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Found 46,436 results

  1. do people forget that SML was a top ten hit? and that it has 400M+ streams on Spotify? like what...
  2. I think the trinity is Lana, Kesha and Charlie X Their stuff is always leaking ff
  3. It hits sooo hard. Refrain from being delusional and posting a ballad by your fave, thanks.
  4. The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  5. Which of the two is the bigger artist?
  6. A lot of threads have been made asking if DC should count for Beyonce and most people say no, which I disagree with tbh. I find it weird to exclude groups like DC & Nsync where JT and Beyonce were the most popular members while at the same time including features. And what about No Doubt and Gwen, do you think they should be counted? I mean she was the only singer of the band. Should both be counted, just band receipts or neither?
  7. After 2 strings of flops, and going through hell and back Mariah came thruuu with TEOM. We thought Britney would never return on stage, we thought she'd be Anna Nicole'd but she proved us wrong with Circus. so who had the bigger comeback?
  8. I am SHAKING at how good this is. I was not expecting her to come thru with this disco dripping country pop sound. This is giving me hints of her label pushing her to be a heavy hitter pop girl. I'm so into it, girls.
  9. Can Azealia ever get the same momentum she had in 2012-2013 (early 2014)?
  10. Her BLATANTLY miming the first half of the performance, her team claiming “her mic was off” when you can hear her panting during the first half, the shaky vocals for the rest of the performance, the fact that it was a charity performance and she couldn’t have just gotten on stage and done her job
  11. I feel like all of the signs are there and she has everything going against her : - It will be her fourth era and we all know those are cursed and mark a big commercial decline in most pop star's careers ( 4, Witness, ARTPOP, ITZ, Bionic etc) - Physical CDs will most likely be gone by the time she releases and we all know the vast majority of her demographic buys those - Her streaming numbers are good but not top tier - 25 was already a big decline from 21 in terms of singles and public recognition. She struggled to get a big hit, or hit at all, after Hello's hype worn do. So, What are your thoughts on this matter?
  12. i'm getting really tired of their games tbh, i know they have some festivals lined up for this year but i just need some new music
  13. These two R&B classics are Ne-Yo’s biggest hits as a songwriter, but which do you prefer?
  14. Taylor has bunch of very good music videos What are your Top 5 MVs of her ? Mine : 1. Wildest Dreams 2. Blank Space 3. End Game 4. LWYMMD 5. Ours
  15. This damn song is way too good. 3:23 - onward gets me every.single.time Honestly, my favorite song she ever put out:
  16. Since ATRL always calls these two Britney #1s "frontloaded flops" and criticizes their lack of longevity, I went to check their chart runs to see if that was true. Womanizer: 96-1-4-5-6-7-7-12-9-10-6-5-7-8-9-12-15-18-25-28-32-40-45 Weeks in the top 10: 13 3: 1-5-8-8-8-6-9-10-9-9-10-13-16-15-24-35-39-53-63-72 Weeks in the top 10: 11 To gauge the longevity/staying power of the 2 songs, I compared them to classic smash hits by the Queen of Longevity, Christina Aguilera. What a Girl Wants: 71-51-28-18-13-11-11-1-1-2-2-3-3-4-12-11-13-15-18-20-30-40-39-44 Weeks in the top 10: 7 I Turn to You: 50-39-30-28-21-19-20-17-17-17-17-3-3-7-10-17-25-29-29-40-43-50 Weeks in the top 10: 4 Come on Over: 57-47-45-29-23-18-11-9-9-11-1-1-1-1-4-8-12-22-23-43-44 Weeks in the top 10: 6 Beautiful: 62-39-22-11-10-6-6-7-6-4-2-3-5-7-8-10-12-12-15-16-19-21-25-27-37-44-49 Weeks in the top 10: 12 Ain't No Other Man: 19-13-9-6-7-8-8-8-8-8-8-12-15-23-25-28-33-38-39-53 Weeks in the top 10: 10 Comparing them to these certified longevity hits, I can safely say that Womanizer and 3 enjoyed longevity on the charts and were not frontloaded. The question is, why?
  17. I mean, his new song punched me the **** ou! it’s so good and I’m a Rihanna stan
  18. i would be ICONIC and a top 3 smash
  19. For me, it's close between these:
  20. Rank the current singles from the Alt-R&B girls: Ella Mai - Boo'd Up Tinashe - No Drama H.E.R. - Focus Kali Uchis - After The Storm Jhené Aiko - Sativa SZA - Broken Clocks Sabrina Claudio - Belong To You Cassie - Don't Play It Safe Kelela - Frontline Kehlani - Honey The women are killing it!
  21. edit: Not top 10 anywhere, not even in his own country (Australia - 14) US - 80 UK - 38 i thought its claimed to be 2018's best pop song by atrl? So why did it flop??
  22. Why did Gaga during the biggest flop of the decade(artpop tour), outgross Rihanna (in her 11th year of slayage) anti tour?