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Found 13,964 results

  1. The best selling item is at #40, why is that?
  2. RobDeWittBukater

    BeBe-Rexha-penned K-Pop hit turns 9!

    On July 19th 2010, South Korean boy group Shinee released Lucifer as the sole single off their second full-length studio album of the same name. Some facts & trivia: -As of 2013, the single has sold over 2,392,341 copies in South Korea. This makes it SHINee’s 2nd best-selling single in the country. -It peaked at #2 on the Gaon Chart in South Korea. -It peaked at #3 on the US Billboard World Digital Chart. -The Japanese version reached #2 on the Oricon Charts in Japan. It also peaked at #4 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100. -The song was co-written by BeBe Rexha. At the time, it was her 3rd writing credit, the first two being for Lee Hyori and Nikki Williams. -It has been named the 67th Greatest Boy Band Song of All Time by Billboard. -It has been named the 20th Best K-Pop Song of All Time by Spin magazine. -The music video is SHINee’s second video to surpass 100 million views on YouTube. -The music video has been named the 20th Best K-Pop Video by Stereogum. -Lucifer scored SHINee 4 music show wins during its promotional run in South Korea, and won 4 Asian music awards: the Disk Bonsang award at the 25th Golden Disc Awards (which honor outstanding achievements in the South Korean music industry), the Netizens Popularity Battle Award at the 2010 Melon Music Awards (Korean equivalent to the VMAs), the award for Best Dance Performance - Male Group at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Macau, and the Bonsang Award at the 2011 Seoul Music Awards. -The song has been featured on the then-Fox TV series Lucifer. The episode that the song is featured in is entitled “Til Death Do Us Part”, and premiered on January 29, 2018. -In 2010, Lucifer’s parent album sold over 262,000 copies in South Korea and 30,000 copies in Taiwan. Performances: The song has been included on every SHINee tour this decade. Since 2015, the group performs the song as a dance remix outside of Japan (which starts at 3:05 in this video): When in Japan, the song is performed with its original production and a live band. Aesthetic / fashion: They wore black leather / faux fur ensembles while promoting this song. Most looks were choices, but some were kinda cute. _____________________________________________________________________ Fellow Rexhars and K-Poppers, let's celebrate this local classic!
  3. Miss Bank$

    Post-Havana Camila?

    What do we think of her? Every career move she has made has been super awkward and inauthentic. Is she too busy trying to chase Havana success?
  4. What do y'all think, guise?
  5. AbeHicks

    Do you want LG6 to sound like Haus Labs?

    Many people think the trailer for the make-up line uses the instrumental of an album track from LG6. Are you here for it, or should she RUN in a different direction?
  6. Pinter

    Demi was mad genius

    She advice the girls to learn something from Camila, Now that Camila went solo and all of them apparatnly also went solo seem like only Normani who actually took some lesson from her and only Normani who can manage to score top 10 hit (even if its a duet its still her catalog)
  7. Yusuf Utku Sezgin

    Do you know Hold On by Selena Gomez?

    if you dont know please listen it and tell me that if you liked or not.
  8. leociccone

    Artists Who Declined With Every Album?

    I'm going to say Beyonce and Lady Gaga declined with every album. I was obsessed with their debuts and then didn't even buy Beyonce's fourth album nor Gaga's second. It's too bad though. The "DIL" album and "The Fame/Monster" were amazing. I feel like both tried so hard to be cool afterwards (especially Beyonce acting urban when she grew up in a gorgeous mansion and talks like a home-schooled pre-teen in my opinion!) and that was their downfall. If they had stuck with being themselves I'd probably be waiting for their next concert.
  9. Show us those mugshots.
  10. Hustlers Trailer views 1 day Twitter 3.2M views YouTube 1.1M views JLO Instagram 13.2M views Lili instagram 8.4M views Keke instagram 1.7M views Cardi B instagram 6.1M views Constance instagram 224.8K views 33,824,800M total views in one day.
  11. Bussea

    Will beyonce's Beyola block Peppa Pig?

    Queen Miss Peppa Pig just released her highly anticipated debut album and is already receiving positive feedback for her future smash hit Expert Daddy Pig. Will Jay-Z's wife, who will do anything to be the center of attention, use her #BEYOLA to block Peppa Pig from debuting #1 on the album charts next week with her Lion King album "The Present?"
  12. Why does nobody talk about the experimental bop that is "Revival"
  13. Bentley

    Peaks or longevity and sales?

    Which matters more?
  14. Girlicious

    Peppa Pig or Iggy Azalea?

    Which album do you think will SELL more copies first week? Peppa Pig’s freshman album? Iggy Azalea’s sophomore album?
  15. BigBangStan

    Peppa Pig is the riskiest new pop girl!

    That PC music production ended SOPHIE
  16. Beyonce_runthis

    Why is Already so underrated?

    https://music.apple.com/us/album/already/1473486502?i=1473487611 https://tidal.com/track/113559709
  17. Last year certain sponge was the center of the attention of the Súper bowl outshining the members of maroon 5. do you think it’s time for a real pig to take over the halftime show?
  18. Thoughts and opinions?
  19. Genius1111

    Is Peppa Pig a main pork girl?

    Does she have any competition coming to steal her crown?
  20. Reb'l Rêveur

    It's #NewMusicFriday, who will you listen first?

    Iggy's In My Defense album? Sam's How Do You Sleep? Or others?
  21. Genius1111

    Song lyrics that tell interesting stories

    Quite often, song lyrics tell "generic" stories like how the protagonist yearns to be with a guy/girl. What about songs that try to incorporate more interesting storylines into the lyrics? Do you have examples to share?
  22. Pinter

    Trinity of Spotify main pop girls

    Only 3 female artists to ever hit 50 million monthly listeners in Spotify history: • @ArianaGrande • @billieeilish • @Camila_Cabello Congrats ladies!
  23. kelly-clarkson

    "Breakaway" turns 15