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  1. September 24th Snippets: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRAB4A4pmI3 https://www.instagram.com/p/CRAU6ZWpnTJ
  2. lovedaddy

    Zivert - 'Vinyl #2"

    New album out!
  3. DatChickDoe

    Reba - Revived Remixed Revisited

    Out October 8 Will contain 30 tracks revisited, remixed, and given new life. Split is 10/10/10. Confirmed Tracks: Consider Me Gone (Revisited) I’m A Survivor (Remixed) Is There Life Out There (Revived) Does He Love You (w. Dolly Parton) Is There Life Out There (Revived Version) Consider Me Gone (Revisited Version) I’m A Survivor (Remixed)

    RuPaul - 'MamaRu'

    10 songs, new album. Out January 7th, 2022.
  5. Ulysses

    Porches - 'All Day Gentle Hold !'

    1. Lately 2. I Miss That 3. Okay 4. Swimming Big 5. Back3School 6. Swarovski 7. Watergetsinside 8. In A Fashion 9. Inasint 10. Grab The Phone 11. Comedown Song (Gunk) release date: October 8
  6. lovedaddy

    Cat Power - 'Covers'

    1. Bad Religion 2. Unhate 3. Pa Pa Power 4. White Mustang 5. A Pair Of Brown Eyes 6. Against the Wind 7. Endless Sea 8. These Days 9. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels 10. I Had a Dream Joe 11. Here Comes A Regular 12. I'll Be Seeing You https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/cat-power/covers/exclusive-limited-lp https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/cat-power/covers/cd 14TH JANUARY 2022
  7. dangerousalex

    UPSAHL - ‘Lady Jesus’

    October 8.
  8. New album out September 3rd New single 'It Was Me' out now Tracklist 1. It Was Me 2. If The World Was A Small Town 3. Getting Good (Feat. Trisha Yearwood) 4. Same Story, Different Saturday Night 5. On Top Of The World 6. Run 7. What Do You Think Of? (With Lukas Graham) 8. I'm Not Sad Anymore 9. Getting Over Him (Feat. Jon Pardi) 10. Good Ole Boy 11. When The Party's Over 12. You Ain't A Cowboy 13. Goodbye Street 14. Written In The Bar 15. Change My Mind
  9. lovewins

    James Blake - 'Friends That Break Your Heart'

    New album from the genius that is James Blake Thoughts?
  10. NOW

    Bonobo - 'Fragments'

  11. alexking

    Natti Natasha - ‘NATTIVIDAD’

    Natti Natasha's second studio album ('NATTIVIDAD') is out NOW Tracklist Singles and promo singles Que Mal Te Fue and Que Mal Te Fue - remix Antes Que Salga El Sol Las Nenas Ram Pam Pam Philliecito Noches En Miami Imposible Amor Stream it on SPOTIFY,APPLE MUSIC, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC, TIDAL, YOUTUBE
  12. EnterTheAttic

    Brandi Carlile - 'In These Silent Days'

    New album OUT NOW!
  13. Brando

    Baby Keem - 'The Melodic Blue'

    1. “trademark usa” 2. “pink panties” 3. “scapegoats” 4. “range brothers” ft kendrick lamar 5. “issues” 6. “gorgeous” 7. “south africa” 8. “lost souls” 9. “cocoa” ft don toliver 10. “family ties” ft kendrick lamar 11. “scars” 12. “durag activity” ft travis scott 13. “booman” 14. “first order of business” 15. “vent” 16. “16” Dark, melodic, and consistently exciting His flow is absolutely refreshing in this sea of mumble rappers
  14. Oscar-nominated Swedish singer and voice actress Molly Sandén releases her new album, Dom Ska Veta (They Should Know) on May 6th which includes a magazine-like packaging that opens for pre-order at 20:00 Swedish time.
  15. HonourableVomit

    Katy B - 'Peace and Offerings'

    Coming Oct 29, 2021. EP featuring Under My Skin and Open Wound.
  16. artangel

    Arca - 'KICK ii'

    1. Doña 2. Prada 3. Rakata 4. Tiro 5. Luna Llena 6. Lethargy 7. Araña 8. Femme 9. Muñecas 10. Confianza 11. Born Yesterday (feat. Sia) 12. Andro Out Dec 3 2021
  17. Αnt

    Tommy Genesis - 'goldilocks x'

    Release date: September 10th
  18. Hector

    Ladyhawke - 'Time Flies'

    Can't wait, she's always served
  19. paradisedarkness

    Toni Braxton - 'Libra'

    Re-release through Blackground today
  20. Ulysses

    Sega Bodega - 'Romeo'

    1. Effeminacy 2. Angel On My Shoulder 3. All Of Your Friends Think I'm Too Young For You 4. Only Seeing God When I Come 5. I Need Nothing From You 6. Naturopathe (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg) 7. Cicada (feat. Arca) 8. Romeo 9. Um Um 10. Luci November 12
  21. juancsantoyo

    Natalie Imbruglia - 'Firebird'

    Out 9/24. 12 tracks, including the lead single "Build It Better".
  22. paradisedarkness

    Toni Braxton - Libra (re-release)

    Re-release through Blackground today
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