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Found 3,621 results

  1. So I was watching Mariah live performances on YouTube, and I admit I was admiring her vocals. Disclaimer: I’ve never thought she had one of the best voices ever and think she’s overrated but I was admiring her live performances nonetheless as I like a lot of her music and she does have a nice voice. But then I came across this video: I’ve got to say I’m flabbergasted. Many of the performances I was admiring and thought were 100% live have been dubbed in a way I didn’t think was even possible. I have been truly fooled. Her pitchy notes, her voice cracks, and her out of tune singing have all been covered up by what can only be described as exceptional dubbing. Did you know that the majority of her live performances have been dubbed like this? Please watch the video and be amazed. I am genuinely shocked!
  2. Safe&Sound

    Levitating vs Bad Romance

    Which monstrous #2 hit is better and bigger?
  3. nostalgia

    Do you miss the old Cher?

    Do you miss the old Cher, when she used to care about the art and not the charts? When she was real and raw and weaponized folk pop and country influences before selling out (or evolving) to dance pop? When she didn’t rely on auto tune and covers and sang from her soul and wrote her own music? Do you long when you first listened to Bang Bang when it premiered on the radio stations and you were mesmerized by her deep voice that was unlike the other pop girls. I miss this Cher… just want her back
  4. So we're already in the second half of 2022 and despite getting a bunch of new releases from the main rap girls, Do We Have A Problem? remains as the only song by a female rapper to go #1 on the Apple Music Charts (US and Global). Why? Other notable songs & peaks (global): #3 Bussin #4 Plan B #5 I Like You (A Happier Song) #8 Hot S**t #12 Blick Blick #15 We Go Up #19 Shake It #21 Sweetest Pie #36 Vegas
  5. I know it’s imposible but a year ago I dreamt about Victoria Beckham coming back to music with a dark electro pop minimalistic avant garde catchy sexy bop and went straight to number one on the UK and even making some noise in the US with a high budget MV full of fashion, attitude and darkness that she always serves… what do you think?
  6. shookspeare

    ATWTMVTVFTV is kind of bad. Agree?

    Before certain users pounce on me I'm a Swiftie and she is my most streamed artist. That being said I was and remain taken aback by the response that ATWFTMTVFTW elicited from fans and the GP upon release. Like the rest of the fans I was excited to hear the original version, but was let down by the rambling lyrics and the instrumental that lacks the luster of the truncated version. Yet the song reached #1 and was lauded as a career highlight by many when it really isn't even one of the better vault tracks. It seems to me that ATWTMVTVFTW is a case of massive hype and proportional mass DELUSION sowed among those who thirsted for the release of this track for so many years. Now that we got it is the GP afraid to admit that it's... just not really that good? That the original version outsold? I think this is a case where less really was more, but I'm curious whether opinion has changed at all now that a decent amount of time has passed since release.
  7. They've released some of the best pop albums in recent years: for examples; yet the only Kpop group ATRL seems to acknowledge is Blackpink. TWICE is proof you can do quality AND quantity
  8. wantedyoutogrow

    Ariana has 7 songs over 1B streams. Why?

    With "positions" surpassing 1B streams on Spotify, Ariana now has over 7 songs that have reached this milestone. Other songs that have reached this milestone: • thank u, next • 7 rings • Bang Bang • Side To Side • no tears left to cry • Into You Mind you, 5 out of the 7 songs are solo. It's crazy how far she has come since 2014-2017. Also by the end of the year "One Last Time" will join the 1B club, extending her record as the woman with the most songs surpassing this milestone
  9. Is she? The bar for female artists are very high though Beyonce, J-Lo & Shakira, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna Is she brave enough to do it, since the comparison will be inevitable
  10. The Beatles | Michael Jackson | Elvis Presley. They are often referred to as the 3 best-selling artists of all time by various sources. Would you agree with grouping them together as the ultimate trinity of artists in music? Or would you argue that there's another huge artist more legendary & iconic, who deserves to be in this trinity instead of The Beatles/MJ/Elvis?
  11. collin

    Best “Naked”?

    I vote Avril.
  12. the way I screamed
  13. #1) True Blue (Madonna) x 34 weeks [1986-1987] #2) Life for Rent (Dido) x 18 weeks [2003-2004] #3) Anastacia (Anastacia) x 14 weeks (2004) #4) Back to Black (Amy Winehouse) x 13 weeks (2008) #5) No Angel (Dido) x 12 weeks (2001) #6) Music Box (Mariah Carey) x 11 weeks (1994) #7) Loose (Nelly Furtado) x 10 weeks (2006-2007) #8) All The Way...A Decade of Song (Celine Dion) x 9 weeks (2000)
  14. kids today will never know how iconic this is
  15. LesFleur

    Come Alive: Praise & Worship Thread

    Should have been a smash hit single
  16. Despite winning most of her regular awards around 2000s, J-Lo has bagged many "special" awards from several award shows in past decade And most of these awards haven't awarded other big names, such as Mariah (she only ever won Billboard one?), Britney Spears (only awarded by VMA) or Beyonce (BBMA or iHeartRadio) if I google "icon" on their Wikipedia's awards and nominations list Icon word appeared 22 times in Jennifer Lopez's wikipage meanwhile Beyonce only has 5 and Mariah has 8 2010 : World Music Award : Legend Award 2014 : Billboard Music Award : Icon Award (listed on her wikipedia) 2015 : Entertainment Tonight : Icon Award 2018 : Vanguard Award 2019 : CFDA Award : Fashion Icon Award 2020 : People's Choice Award : Icon Award 2020 : Billboard Women in Music : Jennifer Lopez 2022 : iHeart Music Award : Icon Award 2022 : MTV Movie Award : Generation Award is Jennifer Lopez the most iconic female artist of all time?
  17. As of June 2020, the film holds an 18% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 170 reviews with an average rating of 4.28/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "While Jane Fonda steals the movie in her return to the screen, a tired script and flimsy performances make this borderline comedy fall flat."[3] On Metacritic the film has a weighted average score of 31 out of 100, based on reviews from 38 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".[4] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale.[5] Luckily it was a successful movie. Monster-in-Law was a box office success, grossing $154 million on a $43 million budget. I hope the DVD sales were just as good. I loved this movie.
  18. Katamari

    Sexorcism vs S**t Pop

    better raunchy sex album
  19. sweetkiss

    IT girl of 2022?

    Judging by charts and popularity 2022 was men year, but who is IT girl? Is pop in Lizzo hands? Will Beyonce redeem herself (btw people stream Drake new stuff, but not Beyonce's!! and its essentially similar music) Last year we had Olivia at least, now no POP GIRLS to be found?
  20. Fetish for MiMi

    Obvious Attempts To Make Hits That Failed?

    Poor Niall and my fav Iggy Any other examples of songs that are created obviously with the intention of getting the artists hits on the charts but the GP said no??
  21. popularmoonlight

    Will the music industry recover from this?

    It seems like labels simply do not want/allow their artists to release albums anymore. They keep them hostage till something goes viral on TikTok. Labels are responsible for this, some artists are to blame for being too scared to release (obviously because of their label too). It didn’t use to be like this. Artists would release albums in order to attract more fans, generate interest, build a catalogue - but now it’s seems like nothing ever happens? Only major artists release, but newer ones don’t get that chance. Will the music industry recover? Are albums worthless nowadays?
  22. On ATRL and Twitter, I’ve seen Swifties (usually with Taylor’s version in their name) always go after Ariana and Adele. Why is it specifically these two artists ?
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