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Found 7,802 results

  1. Can we take a moment to appreciate one of the best British pop songs of the 2010’s?
  2. So Miley just gave the gays what they want with Midnight Sky: a real bop and a stunning music video, and its currently doing pretty good on streaming. It could be a smash if her team plays it right with promo and payola. Can we confidentially say she'll return to her MPG spot with this song?
  3. Also months ago he scammed Katy fans getting funds through paypal to buy daises only for him to steal the money and deactivate from twitter
  4. A MESS anyways Sailor Moon was always better
  5. 07tandu

    Sex doesn't sell anymore in music. Why?

    In the 2000s and early 10s it seemed literally everyone used their sex appeal to sell their music... From the pop stars like Britney, Jlo, Xtina, Shakira etc. wearing no clothes on stage to rappers pushing a lot of "bikini models" in their MVs Fast forward to now where the likes Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Adele, Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake, Post Malone etc. are some of the huge music acts but none of them really use "sex appeal" to push their music or their performances Even artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce who once would push their sex appeal in their music have now become a lot more conservative Why has "sex" become almost obsolete in music now?
  6. I was really shocked to see her #5 on Spotify today after releasing flop after flop since Younger Now And now she's predicted to debut in the top 15 (her last top 10 hit was Malibu) This is really good for her tbh #3 itunes #5 Spotify #25 Apple Music Over 12 million views WW for the music video after a day
  7. Debuted in 1997 with the biggest girlgroup of the 90s and 2000s Destiny's Child, 2 years before Christina, Jennifer Lopez, Britney and the whole teenpopsplosion. Started a smashing solo career in 2003, a year before Ciara and 2 years before Rihanna. Dangerously in Love spawned 2 #1 hits, arguably the MOST iconic and remembered female debut single of all time; Crazy in Love, Baby Boy and 2 Top 5s; Me Myself and I and Naughty Girl. She followed this through with her 2nd era B'Day which contained one of the most iconic songs of all time Irreplaceable which stayed atop the US charts for more than 10 weeks. Single Ladies and Run The World are another set of iconic remembered hits from her catalogue throughout the late 00s and the early 10s that proved her as the Female Artist of the 00s. Continued onward to 2010s with her world shattering impactful self titled 5th album BEYONCÉ, despite no singles being bonafide hits, it changed the music industry's perception of release dates and not conforming to certain days to release. Her visual album as well sparked interest in the whole album rather than pushing out quick little singles. Beyoncé was still the talk of the town in 2012-onwards at a time when women like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ruled the charts That soon was followed by the US-centric and politically driven album LEMONADE which spawned a Top 10 single that created commotion and political conversations across the United States; Formation. Beyoncé debuted at the time of Mariah Carey ruling the charts, and is still the talk of the town at a time of dominance by women like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish; a woman who was born 5 years after she debuted. How was she able to do this?
  8. Theduy0312

    Times when ATRL was wrong

    Can you list out moments when ATRL had their predictions wrong? Like: - "Marry the Night" would become Gaga's 12th top 10 single - Phillip Phillips' Home would flop after the first few weeks. - Applause would be bigger than Roar - Bruno's 24K Magic would flop. - Taylor would decline after Lover. - Nicki Minaj would never have a #1. - Billie would be a one hit wonder
  9. Erreur2 La Nature

    Now : Do you like... Taylor Swift ?

    Annonymous poll (Up for 24 hours). Now doing : "Do you like... Taylor Swift ?" Previous results : Madonna : 88.41% - (61 yes, 8 no) Katy Perry : 81,9%. - (77 yes, 17 no) Miley Cyrus : 70,97% - (44 yes, 18 no) Beyoncé : 59,74% - (46 yes, 31 no)
  10. Continued: you should see me in a crown 480,040,494 wish you were gay 472,361,165 bellyache 471,394,918 Bad guy was the biggest song of 2019 and her new single is Top 20 on Global Spotify. It also debuted Top 10 in who knows how many markets globally (ON SPOTIFY - apparently this needed to be clarified). She has put out single after single that has consistently gained massive streams so can we already consider her as a hitmaker or we need to wait for more singles? Note: Billie has more +500m songs that other popgirls with only two albums like Dua and Camila. So let's be rational!
  11. Bad guy was a smash but the new single is going nowhere. She has put out singles after bad guy but had no impact. so can we already consider her as a OHW or we need to wait for more singles?
  12. 45 40 DUA LIPA | FUTURE NOSTALGIA 15,322 42 45 LADY GAGA | CHROMATICA 14,383
  13. Theduy0312

    What made Kiss It Better flop?

    Its clearly one of Rihanna's best singles and its so catchy and the video is so GP appeal, why did it flop so hard by only charting in few countries and peaking at #62 in the US (#24 on Pop)?
  14. Miss Taylor Swift's moderate hit is still referenced a lot, even by locals. Does it feel bigger than what its chart peaks suggest???
  15. Streaming obviously changed the BUSINESS SIDE of the MUSIC INDUSTRY but it has also changed the CREATIVE SIDE of the industry too 1. songs are getting shorter 2. albums are having getting more fillers do you think so too? what other things streaming changed creative-wise ?
  16. For 80s-born women w/solo #1s, age on releasing last solo multi-week T10: 29: Kelly Britney Lizzo 28: Rihanna Adele Katy 27: Gaga Beyonce 26: Alicia 25: Kesha Christina Carly 24: Carrie 22: Leona Avril Ashanti 19: Fantasia 18: Monica And now we have someone who finally breaks the dreaded wizened-for-a-pop-girl barrier, at 30!: Taylor
  17. St. Charles

    Artists who people stan ironically?

    There's this whole trend of liking someone who's clearly a meme, only to fake outrage when called out for doing so. Does anyone come to mind?
  18. Timber

    Will Dua block Taylor again?

    In terms of having the biggest global female album release of the year? In 2017, Dua Lipa released her debut album, Dua Lipa, and it managed to do 7.3m album equivalents from streams alone, with the addition of pure sales and single sales, the album is likely around 10m album equivalents. Released that same year, Reputation was the 2nd biggest album of the year with 2.5m album equivalents from streams alone and a grand total of about 7.2m album equivalents. In 2020, it seems like they are once again competing for the top spot, at the moment Future Nostalgia has 2.1m album equivalents from streams alone, possibly about 3m total. Folklore has done 606k from streams alone, not sure about the total. Both are still doing amazing streaming numbers daily. Note: I like both of these girls. The only reason I'm comparing them 2 specifically is because they are doing the best in 2020. I wish them both nothing but the best. Stream Un Dia and August
  19. DesiredConsternation

    Biggest artist (every century since 1100)

    Pre 1900s 1100s Hildegard Von Bingen 71k 1200s Alfonso X El Sabio 11k 1300s Guillaume Dufay 22k 1400s Cristobal de Morales 208k 1500s Claudio Monteverdi 219k 1600s Johann Sebastian Bach 5.3m 1700s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4.4m 1800s Ludwig Van Beethoven 4.9m metric: spotify listeners Post 1900s 1900s The Beatles 2000s Taylor Swift* (building 20%) source: BIllboard's Greatest of All Time artist chart
  20. MingYouToo

    Is Gaga's career overhyped on ATRL?

    I support Gaga actively and ever since ROM I'm proud of how she came back to finally nabbing some chart power of her own after more than half a decade of standing on shaky ground. But the moment her 2nd single debuted at #1 and only spent 3 weeks in the Top 10 thereafter, her fans are starting to act like she's suddenly come back to be as big as the IT girls right now; Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. When looking at the numbers, its clear she's still lagging behind at least 5 female artists as of the moment (Taylor, Ari, Billie, Dua, Cardi, hell even Beyoncé had a multiweek #1 smash in 2020 without lifting a finger, and she debuted more than a decade before Gaga). One can argue that sHeS aN oScAr wInNeR and that it makes her just as big as the former girls but why does her musical stats as of recent not compare at all? Its almost like a #1 debut with a feature from the hottest artist singing dancepop is enough to erase 7 years (5 if we want to pretend ARTPOP was an aRtS nOt tHe cHaRtS moment for her and that C2C was her 'iNdIe jAzZ era') of constant B-list level success. it doesnt Is Gaga's career overhyped on ATRL?
  21. katyhudson

    1989 above Chromatica, why?

    Australia Album Chart #1 folklore (3 consecutive weeks) #18 Lover #31 1989 -------------------------- #34 Chromatica I was told Gaga is way more global than Taylor, but why her smash album charted lower than 6-year-old 1989 this week in Australia?
  22. Villanelle

    Camila and Shawn still together. Why?

    ATRL told me Camila and Shawn's relationship is fake and PR's for the purpose of promoting Senorita and when the song goes #1 they would stop. But it's, August 2020, the song had it's run but they're still together. Was ATRL wrong?
  23. DemiLovato

    Are you here for the Disco Pop revival?

    It appears this year we've seen a revival in Disco-Pop.. + more.. are you here for the Disco influence?