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Found 6,120 results

  1. K-Pop thread for 2019.
  2. Who are they? And why aren't they using their own faves?
  3. why is that? why can't they detect talent? why do they rank the 8 bit music from "my everything" higher? yes a majority of them stan the jojo siwa sized mess called break free and spit on masterpieces like blazed, successful and get well soon
  4. In the last 10 years these pop girls have won at least one of the Big 3 Grammy categories: Album of the year, Record of the year & Song of the year: Adele: Album of the year: 21 Record of the year: Rolling in the Deep Song of the year: Rolling in the Deep Album of the year: 25 Record of the year: Hello Song of the year: Hello Taylor Swift: Album of the year: Fearless Album of the year: 1989 Lorde: Song of the year: Royals Beyoncé: Song of the year: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Who will be the next one to do it? Gaga was predicted to do it this year with "Shallow" (ROTY & SOTY) but she lost both awards against "This Is America".
  5. BreatheGaga

    Bigger: 7 Rings or Shallow

    7 Rings - 1# on Billboard Hot 100 - 278 million views on YouTube - 468 million streams on Spotify Shallow: - 1# on Billboard Hot 100 - 432 million views on YouTube - 503 million streams on Spotify Which song is the biggest?
  6. AxelFox

    Best Mariah Album Per Decade

    Inspired by @Nemo's (soon to be) hit thread 90s 00s 10s
  7. Reinvention

    L.A.M.B. vs. Confessions on a Dance Floor

    Two incredible albums arguably from both artists career peaks - or extreme highs at the very least. I often think about these two albums in the same vein and I love them both sooooo dearly. They both offered me such a tremendous escape from my monotonous life as a young teenager in a small, conservative town and allowed me to feel heard, accepted and like there was a world out there for me. But in ATRL style - we have to decide which is best and drag the other, even though both are heavenly in their own respects. 1. Hung Up vs. What You Waiting For? 2. Get Together vs. Rich Girl 3. Sorry vs. Hollaback Girl 4. Future Lovers vs. Cool 5. I Love New York vs. Bubble Pop Electric 6. Let It Will Be vs. Luxurious 7. Forbidden Love vs. Harajuku Girls 8. Jump vs. Crash 9. How High vs. The Real Thing 10. Isaac vs. Serious 11. Push vs. Danger Zone 12. Like It Or Not vs. Long Way To Go
  8. I'm pretty sure she worked with Max Martin again for TS7. It will be her 4th era with Max Martin singles and I start to think: Should Taylor team up with Max Martin again or should she work with new producers?
  9. she keeps getting booked in succesful shows while othe 90s queens like sarah michelle geller, alicia silverstone or neve campbell faded into oblivion after being in multiple flop tv shows.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_one-hit_wonders_in_the_United_States Look at the 2010s compared to other decades. Why do you think the list is so short? Don't you think it's a little sad that there is such a monopoly on having hits this decade that unknowns can't enter. Are we losing diversity?
  11. Fetish for MiMi

    Is ATRL Dumb?

    For calling Camila a one hit wonder? Bad Things #4 IKWYDLS #20 Havana #1  Never Be The Same #6 Beautiful #26 Imagine saying it confidently and thinking it’s funny while it just makes u look plain STUPID. If u wanna drag an artist at least get ur facts right losers
  12. XtinaPanicGodney

    Vanessa Carlton

    The official ATRL base for Vanessa Carlton, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who has amassed critical acclaim and commercial success with her five studio albums. Currently, Vanessa is releasing monthly covers and writing her highly anticipated sixth album while taking care of her children in Nashville, Tennessee. ATRL's Nessaholics: @Ryanicorn @Courtney Love @ChristianRAWKS @Tusk @undermyskin @mdnazn @chilicheese01
  13. AlexStexaul

    Shallow becoming Gaga’s biggest song?

    Its serving Just Dance, Poker Face kinda longevity on the charts WW and serving Bad Romance kinda impact. So, Shallow becoming Gaga’s biggest song yet?
  14. Taylor fanboy

    Taylor's WORST album is lowest on AM US.

    https://kworb.net/charts/apple_a/us.html 136 +2 Taylor Swift - reputation 322 +2 Taylor Swift - 1989 391 +15 Taylor Swift - Red 429 +29 Taylor Swift - Fearless 543 +51 Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift (Bonus Track Version) 575 +15 Taylor Swift - Speak Now "Peak Low" indeed. Good thing "Sparks Fly" was written before "Taylor Swift" but was too good and was actually meant for "Fearless".
  15. Feanor

    TB: Katy shades Mariah

    Time, the ultimate truth teller
  16. Gorgeous harmonies. Tight choreography. Outrageous fashions. Nascent feminism. And, of course, all of the behind-the-scenes drama. Girl groups have incalculably enriched the pop music landscape since becoming a staple nearly a century ago. We’ll celebrate their legacy—just in time for Women’s History Month!—in this latest edition of the annual tournament you've all been waiting for. Yes, it's that time again! As college basketball fever sweeps the nation, we here at ATRL turn to what we do best: pitting celebrities against one another. We've already crowned the most bloody brilliant British single, the most iconic album cover, Oscar's gold standard Best Original Song, our favorite female video, the one-hit wonder we'll never tire of, the best Record of the Year winner, the greatest #1 hit of all time and Hollywood's hottest hottie. For our ninth (!) edition, we’ll decide which girl group track reigns, ahem, supreme. Throughout the tournament, everyone will have a chance to participate by voting for their favorite songs in one-on-one match-ups, whittling down the field of 64 classics until we reach our champion. But I need your help before we can begin! Please nominate your list of the ten essential singles by a girl group (no ranking necessary) in the thread below. Keep it to one song per act and try to include some variety. These ballots will be used to determine the final list of competitors and help decide their tournament seeds. Now get to it, because the fun begins this weekend and you don't want your picks to be left out!
  17. Imo its the hive.. they still think beyonce is musically relevant which she clearly is not. Her last decent performing album was in 2016 and they are all stuck in that year. She featured on 8/8 songs of an album called EIL but it bombed massively. if it was successful they would have given full credits to her lmao.... What yall think?
  18. Future doctors, lawyers, etc.. of our country voted for Ariana Grande to win Favorite Female Artist at the 2019 KCAs over Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez. Why?
  19. Camila's original album was going to be a little bit more personal (raw) and called The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving., but she decided to ditch her personal music for radio-fodder and payola music. Why?
  20. Erreur2 La Nature

    The new Beyoncé vs the new Lady Gaga

    CC vs AM
  21. In 2018, Selena had Back to You and Taki Taki Camila had Consequences, Beautiful and all of the other flops she released. Discuss.
  22. xH4RMONYx

    Why did Lauren jaguari flop?

    She was the second most popular member of 5h. Looks white but is latina so that’s to her advantage since she can appeal to both white and non white ppl. She has a good raspy distinctive voice but Normani has surpassed her in popularity and interest when N used to be the least popular. So why did she flop? Her second single is very radio friendly and produced by Murdabeatz a trendy hit maker producer at the moment.
  23. fememeist

    Any R&B fans here?

    Anyone here that stans or listens to: -Kehlani -Teyana Taylor -SZA -Beyoncé -Summer Walker -Sade -Alina Baraz -H.E.R -Ashanti -Jhené Aiko -Normani -Tinashe -Kali Uchis -Ella Mai -John Legend -Mariah Carey -Chloe x Halle -Sabrina Claudio ? R&B is currently on the come-up and I hate listening and talking about glittery pop Ariana Grande music every 3 seconds. Let’s talk about other singers that deserves our attention
  24. Trent W

    Will Rihanna really smash next era?

    As a stan I was expecting the album last year, I think it’s becoming kind of late, while for some reason she delayed the release, Ariana peaked higher than ever, Billie rised and Gaga came back as a force. New streaming forces. She’s giving me Katy pre Witness vibes. And this year is PACKED of releases. But I really hope I’m wrong. What do you think?