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Found 4 results

  1. hurricane326

    Do you have face masks of your fav?

    It was impossible to get a good shot of the whole mask but you get the gist. Who do you have one of?
  2. Ares

    Donate Your Avatar(s)

    Donate your old/unused avatars here! Link to ClassicTRL thread.
  3. IMadeYouReadThis

    Any producers for pop-rock project?

    Hey all! I've been working on a pop-rock project (Think Florence + The Machine meets Nothing But Thieves with maybe some modern pop elements too), mainly in a songwriter capacity. In my head, I know what the project is meant to sound like, but because of my limitations as a producer, I'm having a hard time making it come to fruition. I envision a final product that combines pop, rock, some orchestral elements, and even potentially a couple of songs which include a backing choir. Here is Down For Whatever, which is probably the poppiest song in the project as of now. I've managed to create this using the default instruments in Logic which is why it sounds extremely computerised and unnatural. I can think of a million ways to make this better, I just don't have the skillset to do so. A better piano line, more natural sounding instruments, better percussion etc. Because of the lockdown, I don't have the equipment to record decent vocals, so I've just included the vocal melody line on top of the instrumental as a synth track. If you're interested in working on this song and others in the project (which are in more primitive stages at various degrees), hit me up! I'd be happy to send you samples of some of the material that leans more towards rock too, which I sincerely believe are quite promising.