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Found 296 results

  1. babyboy44

    The Neighbourhood - 'Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones'

    Album coming on the 25th of September
  2. wren

    Ella Vos - 'Turbulence'

    New album by Ella Vos called 'Turbulence' released July 31st. If you're into dreamy pop music with synths and then more stripped back tracks, I'd give this a listen. I literally just discovered it and it's pretty good & easy on the ears. Tracklist 1. Dreaming, Backwards * 2. Turbulence 3. Burning Bridges 4. Dancing Underwater * 5. Trial by Fire * 6. State of Emotion 7. Carousel 8. Mistakes, They Catch Up (starred a few of my favorites)
  3. Deluxe edition of Beyonce's 2019 Companion album to The Lion King 'The Gift'. Features songs from The Gift with NO INTERLUDES, NO NEW MUSIC (), but three extended versions of Black Parade and Find Your Way Back.
  4. Lady Claire

    Halsey - 'Collabs'

    New EP out on Spotify. Midnight local time. Featuring her collabs. Idk why she released this but yeah
  5. Including "Middle Of Nowhere" and brand new single "Cherry Flavoured" OUT SEPTEMBER 25
  6. atrlxcx

    A. G. Cook - “7G”

    New album out 12th August A. G. Cook - 7G Disc 1 A. G. Drums A-Z 4:16 Acid Angel 3:45 H2O 3:00 Drum Solo 0:46 Nu Crush 3:18 Gemstone Break 3:45 Silver 2:03 Disc 2 A. G. Guitar Gold Leaf 2:57 Being Harsh 3:09 Undying 3:03 Drink Blood 3:01 Lil Song 1:48 Beetlebum 2:44 Superstar (Live at Secret Sky) 4:09 Disc 3 A. G. Supersaw Mad Max 2:57 Illuminated Biker Gang 4:27 Soft Landing 4:40 Overheim 2:47 DJ Every Night 4:35 Car Keys 5:36 Dust 4:58 Disc 4 A. G. Piano Oracle 3:04 Note Velocity 4:59 Windows 4:40 Feeling 3:48 Waldhammer 0:56 Polyphloisboisterous 2:06 Anything Could Happen 1:47 Disc 5 A. G. Nord Behind Glass 3:23 Oohu 4:09 The Best Day 2:02 Triptych Demon 3:23 Official 3:05 Crimson 1:56 Life Speed 3:51 Disc 6 A. G. Spoken Word Could It Be 2:34 The End Has No End 3:03 No Yeah 0:55 Green Beauty 3:09 Unreal 1:57 2021 1:56 Hold On 4:10 Disc 7 A. G. Extreme Vocals Today 3:54 Chandelier 3:35 Idyll 5:01 Show Me What (with Cecile Believe) 2:50 Somers Tape 2:49 Crimson and Clover 4:08 Alright 4:27 All tracks produced by A. G. Cook Featuring performances by Alaska Reid, Caroline Polachek, Cecile Believe, Hannah Diamond, Hayden Dunham, Sounds Like A U Problem, Timothy Luke & Tommy Cash Additional production by Alex Somers, Baseck & Matt Rad All songs written by A. G. Cook except 'Lil Song' written by A. G. Cook & Daniel Lopatin, 'Beetlebum' written by Alex James, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon, 'DJ Every Night' written by A. G. Cook & Hannah Diamond, 'The Best Day' written by Taylor Swift, 'Official' written by A. G. Cook, Charlotte Aitchison, Finn Keane, Noonie Bao, Patrik Berger, 'The End Has No End' written by Julian Casablancas, 'Today' written by Billy Corgan, 'Chandelier' written by Sia Furler & Jesse Shatkin, 'Crimson and Clover' written by Tommy James & Peter Lucia, 'Alright' written by A. G. Cook & Tomas Tammemets
  7. LovaticSwiftie

    The Vamps - "Cherry Blossom"

    Out October 16th, pre order coming midnight local time
  8. World Eater

    Róisín Murphy - 'Róisín Machine'

    01 Simulation 02 Kingdom of Ends 03 Something More 04 Shellfish Mademoiselle 05 Incapable 06 We Got Together 07 Murphy's Law 08 Game Changer 09 Narcissus 10 Jealousy September 25
  9. Robi

    Melanie C - Melanie C (2.10.2020)

    Track listing: CD 1 & cassette Who I Am Blame It On Me Good Enough Escape Overload Fearless Here I Am Nowhere To Run In & Out Of Love End Of Everything Deluxe CD 2 Self Love Into You Touch Me - Rui Da Silva Cover Who I Am (Joe Goddard Remix) Blame It On Me (PBH & Jack Remix) High Heels (Feat. Sink The Pink) (Moto Blanco Remix)
  10. lovedaddy

    Marilyn Manson - 'WE ARE CHAOS'

  11. Daddy

    Sevdaliza - SHABRANG

    out August 28th
  12. GustavoBardusco

    Ava Max - 'Heaven & Hell'
  13. Kim Kardashian

    Melanie C - 'Melanie C'

    Eight studio album out October 2nd. 1. Who I Am 2. Blame It On Me 3. Good Enough 4. Escape 5. Overload 6. Fearless 7. Here I Am 8. Nowhere To Run 9. In & Out Of Love 10. End Of Everything
  14. Body Electrician

    Angel Olsen - “Whole New Mess”

    01 Whole New Mess 02 Too Easy (Bigger Than Us) 03 (New Love) Cassette 04 (We Are All Mirrors) 05 (Summer Song) 06 Waving, Smiling 07 Tonight (Without You) 08 Lark Song 09 Impasse (Workin’ for the Name) 10 Chance (Forever Love) 11 What It Is (What It Is) August 28th
  15. M-P-B

    BLACKPINK - 'The Album'

  16. living_dead

    BLACKPINK - 'The Album'

  17. Lady Claire

    Mabel - 'High Expectations... Stripped'

    Album re-release coming this friday, acoustic versions of every song. Some singles (may be the same versions on the album):
  18. Legendary

    McFly - "Young Dumb Thrills"

    First album in 10 years under new label BMG. Out November 13th. Pre-order & single "Happiness" out Thursday. Finally lol
  19. kelly-clarkson

    Various Artists - 'Kingdom Hearts III OST' A digital version will be released worldwide on the same date: This probably means is the first time we are going to get an official Kingdom Hearts soundtrack on streaming services!
  20. GustavoBardusco

    Halestorm - 'Reimagined' (EP)

    August 14, Featuring "Break In" with Evanescence's Amy Lee I Miss The Misery I Get Off Break In (feat. Amy Lee) I Am The Fire I Will Always Love You Mz. Hyde
  21. Eric.

    Skullcrusher - 'Skullcrusher'

    "I wrote these songs in my room while unemployed." Places/Plans Trace Two Weeks in December Day of Snow July 24, 2020 Bandcamp Spotify Instagram Music Videos below:
  22. lipes

    MisterWives - SUPERBLOOM

    01. "the end" 02. "ghost" 03. "whywhywhy" 04. "alone" 05. "stories" 06. "valentine's day" 07. "over the rainbow" 08. "it's my turn" 09. "find my way home" 10. "7-2" 11. "rock bottom" 12. "coming up for air" 13. "oxygen" 14. "running in place" 15. "decide to be happy" 16. "love me true" 17. "the colorist" 18. "muse" 19. "SUPERBLOOM"
  23. kelly-clarkson

    HRVY - 'Can Anybody Hear Me?'

    This is his debut album. Out on 28th August via EMI records. Tracklist (Deluxe Version): 1. NEVERMIND 2. Can Anybody Hear Me? 3. Million Ways 4. ME BECAUSE OF YOU 5. I Miss Myself (NOTD & HRVY) 6. Personal 7. She Isn’t You 8. Told You So 9. LDN 2 LA 10. I Wish You Were Here 11. That’s How It’s Gonna Be 12. Talk To Ya 13. Don’t Need Your Love (Acoustic) 14. Hasta Luego (HRVY & Malu Trevejo) 15. Somebody (Sigala, HRVY & Nina Nesbitt) 16. Younger (Jonas Blue & HRVY) 17. Be Okay (R3HAB & HRVY) 18. Unfamiliar (Seeb with HRVY & Goodboys) 19. Good Vibes (HRVY & Matoma) Pre-order: