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Found 3,884 results

  1. Is she? If not, who's better?
  2. i think its either taylor, bey or shakira
  3. Who is it?
  4. So which pop duet by music's greatest divas is better and more loved? Which was more of a coup/monumental in getting two great artists to sing together? The Queen and Princess of Pop? Or The Voice and Songbird Supreme?
  5. In terms of QUALITY, not COMMERCIAL PEAK? ;)
  6. 10. Who Says from When The Sun Goes Down 9. Come and Get It from Stars Dance 8. Perfect from Revival 7. Me and the Rhythm from Revival 6. The Heart Wants What It Wants from For You 5. Same Old Love from Revival 4. It Ain't Me from Kygo's new album 3. Trust Nobody from Cashmere Cat's Wild Love 2. Good For You from Revival 1. Hands To Myself from Revival Source: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/7694462/selena-gomez-songs-best-hits-list-2017 What kind of messy list is this?
  7. Discounted SNL Ellen Show American Idol James Corden The Voice Billboard Women In Music Late Late Show iHeart Radio Awards 70M VIEWS #2 Bubbling Under The song flopped after lots of promo. WHY?
  8. Seeing as though Rihanna just got her 30th top 10 hit in the US () and has had eight successful album cycles across a changing musical climate, how would you rank her era in terms of success all things considered?
  9. 74 Meghan Trainor - I'm a Lady (From the motion picture SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE) 0.0784 0.0773 0.0748 0.0723 0.0677 Meghan's brand new song I'm a Lady peaked at #74 on iTunes and is already getting red updates despite being on Hot Tracks. Considering how her previous single Better failed to crack the Hot 100 or even the Bubbling Under, has she lost all her fanbase?
  10. The 2017 ATRL KPOP THREAD CENSUS #1 f(x) (36 votes) #2 Red Velvet (33 votes) #3 BLACKPINK (29 votes) #4 BTS (24 votes) #5 NCT (22 votes) #6 Mamamoo (20 votes) #7 SHINee (18 votes) #8 SISTAR (17 votes) #9 Gfriend (16 votes) #10 EXO (15 votes) #10 TWICE (15 votes) #12 SEVENTEEN (14 votes) #13 AOA (13 votes) #13 Big Bang (13 votes) #13 Girls' Generation (13 votes) #16 T-ARA (12 votes) #16 DEAN (12 votes) #18 GOT7 (10 votes) #18 Brown Eyed Girls (10 votes) #20 Oh My Girl (9 votes) #20 KARD (9 votes) NEW OP: COMING SOON
  11. I feel like Love me like you do, maybe hdr biggest hit was yesterday but a lot of people think ellie's 5 minutes are over. Do you think ellie is over? If so, why?
  12. One of the common denominators of the biggest pop legends is that they had a major breakdown. Mariah, Whitney, Michael Jackson, Britney. Why didn't Beyonce undergo this stage?
  13. When I first discovered Chris Brown just about 10 years, I saw someone who was full of youth, energy and star-power. His ability to command a stage and embody the power of past legends made many believe he would eventually become the Michael Jackson of our generation. Someone who could rise through the ranks and become an icon in his own right. That was 2007. The great thing about Chris at the time was that he was also involved with one of my absolute faves, Rihanna, who was the first person I can remember truly stanning for. Seeing these 2 rising superstars bouncing their talent and energy off of one another was mesmerizing, they were everything. A true power couple that most people adored and fawned over. As 2007 went to 2008, Good Girl Gone Bad transforms to Disturbia, Wall to Wall transforms to Forever, and these 2 are going as strong as can be. Who can forget this iconic performance at the 2007 VMAs that pretty much confirmed these 2 were going to be slaying the music industry for years to come? Certainly made up for Britney's booze-infested meltdown of a performance just minutes before. Anyways. Chris' 2007 album Exclusive had gone platinum in 5 countries, and Rih's iconic album Good Girl Gone Bad which gave us some of the best summer hits of the 2000s, has sold 7 million copies worldwide. Things could only get better.... February 8, 2009. The punches heard around the world. What appeared to be the perfect couple, had a dose of reality shoved in our faces. Chris was arrested, Rihanna went into hiding for months and all of a sudden the fairy tale was over. The disturbing photos of Rihanna's bloody and bruised face were only a glimpse into the reality of the relationship she had been keeping and revealed to the world that America's dancing king was not the angel he appeared to show to the public. In March of that year, Brown was sentenced to community service and a restraining order was filed. His music was pulled from radio, commercials featuring him were removed and he was banned from entering the UK where he planned to tour. He then released this hilariously scripted and lifeless apology video which did little to cure the public's opinion of him: Chris tried to bounce back towards the end of the year with Graffiti, which flopped compared to his previous albums and garnered extremely negative reviews from critics. With a song that basically places blame on Rihanna and tries to shame her subtly, it's no surprise why... Drake would say that you're the "Best He Ever Had"Rumors come and goBut you keep your shadowEverywhere you go it followsCan't understand; I still you (Watch the blogs talk about this one)[Chorus:]Soon as I thought I found the right womanThere were other guys who thought the same thing about herLike damn you let me down (Down, Down)'Cause you're famous girlFor breaking hearts You're famous girl (girl) Girl (Girl) Girl (Girl) [x3]Should've known you'd break my heart (That you would break my heart)Heart (Heart)Heart (Heart)[Verse 2:]Keri would've said my love "Knocks Her Down"Keyshia would've told me I was "Sent From Heaven" Sorry B I don't wear no "Halo" You were first to play the game though Sorry I "Bust the windows out your car" I might have cheated in the beginning I was wrong for writing "Disturbia" But I meant it in "Forever"We were supposed to be together And I can't let you go [Chorus:]Since you thought you found the right manThere were other girls who thought the same thing about me Like damn I let you down (Down, Down)Yes I'm famous girlFor breaking hearts Chris has been involved with many more legal problems since then...his album reviews and sales have improved, but his public persona has only been degraded further and further. He was involved in a scuffle with Frank Ocean in 2013, and reportedly shouted homophobic slurs at him. He was arrested only months later after he punched a man in the face for trying to take a picture with him, saying "I’m not into this gay ****, I’m into boxing." He checked into rehab, most likely to avoid jail-time but was kicked out only a month later for more violent behavior. In 2014, He was yet again kicked out of rehab and sentenced to jail. In 2016, he was arrested for allegedly threatening someone with a gun and barricading himself inside his house. As of 2017, more reports have surfaced that he's been abusive and violent towards his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Chris' psychotic, ignorant and illegal behaviors have reduced his reputation to dust, and his fan base surely has diminished over the span of 10 years. Of course, dedicated fans remain and his sales aren't in the red, but what could have been is completely gone. Chris Brown could have been the next big thing, somebody that would be admired and looked up to for generations to come. Unfortunately, through poor choices and management, his legacy will most likely be of something shown to people as an example of what not to do, not someone that is universally praised with efforts to recreate their style. And to Chris' few ruthless defenders that still find a way to place blame on Rihanna and victim-shame her: This is the image you have to face and call "justified." But Rihanna didn't stay bloody, and sad, and hidden away. She came back and certified herself as a music icon. A legend, a hero, a humanitarian that is loved globally. A woman that has had little to no controversy surrounding her since the beginning of her career. And ultimately, a woman from a little island in the Caribbean that continues to achieve her dreams and inspire people to be themselves, and to do it with an "I don't give a ****" attitude. A woman that proves a man's actions cannot taint her legacy and keep her held down.
  14. List albums that you mostly listen to when you're in a certain mood/state. Relaxed / Mellow:
  15. They all blacked out their accounts hoping she'll see that they're upset.
  16. Better early predictions 1 Shape Of You 631 (=) 2 Bad And Boujee 415 (+1) 3 I Don't Wanna Live Forever 351 (-1) 4 That's What I Like 277 (+3) 5 Love On The Brain 256 (+3) 6 Chained To The Rythm 234 (-2) *still too early to judge the video effect. who knows* 7 Paris 230 (+4) 8 Closer 227 (-3) 9 Bounce Back 223 (+1) 10 Bad Things 222 (-4) 11 I Feel It Coming 218 (-2) 12 Fake Love 208 13 It Ain't Me 203 (+79) 14 Starboy 199 15 Black Beatles 197 16 24k Magic 197 17 Scars To Your Beautiful 189 18 Mercy 183 19 iSpy 179 20 Rockabye 178 30 Million Reasons (-12) 31 Swang 140 34 Cold 137 39 Tunnel Vision 119 (debut) 40 How Would You Feel 115 (debut)
  17. I just took each girl's WW SPS (from chartmasters) + WW tour gross/10. 1. Madonna: 244m + 130m = 374m 2. Celine Dion: 192m + 110m = 302m 3. Mariah Carey: ??? + 18.6m = ??? 4. Beyonce: 107m + 83m = 190m 5. Barbra Streisand: ??? + 43.7m = ??? 6. Whitney Houston: 151m + ??? = ??? 7. Britney Spears: 97m + 45m = 142m 8. Janet: 87m (est) + 46m = 133m 9. Taylor Swift: 56m + 59m = 115m 10. Cher: ??? + 57m = ??? -------------------------------------------- 11. Tina Turner: ??? + 57m = ??? 12. Rihanna: 65m + 42m = 107m 13. Shania: 80m + 24m = 104m 14. P!nk: ??? + 43m = ??? 15. Lady Gaga: 45m + 52m = 97m 16. Adele: 73m + 17m = 90m --------- Help me adjust this to the correct positions. I'm obviously missing a lot of numbers, but I guessed...I wasn't sure for a lot of these... Does Cher even belong?
  18. http://kworb.net/pop/ What's happening besides the song's discounted?
  19. Seems like random collabs is the new thing(excl Lana). So which is your fave new release?
  20. Is Glitter THAT flop? The OG of flops? Even when Mimi is losing, is she winning?
  21. The lyric video has 1 billion more views than the official. Why did the video featuring the stars of the song never take off?
  22. Beyonce - BeyHive https://trademarks.justia.com/855/97/beyhive-85597804.html Katy Perry - KatyCats http://www.inta.org/INTABulletin/Pages/Nick_Names_7109.aspx Justin Bieber - Belieber http://www.inta.org/INTABulletin/Pages/Nick_Names_7109.aspx Lady Gaga - Little Monsters https://trademarks.justia.com/853/36/little-85336579.html And the newest addition: Taylor Swift - Swifties Thought? Is it necessary? and why is ATRL bothered when Taylor did it when apparently it has alreadybeen done before by their faves?
  23. Which pop girls do you have to analyze when they are performing to see if they are actually singing or just lip syncing?
  24. Forgot the OP will fix later