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  1. lovedaddy

    Zivert - 'Vinyl #2"

    New album out!
  2. SeanKevinMusic

    Grace Davies - ‘i wonder if you wonder’

    Grace is releasing her second EP on November 12th. Grace is now an independent artist who was previously signed to Syco until its closure last year! roots is also out now!! https://www.gracedaviesofficial.com/products/i-wonder-if-you-wonder-signed-ep track list: 1. somebody 2. I met a boy online 3. Roots 4. testosterone 5. used to you 6. toothbrush
  3. lovewins

    James Blake - 'Friends That Break Your Heart'

    New album from the genius that is James Blake Thoughts?
  4. lovedaddy

    Cat Power - 'Covers'

    1. Bad Religion 2. Unhate 3. Pa Pa Power 4. White Mustang 5. A Pair Of Brown Eyes 6. Against the Wind 7. Endless Sea 8. These Days 9. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels 10. I Had a Dream Joe 11. Here Comes A Regular 12. I'll Be Seeing You https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/cat-power/covers/exclusive-limited-lp https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/cat-power/covers/cd 14TH JANUARY 2022
  5. NOW

    Bonobo - 'Fragments'

  6. BlackoutZone

    AURORA - 'The Gods We Can Touch'

    1. The Forbidden Fruits Of Eden 2. Everything Matters 3. Giving In To The Love 4. Cure For Me 5. You Keep Me Crawling 6. Exist For Love 7. Heathens 8. The Innocent 9. Exhale Inhale 10. A Temporary High 11. A Dangerous Thing 12. Artemis 13. Blood In The Wine 14. This Could Be A Dream 15. A Little Place Called The Moon Out January 21st 2022 https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-gods-we-can-touch/1589814809

    RuPaul - 'MamaRu'

    10 songs, new album. Out January 7th, 2022.
  8. GardenPanty

    Summer Walker - ‘Still Over It’

    Out 11/5 Confirmed the title on Instagram (she deleted the post but it was meant to come later) Lead single “Ex for a Reason” ft. JT of City Girls is out soon. MV starts out with her in 2019 talking to JT in jail
  9. artangel

    Arca - 'KICK ii'

    1. Doña 2. Prada 3. Rakata 4. Tiro 5. Luna Llena 6. Lethargy 7. Araña 8. Femme 9. Muñecas 10. Confianza 11. Born Yesterday (feat. Sia) 12. Andro Out Dec 3 2021
  10. okgo

    Katy Rose - 'Overdrive’

    Lost in the midst of all the October 3rd content yesterday (for me at least): https://www.instagram.com/p/CUlDg4qhdsw/ You can already listen to the demo here: https://katyrose.bandcamp.com/releases A few months she also dropped a new single "Run In a Dream".
  11. pavi

    Oh Wonder - '22 Break'

    Fourth album by Oh Wonder, 22 Break, out October 8th 2021! Tracklist Lead single Promotional single
  12. umich

    Aaliyah - ‘ I Care 4 U’

    Out this Friday (8 Oct 2021) on digital and streaming platforms. First posthumous release containing a mix of greatest hits and new tracks, including the singles “Miss You,” “I Care 4 U”, “Come Over” (feat. Tank), and “Don’t Know What To Tell Ya” Original Release Date: 10 Dec 2002 Track Listing: No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length 1. "Back & Forth" R. Kelly Kelly 3:51 2. "Are You That Somebody?" Stephen Garrett Timothy Mosley Timbaland 4:25 3. "One in a Million" Missy Elliott Mosley Timbaland 4:30 4. "I Care 4 U" Elliott Mosley Carl Hampton Homer Banks Timbaland 4:33 5. "More Than a Woman" Garrett Mosley Timbaland 3:49 6. "Don't Know What to Tell Ya" Garrett Mosley Timbaland 5:01 7. "Try Again" Garrett Mosley Timbaland 4:44 8. "All I Need" Johnta Austin Teddy Bishop Bishop 3:08 9. "Miss You" Austin Bishop Ginuwine Bishop 4:05 10. "Don't Worry" Austin Jazze Pha Pha 3:52 11. "Come Over" Austin Bryan-Michael Cox Kevin Hicks Cox Hicks Pha 3:55 12. "Erica Kane" Garrett Eric Seats Rapture Stewart Seats Rapture 4:38 13. "At Your Best (You Are Love)" Isley Brothers Chris Jasper Kelly 4:52 14. "Got to Give It Up" (remix) Marvin Gaye Vincent Herbert Craig King Bud'da[a] 3:58
  13. https://www.cultura.com/disco-guest-list-4050538701937.html https://www.cultura.com/disco-guest-list-4050538692853.html
  14. paradisedarkness

    Toni Braxton - 'Libra'

    Re-release through Blackground today
  15. paradisedarkness

    Toni Braxton - Libra (re-release)

    Re-release through Blackground today
  16. anti-bitch

    Adele - '30'

    omg its real. announcement coming any moment now. ads appearing in different places. release date must be November 19 https://twitter.com/adeledailynet/status/1443990000446713860 https://twitter.com/adeledailynet/status/1443991738490699778
  17. EnterTheAttic

    Brandi Carlile - 'In These Silent Days'

    New album OUT NOW!
  18. HonourableVomit

    Katy B - 'Peace and Offerings'

    Coming Oct 29, 2021. EP featuring Under My Skin and Open Wound.
  19. GardenPanty

    PinkPantheress - ‘to hell with it’

    https://music.apple.com/au/album/to-hell-with-it/1587060922 Out 10/15
  20. BlackoutZone

    Allie X - 'Cape God (Deluxe)'

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CUace4ArXVL/ Deluxe Disc: 1. Cape God Theme (2:10) 2. Milk (3:30) 3. Limited Love (3:41) 4. Anchor (3:08) 5. Rising Tide (5:29) Looks like it will be out on November 19th on vinyl, hopefully on streaming too
  21. Ulysses

    Sega Bodega - 'Romeo'

    1. Effeminacy 2. Angel On My Shoulder 3. All Of Your Friends Think I'm Too Young For You 4. Only Seeing God When I Come 5. I Need Nothing From You 6. Naturopathe (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg) 7. Cicada (feat. Arca) 8. Romeo 9. Um Um 10. Luci November 12
  22. Ulysses

    Ross From Friends - 'Tread'

    October 22 pre-order / pre-save
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