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Found 46,193 results

  1. Is it? Naturi from 3LW - Keily/Keily's Mom snapped at her and threw a plate of fried chicken/mash potatoes at her head LeToya/LaTavia/Farrah from Destiny's Child - Mathew Knowles just kind of erased them, saw that they were not in a music video for their own song "Say My Name" Everyone from the PCD - Everyone hated Nicole for singing DK5 (Exit of D.Woods) - The girls kept of fighting, Diddy fired them on national TV DK4 (Exit of Andrea) - Announced that she was going to go have babies kbye (probs saw disbandment coming before DK3 started) DK3 (Exit for everyone when Dawn clocked Audrey) Camila from Fifth Harmony - message from her manager to the FH team Jessica Jung from Girls Generation - found out that she was kicked out of the group while going to the airport for group activties Minzy/Bom from 2NE1 - Minzy got no support from YG (no solo in almost a decade), Bom got caught in a drug scandal and YG stayed silent and let Korea eat her alive Hwayoung from T-ARA - Another member pushed a rice cake down her throat and she almost choked to death. Abused from other members.
  2. I've heard not a couple times on radio yet I've heard Wolves so many times, can anyone provide receipts??
  3. Is Shawn Mendes starting to get sick of fame and is he getting depressed? He sounds super lonely based on the lyrics of In My Blood. Will he pull a Britney in time?
  4. It's well known here in ATRL that Femme Fatale is a success and that 4 is flop an underperformance but when i go look for their stats, this is what i've found: Album PURE SALES: 4 - 3.25M vs Femme Fatale - 1.67M Other Releases: 4 - 357k vs Femme Fatale - 134k Physical Singles: 4 - 45k album eq. (135k physical singles) vs Femme Fatale - 0 Digital Singles: 4 - 2.895M album eq. (19.3M single sales) vs Femme Fatale - 2.133M album eq. (14.22M single sales) Streaming Sales: 4 - 1.271M album eq. vs Femme Fatale - 343k album eq. TOTAL CSPC: 4 - 7.818M vs Femme Fatale - 4.28M both are over 10 years in their career, but 4 got dragged and Femme Fatale got a pass and even celebrated as a success. but looking at it now . is this the prime example of charts aren't everything? and media and haters doing the most?
  5. Since it's been discovered that she's pregnant, could this possibly ruin her momentum? She's already complained about not liking being in the industry and wants to leave but can't due to contractual obligations. Even with pregnancy, she'll have to perform less although her label/management have booked her tons of promo spots. Nicki could possibly swoop in, drop a fire track and take back her throne. Is she over?
  6. ATRL will crash
  7. Ft. Ariana, Julia Michaels, Gaga, Zara, Katy, Selena, Fergie, Cardi, Xtina, Charli, Janelle, Fka, Ciara
  8. King of Pop has 13 #1 hits to his name while Rihanna has 14 Which ones are the best? Rockin Robin(#2) vs SOS Ben vs Umbrella Don't Stop Till You Get Enough vs Take A Bow Rock With You vs Disturbia Billie Jean vs Live Your Life Say Say Say vs Rude Boy Beat It vs Love The Way You Lie I Just Can't Stop Loving You vs Only Girl (In The World) Bad vs What's My Name The Way You Make Me Feel vs S&M Man In The Mirror vs We Found Love Dirty Diana vs Diamonds Black Or White vs The Monster You Are Not Alone vs Work
  9. Some of the stats so far: #16 US peak #7 UK peak #20 Canada peak #7 Australia peak Currently #9 Pop Radio, but still rising. I’m not sure what to classify Never Be the Same as... is it a hit, moderate hit or not yet a hit? Discuss!
  10. The theme for K-ATRL in 2018 is "The Future". @Ryan came up with the idea to feature K-Pop acts who made their debut from 2014-2018 in the OP. Members of K-TRL voted for who would appear in the OP. Design by @sunny phoenix
  11. We know Janet's global smash, Together Again, was the bigger hit, back in 1998. But which song is more remembered in 2018?
  12. Discuss
  13. I think the answer is no
  14. Lady Gaga has done it all. She has a top 5 from every album. Every album went #1 but her debut. She has covered Time and Rolling Stone. She has performed the National Anthem at the Superbowl and headlined the Halftime show. She was named Billboard's Artist of the Year and Billboard's Woman of the Year. She has mutiple diamond singles, Grammys and VMAs. She has a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. She has performed at the Oscars mutiple times. She has covered September Vogue and won the CFDA Fasion Icon Award. She made history as female headliner at Coachella. She has booked starring roles in TV shows and film. Billboard listed The Fame as the 12th biggest album of all time. She has generated over $600M in touring grosses this decade and has topped Forbes. Without relying on writing camps, celebritiy relationship status or endless collabs with hot artists, Lady Gaga has done it all ;)
  15. For selling fake Coldplay tickets
  16. Despite smashing really hard and peaking at #5 Bad at Love has barely over 121M views, and the video was released back in August 2017. Now or Never has 47M. As for the Spotify BAT has 175M plays (how the hell did it peak at #5?), and Now or Never has just 270M plays, which doesn't seem like a lot considering the song was released back in April 2017. Him & I already has 238M plays, being released on Dember 2017. Why is that? I thought that she was supposed to cater to the streaming audience.
  17. Demi's career and her status among The GP was not looking good, to the point where she was going to stop making music and retire, but then she turned it around, got a hit, loved by GP, tour selling out and etc. How did she do it?
  18. I think his new song is so boring is he serving white mediocrity? all of his songs sound the same tbh
  19. Released within a couple months of each other in 2011, these two lead singles were both follow-ups to 2008 albums. They had very different trajectories on the charts. Which one is more remembered?
  20. She needs to come back with a bop like this
  21. Whih of the 2 most impactful albums of the is...more impactful?
  22. TBA OP Under Construction