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  1. Debut EP by the UK pop singer.
  2. 東京.

    Josef Salvat - “Islands”

    1. I'm Sorry 2. Promiscuity 3. The Drum 4. So Lite 5. Pleasure Pain 6. Sunbeams 7. Honey on the Tongue 8. Happy 9. Billion Faces 10. Changes (Without You) 11. Islands Out 18/02/22.
  3. sweetsexysavage

    Emily Vaughn - Silver Linings

    Out tomorrow https://www.instagram.com/p/CU-pR4GvP9E/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. Matangi


    https://twitter.com/THEBLACKLABEL_/status/1451053627640930304 https://twitter.com/THEBLACKLABEL_/status/1450763849544585221 First album out on 29th October.
  5. Ulysses

    Boy Harsher - 'The Runner'

    January 21
  6. World Eater

    Animal Collective - 'Time Skiffs'

    01 Dragon Slayer 02 Car Keys 03 Prester John 04 Strung with Everything 05 Walker 06 Cherokee 07 Passer-By 08 We Go Back 09 Royal and Desire February 4th
  7. Coklek92

    Self Esteem - 'Prioritise Pleasure'

    Release Date : October 22 TRACK LISTING 1. I’m Fine 2. ****ing Wizardry 3. Hobbies 2 4. Prioritise Pleasure 5. I Do This All The Time 6. Moody 7. Still Reigning 8. How Can I Help You 9. It’s Been A While 10. The 345 11. John Elton 12. You Forever 13. Just Kids
  8. Tiziano's Boy

    Jão - PIRATA

    Jão is releasing his third album PIRATA tomorrow! Release Date: 19/10/2021 at 9pm (Brasília Time), 1am (London), 8pm (New York) etc. Tracklist: 1. Clarão 2. Não Te Amo 3. Idiota 4. Santo 5. Acontece 6. Você me perdeu 7. Meninos e meninas 8. Coringa 9. Doce 10. Tempos de Glória 11. Olhos vermelhos First single: Coringa Promo single: Amor Pirata Unfortunately, Amor Pirata is not on the album, so hoping a Deluxe edition is released with this on it, as it’s one of my favourite songs of his What songs are you all looking forward to? Meninos e meninas is definitely about his relationships with his ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, he's bisexual as he was asked about his sexuality during an interview.
  9. Tiziano Ferro is releasing a 20th Anniversary version of his first album Rosso Relativo on the 26th of October 2021. Tracklist includes different language versions of Rosso Relativo, Imbranato and remixes too.
  10. Zaney82

    Kylie Minogue - "Fever 20"

    New Retail Items In Store Now. https://youtu.be/OjETibEMbJY
  11. jayster123

    Karen Harding - ‘Sweet Vibrations’

    first ep out this Friday 15th October 2021 tracklist: 1. Undo My Heart 2. You & I (All I Need) 3. Rely 4. Deeper 5. Morning 6. Love Crazy 7. Sweet Vibrations 8. Let’s Get Together Sweet Vibrations EP by Karen Harding on Amazon Music - Amazon.co.uk
  12. Gorgeous

    Adele - '30'

    Nov. 19th Just announced.
  13. kin

    Cate Le Bon - 'Pompeii'

    01 Dirt on the Bed 02 Moderation 03 French Boys 04 Pompeii 05 Harbour 06 Running Away 07 Cry Me Old Trouble 08 Remembering Me 09 Wheel Out Feb 4
  14. Popboi.

    Westlife - ‘Wild Dreams’

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/TBC-Westlife/dp/B08ZKD5VRL November 26.
  15. Insanity

    Jesse McCartney - 'New Stage'

    Didn't know it was coming but this was released October 8
  16. DevinWylde

    Remi Wolf - 'Juno'

    Kinda amazed there's no thread for this yet... The debut album from California artist who appeared on the 13th season of American Idol, out Oct. 14th. I'm 80% sure this is gonna be AOTY material. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSpCXDMFgii/?utm_medium=copy_link Singles
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