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  1. I like her song What I Need because Kehlani sounds great, but Hayley’s voice is damn near tragic... do you agree?
  2. Absolutely beautiful.
  3. We're in the golden age of touring where artists make most of their money on the road ; -Beyonce is co - headlining a stadium tour with her husband. -Taylor is doing 50 + stadium shows with high ticket prices. -P!nk is doing 150 + shows. -Katy is doing 115 shows. etc But : $408 million ($465.40 million in 2017 dollars), has yet to be topped. Why is that? Madonna has so far held the record for 11 years, (She also has the #2 highest grossing tour with the MDNA tour at $305 million) who's gonna break it?
  4. Five years ago all the kiddos stanned Katy Perry, but it seems like lately the very young music lovers have been preferring other stuff (especially male rappers). I've noticed that Ariana Grande fans are mostly 12-15, I've never met anyone my age (early 20s) who 'stans' her. Who do you think has the youngest fanbase?
  5. The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  6. Two pop icons from the mid 2000s with 'n' in their names. Who is less irrelevant in 2018?
  7. List atrlers who publicly hate your fav artist. Don't post ppl who don't confess to it. Only users who legit hate your favorite artist and are proud about it (as in have hateful signatures, posts and avis about ur fav).
  8. Both use 4 letters for their artistic name, also both capitalize every letter and use the same vocals: GaGa - BeBe Both own a signature country classic: Meant to be and Million Reasons. Both are blonde and have european ancestry. Both are visual artists and BeBe's Im a mess was compared to Alejandro a lot everywhere: so what do u think ATRL? @ianwallace
  9. When Ms. Davidson Grande-Butera stepped into the music scene she was constantly being compared to Ms. Carey. However, Ariana has done her own thing and the comparisons seem minimal now. Do you think it's still fair to compare Ariana and Mariah?
  10. Well? YT : Back To You (MV) - 87M Solo (MV) - 70M Spotify : Back To You - 158M Solo - 125M
  11. Which back cover do you prefer?
  12. The song was co-written by Avril Lavigne for her own debut album, but when it didn’t make the cut, it was passed on to Kelly. ‘Breakaway’ spent 21 weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart, a record for the most weeks at #1 by a female artist, tied with Céline Dion and Adele. It also won 2 Billboard Music Awards for ‘Hot Adult Contemporary Song’ and ‘Top Soundtrack Single’. Charts:
  13. Is this what our faves should be doing?!
  14. which song is better?
  15. Sexiest Men Alive 2018: K-Pop Edition! It's summer time in Korea! It's the best time for ATRL's KPop Community to give recognition to the K-Pop industry's sexiest, hottest and most attractive players. How to vote: [READ THOROUGHLY] ROUND 1 1. Each voter shall post their Top 15 sexiest K-Pop men in this thread mentioning me, @TayRianaPH. 2. There are no restrictions as to the number of member per groups. 3. There are no age restrictions, height restrictions, etc. Vote freely. 2. Pictures are allowed as long as they are within ATRL's acceptable level. 3. As an averaging process, by the end of the round, the host will reveal the Top 40 men which will proceed to the next round. ROUND 2 1. The Top 40 contestants shall be ranked from #1 [best] to #40 [worst]. 2. Those who did not voted in the 1st round may rate in this round, but less credits will be granted to them. Use this thread for VOTING and CAMPAIGNING. ROUND 1 VOTING will end on July 27, 2018. Post your votes in this thread.
  16. So much better than DDD
  17. Both talented artists that have said (and done ) questionable things in the past (and to this day) Both hated in and out of ATRL which one do you prefer? vs.
  18. Now Kpop explodes sis with BTS and these other gors, did Mariah invent this song back in 8th grade?
  19. Most of us have been to concert. However have you seen your main fave in concert? Was it everything you expected it to be? ----------------------------- Ive seen Dua twice - Once on her ST Tour and another at a Radio concert. Im seeing her for the third time in September on her ST tour again. Shes so amazing live and completely different than what she portrays on televised events. Ive seen Beyoncé 3 times and im seeing her this month for the OTR2 Tour.
  20. Kesha had a triumphant comeback last year: Hit single 'Praying' spent 21 weeks on the Hot 100 top 40 and appeared at #67 of the YE list. Album 'Rainbow' debuted at #1 with 120k sales and spent 32 weeks on the charts. Comeback album universally praised with a 81 score on Metacritic. 2 Grammy nominations. Iconic Grammy performance thanks to new super popstar Camila Cabello. Of course, she was helped with all the buzz around her lawsuit. What should she do for her next era and does she still have potential to have commercial success?
  21. Selena shot her first music video ever iconique
  22. Nicki’s long awaited fourth studio album is set to drop in 22 days. We all know it will be an event whether bad or good. Whether you hate her or you love her, will you be tuning in August 10th?
  23. i see so much hater on Normani's threads, why atrlers hates normani?
  24. I’m going to name a pop girl and yall will name her worst song(a single). The song being mentioned the most will officially be that artist’s worst single 1. Katy Perry: Rise 2. Ariana Grande: Everyday (ft. Future) 3. Lady Gaga: Till It Happens To You 4. Beyonce: Video Phone (ft. Lady Gaga) 5. Miley Cyrus: Younger Now 6. Britney Spears: Pretty Girls (with Iggy Azalea) 7. Selena Gomez: Back To You 8. Rihanna: American Oxygen 9. Demi Lovato: Stone Cold 10. Taylor Swift: End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran & Future) Current artist: Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass - Lips Are Movin - Dear Future Husband - Like Im Gonna Lose You (ft John Legend) - NO - Me Too - Better (ft Yo Gotti) - No Excuses - Let You Be Right
  25. . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari