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Found 3,792 results

  1. HolyYoursTruly

    So: Is Camila a One Hit Wonder?

    Havana was obviously huge and all that no discussion there, NBTS did pretty good as well but literally everything she's released after that has underperformed. So is she a One Hit Wonder? Or an 1/2 era wonder?
  2. Rogue

    Are OGHs using Venom as a shield?

    I’m kinda finding it odd all this Venom stanning came out of nowhere very recently.
  3. Cute

    why is Canada such a hard market?

    i dont get it any time i see the chart performance for certain songs that go #1 in USA they sometimes only peak at #2 in Canada which doesn't make sense to me because we generally have the same musical taste as Americans and its not like we are experiencing a shift in genre from what is mainstream in USA. why is it so difficult for artists to get a number one hit in canada?
  4. Scotland

    Is "Chun-Li" forgotten?

    Nicki Minaj's lead single from Queen. Is it forgotten or remembered?
  5. Which 1's the best? Fijación Oral Vol. 1, Sale El Sol, or El Dorado???
  6. ATRL Feedback

    K-Pop Thread: Monsta X is Coming

    The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  7. Erreur2 La Nature

    Your Father's Reaction When...

    What was your father's reaction when you announced him that you were a little monster ? Or when he discovered it ? Was he proud and supportive ?
  8. sxmescudi

    Is Iggy bigger than Nicki in 2018?

    Iggy’s Kream is considered a flop yet it managed to get more views than Chun Li and almost the same amount of views as Bed and Barbie Dreams combined. How is Nicki supposed to be the queen of rap if she’s not even #2 behind Cardi?
  9. Kworb Top 5,000 - 4406 *NSYNC - https://kworb.net/itunes/extended.html They haven't released new music in ages, why are they still selling? Bonus question: Are they outselling your fave?
  10. Safe&Sound

    Does Beyonce's perfection hurt her?

    I think people are more into honest, personal songs nowadays How Taylor won GP back with Delicate after some sassy singles which are not relatable, like LWYMMD and Ready For It Or Gaga, whose career projected to a movie in ASIB (not exactly similar, but) it shows her vulnerable side as an artist Or Ariana, her singles about her grief around events surrounding her Don't forget Kesha and Avril who could come back pretty strong with singles which show their struggle While Beyonce, seems never having any trouble in her life Her fans see her as flawless queen She was in Top 2 and ain't number 2 Is Beyonce's perfect life lowkey the reason of her underperforming era?
  11. ChandlerBing

    Xtina bigger than Britney?

    Is there a metric where Xtina outsells/wins over Britney? This is not a troll thread, I am curious.
  12. suburbannature

    Worst Mariah Lead Single?

    Vision of Love Emotions Dreamlover AIWFCIY Fantasy Honey Heartbreaker Loverboy Through the Rain It’s Like That Touch My Body Obsessed Oh, Santa #Beautiful With You Touch My Body 🤮
  13. Posted 3 days ago after she broke up with him
  14. Adelephant 25

    ASIB OST still slaying. Why?

    Australia New Zealand Ireland US Brazil stanning the hardest! Brazil #1 Album: A Star Is Born Soundtrack (=) 1. Shallow (=) 2. Always Remember Us This Way (+1) 3. I'll Never Love Again (+11) 5. I'll Never Love Again (+15) 31. La Vie en Rose 39. Is That Alright 44. Music to My Eyes 73. I Don't Know What Love Is 91. Bad Romance
  15. DR3ch

    Ariana needs to stop!

    Our girl needs to stop dati f those addicts or former drug addicts. It's just not going to work. Also don't date a freaking rapper. Find some cute ceo or something like that and settle down. Girl bye.
  16. fememeist

    Saddest rap song of the decade

    The haunting, stripped down, low quality production and voicetone XXX makes in this song is so... beautiful and dark. It is definitely a career highlight in my opinion. ATRL, put away your pop girl goggles for a second, and listen to this. Here is the article that details the background of the late friend to Tentacion, Jocelyn Flores. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-inside-story-of-jocelyn-flores-the-tragic-teen-who-inspired-xxxtentacions-hit
  17. The first female to sell a billion records!
  18. Phantom

    I don't understand Venom vs ASIB

    I still don't Venom was obviously going to be much larger, box office wise ASIB would, even if it was several leagues below what it turned out to be, still be the more acclaimed of the two. I... Don't get how these two became binaries. Is it because of that one user? Or those fake little monster reviews?
  19. Ash12345

    Beyonce has the best visuals

    I feel like ST/Lemonade put Beyonce at #1 in terms of visuals. Do you agree?
  20. grandewhispers

    Is Justin Bieber still attractive?

    Even after his recent looks?
  21. As of now that I know of, Madonna and Janet are the two legacy acts who haven't fallen under 100K first week with their 'studio albums' since the Nielson Soundscan era. Madonna: Erotica - 167,000 Bedtime Stories - 145,000 Ray Of Light - 371,000 Music - 420,000 American Life - 241,000 Confessions on a Dance Floor - 350,000 Hard Candy - 280,000 MDNA - 359,000 Rebel Heart - 121,000 (116,000 pure) Janet: janet. - 350,000 The Velvet Rope - 202,000 All For You - 605,000 Damita Jo - 381,000 20 Y.O. - 296,000 Discipline - 181,000 Unbreakable - 116,000 (109,000 pure) With really no official date for either's next studio album (or if they will release a full album), the question is still in the air. Who do you think will fall under first in this new time......either in units or pure sales?...
  22. Scotland

    Is your fave local?

    Is she/he local or global?
  23. Is it one of the best collabs we got in 2018?
  24. Jan 2004 is the date of the first month Google started tracking searches. Britney Spears - 100% Rihanna - 100% Beyonce - 86% Lady Gaga - 71% Miley Cyrus - 71% Taylor Swift - 64% Shakira - 64% Selena Gomez - 64% Madonna - 57% Katy Perry - 50% Jeniffer Lopez - 50% Nicki Minaj - 43% Avril Lavigne - 43% https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F015f7,%2Fm%2F06mt91