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Found 1,437 results

  1. BreatheMoi

    Ariana or Camila? Who’s bigger rn?

    Seems like there’s confusion about this recently which of the two is actually bigger and a main pop girl at the moment?
  2. ATRL Feedback

    K-Pop Thread: Ride the WayV

    The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  3. Nextobitorius

    Reputation vs. Rebel Heart

    Which one is the better album?
  4. nostalgia

    If Katy did Pretty Hurts?

    The basement-bound chanteuse Sia originally offered Pretty Hurts to Katy Perry via email, which Katy forgot to read or maybe was in her Spam folder. She then offered it to Beyonce, who went on to record the self-esteem anthem. If Katy sang Pretty Hurts for Prism, would it be acclaimed? Sia wrote "Pretty Hurts" with American singer Katy Perry in mind, and later e-mailed the song to her.[1] However, Perry failed to read the email, and in what Sia described as an "awkward situation," she then sent the track to the management of Beyoncé and Barbadian singer Rihanna. The song was put on hold for eight months by Rihanna's management, who failed to pay the track's fee, and as a result Beyoncé "slid into home base and threw the money down" to secure "Pretty Hurts" for herself. Rihanna later decided to record another composition by Sia, "Diamonds", instead. In 2012, American producer Dr. Luke received Beyoncé's cut of "Pretty Hurts" and played it to Perry, who later text messaged Sia, saying, "I'm pretty hurt you never sent me this song".Sia then responded, stating, "Check your e-mail," to which Perry replied, "It was meant to be with Beyoncé of course"
  5. Kyungsoowift

    Is Ariana This Generation's Rihanna?

    So far their careers have similar path: Pop with some Rap influence music Having at least a hit from each of their studio albums Have done lots of collaborations with numerous rapper, singers, and DJs Streaming darling, especially Spotify A Radio staple Having hits back to back, and some simultaneous hits on Hot 100 Have ever scrapped a lead single (FFS and Focus) Have ever release songs continuously without any break (Ari: Sweetener singles to Thank U Next, Rih: Loud singles to TTT) Have a big fanbase discuss! note: Don't forget to stream their best songs!
  6. phreshprince

    Has your fave gotten plastic surgery?

    Demi Lovato: No The Weeknd: No Lady Gaga: Botox at best
  7. Elvis

    Who Can End Ariana?

    Who has the power to end Ariana? e.g. Taylor ended Katy e.g. 5SOS ended The Carters e.g. Adele ended our faves Who can come along and erase Ariana so she is either permanently destroyed or must up-her-game to make a comeback? Maybe someone she shares a fanbase with like Kylie Jenner.... ORRRRR RIHANNA. RIHANNA MUST SHAME ARIANA FOR HER DISRESPECTING BLACK PEOPLE AND BLACK CULTURE. Any other ideas? The evil must be defeated.
  8. Jonathan

    Ariana makes it look so easy

    Ariana just broke Taylor’s female record while taking up most of the top 10. 2019’s culture vulture makes success look so easy, why?
  9. Fentydelspears

    7 Rings or Bad Boy?

  10. Miss Bank$

    least draggable artist to stan for?

    I say Mariah. She's done everything an artist would want to do in a career with minimal controversy apart from her live vocals on christmas a couple of years ago.
  11. Dark Horse

    Is Ariana trying to be black?

    real question.. in 7R she tries harder than iggy ever did to be black
  12. Elvis

    Streaming Killed Music.

    Music is so low quality these days because it must pander to what the kids will stream. Do you agree?
  13. aaronsmithjune1

    No more Billboard 200 in 2020!!

    Do you agree? With the way streaming is taking over it has basically ruined that chart. I never Understood why streaming 2 or 3 songs you like the most is counted as a album sale. Imo they should do away with it by 2020 and just have a HOT 250 for singles only.
  14. Dark Horse

    mariah/ariana collab, u here for it?

    would u be down for A No No (feat. Ariana Grande) or 7 Rings (feat. Mariah Carey) any mariah/ariana collab
  15. coldoutside

    What's everyone's favorite Alanis song?

    Mine is Hands Clean, it's a gorgeous, powerful, amazing piece of music!
  16. stevyy

    Mariah Carey's Year in Streaming: 2019

    Top 10 songs of the past 7 days (12/262018 / 01/02/2019)
  17. Wicked


    . The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari http://www.gorillavsbear.net/ http://www.treblezine.com/ http://thequietus.com/ http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/ http://singersroom.com/ http://hiphopdx.com/ http://drownedinsound.com/ http://www.tinymixtapes.com/ http://www.factmag.com/ http://consequenceofsound.net/ http://www.metalinjection.net/
  18. sweetheart

    Sweetener or reputation ?

    I know it’s hard
  19. Rev8

    Birthday vs 7 Rings

    Which do u prefer? or or
  20. Almost everyone who performs at the VMAs has had a iconic performance there: Madonna, Janet, Michael, Britney, Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna, Miley
  21. Superbitch

    7 rings leaked>>>> 7 rings released

    ***** on the kream wannabe video. Agrih?
  22. Fitzswiftie

    Taylor albums as Park & Rec quotes

    Taylor Swift Fearless Speak Now Red 1989 Reputation