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Found 46,219 results

  1. Billboard Hot 100 Year End #71 Sorry #73 Chained To The Rhythm N/A Million Reasons Why did Beyoncé’s #11 peaking flop single Sorry chart higher than #4 hits Milliom Reasons and Chained to the Rhythm?
  2. What is the most famous ATRLER @Priyanka Chopra doing now?
  3. If you look at the stan bases and how they evolved from 2008, you can see how for example many atrl members with Lady Gaga usernames are now Meghan and Ariana stans, especially after the old main pop girls went country with Joanne, Rainbow, and Lemonade. Of all the new pop girls, Ariana and Meghan are the most successful with streaming smashes and the biggest sales peaks (AATB Platinum), and impact too. Did the gays choose Ariana and Meghan?
  4. Duas debut era has been pretty solid so far with the one year anniversary coming up in June. Be The One & Blow Your Mind (Muwah) were both BB Top 40 hits. New Rules was a hit and IDGAF is currently climbing the Hot 100 every week and getting better radio play than New Rules did. She also has a future summer smash coming out in 2 weeks with Calvin Harris and is working with Max Martin & Mark Ronson on D2. Not to mention she also has a collab coming out with Ariana Grande also either that be on A4 or D2. Will her sophomore gain more commercial success?
  5. they became +30 and gp usually stops paying attention to them? im talking about artists like xtina, nelly furtado, alicia, fergie... they were HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE at their peak (when they were in their early-mid 20's) and now they're bombing. it's like going from getting awards, performing in big concerts, having all the attention to be ignored. this is not shade, but it must be so strnge to have that transition.
  6. Which 90's diva/legend has more classics under her belt?
  8. Remember T-Pain blocked Rih in 2007 from her first #1 album? I remember it being a ki for me because I was still so die hard Bey. Now look who got the last laugh. Rih literally scalped be from then on Never will I doubt ha again!
  9. which smash hit by these main pop girl is bigger
  10. It's clear that her hit (and charting) days are gone. Even when she features a household rapper in one of her better singles, it flops into oblivion. So what should Iggy do? Try to still chace something that sticks with the GP or go completely indie and give the gays and her fans everything they want?
  11. tru the fire were born again peace by vengeance... brings the end agrih???
  12. From this interview i realized that she has such a good heart BUt idk she seems a little sad in this video, probably it has something to do with management thing since she is the only one having her own management outside of maverick while the rest of 3 girls still under the same management. Wish nothing but the best to the all the girls tho.
  13. Lady Gaga: Paloma Faith:
  14. the talent and the way it creates such emotion, not forgetting the scream at 4:21
  15. his body is hot but the face is so average and he's kinda **** eyed he seems like a very nice person and has bops so i'm not hating
  16. In terms of suspense, hype and performance? Video starts at 1:00
  17. Only 62 million views, a forgotten song as of now. But still surprisingly good comparing it to its Hot 100 peak. The video was obviously influenced by Thriller. Why didn't the GP care for it in the long run?
  18. Miley, Kylie, Gaga wish tbh This is how you do it pop/country songs
  19. Discounts? Her Tour w/ Tour Seller Jay?
  20. #TBT