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Found 14,272 results

  1. Beyoncé’s The Lion King has already outgrossed ASIB in its first weekend of release? I thought TLK was a flop? Why has TLK already made a significant more amount of money than the other movie remake
  2. I know many didn’t like the first two songs she released for “Lover” but has “The Archer” redeemed haself?
  3. 80x100

    is The Archer written for Lorde?

    the few lyrics are reminds me old lorde stuffs so maybe its writter for lorde by jack antonoff? ribs - perfect places maybe this used to be collab with lorde at the first?
  4. SavagePapi

    ICON J.Lo turns 50!

    Happy Birthday, Queen!
  5. Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, Tina, Beyoncé, Amy, Ella, Nina, Etta, etc. do whites lack talent?
  6. 1DES

    Is Beyoncé a Legacy Artist now?

    What the title ask. Is she or is she not? Her back catalog does great, the GP knows it good. Her last two major projects not performed up to her fans and haters standards.
  7. We all know Hilary Duff as America's Vacation Sweetheart, but it looks like she was the white Onika back in the day and fought with everyone! Some examples: Obviously, her iconic feud with Lindsay Lohan Avril Lavigne Kelly Clarkson Michelle Branch Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Faye Dunaway Who else but Chun-Liry?
  8. Gabe²

    Hayley Williams is 30, why?

    Queen is no longer in her 20s, why? what happened? When did she decided to be 30?
  9. C0SMIC

    Gaga Vs Bey? Profitable?

    Prior to ASIB dropping, many speculated the movie would flop or not do as well, given its tough source material.. yet Gaga seemed to defy the odds & played a key part in selling the movie (lead billing, believable romance, etc.) + WITHIN her own craft, was able to take the ASIB album to significant heights (which was to be expected as she is a singer first before actor).... Bey jumped on to the TLK, an already MASSIVE global smash, we knew the movie was going to smash regardless who played Nala.. she was really supposed to come through with the album as that was the final piece in TLK 2019 yet she couldn't bring the album to the same heights enjoyed by her peer? Is Gaga more profitable than Beyonce, she received rave reviews for her acting (bey voice acting did not) & exceeded expectations for the musical offering, something bey could not live up to. thoughts?
  10. I think i got tired of stanning pop music at around 16-17, now i'm just a casual listener and i still like to follow pop culture news, but it became so boring/monotone following all these award shows every year, following the same predictable gimmicks and trends etc, i felt the need to expand my musical horizons, then i realized that it makes no sense to stan someone simply because i can't picture myself privileging one artist/genre over another since there is just so much music to discover out there that it makes no sense to me that some ppl dedicate their whole life to one pop singer it feels like such a waste of time (just my opinion tho). When i see some ppl in their late 20s-30s i just wonder if they realize that they never really evolved? it's like they're still stuck in their teen years when u think about it because most ppl music is aimed at a teen demographic cause they're the ones that consume music in the most hardcore way, when i see 30 years olds stanning selena gomez etc it feels weird to me
  11. M André

    Kpop acts replacing pop girls? Why?

    Twitter seems to be full of kpop stans, many who are gen z kids, meanwhile pop stans are starting to disappear. We see acts like BTS and BlackPink charting on billboard, meanwhile some pop stars are struggling to even reach the top 100. Are kpop acts replacing pop girls?
  12. AbeHicks

    Britney's last good video

    Will she ever top it?
  13. This video is still iconic to me
  14. nina_

    beyhive terrorizes reviewer

    so according to the hive under this tweet, if you're not black you cannot have an opinion on beyonce's music. what do you think of this sentiment, atrl? do you agree or is it just a way to dismiss valid critiques about her music?
  15. In 2012/2013, when the over the top bandwagon making fun of Taylor’s dating life was happening, there were plenty of these memes. https://knue.com/a-song-for-taylor-swift-maybe-youre-the-problem-video/ Is The Archer lowkey Taylor’s honest response to that sentiment?
  16. ToxicParadise

    What does Rihanna smell like ?

    The way people seem to be mesmerized by her smell I want to sniff her too
  17. When it comes to the way you think, the things you do and say, the energy you exude, would you say it's mostly positivity and good vibes, or negativity and hostility?
  18. hatake

    If Jennie left BLACKPINK?

    Imagine this scenario happens. What would BLACKPINKs future look like if Jennie went solo?
  19. I’ve never heard ger sing with this much conviction/emotion ever.. The lyrics are so poignant and transcendent. So much depth in her vocal performance.. soo powerful and it always lifts my spirits when Im feeling ‘meh’ teaching these crazy high school kids. I could go on and on. Its one of my favorite songs this year.
  20. Badboidami

    Rihanna cancels VSFS (throwback)

    https://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=893919 Iconic.
  21. This synthpop masterpiece