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Found 3,450 results

  1. MaRy

    Is Gaga's Elle's speech cringe?

    is she on drugs? she makes little sense, and all the pity party
  2. ATRL Feedback

    K-Pop Thread: ATRL Q3 Rate ongoing

    The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  3. It's that time of the quarter once again! We're about to crown the BEST K-POP Songs of the Quarter!   ATRL's TOP 100 KPOP SONGS of Q3, 2018. [songs released July 1 to September 30, 2018] Q3 Releases playlist by @RobDeWittBukater: https://spotify.com/playlist/5WZn3fFXv74eNYXPR3eFl2 RULES [PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY] 1. Vote for your Top 30 ranked FAVORITE Singles from Quarter 3 of 2018 in this thread. [#1 being your most fave, #30 the least] 2. You may vote for less than 30 [example: 20 songs] , BUT instead of your #1 song getting full 30 points, they will get 20 points only.. 3. Songs released from July 1- September 30, 2018 ONLY can be voted. 4. All official tracks, including B-sides, those with no MVs, as long they are in the cut-off period, may be voted for. 5. For singles, the official single release date matters, regardless of the album release date, For B-sides, the album release dates matter. For re-releases, only new songs added will be eligible. 6. Send your votes via PM to me, TayRianaPH. Votes will be collected until October 15, 2018. Who will follow MOMOLAND and BLACKPINK's successes?
  4. duybeeGAshantiGA

    Mother and daughter WON !

    2018 is truly the year of Mother Monster and her Little Monster ! The IT mom and daugher of the year ! Cardi B slaying with her 3 #1s and just broke the record for the most winning female rapper at BET while her mother is slaying the music and movie industry simultaneously. They really obliterated everything they passed. All hail to mother and daughter of the entertainment industry ! They are the true QUEENS ! 👸🏾👸🏼 Congrats Gaga on being a grandmother of 2 already ! And soon to be a grandma of 3-4 as her daughter wishes ! 🍑🙏🏻
  5. Pretty much every pop girl that was relevant in 2006/07 was on tour at that time. Why did Xtina get the #1 female tour of 2007 with The Back To Basics Tour with ease?
  6. Rogue

    Fave Foxy Brown Song/Feature?

    Though she wasn’t as successful and remembered as her peers, she definitely had some bops! What’s your fave?
  7. How did I not know this. https://chartmasters.org/2017/10/cspc-most-successful-artists-ever-data-collector/19/ 1. Rihanna – 251,130,000 units (75,340,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2017) 2. Beyoncé – 166,890,000 units (50,066,000 EAS) (as of May 2018) 3. Eminem – 157,350,000 units (47,206,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2016) 4. Taylor Swift – 149,820,000 units (44,946,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 5. Bruno Mars – 149,490,000 units (44,846,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 6. Drake – 137,310,000 units (41,192,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 7. Katy Perry – 135,430,000 units (40,628,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 8. Maroon 5 – 129,900,000 units (38,970,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2016) 9. Lady Gaga – 121,950,000 units (36,586,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 10. Justin Bieber – 110,890,000 units (33,268,000 EAS) (as of Apr 2018) 11. Black Eyed Peas – 103,960,000 units (31,188,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 12. Justin Timberlake – 102,090,000 units (30,628,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 13. Adele – 100,240,000 units (30,072,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 14. Usher – 93,610,000 units (28,082,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2017) 15. Coldplay – 93,080,000 units (27,924,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 16. Britney Spears – 82,430,000 units (24,730,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 17. P!nk – 81,150,000 units (24,346,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 18. Michael Jackson – 79,930,000 units (23,980,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2017) 19. Linkin Park – 73,710,000 units (22,112,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 20. Miley Cyrus – 70,300,000 units (21,090,000 EAS) (as of May 2017) 21. Christina Aguilera – 69,950,000 units (20,986,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2017) 22. Ed Sheeran – 69,770,000 units (20,932,000 EAS) (as of Jan 2018) 23. Kelly Clarkson – 62,010,000 units (18,604,000 EAS) (as of May 2018) 24. Queen – 58,370,000 units (17,510,000 EAS) (as of Oct 2017) 25. Alicia Keys – 57,750,000 units (17,326,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2016) 26. Nickelback – 57,280,000 units (17,184,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2017) 27. One Direction – 57,000,000 units (17,100,000 EAS) (as of May 2017) 28. Shakira – 56,350,000 units (16,904,000 EAS) (as of Jun 2018) 29. Carrie Underwood – 54,410,000 units (16,322,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2018) 30. Will.i.am – 53,300,000 units (15,990,000 EAS) (as of Jul 2017) 31. Mariah Carey – 50,130,000 units (15,038,000 EAS) (as of Apr 2017) 32. Enrique Iglesias – 50,110,000 units (15,034,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2016) 33. Rolling Stones – 46,200,000 units (13,860,000 EAS) (as of Dec 2016) 34. Avril Lavigne – 46,160,000 units (13,848,000 EAS) (as of Feb 2018) 35. Imagine Dragons – 45,410,000 units (13,624,000 EAS) (as of Sep 2018) 36. Ariana Grande – 44,720,000 units (13,416,000 EAS) (as of Nov 2017) 37. Green Day – 44,600,000 units (13,380,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2017) 38. Red Hot Chili Peppers – 44,400,000 units (13,320,000 EAS) (as of Mar 2018) 39. Madonna – 42,100,000 units (12,630,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2017) 40. U2 – 40,500,000 units (12,150,000 EAS) (as of Aug 2016)
  8. Adelephant 25

    Gaga needs a new choreographer

    ASAP!! Richie sis, wtf is those moves even? They don’t even go with the song!!
  9. What's the percentage of your fave's certified albums in the United States among all official albums released (including all greatest hits albums, soundtracks, holiday albums, etc)? For Xtina, she's released 10, and 9 of them are certified so far so... Xtina would have a 90% success rate in certificates
  10. nostalgia

    Better model: Kendall or Camila?

    Who is fiercer as a model; the Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress or the I Know What You Did Last Summer hitmaker?
  11. nostalgia

    Jennifer >> Angelina. Why?

    So after some soul searching, I feel like Miss Jennifer Aniston really won in the end between her and Angelina. She gets coin without doing anything because of them Friends residuals, has iconic haircut, loved by the GeePee, is a mentor to Selena Gomez, starred in the acclaimed Cake, endorses water and lotion that the gheys use... etc... She really won at life huh?
  12. Phantom

    Manika is the best Femcee

  13. Navy4Life

    Post your faves worst performance!

    Just for the kiis! Let me start: The lip sync, the walking around choreography, the iconic shaking moment
  14. D.M.F

    Your fave's UK stats? 5 Questions

    1. What's the highest certificate for an album by your fave there? 2. How many top 10s did your fave's biggest album there have? 3. How many #1 albums does your fave have in the UK (Official Chart)? 4. What are the sales of your fave's biggest single there? 5. Does your fave have multiple #1 singles in the UK? Answers for Xtina: 1. 6x Platinum officially (should be around 8x Platinum I think) 2. 5 top 10s from Stripped 3. 2 #1s 4. 1.6 million copies 5. Yes!!!!
  15. nick4bty

    More talent: Britney or Rihanna?

    Which pop star is more talented?
  16. A Spanish album w/ 600k SPS (Latin Diamond) in the US. Surprised? Only the Latin queen of pop.
  17. leon86

    was LOOSE a perfect era?

    everything fell into place, it was amazing she closed it with this spiritual masterpiece 😞
  18. Fentydelspears

    Did you ever listen to M2M?

    I mean I can’t complain that t.A.T.u ended M2M but I always feel nostalgic whenever a M2M song comes on shuffle
  19. LookinIn

    Worst Mariah Album?

    I'd say Charmbracelet by miles
  20. Blv2012

    How did Gaga achieve this?

    “I don’t know what Love is” One of the best songs on the soundtrack! And I keep thinking how did Gaga manage to make her voice sound like this? So freaking soulful? How did she do it? https://open.spotify.com/track/3PPeqAc0fCfFdh8cUYShn6?si=Kt1HLFVLQla5QmpP4wxKNA
  21. What are your opinions of her? Is she one of the most bland and forgettable actresses in the history of Hollywood?
  22. DTF

    Did Mariah curse Nicki?

    Back when Nicki was trying to get established, Mariah gave her visibility and props very early on. By featuring on Mariah’s song she got a lot of exposure especially as Mariah had just snatched another top 10 hit. It is well known that Nicki blew up after Mariah featured her, and she got features like Bionic after. But Nicki was openly disrespectful to Mariah on idol, leading to Mariah throwing one of the most legendary shades of all time Nicki basically spent the next ten years hoping for a number one song, even collaborating with someone guilty of assaulting a minor, but she still to this day did not get that which Mariah mentioned.
  23. leon86

    is D.M.F a xtina hater?

    he keeps setting her up to be dragged