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Found 8,396 results

  1. Chart (2018) Peak position Australia (ARIA)[71] 1 Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40)[72] 1 Belgium (Ultratop 50 Wallonia)[74] 4 Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[75] 3 Croatia (HRT)[79] 1 Czech Republic (Singles Digitál Top 100)[80] 1 Estonia (IFPI)[81] 5 Euro Digital Songs (Billboard)[82] 1 Finland Digital Songs (Billboard)[83] 4 France (SNEP)[84] 6 Germany (Official German Charts)[85] 10 Greece Digital Songs (IFPI Greece)[86] 2 Hungary (Single Top 40)[88] 1 Hungary (Stream Top 40)[89] 2 Iceland (Tonlist)[90] 1 Ireland (IRMA)[91] 1 Israel (Media Forest)[92] 3 Italy (FIMI)[93] 2 Latvia (Latvijas Radio)[95] 1 Lebanon (Lebanese Top 20)[96] 20 Luxembourg Digital Songs (Billboard)[97] 1 Malaysia (RIM)[98] 5 Mexico Anglo (Monitor Latino)[99] 4 Mexico Airplay (Billboard)[100] 4 Netherlands (Single Top 100)[102] 12 New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ)[49] 1 Norway (VG-lista)[103] 3 Portugal (AFP)[104] 1 Scotland (Official Charts Company)[106] 1 Singapore (RIAS)[107] 6 Slovakia (Rádio Top 100)[108] 6 Slovakia (Singles Digitál Top 100)[109] 1 Slovenia (SloTop50)[110] 10 Spain (PROMUSICAE)[112] 15 Sweden (Sverigetopplistan)[113] 1 Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade)[114] 1 UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[52] 1 US Billboard Hot 100[115] 5 US Dance Club Songs(Billboard)[38] 1 That's #1 in 17 countries + top 10 in 17 countries. Why is this?
  2. AvrilLaQueen

    What song made you stan Madonna?

    I was like 5 or 6 years old watching MTV Germany or VIVA Germany, and this music video came on, and I was so shook at powerful, fierce woman killing her clone, being all bloody, fighting and being FLEXIBLE and the song was so catchy, it was the first sign I would become a sissy that my dad got mad at me for signing girls song while I was at the beach dancing while swimming in the sea and singing the chorus in public
  3. The Most Acclaimed Actress of 2018 aka Gaga still #1 with her latest global smash hit Shallow https://kworb.net/ww/ Why?
  4. Before this year, many stans liked to consider the song Million Reasons by GaGa a hit single, even though it only peaked at #4 for one week (previously being #55) with massive promo (SBHTS), but that was because she had no real hits since Applause and Dope. But now that Ga Ga managed to score a real global hit with Shallow, do you still consider Million Reasons a hit?
  5. Jude

    Most Pressed at Your Fave Base?

    IMO, the Selena, Taylor and Gaga base are the most pressed at Ariana. The Beyonce, Rihanna and ofc Madonna base are the most pressed at Gaga. Not saying all of the members in respective bases but at least the majority of ppl there. Urs?
  6. Future Lover

    Did Taylor surpass Britney?

    Taking into account all metrics, did the "Bad Blood" hitmaker surpass the "Crossroads" actress?
  7. Rogue

    Is Nicki Minaj Officially Cancelled?

    Now that it’s been 100% confirmed that she’s dating and approving of a convicted RAPIST and MURDERER, has she been officially cancelled for her disgusting acts? Discuss.
  8. Why? Did the "critics" think it was a fad? Flach forward, it is currently top 10 in 12 national singles charts. #1 - Sweden #2 - Denmark #2 - Norway #2 - Slovakia #3 - Estonia #3 - Czech Republic #5 - Germany #6 - UK #7 - Hungary #7 - Greece #8 - Finland #10 - Switzerland -- #13 - Netherlands #13 - Austria #13 - Canada #14 - USA #14 - Australia #14 - Ireland
  9. Mons†erMuscle™

    Is Joseph Kahn RACIST?

    Is the director of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video a RACIST? Calling a black person "NEGRO" is considered RACIST!
  10. ATRL Feedback

    K-Pop Thread: Open For EXO’s Love Shot

    The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  11. Its been almost 10 years since Telephone and B hasnt seen a single global hit ever since. Why is that so? Discuss.
  12. robotdanger

    thank u, next vs. LYMMD: Bigger?

    Which of these lead #1 popgirl single do you feel was bigger overall? vs.
  13. Bxtch

    Halsey scores 1st solo top 3

    https://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=911004 https://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1044504 Did Halsey prove you wrong?
  14. XtinaPanicGodney

    What should SG2 be titled?

    i think redemption would be a good album title (not needing redemption from her haters)
  15. A performance together again? VMA? a Song? other?
  16. Jimi

    2017-Katy, 2018-Nicki, 2019-?

    Which girl is going down next year? Ariana? Beyoncé? Rihanna? Adele? Shakira? Cardi? Sia?
  17. Safe&Sound

    Is biggest popgirl status a chain?

    Christina Aguilera vs Britney Spears Britney Spears vs Lady Gaga Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift Taylor Swift vs Ariana Grande (this is not always meant the personal feud, it also could mean the chart success at any period of time, the similarity of music genre that they released that time, the stans feud, etc.) I started thinking that the biggest popgirl status is like a chain, when you beat someone, someone will beat you again in the future No one can hold to be the biggest popgirl status for a long time because there will be one strong new successor who will take the crown What do you think?
  18. hatake

    What is Nickis legacy?

    Whats the closest thing she will be remember for in the future?
  19. Future Lover

    thank u, next vs Taki Taki

    Which song from 2018 that starts with "T" and has an ex-act will be the bigger hit when all is said and done?
  20. robotdanger

    Will y’all shut up about Katy’s hair?

    Now I’m not a big Katy fan, but every time I go into a thread of hers, one of y’all are bitching and moaning about her hair. Might I remind you that this is a grown woman who controls her own body. She can do what she wants and obviously the constant complaining she gets from a bunch of gays stuck in 2011-2013 isn’t going to make her change it. I hope she keeps her hair short forever just to see how long it will take for y’all to leave this woman alone.
  21. MingYouToo

    Tweet drags Taylor, praises Ariana.

    half-points were made
  22. ianwallace

    Camila did what Nicole couldn't. Why?

    to become the Beyonce of her group and her generation. And taking into consideration Nicole Shrezinger's PCD was much more successful than 5th harmony, she was much more known than Camila was when she eexited the goup. What happened?
  23. Karla Cabello

    TIWYCF aged horrible. why?

    is taylor a bad songwriter?
  24. Total Spotify Streams: 12/01/2018 494,340,839 - 1994 - Merry Christmas 50,379,148 - 2010 - Merry Christmas II You 12/03/2018 504,222,136 - 1994 -+9,881,297 - Merry Christmas 50,727,007 - 2010 - +347,859 - Merry Christmas II You 12/06/2018 517,867,099 - 1994 - +13,644,963 - Merry Christmas 51,243,212 - 2010 - +516,205 - Merry Christmas II You 12/09/2018 534,150,331 - 1994 - +16,283,232 - Merry Christmas 51,935,523 - 2010 - +692,311 - Merry Christmas II You December Totals (01-09) +39,809,492 - Merry Christmas +1,556,375 - Merry Christmas II You