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Found 27 results

  1. Guernica

    Random Thoughts

    "Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained" Guernica
  2. Hey guys, As an IT student, I've been practicing my Java & Android skills and I am currently developing an ATRL App for Android. It is nearly finished. Here is how it will look (the UI might change a bit) : https://photos.app.goo.gl/je4QVLP3zsjDbSPx7 Current features include : - Bookmark system for topics (save your favourite topics) - Read Later system which allows you to mark a topic to read it later (once the topic is opened, it is automatically removed from the list) - Easy access to forums such Music, Charts, Base, etc - Receive a notification when a new topic is created (optional of course) - Receive a notification when you receive a notification or message on ATRL Future features may include : - Possibility to have a space where you can keep your gifs - Enhanced view for the website ? - Offline mode - ? Why it will be Android-only : Do you have any suggestions or features that you would like to have ? Are you interested by such an app ? I am hoping to release the app next week.
  3. Outlaws

    Rank ATRL's 5 best emojis

    Rank what you consider that are ATRL's best emojis. Only 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The original idea was 3, but that was hardddd.
  4. ATRL Administration

    Zero Tolerance Policy

    Effective immediately ATRL is enacting a zero tolerance policy concerning hate speech. This comes directly as a result of the increased nastiness, racial dog whistling, innuendoes, maligning and open hostility towards people of color and other marginalized groups over the years. Anyone posting racist, xenophobic, homophobic and/or transphobic comments will be permanently banned. ATRL, as a privately held company, is well within our right to refuse to allow our platform to be used as a vehicle for such comments. There is no reason for anyone to refer any person of color or their children as a “baboon” or “monkey” or any other kind of coded language. It’s not cute, it’s not funny. And we’re sick of it. Some of you have a real issue with people of color and/or other groups just to be “edgy” or “interesting” and it shows. Further information will be revealed in the next ATRL Town Hall thread.
  5. ATRL Feedback

    New Member Orientation (2019)

    The Introduce Yourself Thread.. Are you a new member to this forum? Don't know anybody? Well, introduce yourself here. We all want to know what a cool person you are. First, familiarize yourself with our rules here: https://atrl.net/index.php?/guidelines/ If you’re wondering why you can’t make a thread, it’s because you must be a member for a finite about of months and have over 200 posts before you’re eligible. What's your name? Likes/Dislikes? How did you come across this amazing site? What type of music are you into, etc...? ..share and learn from one another. This should be a place of love and a beginning to great new friendships. (cheesy, I know. Just like me) Interact, rejoice, love, laugh, and get to know one another without spitting hate or negativity.
  6. Insanity

    Why no introduction threads?

    Just curiois, I been on other forums where you could introduce yourself to members so you can get to know people but I see that atrl doesnt have that. Why?
  7. Supervillain

    Tip: How to avoid 503

    I just discovered something and I decided to share it. Basically, when you're on a computer and you're about to post something, don't click and unclick the "Submit" button instantly, hold it for a little while and you will avoid the error. Try it yourself and let me know if it worked for you!
  8. "Album, Single, Film, for you... ...Triple Threat, do it, for ya" THE CEREMONY Welcome to the nth Liddo Awards, hosted by your one and only @Phoenixstar. The past year has been such a high for Liddos and OGHs with Gaga owning Q4, along with #1 Single in 2019 with new album coming. It is just beginning. And of course, there are so many things to look forward to this year, 2019. Having a whiskey for y'all at The Liddo Awards, xoxo We will have an amazing times with outfits, campaigns for awards, etc just like we experienced Lady Gaga doing the same with her ASIB campaign. Be prepared for the upset THE NOMINATIONS The nominees will be revealed late, but the categories will be revealed below. We will start with most of you submitting the ballot consisting 1-5 members who are suitable for such award. It will happen after 9 days, 25th March, so that most of you can get familiar with other members with "For Your Consideration". Once it is done, I will make a Google Form to nominate most voted selected members during the ballots phase. After that, Google Form will be created and shared for the final voting. You are ensured to make your own "For Your Consideration" if you wish to get a nominated. Feel free to campaign in this thread (for both nominations and awards); statistics and ASIB have proved that campaigning leads to success at The Liddo Awards! THE CONTENDERS Below are the list of the members eligible for the awards, some of the list are not updated so please leave the message here so that I can add you to the OP for the contenders for the nominations THE AWARDS THE SAVE THE DATE Nominations Open: 25th March Nomination Ballot: Nominees Announcement Voting: Result:
  9. Would You Be Here For New Gaycats? Should the Mods add them? What about Besties?
  10. HonourableVomit

    Do you use your ignore list?

    I currently have 4 users sat in the ignore lounge, how many do you have?
  11. Pomick209

    ATRL member with the most posts?

    Just wanted to know.
  12. levi_valvi

    Do you want registration to open?

    The site is could kinda use some more activity and some fresh meat. We're getting a bit stale But on the other hand the servers would probably be even worse, the new users are probably gonna be super young and most likely stan Ariana and BTS or sumn, they're gonna be caotic and unfamiliar with our culture. I can't decide. What do you say?
  13. Sailor Star

    2019 Arianator Awards

    Hello and welcome to the 2018 Arianator Awards, the fourth annual awards event to celebrate everything that transpired within AriTRL over the past year! There were fights, there were meltdowns, there were new stans, there were kiis, there was new music and two new eras, so much to go over and so little time! As FentyDelSpears ( ) said last year, let’s revisit our favorite moments that have brought all of us together! To avoid trolls and the useless "I don't know enough people to nominate them" users, the limit range for nominating is 3~5 members. This means you can nominate 3 or 4 or 5 members for each category. No more and no less. If you absolutely can't think of any members/moments to nominate, you can pass on the category. You can't nominate yourself. Don't try it rats. You can only nominate yourself in the Best Friendship category, however, you still have to nominate at the very least two other pairs of friends. So link up with someone asap if you haven't already. The Icon Award is not a category you can send nominations for. There will be no nominees. A selective group of users will decide which member is worthy of the Icon Award. Full disclosure, this is taking the spot of Best Veteran Member so the award will more than likely go to a user who has been here for awhile. Send me your ballots through PM's. @AFullMoonlight @ajs_agb @ArianaStan @Aurora @Bellerophon @Bencharmer @Caesar @Can't_M!ss_This @Clueless @Courtney Love @Colton Haynes @Communion @Dom @Domination @Dylobs @Echelon @Ethereal @Fentydelspears @fireaero @Florges @FrederickSpears @Fruity @Goofy @Gossip_Boy @Greedy for Ari @HAPPI•LIL•PILL @HausofAri @hooky @IBeMe @iHype. @izzy™ @Jackson Wang @Jet @J-esper @Jonathan @Joyride @J Rick @Jude @KasioKas @KillingYourCareer @Kim Kardashian @Kings. @lasting @levi_valvi @Loveyoubxtch @Mark Rih @Mars! @Marvin @MattyTacos @memi stan @Mezter @MingYouToo @moonlight. @mxoonlight @Nikolai. @Opium @Oxygen @popularmoonlight @ReachOut @Reeawna @Reverie @Revolution @Rihlana @Roman Holiday @rowlet @RudeBoyy @ryanpittman97 @Sabbath @santos @Scandalous @Selenurr @Shinning @Starkboy @State of Grace. @Susie @Thinking Of You @theycallmemaraj @Thuggin @Tori Kelly @Truth Teller @Uzi @Ventitonic @xAyana @1989 @Bicassie @bookreader @Cazy @channel orange @Cloudy @dangerousbutera @DangerousSwiftie @daniel_ @Electra Heart @grandewhispers @GuusLima @hearbeats @Henstridge @Jiansheng Wen @Kathlen♡ @LiveYourLife @mareeyan @Redamancy @Sailor Star @Sanjja @Satin @Save The Day @Temptation @The Destiny Hope @The Witch @ultraviolence.xx @ultraviolet tears @vocalqueef @watchnlearn @Genio @Émotif Fool @Scandal @Needy @dangerousalex Sweetener Award (Nicest Arianator) Be Alright Award (Funniest Arianator) Everytime Award (Most Dedicated Arianator) Everyday Award (Most Active Arianator) R.E.M Award (Most Underrated Arianator) Thinking Bout You Award (Most Missed Arianator) Thank U, Next Award (Best Dragger) God Is A Woman Award (Best AVI) Borderline Award (Best Hybrid Stan) Love Me Harder Award (Best Casual Fan) They Don’t Know Award (Best Friendship) Victoria Justice Award (Biggest Feud) Daydreamin' Award (Most Delusional Arianator) Why Try Award (Most Pessimistic Arianator) Sweet Like Candy Award (Biggest Cupcake Arianator) The Light Is Coming Award (Worst Arianator) Successful Award (Biggest Bandwagon Stan) 17th of November: Nominations Open 30th of November at 11:59 pm ET: Nominations Close 9th of December 7:30 pm ET: Nominations Ceremony/Voting Opens 21st of December 11:59 pm ET: Voting Closes 28th of December 7:30 pm ET: Award Ceremony Graphics by the lovely @Oxygen
  14. Cherry123

    Best Atrl names

    Which atrl names are iconic ? @ them
  15. kelly-clarkson

    ATRL Google Search Result

    If you search ATRL, Google shows you a image of Nicki Minaj along with the description of the site (at least for me)
  16. Hi gentlemen and ladies! My name is Rogue here with a special announcement to spread the awareness of ATRL’s Sexiest Man Alive rate sponsored by @DAP! Please meet Jordan Torres, ATRL’s latest mystery obsession. Many of you are familiar with him and his work, many are new to him and eager to know his name. Make sure to place him high on your lists and submit them to @DAP through PM by the deadline of APRIL 16, 2019! Follow all the action here! P.S. mods please don’t delete I need the PROMO!
  17. St. Francis

    Do you have a sharp jawline?

    ? I have one however sometimes my weight gains can try to make it disappear.
  18. Haburo

    20 Years of ATRL: Your Story

    Inspired by @Lee!!‘s official thread & in celebration of ATRL’s 20th anniversary; I’d love to hear your ATRL story. How did you come to join? Were you lurking beforehand? How did you hear about ATRL?
  19. St. Francis

    Would you ever leave ATRL?

    Say you've been on here for years and eventually you got bored or just decided to move on, would you leave? And if you do choose to leave, would you go out with a bang or just silently log off and excuse yourself from the site?
  20. It's a weird thing - when a member posts a video or something a celeb or someone tweeted, I can't see it but everyone else can. They show up as a blank and I don't know what the problem is. Appreciate it if anyone can help. Thanks
  21. Ever feel like going down ATRL's memory lane? Let's have an official thread we can turn to when we want to laugh and relive some of the best threads/moments the site has provided over the years! :D The best threads, posts, memes, gifs, etc. Add links too if you can find them! Just don't post or link to anything that breaks the current rules.
  22. St. Francis

    Has the ATRL Lounge declined?

    I remember back on the old ATRL and on here, maybe 2017 or so, threads posted in the Lounge would be frequently posted in and kept flowing. However these days, you have threads last posted in 10+ hours ago still lingering on the first page and in rare cases, threads last posted in early YESTERDAY still on the first page. The Blogs section is basically a cemetery now. Do less people frequent and post in the Lounge now unless there’s something messy or globally shocking going on? What’s the actual reason for her decline, her flop era???
  23. Ryan

    US Political Talk

    As suggested by @Yndda, the admins have approved the creation of a US Political thread. This will allow for more political discussion beyond the presidency. Keep in mind that we’re all adults, and we should be able to have intelligent discussion about things we agree AND disagree on, regardless of political ideology. All rules are in effect. Dont make light of a politician's disease, no namecalling politicians simply bc you dislike them (with obvious exceptions like racist/sexist/etc politicians). Generalizations about a party based on their platform is not an attack on you personally. If you cant respect the vibe of the thread you’ll be banned from it. Don’t mess it up for everyone else cause you wanna be wanker.
  24. This thread is to discuss, share news and information, criticize, and debate for all Canadians and non-Canadians for the upcoming 43rd Canadian federal election. The election date will most likely be October 21, 2019 as per electoral legislation but there is a slight possibility it could moved around. You fatties better go VOTE