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Found 3,283 results

  1. katyhudson

    Avril Lavigne vs Katy Perry, BIGGER?

    With close CSPC numbers, who's the BIGGER one?
  2. Scotland

    If Ally gets a #1; your reaction?

    Her debut single Shallow is #5 on BB HOT 100. Do you think it can become #1?
  3. on the Billboard 200? I think it's important for major artists' albums to exhibit impressive longevity. How many of your fave's albums have spent at least 200 weeks on the Billboard 200?
  4. Steffani Gaga

    Is Million Reasons one of Gaga's best?

    I've loved it since it's release and amazing run as a single, but there's just something so timeless and melancholic about it to me. And I've recently had a death in the family and it just hits home even more now
  5. Next week? Peak in the end?
  6. TayRianaPH

    Why can't I see "who's browsing" list?

    I'll delete this after I get the answer. Why can't I see the "who's browsing" list at the top of my thread? Are there themes where I can see it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Did you appreciate how Gaga brought in a good handful of her own team/people she had previously worked with to be involved with the film/soundtrack? -Brian Newman coproduced La Vie en Rose (Gaga's longtime horn player) -Mark Ronson cowrote Shallow (produced the album Joanne) -Hillary Lindsey cowrote ARUTW and INLA (cowrote a few songs on Joanne) -DJWS and Nick Monson cowrote and produced LWIF, Heal Me, WDYDT, HBF (did a few songs on BTW and most of ARTPOP) -Diane Warren cowrote WDYDT (TIHTY) -Richy (Gaga's choreographer) played Ally's choreographer in the film -A few of Gaga's own dancers were her dancers in the film -She used her own hair/makeup team
  8. Jet

    ASIB is a joint album

    Despite what a few delusional monsters will tell you, the soundtrack for A Star is Born is credited to both Bradley Cooper and GaGa equally. It is a joint album, it is not a GaGa album. Congrats to both of them on the success. Don't ever call it a Gaga album again on this forum. K thanks bye.
  9. “This era will be a billion times more epic than anything 'Anaconda' could have delivered,” she said. “I think this era will definitely be the most memorable and the most impactful of my career yet.”. MTV Do you agree? Did Nicki live up to her own hype?
  10. dangerousalex

    Songs Pharrell ruined

    I'll start with the 2018 FOTS (Flop Of the Summer)
  11. LoveQueenGaga

    Is ASIB OST the best album of the year?

    It will be my most streamed album from this year by the end of the year. It’s #1 (best) followed by Camila and Expectations (by Bebe).
  12. LoveQueenGaga

    Is Daya a pop icon?

    Hide Away and SSLP are pop classics and she is bisexual.
  13. JCON

    Did Little Mix ruin stan culture?

    ...by naming their album LM5? It was supposed to be our thing The only time I saw stans wanting an album to be titled after its code was with Rihanna but because R8 almost became an urban legend.
  14. Finally coming soon ! Are we perched or dont care ? Predictions ? Expectations ? After the singles flopping im not really sure what to expect but im sure ill give it a listen or two on spotify . Interesting to see if the xmas popularity will do anything for it. Some lambs are speculating that she is gonna include AIWFCIU on it . That would be kinda a genius move if the streams would count for the album ? Or would they just count for Merry christmas ? ( the original album its on )
  15. Especially in the #MeToo culture this video cuts deep but no one is talking about it. She enters the industry, drugged/forced to drink + starved, used until she's made googly eyed. They mess her up and remove her senses. She takes off her clothes, surrounds herself with flashy ****, goes for it, they buy her. Then she becomes stronger than them, takes off her clothes one more time, and kills the guy who bought her.
  16. Ricky Wilson

    Would you like Nicki Minaj if...

    Would you switch like a ****** if she wansn't a Trump supporter?
  17. TayDine1989

    I'll Never Love Again: Best ASIB track?

    I love Shallow so much but really, I personally think I'll Never Love Again is a more heartfelt song. Its tear-jerking lyrics T.T and it is more musically cohesive than Shallow (sans that part when it quickly transitioned to Cooper's part at the end of the song, that was quite messy) What do you think?
  18. Almighty Gaga

    ASIB: 231k tracks (2nd week)

    1. 71,000 Shallow 2. 47,000 Always Remember Us This Way 3. 41,000 I'll Never Love Again Others: https://kworb.net/cc/ Total: 231,000 2-week total: 551,000 tracks.
  19. Beyonnaise

    Is The Voice pointless and cruel?

    I was just flipping through channels and saw that it was on and realized it’s so f**king pointless. There have been like 20 seasons and they have ZERO success stories. The only semi-known one turned out to be a rapist and a Tumblr fad. It’s honestly so cruel to amatrue singers to fool them into thinking that if they win the show they’ll have a supportive label and get a hit because there’s probably less than a 1% that will ever happen to any of them as long as it’s on.
  20. leon86

    Is Taylor fading?

    her social media numbers and streaming are kinda tragic. Yes we know she's selling stadiums but gp doesnt usa ha