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Found 7,027 results

  1. Anticipating

    Gaga inspired by Xtina?

    Would you agree with Fighters yes or no?
  2. She ended the night with her explosive performance which was the best of the entire ceremony and received the most praise and attention by the media and GP. Agree?
  3. And have the biggest moment of the day, and make us feel like the rainbow that comes after the hurricane. Why?
  4. as fast or cancelled at all?? i draw alot of paralell's between her and Kanye (call me delusional but shes female rapper that is on his level at all) they both say ignorant **** and Kanye has had backlash for dumb **** he has said in the past but he's still kicking
  5. postsus

    Music peaked in 2010-2011. Why?

    Face it, old is better. Classique.
  6. It's painful to watch. I think the song's key is too high for him. Am I wrong?
  7. Passion

    Vinyl Talk

    . http://i.imgur.com/hRJAum0.png
  8. Honestly.. it's tragic at this point. Selena Gomez released her first full spanish single previous week and Interscope didnt support the single... They didnt even put the song on TTH or any big latin playlist, the song still did ok despite lack of playlisting. But on the other hand, Billie's new song with Rosalia is #1 on TTH already! I know billie is bigger than selena currently but selena's playlisting is weak despite being one of the most streamed female artists in the platform.. Why? :/
  9. New Year, New K-Pop Thread Rules: https://atrl.net/index.php?/guidelines/ Everyone is to familiarize themselves with these rules. There are no exceptions or leniency moving forward. If you cannot follow these rules you will be warned and if it continues you will be thread banned.
  10. - can sing - can rap - can dance (and no Rih stans, the p*ssy pat does not count, nor does the WHYB music video) - serve concept and aesthetics - crossover hiphop, r&b and pop appeal (Britney doesn't have this) The only other popstar that does the above is Beyonce. She's the only artist in general in the mainstream atm who can do songs like Like That, Moooo! (messy mindless pop), Say So (gay ass dancepop) while also doing sultry R&B with Candy, Streets, the Drake rapsing style with Juicy and do pure rap like Bestfriend and Boss B*tch. Add to
  11. Erreur2 La Nature

    Least famous "old" popgirl ?

    Among these "old" popgirls, which one is the least famous worldwide ?
  12. Which posthumous album do u prefer/is better?? \/
  13. In light of Gaga's universally acclaimed performance of the national anthem at President Biden's inauguration, Variety's chief television critic posted this very interesting point on his Twitter today. Why could Gaga be one of the very few that will stick around and remain part of conversation? How has Gaga grown into the respected and admired powerhouse in showbiz that she is today? Thoughts?
  14. AbeHicks

    3 Words to Describe Demi Lovato

    If you only had 3 words to describe Demi Lovato what would they be and why? I'll start 1. Misunderstood: Her words are often twisted to mean something that they are not intending. 2. Funny: She might be the pop girl with the most memes made about her. Who can forget Poot, the mug story, or the Vagina flicking incident? And more recently, the turkey debacle. She repeatedly finds herself in these viral memes without even trying. 3. Unforgettable. The impact Demi has on pop culture and society will go down in the history books. On top of her activism, she is an accomplishe
  15. NOW

    The greatest stanning thread

    Let's stan a career highlight, the eeriness of how well it captured the time and the increased eeriness of how it was foreshadowing the year we had afterward. "We didn't know that we had it all..." "Oh the livestream's almost on..." We didn't fully get it back then but damn...what we know now.
  16. Erreur2 La Nature

    'Stupid Love' sold 500k copies this week !

    Are you impressed ?
  17. Harrys Hairflip

    Is it time for a reggae sound trend?

    I wish it was a thing in the us, the trap needs to go and give space to some reggae bops This was the last reggae hit in the us
  18. perfillusion

    Your fave's signature ballad?

    Title says it all, what is your fave's signature ballad?
  19. Britney had the bigger peak. Beyonce has the longevity. Beyonce is the bigger legend.
  20. StrangerInTheDark

    Songs with long build up to chorus?

    I've been thinking how I am always slayed when I hear these two songs, thanks to their long build up to chorus, but I can't think of any other examples right now? Can you?
  21. Indie Go Mind

    Tinashe's "2 On" turns 7!

    A debut single! A club classic! A top 24 Platinum hit! Everybody say Happy Birthday to Tinashe's debut single 2 On.
  22. Do you think the albums success is underrated? In an era where there are rarely any post album singles Hot Pink just keeps serving. At this point Streets is for sure coming for a RIAA certification. Streets #6 Apple music US #10 US Spotify #5 US Youtube Comparing Hot Pink to other major releases from around the same time Doja Cat – Hot Pink (Released November 7, 2019) Hot Pink(Album) – Gold / Eligible for Plat Say So – 3x Platinum / 4x eligible Juicy – 2x Platinum Like That – Platinum Rules – Gold Cyber Sex – Gold + Boss Bitch – Pla
  23. Ampersand13

    Most Promo Sensitive Artists and the Least?

    Okay, so this is not a flame-bait thread nor do I want to see any trolling! I was just thinking about how some artists can manage to get successful singles, eras, etc. while barely promoting, while other artists tend to receive massive boosts from promotional spots. Personally, I don't think either is better than the other per se. It got me thinking about what defines the success itself. To me, an artist who is successful without promotion tends to have a solidified fanbase who will be purchasing their product regardless of if they perform on television, give interviews, payola etc
  24. JuanXito

    Latin beats are everywhere. Why?

    Latin beats are everywhere — on the radio, in clubs, playing in doctors offices, in commercials, in concerts, on TV, and literally everywhere you look or listen. I conclude that Spanish is nowadays almost as important as English in the music industry. It's crazy how Spanish is rising. The music is danceable and relatable because you focus on how it makes you feel and how it makes you move
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