visually stunning set pieces, her performance, to me, seems a bit better and more memorable. Thoughts?
  3. nostalgia

    Britney should change her team... now!

    that "announcement" aside, Britney should consider changing her team. they are making her seem rude right now! the moment in @ 24:01 broke my heart a bit. imagine being a fan waiting the whole day for her to even speak a bit, but she just... walked to her car? girl...
  4. LCTV

    I Kissed A Girl DID THAT

    she was so hot
  5. It's that time of the quarter once again! We're about to crown the BEST K-POP Songs of the Quarter!   ATRL's TOP 100 KPOP SONGS of Q3, 2018. [songs released July 1 to September 30, 2018] Q3 Releases playlist by @RobDeWittBukater: https://spotify.com/playlist/5WZn3fFXv74eNYXPR3eFl2 RULES [PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY] 1. Vote for your Top 30 ranked FAVORITE Singles from Quarter 3 of 2018 in this thread. [#1 being your most fave, #30 the least] 2. You may vote for less than 30 [example: 20 songs] , BUT instead of your #1 song getting full 30 points, they will get 20 points only.. 3. Songs released from July 1- September 30, 2018 ONLY can be voted. 4. All official tracks, including B-sides, those with no MVs, as long they are in the cut-off period, may be voted for. 5. For singles, the official single release date matters, regardless of the album release date, For B-sides, the album release dates matter. For re-releases, only new songs added will be eligible. 6. Send your votes via PM to me, TayRianaPH. Votes will be collected until October 15, 2018. Who will follow MOMOLAND and BLACKPINK's successes?
  6. Do you feel that Bey is taking the safer route to guarantee success, whereas Gaga took a true risk that paid off in dividends? Discuss.
  7. In 2019 redidency wise ? 2 brand new shows by 2 pop veterans. Lets discuss
  8. vs Which lead do you prefer?
  9. Most popular halloween playlists on Spotify are Ultimate Halloween, Halloween Party, Halloween Teens, Halloween Monster Jams and Día de Muertos They include songs like 24K Magic, New Rules, Despacito, One Dance The only Katy song being Ghost, and not ET, Dark Horse or Dance With The Devil The only Taylor song being Trouble over reputation songs At least I found some taste: Gaga's Monster, Shakira's She Wolf, Rihanna's Disturbia, The Weeknd's The Hills, but I'm still definitely making my own playlist for Halloween
  10. Elf God

    ASIB OST vs Error 503

    Longevity Wise who will last longer? Ally's OST chart run or the real iT binch miss 503?
  11. Elf God

    Is 503 Service Unavailable iconic?

    Is the promo by shoving it down our throats worth it? Did it reach iconic status now? Discuss.
  12. Remixed

    ASIB expanding into more theaters. Why?

    https://www.boxofficemojo.com/counts/chart/?yr=2018&wk=42&p=.htm ASIB gains 176 theaters. Why?
  13. MingYouToo

    Singles that DOMINATED a whole era?

    Rihanna: WFL eclipsed the whole TTT era tbh (WHYB was a cute hit but meh) Katy: DH destroying the hopes of Uncle, Birthday and TIHWD smashing. what else?
  14. Wicked


    . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari http://www.gorillavsbear.net/ http://www.treblezine.com/ http://thequietus.com/ http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/ http://singersroom.com/ http://hiphopdx.com/ http://drownedinsound.com/ http://www.tinymixtapes.com/ http://www.factmag.com/ http://consequenceofsound.net/ http://www.metalinjection.net/
  15. Fireman25

    Aaliyah at the 2000 VMAS

    Have not seen these before
  16. Name artists with less than 10m monthly listeners on Spotify right now? Sean Kingston Gwen Stefani Fergie Avril Lavigne NeYo... Are some, name more.
  17. Hobbes

    If Wildest Dreams was on Reputation

  18. OnikaSlays

    Running is the best song of the year

    And wasn’t even recorded this year! Why?
  19. Lady Bird

    Alien is a bop, why?

    This song is so bad it’s good
  20. nostalgia

    Better model: Kendall or Camila?

    Who is fiercer as a model; the Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress or the I Know What You Did Last Summer hitmaker?
  21. Why isn't Camila popping out #1s like Xtina or Beyonce did with their debut albums? Y'all said she was going to do it after Havana became a hit.
  22. Yndda

    "Ginza" appreciation thread

    this song came up on my shuffle the other day and i forgot how much this song changed reggaetón a ****ing banger tbh SI NECESITAS REGGAETÓN ¡DALE! SIGUE BAILANDO MAMI NO PARE ACÉRCATE A MI PANTALÓN ¡DALE! VAMOS A PEGARNOS CON ANIMALES i need him to make more anthems like these tbh