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Found 7,403 results

  1. Who are the acts that ATRL says aren't global but actually really are looking at their stats?
  2. Some major popgirls are currently trying their best to hold on, some are doing just fine, and some are absolute giants. Which major popgirls do you believe will no longer be categorized as major popgirls by the beginning of the new decade? Also, why do you believe that?
  3. They say you can't judge a book by its cover—but what about an album? Does the image that sells it tell us anything about the quality of the music we listen to? Perhaps not, though it can play a crucial role in cementing a work's legacy in popular culture, as we'll explore in this latest edition of the annual tournament you've all been waiting for. Yes, it's that time again! As college basketball fever sweeps across the nation, we here at ATRL turn to what we do best: pitting celebrities against one another. We've already crowned Oscar's gold standard Best Original Song, our favorite female video, the one-hit wonder we'll never tire of, the best Record of the Year winner, the greatest #1 hit of all time and Hollywood's hottest hottie. For our seventh (!) tournament, we're drawing inspiration from the essential visual component of any musical release: What is the most iconic album cover ever? Throughout the tournament, everyone will have a chance to participate by voting for their favorite covers in one-on-one match-ups, whittling down the field of 64 famous images until we reach our champion. But I need your help before we can begin! Please nominate your list of the ten covers that define album art (no ranking necessary) in the thread below. These ballots will be used to determine the final list of competitors and help decide their tournament seeds. Now get to it, because the fun begins later this week, and you don't want your picks to be left out!
  4. You know Outrageous was the fourth single off "In the Zone" and supposed to have a music video, but Britney hurt her knee at the shoot and the video was never finished. The single was never promoted. I read that the song would have been the theme song of "Catwoman" which is now labelled as one of the worst movies that were ever made. Also, "Outrageous" was written by R. Kelly who got arrested in 2003. In my opinion, the song is the weakest one on "In the Zone", but she probably wanted to get some airplay instead of releasing "Touch of My Hand" or "Breathe on Me" that would have been rejected as "Slave" was back then. The only sad thing in this situation that the music video would have been epic with Snoop Dogg.
  5. I realize it was a different time and social media didn't exist but Demi and Selena were always the good girls compared to Miley, but when Demi and Selena released "Good For You" and "Cool For The Summer" they didn't create the controversy splash that "i'm a Slave 4 U" and "Dirrty" did?
  6. I was hearing both songs today and I think they do sound similar. Is it just me? Feel free to clock my delusional self if it's necessary
  7. To me it's Kelly > Pink > Avril
  8. Beyoncé, Rihanna and Gaga released albums last year which all passed the 1,000,000 mark worldwide in pure sales. Which pop stars will do this with their 2017 albums?
  9. Which buzz single by the female Beatles do you prefer? Mo Bounce is definitely a bop for the club, but overall I prefer Team as of right now.
  10. It never gets old
  11. It sounds so uninspiring and bland. It's kinda fine for a debut but other than that, that's just horrible. Hopefully Katy never uses it.
  12. Such a masterpiece This song definitely proves how much they will shine without Camila.
  13. Britney: "Your body look so sick, I think I caught the flu" Beyonce: "I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker" Meghan: "My life's a movie, Tom Cruise. So bless me baby, atchoo" They usually are so corny
  14. Or the late 80s to late 90s what would the stan dynamics be like whose fanbase s would be biggest which stanbases would ally which would be the most common stan arguments and debates what would each stanbase reputation be like - like how everyone caricatures little monsters as rabid gays imagine if something like ATRL had existed back then - the lambs and the Little nippys would have fought so hard (would whitney stans treat mariah like lambs regard ariana?) and then watched their favs collab on When You Believe. Would there be threads made every day like: "Is Madonna over?" / "Madonna is over. Why?"
  15. - Meghan - Iggy - Imagine Dragon Exposed others...!!!!
  16. She scored two Songs of the Decade for the 90s and 00s but couldn't even scrape a top 10 in the 10s. #Beautiful was a cute hit, but every release after that was mangled and the album failed to scan Platinum. I Don't was released as she was experiencing mainstream relevance from her annual Christmas dominance and reality show, but it also was not a hit, following in the steps of Infinity and Infamous. Céline, the other extant member of the 90s vocal trinity, meanwhile has managed to remain relevant with her album releases continuing to go Platinum. Can Mariah recover? Should she retire?
  17. So atrl what do you think fan fav singles by ur fav artists flops or smashes? discuss For example Gaga's G.U.Y. fan favorite and flopped.
  18. With her new song?
  19. I'm following a big brazilian pop page on Facebook and they only talk about her. Why is she so popular? Is she overrated between the brazilians?
  20. : 1998 Destiny’s Child – 2,300,000 1999 The Writing’s on the Wall – 13,000,000 2001 Survivor – 10,000,000 2001 8 Days of Christmas – 1,300,000 2004 Destiny Fulfilled – 6,250,000 2005 Number Ones – 4,100,000 Total: 36,950,000 (4 studio albums, 1 Christmas album, 1 compilation) Source 1999 Christina Aguilera – 12,800,000 2000 Mi Reflejo – 1,500,000 2000 My Kind of Christmas – 1,400,000 2002 Stripped – 9,550,000 2006 Back to Basics – 4,000,000 2008 Keeps Getting Better: A Decade Of Hits – 1,475,000 2010 Bionic – 750,000 2010 Burlesque – 1,375,000 2012 Lotus – 525,000 Total: 33,375,000 (5 studio albums, 1 Spanish album, 1 Christmas album, 1 compilation, 1 soundtrack) Source Destiny's Child have sold more albums, however I think Christina might have sold more singles (mostly thanks to her collaborations/features in the digital era). Which late 90s/early 00s act is bigger all things considered (albums, singles, touring, more remembered hits)?
  21. Are you suprised by Tinashe's underrated vocal prowess & ability now that she has four (connected) octaves?
  22. The king of rates is back Following last year's ATRL's K-pop Top 100 hosted by @Colton Haynes and after very succesful and fun 2016's rate I decided to host a B-sides top 50 RULES: -As it is very difficult in K-pop to define what songs is b-side or not. I decided that for this rate only songs without music videos are allowed -Make a list of your top 20 K-pop b-sides -Only songs from 1st of Jan of 2006 to 31st of Dec of 2016 -They have to be in Korean language - MAX 3 songs per artist -Rank them from #1 to #20. #1 being your favorite song Send me a Private Message with your list (don't post it here). Deadline: 24th of March 2017
  23. She is smashing really hard in Bulgaria, she has a lot of haters, because of her age and provocative persona. Also posting this cuz I am wondering what y'all think of this type of music, I mean I am Bulgarian so to me it sounds nice, but I can't imagine how it sounds to foreign people She might be going to Eurovision next year too.